Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Magic!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory.

I do have some very exciting new about next year’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave. My old friend Mike Caveney has collected a band of wonder workers to take charge of one of the two evening shows. Now, these are not your everyday wonder workers. The stars of the show are Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, David Williamson and John Carney. This will be a show to remember, and I am really excited about it. Now, would be the best time to register, and you can do it online at by simply clicking the Conclave Button.

We have added a new category to the front page of the Online Catalog at It is a Dealer’s section. If you are a dealer, specifically in magic, you need to register for the Online Catalog and select Dealer as your membership choice. We will hook you up and you can fill your shelves, whether real or virtual, with some of our fine magic.

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I have been wracking my brain to come up with a new and exciting promotion, something that would really tickle your fancy, and I think this week’s excitement will do the job!

FREE MAGIC – YOUR CHOICE! That’s right, absolutely Free Magic! And, all you have to do is a little bit of math. Here’s the way it works: Until Thursday, September 18th at midnight, put all the items you want to order in your Shopping Cart in the Online Catalog at Check the total (not including the shipping). Now, take 25% of the total (Hint: Just multiply the total by .25) and we will give you Free Magic up to that amount. All you need to do is let us know what Free Magic you want by listing it in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. No special codes. Nothing to remember. It’s easy as pie.
For example, let’s say your order total before shipping comes to $500.00. 25% of that amount is $125.00. You have earned $125.00 in Free Magic. Just list the additional items you’d like in the Customer Notes Box, up to $125.00, and we will ship them along with your order, absolutely free. This is an amazing deal, and you should really take advantage of it!
If you are placing your order by phone at 800 874 7400, just let the order taker know what Free Magic you would like. Same if you are placing your order by FAX at 781 395 2034.
The only rule is that your order total must be at least $25.00 to take advantage of this promotion. Enjoy!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Leather Impact: One of the most popular items in Howie Schwarzman’s Limited Editions line. So popular that we have had it remade, and it’s even better than the original!
Leather Impact is based on Roy Walton’s card effect, Impact, which first appeared over 40 years ago in the book, The Devil’s Playthings. Frank Garcia came up with the idea of replacing the paper envelopes with leather wallets and the rest, as they say, is history.
Show four small wallets, each containing a face down playing card. There’s a hole in each wallet so you can see what’s inside.
Push the four cards out of the wallets and face down on the table. Ask a spectator to turn the cards face up. Each card is an Ace, one of each suit.
Now, ask the spectator to name her favorite suit. Let’s say she names Diamonds.
Return the cards face down into the wallets, showing that each wallet is just large enough to hold one card.
Explain that you will try and make the wallet containing the selected suit reverse itself within the other three. Tap the wallets on the back of your hand, then spread the wallets to show one of them is now face down! Set the face down wallet on the table.
While you have been successful in causing one wallet to turn over, you are not yet sure if it is the correct one! Before removing the card to check, offer to repeat the effect!
Pick up all of the wallets and turn them with the holes face-up. Show all fours wallets, each card is seen face down. This time, instead of causing one of the wallets to turn face down, you give a little tap, and the card inside the wallet actually turns face up! And, it’s the selected suit!
A fabulous close-up routine with a very strong finish! Comes complete with four genuine leather wallets and the complete routine. $39.95 (30.1371)

Card Sword: One of the true magical classics. The effect is straightforward. Three cards are selected from a deck. The cards are replaced and the deck is shuffled. The deck is tossed in the air, the sword is thrust into the cards. When the dust settles, all three selected cards are impaled on the sword! Wow!
This deluxe model Card Sword is thin and light, with a small handle that couldn't possibly conceal anything (or could it?). Heavily chrome plated to make it most attractive. Designed for a lifetime of use. The handle even unscrews from the blade to make it easier to pack in your show-case. A top quality prop.
The Card Sword works really well in conjunction with the Remote Control Card Fountain, also available from stock. Just a thought. $355.00 (60.935)

