Friday, September 07, 2007

Back To School (Heh, heh)

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. As everyone knows, this is back to school week, except for those who went back to school last week. If you are a student, please read paragraph (1). If you are a parent, please skip to paragraph (2).
(1) Back to school is the worst. Homework every night. Hardly any time for video games and television. And, talking on the phone is out of the question. It’s just work, work, work. And cafeteria food. Plus, what’s up with Chemistry, anyway? Not to mention Calculus and Physics. Why can’t there be any really interesting courses? Like, really. We’re already counting the days until June. And, if they make us cover our books, that will be the final straw.
(2) Yippee.

I think I have been parenting for too long, or perhaps just long enough.
This week, we put the finishing touches on the new EXTRA. You will find it online at, just press on the EXTRA Button and check it out!
Now for this week’s excitement. By far the most popular sale we ever held was the Buy One Get One At Half Price Sale. When that event ran, we were inundated with orders. It's been quite a while, so we decided to do it again. Here's how it works. For the next 7 days, from right this very moment, until Thursday, September 13th at midnight, you can save like crazy. How does it work? Simple, really. For every item you buy, you get the second item at half price. That's right, a full 50% off. So, if you buy a Harbin Suspension for $495.00 and a Sword Thru Neck for $195.00, you will get the Sword Thru Neck for $97.50! what a deal!!

The rules are also simple. We deduct the 50% from the lower price of the two items. You can buy as many items as you want, we will do the math and you will save a bundle! There are a few items that are not included in this promotion. Very few. If you order one of those items, we will let you know before we process your order. If you are paying by PayPal, you will be charged the full price of each item, but when we process your order, we will calculate the discount and refund it to your account. For this particular sale, you might be better off using a credit card rather than PayPal. But, it will work either way.

Note: Since this is a somewhat complicated sale, the online system will not do the math. We will do it here before we process your order. Your email confirmation will show the full price for each item, but we will figure the discounts before you are charged.

In order to take advantage of this outrageous sale, you must put the words BUY ONE GET ONE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at If you are calling your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, give the order person the special code. If you are FAXing your order to 781 395 2034 or emailing it to, just remember to include the special code, BUY ONE GET ONE and you will get the biggest discount ever! So, hop to it and save some serious dough!

And now, here’s this week’s Hotlist!

7 More Secrets DVD - J.C. Wagner:
Simple and direct card magic for all levels.
Underground Transposition II -
This is an updated handling of a wonderful effect from Commercial Magic. This method removes the cop, palm and switch required in the original handling!
Another Four Ace Assembly -
Combining a Bruce Cervon idea and the original lay down sequence from "Honest John's Aces" (Super Magic), this Ace assembly features a fair opening procedure and an ending of the O'Henry variety!
Aspen Universal - 1978 -
A general/wild card effect featuring very clean shows, magical changes and an ending that leaves you completely clean! (includes the gaff card)
Revisited Christ Aces -
An updated handling of Henry Christ's "4 Ace Routine" that you can do at anytime in your performance! If you liked "Fabulous Four Aces" from Commercial Magic, you will love this new handling.
The Vietnam Card Trick -
This is the routine JC has used for the past few years to completely fry magicians and laymen alike. An effect originally sent to the Professor from a soldier stationed in Vietnam, this updated handling turns this puzzle of a magic trick in to a true miracle.
Re-Figured Pre-Figuration -
This is JC's handling of a tested Jennings effect from Classic Magic. A prediction card is placed aside and each of its three mates are located in a baffling manner by the spectator. This method, coupled with an idea of JK Hartman, makes for a clever and commercial card routine.
Not only does JC teach the above routine, but with the permission of the late Jules Lenier, he throws in an added kicker finish that JC has been using for the past 25 years!
Ace, 2, 3, 4...but only Four -
This routine, varied from the original published in 7 Secrets, combines ideas from both JC Wagner and Syd Segal to create a devastating small packet effect with a beautiful transposition finish.
Bonus Trick - Updated ITH Triumph (explanation only) -
JC explains his updated handling for his in the hands triumph routine that he debuted at the 2003 MacMillan International Convention. $34.95 (DVD00757)

Real Time - Andrew Gerard:
A broken pocket watch is displayed and proved to the audience that it does not work. A spectator is selected and shown that the watch hands spin when the stem is pulled, but that’s all.
It is held to the spectator’s ear, but as the watch is broken it does not tick and the hands don’t move.
Announce that you are going to set a time on that watch between now and the approximate time your show ends. Then, give it to a spectator, informing them that at any time during the show, even if you are in the middle of another trick, to yell out, “Now is the time!”
At the most inopportune time in the show, the spectator calls out, “Now is the time!” The audience verifies the actual time, and when the watch is opened it is seen to be set to that exact time. $199.00 (40.587)

