Friday, April 11, 2008

The Best Ever!

It was the best of times. Really, it was the best of times. This year’s Cape Cod Conclave, was one of the best ever. Both the Friday and Saturday evening shows were excellent. For me, the highlights of the evening shows were Shawn Farquhar, Peter Samelson, Nick Lewin and Chipper Lowell. But, honestly, every act was excellent. And I am not just saying it because it’s the Hank Lee Cape Cod Magic Conclave. I’m saying it because it’s true. Ask anyone who was there. Were you there? Just checking.
The reports on this year’s close-up session were glowing, to say the least. Andrew Hershberger’s butterflies and bunny and Helder Guimaraes’ card magic were mentioned by many as the highlights of the close-up.
And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the late-night Saturday night Magic Jeopardy game. Mike Maione and his crew did a wonderful job of preparing this computer-driven version of the classic Jeopardy game. The three teams of randomly selected players really duked it out until the wee hours of the morning for some fabulous prizes.
I will tell you that everyone here works harder than hard to make the weekend successful. My sincere thanks go out to all of our staff for a job well done.
In all, it was a fabulous weekend and we are already looking forward to next year. By the way the dates are April 16-18, 2009. So, mark your calendars early!
Now, let’s take a look at this week’s excitement!
BUY MORE GET MORE: Starting right now and running through Thursday, April 17th at midnight, we are having another Buy More Get More event. And, here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a coupon which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
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And now, this week’s Hotlist!

Enlightenment – Ben Harris: The Ultimate Floating Card “The Power Of Enlightenment” is not “the talent for acquiring wisdom,” as one might assume. Rather, it is the rarely seen ability to make any given object incrementally lighter—sometimes to the point of defying gravity—to “enlighten”. Here’s the key effect: A spectator shuffles the deck and nominates any of the cards as her favorite card. This card is removed, examined and placed face up onto the top of the shuffled deck. The spectator holds the deck in her outstretched hand. On your command, the selected card slowly breaks free from the vice-like grip of gravity—rises into the air—floats for as long as you want, then slowly descends. So freaked-out is the spectator that she breaks with protocol and reaches for the selected card—turning it over—looking for some secret. Nothing is found! It simply looks amazing. Spooky. Hauntingly beautiful. Amazing magnetic control feels like “real magic!” •IMPORTANT NOTES: •Spectator handles the cards throughout. •Performable in the spectator’s hand, on the table or in your hand. •Self-Contained: nothing added or taken away. •Can be repeated with another card and without any reset. •Can be performed surrounded. •Spectator may keep card as souvenir. “A paradigm shift in magic with magnets” The principle is completely new. Ben Harris has spent 25 years developing the concept and making it practical. The final result, we predict, will revolutionize how magnets are used in our art. Just imagine: thread-free levitation effects with any flat, small objects— • Dollar Bills (any currency) • Photographs • Driver’s License, etc You are supplied with: • Precisely balanced (factory-made) gimmick in plastic and alloy, • 12 month warranty, • Quick Start Manual (in English, French, Japanese and Spanish. • 100 page book, Enlightenment: The Ultimate Floating Card. • Bonus: Floating Bill On Spectator’s Knee. Note: This effect requires a typical PK-Style Magnet for operation. Limited Edition Box Set US$79.95 (30.1324)
Optional Extra: Paradigm Shifter (Drive Magnet) US$35.00

Scribe: The year was 1484. A Papal Bull issued by Pope Innocent III, led to the persecution and torture of suspected witches, magicians and occultists. Tomas de Torquemada was appointed as Grand Inquisitor and presided over the torture and execution of many suspected witches. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of women (and men) lost their lives during the era of The Inquisition.
A core function of the inquisition was to extract confessions from witches, by whatever means necessary. It was considered commonplace for a notary or Scribe to be present during the sessions of extracting the confession. This would ensure that the process was well documented and that torture was administered "fairly".
Back to present day and the performer explains to his guests that he came across a writing desk belonging to one Antonio de Almeida, a Scribe whot took down the confessions of over 2000 witches during horrific torture sessions in 1490 in Spain. It is said that de Almeida took his own life following the torture and subsequent burning at the stake of a young witch known only as Carla. Apparently, de Almeida was the subject of the girls dying curse.
"Inscribe the lies and make words of my pain, may you forever hold the quill of despair and never find peace............!" The following day, de Almeida threw himself off the high walls of the city and plunged to his death on the rocks below.
It appears as if the girl's curse actually had some power behind it - some say that the ghostly hand of the Scribe can still be observed.
At this point the magician shows a series of symbols or tarot cards and prompts a guest to choose one. Its identity is kept secret from the magician. The desk is opened to reveal a small pile of parchment paper, a blue feathered quill pen and a single black candle.
The articles are removed and the tarot card is placed inside the desk. The candle is placed in the wooden holder and lit, whilst the parchment is placed between the jewel encrusted crucifixes on the desk.
Everyone steps back and waits. The candle flickers and suddenly the quill stands erect and begins to move about on the paper as if held by a ghostly hand.
After a few moments the quill stops moving and the magician removes the parchment. It is held up to reveal the name of a tarot written in black ink. Next the desk is opened to show the tarot card, both match. The inside of the desk is seen to contain nothing out of the ordinary.
This is a hi-tech electronic prop operated by a small hand held remote control. The movements of the quill can be programmed before the performance.
Note that the quill "appears" to write and looks absolutely amazing.
Each "Scribe" includes : The wooden desk in a teak finish with jewelled crucifix accents , an old antique ink pot and candle holder (both are permanently set into the desk), the concealed electronic workings, parchment paper, the quill.
The inside of the desk is lined in cloth. Full instructions and patter are also included. $975.00 (40.621)

