Friday, September 05, 2008

Reward Points Times Four!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. What a delightful week this has been. A week without travel. A three-day Labor Day weekend. No travel. Beautiful near-fall weather. No travel. The Red Sox inching up on the pesky Tampa Bay Rays. And, did I mention no travel? Nothing better than putting the suitcase in the closet for a while, and being at home. It’s the best.

Being at home has allowed me to get some serious work done. The new Fall EXTRA is online and waiting for you. As you recall, we are not sending the EXTRA by mail any longer, the costs of printing and postage have just become prohibitive. But, you can get the new EXTRA in about a minute, by downloading it and printing it out. It looks great, and is in full color! The link for getting the Fall EXTRA is:

Check it out. We all think it is one of the best EXTRAs we have produced in a long time.

Did you miss the Summer EXTRA? No problem. You can download the Summer EXTRA at:
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If you don’t feel like downloading the EXTRA, no problem. Just drop me an email or give us a call and I will be happy to print one off and send it to you by mail. Service with a smile, that’s us!

Everyone is looking for the perfect effect to make their act better. It’s great to want to improve, and always a good idea to add something new to your act, a new spark of energy, as it were. Our Online Catalog at is a great place to start looking. I can tell you, for sure, that, with over 6000 items in our inventory, there’s a lot more than what you’ll find on the first couple of pages of the Hotlist. Dig a little deeper. Use the Search function. It’s amazing what you will find. Sometimes I am amazed at what we have in stock! It’s important to not only reach forward for the newest of the new, but to reach backward and check out the huge array of terrific magic waiting for you!

I can’t help but wonder if you are still getting the weekly email Newsletter in text-only format. Did you know that we also send it out in html format, which is so much nicer? It has pictures of the products and links and all kinds of cool stuff. If you would prefer to get the Newsletter in html format, just drop me an email and I will hook you up.

And now, to this week’s excitement!

QUADRUPLE POINTS: The Hank Lee Rewards Program has been up and running for some time now, and people are collecting some serious points and getting all kinds of stuff using those points. As a reminder, for every retail dollar you spend with us at Hank Lee’s, you will get one Reward Point. Twenty Reward Points can be redeemed for one dollar in merchandise. Two hundred Reward Points gets you $10.00 in free merchandise. And on and on. The points are automatically added, and your point balance will appear on the invoice that comes with your order. There is no limit to the number of points you can collect. The points will not expire, so you can use them any time. All you need to do is tell us how many points you want to redeem when you place your next order (if you are ordering online, just put the number of points you would like to redeem in the Customer Notes Box and we will deduct the proper number of dollars from your order total). We think it’s a great idea. The perfect way
to save for future orders! What could be
I’ll tell you what’s better. Quadruple Points! That’s right, for the next seven days, until September 11th at midnight, we are giving you Quadruple Points! So, for every retail dollar you spend, you will get four points. The points will add up so fast that you won’t believe it! And you can use them with your very next order or with an order you place a year from now. The points never expire. So, buy some magic and watch those points accumulate!

Now, let’s take a gander at this week’s Hotlist.