Bionic Coin: Transform the mark on a coin by just one touch. No exchanges. No switches.
Borrow a coin from a spectator. Let the spectator draw a picture on the coin or do it yourself with a marker. Take the coin and show it clearly; show your hands completely empty. Wave your hand over the coin and change the mark on the coin! It happens with just one touch, in the blink of an eye (no exchange!). The coin can be immediately handed out to your spectators for thorough examination, and as an astonishing keepsake.
The DVD will teach you how you can get the most out of this fantastic new principle! You'll learn 17 different effects and handlings. You will learn how to:
* Make a mark vanish completely from a coin
* Transform a picture into another picture
* Make a prediction appear on an empty shown coin
* Penetrate a mark from on side to the other side of the coin
Easy to learn!
Very visual!
A guaranteed jaw dropper!
The DVD is without dialogue - just a funky sound. Subtitles can be selected in English and German. $24.95 (20.399)

Duet - Jack Kent Tillar:
The easy way to entertaining two-person mind reading.
This is required reading for the mentalist who wants to do corporate or high-end social party mentalism. It's filled and brimming over with brilliant and original routines!
* No tedious codes or painful memory work!
* No electronics or impression devices!
* No apparatus or equipment required!
* No stooges or hidden assistants!
* Everything from impromptu parlor routines to full evening stage second-sight acts and classic thought reading routines!
This is your passport to enjoy the wonderment of the two-person mind-reading world. Includes the complete acts:
* "Fantasy Impromptu"
* "That's Impossible"
and much, much more!
Over thirty effects, routines, and acts, plus sixty years of wisdom and grease paint!
Pages 156 – Softbound $49.95 (BK01597)

Validate – JB Magic: The hit of the IBM/SAM convention, sold out in 1 day.
The perfect any card, at any date, diary effect. With only one diary, no outs, no memory work and a regular deck of cards, you can perform this knockout effect. No odd or even dates, absolutely any date can be named. No force. A different card every time. The selected card is always printed next to the spectator’s freely chosen date.
• One diary
• Any regular deck
• No reset
• Any date, any card
• Always the right card
• No multiple outs
• Diary and deck can be examined
• Learn the routine in 5 minutes!
Also can be performed using a cellphone, iPhone or Palm Pilot.
Perfect for table hopping.
Comes with high quality professionally printed diary and step-by-step instructional DVD. $34.95 (40.648)

“The diary plot is a favorite of mine. When Val Le-Val demonstrated his new diary trick for me, I was struck by its simplicity and directness of effect. With absolutely no memory work involved, you can do this at any given moment with only one deck and the one diary to carry. It's clever, practical and effective.” -Peter Duffie.

The Smallest Card Through Window: Let a spectator freely select a card. No force of any kind. Then, have him sign the card. You rip off a corner of the signed card. Remove your watch and give it to the spectator to examine. Take the watch back and lay the torn corner on the watch crystal. Wave your hand over the glass of the watch and let the magic happen. The torn corner is now inside the watch! It has melted right through the glass! And it is exactly the torn corner, which can be examined. In fact, everything can be examined. And the watch can be given as a most impressive "timeless" souvenir.
The DVD will teach you how you can create this fantastic effect.
* Only one watch – only one card! No exchange! No force!
* Absolutely inexplicable!
* A guaranteed jaw dropper!
* TSCTW is the most impressive giveaway in card magic!
* Can also be performed with bills, business cards, coins and other small flat objects.
The DVD is without dialogue - just a funky sound. Subtitles can be selected in English and German. $24.95 (30.1372)

Super Pad: From Gustavo Raley comes this 100% commercial magic effect!
Show a white paper pad and using a marker, make a drawing of a Coke can
Tear the paper from the pad and magically produce a real Coke can from inside of the paper.
Very easy to do!
Comes with the Super Pad. An instructional DVD is also included. Perfect in conjunction with the new Super Can. $30.00 (60.1544)