Stunner: An absolutely stunning card 3-phase card effect by Doug Edwards!
A deck of cards is shown on both sides and shuffled. An audience member selects a card, which is left in the middle of the deck. With absolutely no moves the magician claims he will cause their selected card to turn over in the deck then shoot out from the front of deck causing no injury or harm to any of those involved. With just a quick riffle, one face-up card shoots part-way out from the deck. It is their selected card.
The deck is turned over and the selected card is seen to be red as is the rest of the deck. It's turned over again and as the selected card is pushed back into the deck the magician exclaims, “What you just witnessed was nothing more than an illusion! It didn't really happen; it was not real.” He then turns the deck face-up and runs through the entire deck. There are no duplicate cards. There is only one chosen card, also face-up, which is removed from the center of the deck. With a wry grin the magician now exclaims, “This, however is very real!” As he turns the chosen card over, its back is now blue.
The effect is very strong for laypeople as well as magicians.
The cool thing: There's no skill involved! A very cleverly gaffed card and some simple handling is all that is needed to execute this wonderful card routine. $24.95 (30.291)

Small Miracles DVD: Helder Guimaraes, FISM 2006 World Champion of Card Magic, is also one of the most popular close-up performers we have ever had with us at the Cape Cod Conclave. The Conclavers really love him. On this DVD, Helder shares for the first time ever some of his pet effects.
* Blank Deck Routine – One of Helder’s pet routines, where a spectator ends by freely selecting (yes, free!) the only printed card from a blank deck!
* Invisible Thread Routine – Transform one card into four aces, make 4 kings appear and then perform a two-phase transposition routine between them. Includes a very clean version of Paul Harris’ Reset.
* S(h)ocking – Two card transposition that top card guys will want to perform.
* Out of This Water – Learn how you can perform Out of This World, ending with a deck separation out off your hands!
* Visual Triathlon – A version of Pit Hartling’s effect, that’s so visual and so impossible people will have a serious case of dropping jaw.
* Plus more baffling tricks, new techniques and methods, 2 extras (if you find them…) and lots of comedy! $29.95 (DVD00864)

New Comedy Routines For Magic DVD– Greg Otto: Greg is a full time pro whose performances have taken him to over 60 countries on five continents. George Carlin said about Greg, “This guy's f****ng funny!” Some testimony. In a moment of weakness Martin Lewis convinced him to share his “Comedy & Magic” act with us. All of it - not just the effects - all of the gags, jokes, and bits of business that make those effects memorable.
This is Greg Otto's “packs very small, plays big can be done under virtually any conditions” act. An act that can be done for practically any size audience. The Torn & Restored Bill is his very funny, rapid fire, opening routine, which ends in a couple of great sight gags, that can be used in other money tricks too. His method for Card To Fly is amazing in its simplicity. The effect on an audience is unbelievably strong. Like the bill trick, there are gags in this routine that can be applied to almost any other card effects.
Greg likes to end a trick with a laugh and his Cut And Restored Rope routine does just that. You will mine a plethora of adaptable material in this easy to do triple restoration. Also on the disk are his performances and explanations for the Himber Ring, M.O.A.B, Balloon Animals (sort of) and more. The DVD concludes with Greg's no gaff Add A Number.
After the performance Greg sits down and discusses his methods and the thoughts behind them - with nothing held back! Believe Leonardo da Vinci who said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!” Greg's material has that in spades! He will teach you his super easy methods, strong effects, and hilarious presentations, which are the keys for creating an unforgettable entertainment experience for your audience.
You probably know how to do the tricks, now learn to present them in a memorable way. $29.95 (DVD00862)