iThread – Sean Bogunia: We have always been big fans of Sean Bogunia’s work. Ever since he released the very first version of Impossible Hank, we have been on his bandwagon. Now, Sean and Ron Jaxon have teamed up to present the best invisible thread controller we’ve ever seen!
The iThread controller has what Sean describes as perfect tension technology. A first when it comes to electronic invisible thread reels. In a nutshell this means that when you are using other electronic invisible thread reels, the battery condition controls the speed and tension. If you put a fresh battery in, the unit it will work very well for a while and then more slowly as the battery power drains. The tension changes and becomes much weaker. With perfect tension technology this problem has been eliminated. The built-in a power regulator insures that the motor always gets the same power. Meaning that your thread tension will always be perfect regardless of battery life. A Quantum leap ahead of all electronic invisible thread reels.
But, it doesn’t stop there. In 2004 Sean released released PTS, the programmable thread system. The magician could now program-in animations in real time right on the PTS unit with no need for a computer. To create floating and animation effects such as the dancing hankie, animated paper or artificial butterflies that seem to come to life and animate like a real butterfly and many other classic thread animated effects. The programmable thread system was the first of its kind in our industry. This very same technology has been built into the iThread personal programmable invisible thread system.
Sean has partnered with Ron Jaxon, one of the top invisible thread workers in the world today, to oversee every aspect of this project from design to instructions. We are confident that you will be very happy with your personal programmable invisible thread system.
Here are the key features
* Perfect tension technology.
* Uses two AAA batteries (for the longest battery life of any invisible electronic thread reel on the market today)
* iThread can be used like a standard electronic invisible thread reel (without the tension loss)
* iThread is completely programmable exactly like PTS. Complete with programmable speed control, the ability to program when the motor turns on and off, with variable speed playback in the program. Extremely easy to program. If you can push a button and turn a knob then you can program iThread.
* We have also built-in a USB connection. Each unit ships with the exclusive ultimate magic software that enables you to download programs from Sean’s website and load them into your iThread controller without ever having to program it yourself. The exclusive ultimate magic software also enables you to save programs that you make on your computer for later use. Another first in the industry! The USB connection board will be sold separately.
* iThread comes complete with an RF keychain-style remote that gives you two functions and the ability to activate the program at any time in your routine. It also gives you the ability to start and stop your programs. Basically a pause function. The remote also enables you to work the motor live. Press the button and the motor activates as long as you hold the button.
* iThread can be worn on the body or hidden somewhere away from the magician to create animations with out ever being connected to the system at all. This enables you to create effects and animations never before possible with invisible thread!
* Multiple iThread units can be connected together to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations, again exactly like PTS. Imagine causing a dollar bill or any other light object to fly all over the room in a three-dimensional pattern or two-dimensional pattern without any connection to the magician at all!
* iThread uses James George’s Kevlar Invisible Thread which is the strongest thread ever tested. All iThread units will ship with Kevlar Invisible Thread from James George, the inventor of the ITR™.
* iThread has two very unique built-in features. The user has the ability to adjust the maximum speed of the motor. This is crucial when working with invisible thread. The other feature is the ability to adjust the maximum torque so your iThread unit can be used with different types of invisible thread, from the strong stuff to the very weak Woolly Nylon. In a nutshell iThread does not have the ability to break the thread. The only time the thread breaks is when the user breaks it!
There’s nothing more to be said. This iThread is the invisible thread controller for the 21st Century. $349.00 (70.909)

The USB Board which allows your iThread to connect to your computer sells separately for $49.95 (70.910)
Super Can - Gustavo Raley:
Super Can is an amazing utility device that allows you to perform many great effects. You can perform productions, vanishes, teleportation, predictions, transposition, a version of the classic “Passe Passe Bottles” and many more!
There are more than 20 different routines on the instructional DVD.
Here are just a few...

* Open a can of Coke and pour the contents into a glass. Hand the empty can to a spectator. Make a small silk vanish. It reappears from the Coke can, completely dry. Now, tip the can and pour out some more Coke!

* Mentally influence a spectator’s taste buds. A spectator is blindfolded with a silk. You explain to the audience that you are capable of influencing people’s minds. Show a Coke can and pour some coke into a glass. Place a straw into the can and the spectator holds the straw. Different cards with pictures of soda cans are shown to the audience and another spectator silently chooses one of the other drinks. Let’s say it’s Sprite. Ask the blindfolded spectator to drink from the straw and the spectator tells everyone that he is drinking Sprite instead of Coke. They will swear that it tastes like Sprite! The blindfold is removed and for the spectators big surprise the can that he was holding all the times it is a Coke Can and the liquid poured out of the can is Coke. The spectator tries one more time and verifies that the drink was always Coke.

* The classic Passe-Passe effect brought to modern times, using soda cans! A Coke can and a Sprite can are shown to the audience and from both of them soda is poured out into two glasses. Cover both cans with plastic tubes and announce that you will teleport both sodas. The magic words are spoken, the tubes are removed, but nothing has happened. The cans remain in the same place. One more time they are covered, the magic words spoken and once again nothing happens. So, you decide to pour out the liquid. While the cans have not changed place, the liquids have! From the Coke can, Sprite is poured and from the Sprite can, Coke is poured. But it’s not over yet! Cover the cans once more with the tubes and for the big finale, magically both cans and liquids change places completely!

The Supercan Kit is a complete set of magic props that will allow you to perform miracles in front of you audience. Comes with 2 gimmicked soda cans, 2 gimmicked shells, 6 plastic playing cards and 2 plastic tubes and an instructional DVD.
$120.00 (60.1543)

“Really much more than a trick
hundreds of applications with just one limitation, your imagination” Gaetan Bloom

“In a word: Imaginative. Super Can is not just one effect, rather, it is a cleverly engineered set of props that allow you to perform over 20 effects” David Oliver –Genii Magazine