Taiji Coin Vanish And Other Mysteries - Allen Zingg:
A new complete vanish of a large coin such as a silver dollar or half dollar. Designed to be performed standing and away from tables. Uses no Topits, Hold-Outs or other mechanical devices or special clothing to cause a coin to vanish completely without a trace.
You will not only be taught how to perform this vanish, but you will also learn a half-dozen principles of body movement adapted from the art of Taiji. Application of these principles will open up new vistas and approaches in your performances, making your magic both more natural and deceptive.
Also included on this comprehensive DVD are Bonus Routines:
The Taiji Coin Vanish Plus
Adds to The Taiji Coin Vanish using a simple but overlooked gimmick you can easily make to accomplish another complete coin vanish.
The Appearing Travelers
Four silver dollars appear one at a time. They then travel one at a time from hand to hand. No difficult sleights, the routine uses open actions, open hands and is designed to be performed standing. No lapping, no extra coins or shells, just the simple gimmick explained in the DVD.
Four silver dollars vanish one at a time, each in a different and highly visual and magical way.
C—Form Palm
Using one of the Taiji principles taught on this DVD, you will be able to perform a direct bottom palm of a playing card—effortlessly.
The DVD continues Allen Zingg’s Acting—Naturally methods and approach to the performance of magic to help you perform naturally, easily and with powerful results.
$24.95 (DVD00923)

"Finally had a chance to sit down and look at the first DVD....Wow...You're very generous. There's a lot of ideas in there...good ones. It does stir the imagination...They're getting some important and creative material there...should stir their imaginations a lot, hopefully. And the conversations are important too. Good material treated with thoughtfulness and respect. It should push the boundaries of their thinking. And help to raise awareness of what not to do and also how to think about reasons for doing it. Very clear. I thought you covered the points beautifully."
- Bob Fitch

Scantastic - Larry Becker and Lee Earle
"For over a hundred years," you tell your participants, "fingerprints have been a reliable method for making a 100% accurate identification. Now they're called 'biometrics' and are used to cash checks, open doors, and even to protect data on cell phones and personal computers."
As you riffle through a shuffled deck, a participant is asked say "Stop" at any time. When he does, the deck is broken at that point and the upper half lifted so only he can see the card on the face of the upper block of cards.
"Give me a thumbs up hand gesture, please," you request, "and place your thumb directly on the index at a corner of the card where both the value and the suit can be covered by your thumb. Now we need a way to see and process fingerprints. That's where technology lends a hand."
Display small piece of electronic gear, about half the size of a deck of cards and not quite as thick, with a computer USB connecter extending from one side. You continue, "Absent a desktop computer, we'll use this in stand-alone mode, it scans and examines fingerprints."
With a push of a button the device turns on, displaying a small illuminated scanning surface where a finger or thumb can be placed to input it's biometric image. You instruct the participant, "Please use the same thumb with which you marked the card to register your thumbprint on the device." He complies and notices the printscan on the small screen.
As your participant holds ScanTastic, parts of his fingerprint seem to fade. Within fifteen seconds the only bits of the thumbprint that remain form a number and a letter - perfectly identifying the selected card.
The effect can immediately be repeated with a different selected card - again and again and again if you wish. Get two or three people each to take a card at the same time, then get them to pass ScanTastic to one another to register first their thumbprints and then their surprise when each card is precisely identified!
ScanTastic is completely self-contained and comes ready to amaze. Featuring a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, a standard USB connector allows it to be plugged into any computer to recharge. The unit will run for up to four hours per charge. Attach it to your keychain so you are ready to perform any time.
The detailed, illustrated instructions make ScanTastic a snap to perform. ScanTastic is ideal for table-hopping because there's no setup involved and if the folks at adjacent tables compare notes, they'll discover they all chose different cards!
Candidly, this amazing revelation does require that the card(s) be forced (how else?) so we include several different and easy methods - even though you probably already know them - so you can get started right away.
BONUS: ScanTastic also has the capability to display an X-ray of the card held between a person's hands - two for the price of one! $87.50 (30.1370)

Williamson’s Wonders – Richard Kaufman: After many requests, Kaufman and Company has reprinted Williamson's Wonders. Written and illustrated by Richard Kaufman, in hardcover with dustjacket, and almost 100 pages. Printed on acid-free paper guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond.
Williamson's Wonders is the only book ever published on the magic of award-winning magician David Williamson, and includes routines with cards, coins, and his famous two-cup routine. $42.00 (BK01598)