Secrets of Master Card Technique DVDs: In a letter from 1872, Johann Hofzinser wrote, “Card effects are the poetry of conjuring.” Long before Hofzinser penned those words, and ever since, magicians have been displaying the many wonders inherent in a simple pack of playing cards. There is, perhaps, no tool at a magician’s disposal that is more widely used. Needless to say, proper technique is the foundation for solid, deceptive card work and on this landmark three-volume DVD series, experts Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller have taken the most important concepts in card table artifice and legerdemain and have explained and demonstrated each in excruciating detail. Tight camera work, over-the-shoulder shots and even an angle shot from below through a glass tabletop all work together to make this series one of the most comprehensive card magic reference tools ever committed to video. This is your opportunity to learn (or re-learn!) these concepts, sleights and moves the right way.
False Deals: The Strike Second #1; The Stud Deal #1; The Strike; Second #2; The Strike Second #3; Push Off Second Deal; The Stud Deal (Push Off) #2; Dai Vernon’s Second Deal; The D’Amico Second; Deal; The Third Deal; The Stud Deal #3; Palm Replacements
Palming: The Two-Handed Top Palm; The Clip Palm; The Direct Palm; The Hugard Palm
The One-Handed Top Palm; The Bottom Palm; The Gambler’s Cop
False Counts: The Elmsley Count; The Jordan Count; The Buckle Count; The Hamman Count; An Easy False Count; Willane’s False Count; The Push-Off False Count; The Braue Fan False Count; The Ascanio Spread. $19.95 (DVD00760)

Volume 2
Bottom Deal: The Strike Bottom; The Stud Bottom; The Push-Out Bottom; The Sharps & Flats Bottom; The One Hand Bottom
Overhand Shuffle: The Injog Shuffle; The Top Card Control; The Bottom Card Control; The Top Stock Control; The Bavarian Shuffle; The Charlier Shuffle; The Milk Shuffle; The Hindu Shuffle
Card Switches: Variations One thru Six
Side Steal: Variations One thru Six other steals & controls; The Clip Steal; The One Card Control; The Two Card Control; The Three Card Control; Rear Palm Side Steal; The Erdnase Shift; The Endfield Palm; Direct Insertion Steal
Card Peeks: Variations One Thru Five $19.95 (DVD00761)

Volume 3
The Center Deal: The Stud Center; The Greek Deal
Riffle Shuffles: The Push Through - #1 & #2; The Strip Out; The Zarrow Shuffle; A Poker Stack
The Classic Pass: Variations One thru Five
The Turnover Pass: Variations One thru Nine
More Passes: The Gambler’s Pass; The Table Cover Pass; The Herrmann Pass; The Top Card Cover Pass; The Half Pass #1and #2; The Charlier Pass #1 thru #3
Double Lifts: The Hit Double Lift; The Thumb Count Double Lift; The Push Off Double Lift; The Center Double Lift; Action Double Lift; Small Packet Double Lift; The D’Amico Double Lift $19.95 (DVD00762)

Sam The Bellhop: Now available on DVD, it’s Bill Malone’s Sam The Bellhop.
For the first time, Bill tips his mitt and reveals the full story. On this DVD you will see and learn the rhythm, the pacing, the shuffles, the cuts, the timing, the flourishes, the asides, the energy, the comedy, the attitude that has made Malone’s Sam one of the most entertaining card tricks in history. This is the full routine as seen on NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic. $24.95 (DVD397)

MindShades: A specially designed and custom-fabricated pair of stylish and modern sunglasses that enable the performer to retrieve secret information undetected by the spectators. MindShades employs a technology that was once used in the world of espionage. However, many of these earlier glasses were cheaply made, and more to the point are now out of style. After painstaking research and development, Peter was able to re-master the technology and greatly improve the quality. The result is a stealthy device manufactured into a professionally fabricated pair of quality glasses.
MindShades are made with top-quality frames designed with today’s modern fashions in mind, and the lenses utilize an advanced technology that renders the gimmick invisible! MindShades look and function like regular sunglasses. You will be able to take these with you everywhere, and perform modern, impromptu miracles on demand without any set up.
You receive the special glasses and the core of the product: the instruction manual. This handbook outlines several audience-tested routines that have been well thought-out and designed. In addition the booklet contains several different techniques, styles and ideas that will help you to create and perform an unlimited number of effects. These miracles range from mind-reading effects, unbelievable card miracles without forces or gimmicked decks, seemingly dangerous acts that are completely impromptu, and incredible feats that would normally cost you thousands of dollars in gimmicks and props! The versatile glasses let you see things that you are not supposed to see, all in ways that are completely undetected by the audience.
MindShades is perfect for magicians and mentalists, and is great for stage and outdoor performance situations/venues such as fairs, amusement parks, walk-around, family BBQ’s, and street work.
MindShades were designed with flexible spring joints on the arms, so they will fit practically any sized face.
Best of all, MindShades is ready to go the minute you take them out of the case. There is no set up, and the trick requires virtually no mechanical skills, thereby leaving all of your practice time dedicated to performance, patter, techniques and routines.
Peter Loughran’s MindShades comes complete with MindShades, 3 pages of instructions including routines and technique styles, and a high quality vinyl-bound protective carrying case.
The possibilities are endless!
$60.00 (40.588)