Enlightenment: Custom Installed Deck (CID):
Ben Harris’ Enlightenment has been one of the biggest hits of this year! Now, Ben is offering it with the “work” already done. Just open the package and start practicing!
Cunningly modified MLPV.1 gimmick for more sensitive operation, plus ultra-slim implementation resulting in a “breather block” almost 40% sleeker than previously possible. If you simply can’t be bothered doing your own install (taught in the Limited Edition Boxed Set), or you just want the very best available, this is it! Ready to perform. The install has been done for you. Factory made, expertly hand-assembled and available in Blue-Backed Bicycle stock only.
The effect: A spectator shuffles the deck and nominates any of the cards as her favorite card. This card is removed, examined and placed face up onto the top of the shuffled deck. The spectator holds the deck in her outstretched hand. On your command, the selected card slowly breaks free from the vice-like grip of gravity—rises into the air—floats for as long as you want, then slowly descends. So freaked-out is the spectator that she breaks with protocol and reaches for the selected card—turning it over—looking for some secret. Nothing is found! It simply looks amazing. Spooky. Hauntingly beautiful. Amazing magnetic control feels like “real magic!” •IMPORTANT NOTES: •Spectator handles the cards throughout. •Performable in the spectator’s hand, on the table or in your hand. •Self-Contained: nothing added or taken away. •Can be repeated with another card and without any reset. •Can be performed surrounded. •Spectator may keep card as souvenir. $69.95 (30.1367)

Enlightenment Development Kit: More than 50 additional ideas, effects and applications with Ben Harris’ amazing Enlightenment Concept
You won’t believe the ideas expounded in this 100 page book: Further Enlightenment. Tips on getting the best from the Floating Card Application, plus dozens of other ways to put the principle to use. Lots of practical real world applications to build — using photos, boxes, business cards, note pads and more. Guest contributors include Marc Spelmann and Ken Krenzel. Along with the book you are supplied with 2 X Micro Magnets, 2 X Internal Enlightenment Gimmicks and a Spacer. Use these to assemble and explore many of the ideas detailed, and to invent and make your own Enlightenment effects! $45.00 (30.1368)

Bamboozlers - Diamond Jim Tyler:
The Book of Bankable Bar Betchas, Brain Bogglers, Belly Busters & Bewitchery- Volume One- The book teaches the reader how to do amazing and funny things with common objects found around the house or in a restaurant. It is a collection of bar bets, brain teasers, jokes, puzzles and magic effects that Diamond Jim Tyler has collected over the last 20 years. Many of the classics between these covers have been injected with DJ's own twists and sense of humor.
The book measures 3 by 5 inches, has a black faux leather-binding, has silver gilded edges, a black ribbon marker, etc. There are 75 effects, with 128 pages and over 100 illustrations. The foreword of the book was written by the prolific author Martin Gardner.
The book was designed as a reference guide to fit in one's shirt or pants pocket when out on a fun night on the town.
Pages 128 - Leather Bound (Pocket Sized Book) $20.00 (BK01596)

Spins and Needles - Allan Slaight:
Spins & Needles was a surprise for Allan, presented to him on August 17, 2008 at the closing dinner of 31 Faces North, the conference he co-produces with Magicana in Toronto.
Magicana’s mandate is to promote the study and performance of magic as a performing art. They have produced exhibitions and publications that have examined the creative contributions of many of the world’s most influential magicians. As this work illustrates, Allan has made an enormous contribution to magic and they are pleased to be able to tell his story and consolidate a portion of this creative output for future reference.
This limited-print run publication, beautifully designed by Michael Albright, contains sixty-two intriguing tricks (and a trick chronology) by Allan Slaight. The hardcover, 189-pages book is of a unique format, 10" x 10" and contains an introduction by Patrick Watson, forward by Max Maven and a biographical profile of Allan Slaight by David Ben. And, as an added bonus, the book also contains a brilliant satirical piece by Mike Close “Unmasking Stewart James” along with Allan’s convocation address to the Graduating Class of Ryerson University in 2000.
Pages 190 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket. $75.00 (BK01595)

Cracked: The ultimate Sucker Silk To Egg!
After changing a silk into an egg, the performer explains that the egg is hollow and the silk is inside. He then repeats the effect to show exactly how it was done. This time the egg is real and the silk has vanished!
Included is a treasure trove of silk and egg tricks contributed by such greats as: Harold Rice, Stodare, Al Baker, Hen Fetsch, El Barto, Tarbell, U.F. Grant, Rossi, and many others. This set is the complete Silk To Egg collection!
• Stodare Egg
• 18" Silk
• 12" Silk
• Thumb tip
• CD-Rom with over 20 routines!
Tricks include:
Kling Klang, Egg Glass and Hank, Kling Klang Konfetti, Silk to Egg, Egg and Hank, No - Gimmick Silk to Egg, Stodare Egg and Hank, Silk Gone Mad, No Switch Egg and many more. $34.95 (60.1542)