Secrets Of The Collins’ Aces – World’s Greatest Magic By The World’s Greatest Magicians - In 1912, legendary British conjuror Stanley Collins invented a card trick where the four Aces inexplicably vanished almost in plain sight of the spectators. The trick immediately caught the attention of the magic world as no gaffed cards were utilized - just an ordinary shuffled deck. Through the years, the trick became referred to by its originator's name - the Collins' Aces - and it still remains a revered part of just about every notable card worker's repertoire.
* Spelling Collins' Aces - Martin Lewis
* Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces - Bill Malone
* J. C. On Collins' Aces - J. C. Wagner
* Spelling Collins' Aces - Michael Ammar
* Collinspell - Alex Elmsley
* Collins' Aces - Jim Swain
$19.95 (DVD00917)

Monster Mentalism DVD Set: Docc Hilford is the crazed creator of the renowned Cassandra Deck, author of over 30 books on mentalism and consultant for a dozen television shows. He’s joined by professional mentalist David Alexander to discuss the psychology behind each piece. Monster Mentalism is an astonishing collection of useable effects and the diabolical methods that have made Docc Hilford infamous.
Volume 1 - Attack of Monster Mentalism
Contemporary mentalism can be as fun and exciting as a hot night at a drive-in movie. The giant screen portrays regular people, leading mundane lives until — DUNH DUNH DUNH — an unexpected monstrous event influences their lives forever. That’s what good mentalism can be — a MONSTER.
Volume 2 - Curse of Monster Mentalism
Mentalism is killing people - but not in a good way. Death by dullness. However a MONSTER is loose. A creature that’s set on revenge. Vowing to destroy a contemporary tediousness that’s growing like a cancer.
Tear away from the safety of your father’s mentalism. Give yourself completely to the curse. Become one of us . . .
Volume 3 - Bride of Monster Mentalism
A dreadfully seductive beauty has emerged from the depths. She begins by humorously entertaining her victims and leaves them with an insatiable urge to believe in her awful abilities. This bride is dangerous. She is MENTALISM!
Volume 4 - Night of Monster Mentalism
It’s a dark night when audiences scratch at your door . . . demanding actual entertainment. A single taste of your new mentalism isn’t enough. They need more! Following you on the street, reaching through the hallways of restaurants or even breaking the windows of your own home, what will you do when they cry for Monster Mentalism?
Buy all four volumes at this special price. $120.00 (DVD00919A)

Secrets Of Ring Flight DVD – World’s Greatest Magic By The World’s Greatest Magicians - Though conjuring effects with finger rings have been part of the conjuring literature for quite some time, it was British magician/mentalist Al Koran who first conceived of the notion of a borrowed finger ring vanishing and reappearing on one of the hooks of a key case. Ever since, this effect has been a staple of magicians’ repertoires and dealer catalogs everywhere.
On this DVD, you’ll meet five performers who have taken this very commercial effect to even greater heights.
Steve Draun is up first with not only an extremely serviceable routine but also step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Ring Flight gimmick.
Bruce Cervon’s routine follows a very logical premise as the borrowed ring changes places with one of the keys while Dan Tong combines another classic – the Ring On Stick – with Ring Flight to come up with a hybrid routine that is uniquely suited for the strolling performer.
Dan Fleshman follows with another combined routine, using the powerful Ring Flight finish as a finale for his signature Ring and String routine while Michael Close combines two concepts to create an effect with a borrowed ring that not only has a truly impossible ending but one that can be performed on the largest stage.
Ring Flight is truly one of magic’s most commercial effects and performers new to this effect along with magicians who are already performing a version of this trick can certainly benefit from the creativity and real-world advice dispensed on this DVD.
$19.95 (DVD00918)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. A lucky thirteen fabulous new items. Spend some time checking these out. Spend some time checking out the rest of our online catalog at We really like it when you spend time with us. Really we do!