Friday, September 14, 2007

Shana Tova!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. And a most Happy New Year to all of our Jewish friends. This marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, marked by time spent in the Temple and eating. And, as they say, “one out of two ain’t bad.” Only kidding. No letters, please. This year, Bonnie has invited the entire family to our house for dinner. At last count I think it was 143 people, give or take. All I know, is I will be washing dishes until the wee hours of the morning. I suggested paper plates, but I am sure you already know how that went over. Honestly, I thought that Rosh Hashana, picnic style was a great idea. The good china is already on the table.
I have not mentioned next year’s Conclave because I thought it was a bit early. But, really, is it ever too early to talk about the Conclave? I think not. Next year marks the 20th Anniversary, and we have got some really exciting plans. This week, we spoke with Nick Lewin and Martin Lewis, and they will both be with us for the event. As will Wayne Dobson. So, things are moving forward. For those of you who like to plan ahead, the dates for the 2008 Conclave are April 4th-6th. You can already register online at, under the Conclave Button. Go ahead, check it out!
The new EXTRA is online, in all of it’s glory. And, it is packed full of great items! You can see for yourself by clicking on the EXTRA Button, where else but at!
And now, my friends, here is this week’s excitement!

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Spreadwave: Find out what all the buzz has been about! Mathieu Bich’s Spreadwave was the 2006 FISM Invention Award winner. Now it can be yours!
Show a blank deck of cards and ask someone to name any card
Spread the cards. The named card is now printed across on the spread !
No Force - Easy to learn - Easy to perform
Step-by-step video instructions - FISM handling included
Specially printed deck of cards plus instructional CDRom for Mac & PC. $41.95 (30.1261)

Bling: Wayne Dobson used this delightful effect many times on his television programs.
Start by displaying a small cloth bag containing your prediction.
Show several different colored gemstones. Your spectator chooses any stone and it will always match your prediction!
Excellent magic, with lots of comedy and audience participation. Once again, Wayne Dobson adds a real sparkle to this simple and easy to perform routine.
You receive a hand turned box in quality hard wood, gem stones, and routine. $59.95 (10.1408)

Plunge of Death DVD – Kockov: Meet Jasper Blakeley performing in character as Monrokvia's greatest mindreader and magician - Kockov.
For the first time ever, the mullet-haired maestro reveals some of the mentalist routines that have helped make him a house-hold name in his former Eastern-block homeland.
Performing live for a real-world UK audience, Kockov gives a blistering 'adult' comedy performance.
This DVD features his heart-stopping 'Plunge of Death' routine, as well as a special bonus - performance and explanation of his reputation-making 4 gun finale, 'Real Live Russian Roulette'.
Not only will you be stunned by Jasper's fantastic performance as the outrageous Kockov, you will also be very pleased to know that these practical, professional routines will fit straight into any magic or mentalism show, regardless of your style of presentation. His brand of creativity features low-tech methods and high-impact effects, allowing the performer to do his job: entertain a paying audience.
The man, the magic, the mullet - Kockov !
WARNING: Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age. $29.95 (DVD00766)

Riser Deck: Created over a decade ago, the Riser Deck has long been one of magic’s best kept secrets. Previously shared with only a handful of fellow professionals, Mark Elsdon has finally decided to release his show-stopping effect to the general magic community.
At the climax of an ambitious card routine, the performer offers to repeat the effect ‘one last time, under test conditions.’ The deck is replaced in the case to prevent any possible manipulation by the performer, and the signed selection is held by the spectator.
Read carefully now, this is exactly what happens: The spectator himself pushes his own signed card into the cased deck, anywhere he wants – in the middle, near the bottom, wherever. The deck and card can be fully shown face-up if desired as the spectator pushes his selection flush into the deck. The case is closed and given a little shake. The case is re-opened and the top card is fairly removed. It is the signed selection!
The spectator can even remove the card himself if you choose, but with an effect this powerful, we’re sure that you’ll want to take the credit yourself!
Remember: Only one card is pushed into the deck and it really is the signed selection; there is no switch. The spectator genuinely pushes his selection into the deck anywhere he chooses. The selection and cased deck can be fully shown on all sides as the selection is pushed flush into the deck. When you re-open the case the selection really is on top! It looks absolutely impossible. Almost any conditions you can dream up, the Riser Deck meets them all.
Each Riser Deck is individually hand-made to Mark Elsdon’s exact specifications by world-renowned master-craftsman Rob Bromley. The work that goes into this ingenious deck is the result of countless hours of collaboration, tweaking the design and construction to make it perfect. The incorporation of Bromley’s innovative ‘W-Principle’ provides the finishing touch. The result is an innocent-looking performance prop that is destined to take its place in the repertoires of professional magicians around the world and is sure to become the classic ending for any ambitious card routine.
The Riser Deck comes complete with handmade gimmick and full instructional DVD! $89.95 (30.1260)

Glimpse: A great new “information gathering” wallet created by Wayne Dobson.
This top quality mini size leather wallet has been specially designed for secretly revealing any information written on the back of a business card and then sealed inside its zippered pocket. $39.95 (40.590)