Illusion Through Expectation DVD - Alex Moffat:
Alex Moffat reveals his most prized effects and takes you on a journey where he plays with your expectations. Remember, it is always expectation that creates the illusion.
Guestimate - The Magician accurately predicts what number a randomly chosen card is positioned in the deck.
The Moffat Double - Fast and flashy. A superb barehanded production of two playing cards in the blink of an eye!
Catch Me If You Can - Head down, eyes closed. Get ready to catch a card as it's fired out of the deck. Instant and memorable.
Double Hot Shot - Taking the Hot Shot Production to a brand new level.
Barely Watched - A playing card vanishes in your bare-hands and then instantly appears under your watch! A beautiful sequence that will get incredible reactions!
Mate - A card is freely selected from the deck. Right from the start, in his hand, the entire time, and the magician is holding a matching card! No forces and a completely free choice!
Deal Or No Deal - From a shuffled deck, the spectator deals to his freely named card, then, unsuspectingly knows exactly where it’s duplicate exists in the deck.
Mofusion - Possibly the best version of the fused signed card plot. The ultimate signature card routine.
Coin Punch — Alex invented this when he was just fifteen. He still uses it in his professional work... it's that good!
Sh4des of Dobson - A three phase Coin Matrix routine inspired by Wayne Dobson's version made famous on his television series "It’s A Kind Of Magic."
Almo Wipe Clean - Inspired by David Williamson's "The Wonderful Coin Vanish." The hands are shown empty front and back, to then beautifully produce a coin.
Catch Us If You Can - Two chosen cards instantly fly up spinning from the deck, landing in each hand. Attention grabbing magic at it’s best!
Reboxed - A deck is removed from its case only to instantly vanish and reappear inside the card case which is in view the entire time. Superb!
Trio - Three signed cards vanish from the deck. One appears under a glass, the second appears under the card case. Now, incredibly, the entire deck vanishes and then reappears inside the card case, which has been sitting on the table throughout the entire time. The kicker comes when the magician takes the deck out of the box, spreads it onto the table to reveal the third signed card face up in the deck! A masterpiece of misdirection that will become the talking point of your act.
Broken & Restored Glasses - A borrowed pair of spectacles is broken and restored in a split second! A brilliant opener for the strolling magician
Bonus Material:
One handed false riffle shuffle
Topit Discussion
In-depth look at the sleights involved
$39.00 (DVD00916)

Third Eye: What is Andrew Mayne’s Third Eye?
The Third Eye is an impromptu system for revealing a thought-of image. It uses no gimmicks or prepared props. The only thing you’ll need is a magazine. There’s no preparation beforehand.
Where can I use it?
Anywhere. It works close-up one-on-one and it works on stage. It can even be performed over the phone.
Does it involve pre-show work?
No. Everything happens in the performance. However, it’s a great pre-show way to have an image already selected.
Is it difficult to do?
Several methods are shown. All are straightforward. $15.00 (40.647)

Holey Sh*T: In the early 1980s Richard Kaufman, Derek Dingle and Ken Krenzel created Holy P.O.D., a visual version of Alex Elmsley’s classic Point of Departure, from a card change effect idea by Gerard Majax.
Now, Pete Firman and Anthony Owen have brought it bang into the 21st century with Holey Sh*t!

"A stunningly visual piece of modern card magic"
- Jeff McBride

- Andy Nyman

"This is one of the best vanishes of a single playing card I have ever seen!"
- Marc Paul

"With this trick even I could get a TV series!"
- John Archer

"I've been doing Holy P.O.D. since I first read it in Richard's Almanac. It's one of the hidden gems of card magic and it's a real shame that everyone is about to know about it again thanks to Holy Sh*t! Not only is this an excellent version of this effect, but it completely fooled me the first time I saw it. And the second. And the third. Don't buy it - I want it for myself...."
- Paul Wilson

"Was I surprised? Yes. Was I fooled? Yes. Do I know how he did it? No. Did I make the mistake of betting Pete five bucks that I could dope out the method before he showed me the trick? Yes. Do I have that five bucks? No. Did Pete just call Rocco over to break my legs? Yes."
- David Acer

"Watch it with your fingers on the rewind button because the first time around you'll think you missed something. It really is a fooler. The selected card just disappears and there’s not a steal in sight. Definitely the most baffling version I've seen."
- David Britland

What will your audience say?

Comes complete with the special gimmicked Bicycle playing cards and instructional DVD hosted by Pete Firman, star of TV's Monkey Magic, Dirty Tricks, The Secret World of Magic and The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever.) $34.95 (30.1369)

And, that my friends, is this week’s Hotlist. Written at my own desk in my own office with no airport noise or smell of Cinnabuns to distract me. I hope you find some stuff that you really like in this week’s listing, and I really hope you will look back and search through our enormous Online Catalog. As always I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at our decked-out for the upcoming election showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.