The Other Side of Illusion – Two DVD Set – Henry Evans - FISM award-winner Henry Evans is back to take you on a guided tour to the other side of illusion – where the impossible becomes possible and wonderful, surprising and often humorous things happen. If you enjoyed his last critically-acclaimed DVD offering, Something More Than An Illusion, you’ve already had a glimpse into the whimsical world of Henry Evans. If you haven’t, you’re in for a rare treat indeed.
Here’s what you’ll see during your journey to the other side of illusion:
Volume 1
Needle Through Deck – The performer pushes a large, threaded needle through a playing card box. Not an impressive feat until the cards are removed and found to have no holes or any other evidence of the needle and thread passing through them.
Risky Bet – A packet of cards is shuffled by the spectators as the performer places some paper currency into a glass as a bet against failure. The cards are divided into small piles and one is freely chosen. When the value of the cards in the selected packet are added, they are found to match the amount of money in the glass.
Dollar And Quarter – You won’t believe your eyes as a borrowed quarter and dollar bill are visibly fused together to form one of the strangest objects your audience is ever likely to see.
Flipper Card – A selected card visibly vanishes from between two Queens and is found in the card box, which has been in plain sight. One of the most visual card effects you’re ever likely to see!
New K.O. Rope – The performer cuts a length of rope into two pieces and then restores them but that is just the beginning of a startling sequence of magical events. Without any further cutting, the rope becomes two lengths again and then suddenly multiplies into three and then four lengths. The performer then restores it back to two and then back to one. For the surprising ending, the rope is in four lengths again and each is handed out for thorough examination.
Mental Power – The performer correctly divines a spectator’s thought-of card and then subsequently shows that the spectator had no other choice as every other card in the deck is now blank!
Keen Sense of Touch – Another impossible location as the performer finds two signed cards in a deck shuffled by the audience in a transparent bag while his eyes are covered.
Finding The Aces – Imagine being able to locate the four Aces in an instant from a deck that’s been completely shuffled by the spectators. Tex Exact Cuts – The full details of Henry’s masterpiece, the finale of his FISM act, finally revealed! The performer cuts a deck of cards into ten packets in just a few seconds and then shows one card in the first pack, two in the second and so on to the tenth. For the dumbfounding finish, the deck is shuffled and cut into three packets which are shown to be the three remaining suits – in exact numerical order! $34.95 (DVD00758)

Volume 2
Impossible Control 1 – Regardless of how many card discoveries you already know, you’ve never seen one like this! A selected card is found by the performer in a humorous way under impossible circumstances.
Impossible Control 2 – Another jaw-dropping card discovery as the performer finds a selected card returned to a random position in the deck at the position named by the spectator himself!
Memorized Deck – A two-deck stunner that will absolutely convince your audience that you can memorize a complete deck of cards in seconds in order to locate a selected card.
Quit Smoking – A very funny and unexpected effect as the performer produces a long stream of soap bubbles from the end of a cigarette in addition to a twenty-dollar bill.
Impossible Cards Transposition – You’ll be rubbing your eyes as you watch the backs of two selected cards change colors and are subsequently found in an opposite-colored deck that was in plain sight.
The Cards Expert – An amazing demonstration of card dexterity and control. The performer cuts to the four Aces and the four Kings. He then cuts to only red black cards and then to only black cards. He then cuts to alternating red and black cards. For the impossible finish, after a thorough shuffle, the colors completely separate.
Chinese Economy – A wildly visual routine as large Chinese coins vanish, reappear and multiply with absolutely no cover.