Reel Magic Quarterly DVD Issue 4 - April 2008 – Bill Malone:
John Lovick:
John talks to the CEO of Comedy Magic, Bill Malone
Andrew Pinard Continuum:
Todd Robbins, performer and Dean of the Coney Island Sideshow School, talks about the world of the Sideshow, how to make performances meaningful and expresses his concerns about the future
Jon Armstrong: Small Things, Big Difference
Simon Lovell: Simon Said IT!
Garrett Thomas: Try This At Home
David Regal: Tricks of the Trade
Wayne Kawamoto: Choice Cuts
A conversation with the legendary Mark Wilson including a look at his new DVD set The Magic Circus
Bonus Tricks:
Bill Malone's “Thinking Man’s Sponge Ball Routine,” from the new three DVD set Bill Malone: Here I Go Again!
Lonnie Chevrie's "A Stab in the Dark," from the DVD set that includes Wanted!: The Outlaw Magic of Lonnie Chevrie.
Justin Millers' “3 Card Melody” - A Reel Magic Quarterly exclusive.
Cameron Francis' “Cagey,” from the DVD set The Omega Mutation.
$9.95 (DVD00865)

Cornered - Kevin Parker and Chris Webber: The corner of a card is torn off and replaced with a corner from a different card! It is then handed to the spectator to examine! Even though they frantically examine the card, they have no clue how you did it. The new piece really does appear to be part of the card even while they examine it! You don't even have to attach a 'different' piece - you can restore the original one - and still let them examine it! This is a Chris Webber creation with touch-ups by Kevin Parker. The DVD will teach you how this works and how to perform it.
* Visual 'tear' and 'restoration'
* Props can be examined and kept
* Easy execution
$24.95 (30.1323)

Cardiac - Andrew Gerard: Invite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you.
Ask them to find your pulse. When they have it, ask them to snap their fingers along with it. They will keep track of your pulse rate. Tell them no matter what happens to you, make sure they report any changes in your pulse rate.
Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and slowly. Ask if your pulse is getting stronger. They will agree it's beating harder. Close your eyes again and ask if they feel the rate changing. They will say it's getting slower... and slower... and eventually only 1 beat every few seconds. Then it speeds back up to normal and goes faster and faster. Turn your attention inward and have a self-induced attack! This is "cardiac arrest"! Take a deep breath and hold it and your pulse stops. After a few seconds it eases back to normal.
Comes complete with 7 page booklet of detailed instructions and routine. $24.95 (10.1448)

Hypnotrick – Ben Williams: Now it is possible to make people believe you are a master of suggestion/hypnosis techniques without having to learn the detailed ins and outs of this advanced skill!
Imagine dividing your audience into two groups, the first you influence with an hypnotic suggestion, and the second remain unaltered by your powers!
With Hypnotrick a spectator can select a card from a deck and show it to everyone in his group before signing it. The performer then shows the second group the selection and they see a totally different card, despite there being only one card and it being signed across it's face!
The performer can release the spectators from their hypnotic state at any time, to show the true identity of the card. And the card can then be immediately inspected!
You can do all these things with Hypnotrick, a brand new effect from the creative mind of Ben Williams. With this knowledge and detailed photo illustrated routine you will be able to perform a whole range of effects from convincing people you are a master of suggestion techniques to doing a signed color change using just one card and your bare hands. This effect can also be translated onto stage for a larger performance.
This is visual magic at it's best, not just 'another card trick'; this can be as powerful as you want it to be.
Can the spectator really sign the card?
Yes! Although it is not necessary, the spectator can sign the face of the card before it changes. There are no duplicate signatures used.
Can the spectators inspect the card?
Yes, after the trick is done the card is 100% examinable and can be kept as a souvenir.
Do you need to be highly skilled with cards to perform this effect?
No, not at all.
Do you need to know any hypnosis or suggestion techniques?
No you don't.
Is it suitable for 'real-world' working conditions?
Yes, absolutely.
$24.00 (40.624)

Movements: Invite a spectator to share in an unforgettable experience based on Telekinesis.
For the experiment, you use something as simple as a marker which can be used during your performance.
Place the marker on the bottom of an upturned glass, or on the edge of the table, and after several seconds of concentration, the marker will fall, leaving the spectator amazed!
You can even do it in the hand of the spectator!
Points to consider:
The marker can be 100 % examined.
It writes and it is possible to re-ink.
In performance, 70 % of the marker is within the table. It does not look like it is “balanced” on the edge.
It is a perfect marker to sign cards, photos, etc,.
If you like the mental effects with great impact, this is for you. $55.00 (40.625)

Jumbo Marked ESP Deck – Bicycle Back: A specially printed set of Jumbo ESP Symbols supplied in deck form. There are 5 symbols per set, and five sets per deck, making up each 25 card deck.
In addition to the traditional symbols, each card is printed with a subtly marked back, allowing for demonstrations of super-human, extra-sensory power demonstrations. Instructions with several routines are included. Blue Bicycle backs only. $25.00 (30.191)

And that’s the hottest of the hot for this week after the Conclave. Good stuff, eh?
As always I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we loves the company!
Hank Lee