Psycolor Change Deck - Kenton Knepper : You won't believe this even after you know the secret!
Kenton has called this method by Ben Highway "One of the great breakthroughs in magic and mentalism" and "the most exciting new concept I have seen in years".
You are about to find out why.
A deck is spread face down between the hands, and then face up. A freely selected card is pushed through the deck. The selected card changes color instantly! No moves, no sleights.
Just a pure and direct color change - as it should be.
The card is rubbed against the deck and the rest of the deck is now seen to have changed color too.
Now get this: The deck can be entirely examined, and there is no sleight of hand. The deck changes color not by trick props or maneuvers but rather by mental influence!
In fact, some of the audience may not become hypnotized and see the magic happening, or imagine another trick entirely! This trick and its amazing method are not for the mildly curious. The method is easy to do; yet it will have your head reeling once Kenton reveals the exciting reality. Kenton details all the incredible principles behind this effect, how they work for you, and how to perform it so that you can never fail.
Complete with additional text, patter options, reminders of the psychological principles, and more. This controversial effect will change the way you view magic and mentalism forever! $25.00 (DVD00765)

System 88 - Docc Hilford & Dr. Lisa Chin:
Successful members of the PEA or PUA communities understand the most powerful demonstration of worth is the ability to approach a woman cold, yet instantly and accurately reveal her deepest intimate secrets and desires. This is more than mentalism, it’s a power. A power that attracts..
Clever cold reading techniques require years of study and practice and don’t deliver the power a Master of the Game necessitates. Most mentalists substitute strong mind tricks because they lack the true power of a master mind..
Under these demanding conditions, requesting someone to write down personal information is ridiculous. Billets, trick wallets, carbon paper, swami writers and cold reading lines won’t help. In fact, here they just make you seem like a phony trickster.
System 88 is not simple cold reading; it does not require an understanding of human nature! Within seconds of selecting a target subject, System 88 analyzes the subject, filters through 3,337,000 combinations of specific personality traits and reveals to you over 50 different singularities. These are easily listed on the System 88 chart, a pocket-size card that each subject keeps and cherishes for years.
System 88 is amazingly accurate. Developed by professional mind reader Docc Hilford and clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Chin, it analyzes and defines over 50 personal characteristics. The target subject will be in shock at the unimpeachable information shown to her.
There's nothing to memorize! Although System 88 can generate over 3,000,000 different factual readings, everything is designed into the chart. It works automatically!
Once you know a very simple formula, the System 88 chart can be used with any type of divination technique or psychological test. You’ll be able to use System 88 to accurately read palms, handwriting or the color of a woman's attire! The charts are the right size to carry anywhere and can have your contact information printed on them. They’re perfect for walk-around gigs or trade shows!
System 88 is 60 pages of information that you must have! You will also get a print-ready copy of the chart. And, you get special permission to copy the charts for resale to the paying public. There will only be 1000 numbered copies of System 88 for sale. Then, they’ll be very rare and very expensive.
$75.00 (40.589)

Double Impact: Repeatedly reveal cards merely thought of from your playing card collection!
Terry LaGerould has been performing Double Impact for over 25 years. This unique double-forcing deck renders a powerful mental routine.
Comes complete with 18 pairs of cards and full instructions $20.00 (30.1259)

Complete Course in Watch Stealing DVD:
Vol. 1: Buckle Style Watch
This DVD embodies everything about removing leather and plastic banded wristwatches. Packed with over 70 minutes of useful information. Taking you through this journey will be James Coats and Nicholas Byrd. Some of the information provided includes:
• The anatomy of the buckle style watch
• The basic mechanics of a watch steal
• Adding magic to a watch steal
• The two card switch
• The handshake steal
• How to handle getting caught
• Replacement watch bands
• Breaking a watch
• Rubber/plastic banded watches
• Practice techniques
• Liability issues and how to protect yourself
All this information is provided for you plus much, much more! $24.95 (DVD00764)

Bad to the Balloon DVD Vol. 2 – Mark Byrne:
This DVD follows renegade biker artist Mark Byrne as he teaches how to make cool balloons. His goal in creating balloon hats is to make them fast and make them great. Most hats take 45 seconds to 2 minutes to create. There is a detailed twist menu for beginners. If you can make a decent teddy bear, you can do most of the balloons on this DVD!
Intermediate and advanced twisters will love the flow and ease of this learning style. Unlike any other balloon DVD filmed, it has original music and location shots for each figure.
A balloon DVD you won’t fall asleep watching! From the opening sequence to the last sculpture, you will be impressed!
* Monkey in Tree
* Moose
* Butterfly
* Dinosaur
* Cow
* Horse Fishing pole
* Fly
* Elephant
* Penguin
* Flamingo
* Dog
* Cat
* Magic Dealer - Short
$24.99 (DVD00763)

And that’'s this week’s Hotlist. Totally awesome. A little something for everyone.
As always, I sincerely hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at our brand-new showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, consider yourself invited. And, if you want to have dinner at our house, just let Bonnie know. What’s a few more, anyway?
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Hank Lee