Four Forever – A stand-up version of Chinese Economy, ideal for walk-around situations with a climax that features the magic happening right in the spectator’s hands.
Matching Couples – The performer removes the picture cards from the deck and, after they are shown to be mismatched, they magically rearrange themselves by value and suit.
$34.95 (DVD00759)

DEEP Rising Card: Spread the deck and show both sides to convince the spectators that there's no trick.
They can shuffle the cards freely.
Ask a spectator to pick a card and memorize it. No force of any kind. He can even sign the card.
The spectator places the chosen card back into the middle of the deck.
Show both sides of the card case, and immediately place the deck inside.
Pinch the sides of the case with your thumb and forefinger, and call the spectators’ attention to the case. All of your fingers are visible and nothing is concealed.
While the spectators are watching the case, a single card rises slowly out of the deck. It is the chosen card!
Once again, both sides of the case are shown and the deck is taken out of the case to spread.
You can repeat this trick again and again!
Both hands are free and no long sleeves are required.
An incredible version the classic Rising Cards. However, there are some distinct improvements.
* During the rising, all of your fingers are seen, and no any finger is hidden behind the case.
* You can show both sides of the case without any hesitation.
* No threads, weight, magnet or thumbtip. Totally self contained.
* Add nothing; remove nothing.
* Just a deck and a card case. That's all.
* You can control the speed of rising. You can manage to stop, start or return it to the deck if desired.
* Beautifully simple and easy to learn.
Comes complete with deck, card case and 9 pages of photo-illustrated instructions. $75.00 (30.1258)

Hallucinations: Is it possible to instantly induce perceptual distortions in spectators?
Five spectators see five different things. The cards they think they saw turn out to not even be in the deck, but have been in an envelope in plain view the whole time. Deck is tossed out for examination. No special sleights, the deck remains in full view. Card is a free choice.
Pull out a deck of cards and a sealed envelope saying, "I'd like to share with you something very interesting."
Place the envelope on the table in plain view and shuffle the deck. "I'll not be using any sleight of hand or trickery, so please freely chose any card you like from the deck."
The first spectator takes a card and looks at it.
"Please commit that card to memory, but don't share it with anyone else. And now place it on top of the deck, where it will remain throughout this little exercise."
You hold the deck between your thumb and forefingers without any suspicious movements and in plain view of all concerned.
"Have any of you ever been hypnotized before, or do you think you could be?" A number nod their heads and say yes.
"You may not know this, but studies have shown that hypnotizability is unrelated to personality characteristics such as gullibility, hysteria, psychopathology, trust, aggressiveness, submissiveness or even imagination, which means just about anyone can be hypnotized given the right set of circumstances."
Continuing, "And many scientists have used hypnosis to temporarily create hallucinations, compulsions, certain types of memory loss, false memories, and delusions in the laboratory so that these phenomena can be studied in a controlled environment. I'd like to see how it works out here in real life."
Looking at the remaining four people you say, "I'd like each of you now, one at a time, to peek the top card that the first spectator has chosen from the deck. Look at it. Remember it. But don't say it aloud. Can you do that?" They all say yes.
Walk up to the second and say, "Go ahead and quickly peek the top card he chose; remember it but don't let anyone else see what you see." This is done. You repeat the procedure until a total of four people have seen the top card originally chosen.
"Each of you have looked at the top card; have you all committed the card to memory? Now please—one at a time, focus on the card in your mind and starting with the first person, tell us what it was." Point at the first person and he says, "Six of Spades."
Immediately confusion comes across the face of the remaining four people.
Point to the next person who reveal the Two of Hearts, and the next person who reveals the Eight of Diamonds, then the Ace of Clubs, and finally the Four of Spades. Every card named is different!
Finally, you flip the top card over to reveal an indifferent card - the Joker! Hand the deck out for inspection and instructs the person holding it to find all of the cards mentioned. The cards are all gone. They aren't in the deck.
Look at the envelope and ask one of the spectators to pick it up and open it saying, "That envelope was sealed in advance and has been lying there in front of all of you the whole time. What's in it?"
Inside are all of the named cards!
Comes complete with detailed 12 page instruction booklet, envelope and gimmick card on Bicycle stock. $19.95 (30.1257)

Books of Wonder – Volumes One & Two – Tommy Wonder: Back in print! Once upon a time there was a Magician named Tommy Wonder, and he could perform Real Magic! He wrote these two books to share his Magic with us. Never has there been a more articulate manifesto declaring Magic a true art. And never has one man offered a more detailed and coherent plan for achieving art by the practice of Magic. Through a series of tricks, routines and essays, Tommy Wonder provides a clear blueprint for an uncompromising brand of Magical theater. Along the way he explains his professional routines for Close-up, Stand-up, Walkaround and Stage. Among them are: The Updated Two-Cup Routine; Watch In Nest of Boxes - 3 Methods; Wild Card Tamed; The Watch, The Ring &The Wallet; The Well-tempered Birdcage; and 50 other tricks, routines and sleights. The Books of Wonder is a set of two beautifully produced, matched volumes, each containing approximately 340 pages of extraordinary material, with 630
professional illustrations by Kelly Lyles. One of the masterworks of conjuring literature! $90.00

And that’s this week’s Hotlist, and very hot it is! Look over the Hotlist, look over the Online Catalog, put an order together and save a ton with the Buy One Get One at 50% Off Sale!
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