Friday, June 22, 2007

A Time To Paint

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I have to be honest, this has been a pretty ordinary week. Nothing major to report. Just a typical June week. I can always tell when summer is here, not just by the temperature, but by the fact that my stack of books-to-be-read beings to diminish. I have three different books going right now. That way, no matter where I am I have something to read. With Aron working in a book store this summer, I am afraid my book pile will keep growing. He keeps finding books that he just knows I would love to read.
Speaking of Aron, Bonnie and I traveled to Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday to spend Father’s Day with Aron. Lucas had multiple graduation parties to attend, so he was granted dispensation. I had a wonderful Father’s Day. I did get that ladder. Now I have no excuse for not painting the trim. Phooey. I also got an electric grill brush, so the barbeque will never be grungy again. As long as the batteries don’t die.
I know I have mentioned this before, but it is important enough to mention again. We are producing a really nice version of the weekly Email Newsletter in html format. If you are still getting it in the Text Only format, just drop me an email and I will set you up for html. It is really worth changing over, trust me on this!
Last week’s excitement proved really popular, and I am sure we will repeat it in the near future, but for this week, it’s something different.

BUY MORE GET MORE: Starting right now and running through Thursday, June 28th at midnight, we are having another Buy More Get More event. And, here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a coupon which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
• Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 10% of the merchandise total. (Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
• Order between $100.00 and $200.00: Coupon is for 15% of the merchandise total.
• Order between 200.00 and $300.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total.
• Order over $300.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.

When you place your order online at, please put the secret phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. If you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a coupon for every order you place during the event. Just don’t lose the coupons, please. Unlike other sales events where certain items are not included, the Buy More Get More event includes every item we carry! This is your chance to, as they say, “Make out like a bandit!” So, get your order together and save for the future.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist:

Dead Zone Pro – Andy Nyman: Quite possibly the coolest mentalism routine ever!
After more than two years of planning and prototypes, finally the ultimate one-man version of Andy Nyman's classic effect.
For those of you not familiar with the Dead Zone plot here is what the audience sees:
A spectator is invited to help test your abilities in the new defense technique known as "Dead Zoning." You explain that it is a combination of heightened body language reading, plus the ability to imagine a 'Dead Zone' on the person you are looking at - in essence it allows you to know whether someone poses a threat to you just by looking at them. The technique is now taught to bodyguards, secret service agents and airport security personnel.
At this point you explain that you imagine the "Dead Zone" as a target. You then proceed to “stick” a picture of a target onto the spectator. Ask the spectator to imagine that he is an assassin and draw his attention to the case on the table. Explain that it contains a selection of weapons that may be used by an assassin and ask him to open the case and take a look inside.
Turn your back to the spectator & instruct him to place each of the weapons into his pockets. Once done, you turn to face him and ask him to walk away from you. After a couple of steps you stop him and by staring at the 'Dead Zone' you correctly reveal which weapons are in which pocket!
As the applause fades you explain that sometimes if you really tune into the 'Dead Zone' you can know what is going to happen before the thoughts even enter the other person’s mind.
Ask him to remove the 'Dead Zone' target that you stuck on him and open it up. It is a prediction that correctly states which of the weapons he would place in which pockets with perfect, 100% accuracy every time!
Dead Zone Pro is truly geared towards the professional performer and each unit has been carefully hand crafted to ensure both quality and reliability.
Each unit is precision made to the highest standard and comes complete with everything you need to perform this fantastic routine:
Case & Weapons specially adapted by Christopher Taylor from Canada!
Receiver with light or vibrate options!
Three different targets to create a different outcome at repeat performances!
Full instructions and professional script by Andy Nyman!
Brief Case Dimensions: Approximately 11.5" x 9.5" x 3.5" (29cm x 24cm x 9cm) $1599.00 (40.574)

Color Spot Paddle: A new and original paddle effect from the creative mind of Joe Porper.
Straightforward in effect and very easy to perform. Joe’s precision machining does most of the work for you!
Bring out a small paddle with a big red spot in the center. Show the red spot on both sides.
In a blink, the red spot changes to white. Of course, the spot is white on both sides..
Again the spot changes color. Now the spot is blue, on both sides. Immediately hand the paddle out for examination They will find nothing.
The Color Spot Paddle works with a simple mechanism that locks to ensure it can be handed out at the end of the effect. $64.00 (10.1395)

You Do VooDoo: Bruce Spangler invented the Needle Thru Arm for the premier opening of the movie Macumba Love. The needle effect was used in the lobby performance to bring in the crowds. Many people fainted, so nurses were standing by. This created such a sensation that audiences flooded the theatre after hearing about the Voodoo Ritual, presented live!
You-Do Voodoo comes complete with special Stainless Steel hat pin, small sewing needle and thread, 'the secret something,’ realistic blood plus other accouterments that make this the professional's choice. In addition, you are supplied with a new leak-proof mechanical system designed by George Robinson which eliminates any worries and allows you to concentrate on presentation. Everything comes is a special form-fitted case with complete instructions.
This is undoubtedly the most realistic, mind-boggling and chilling mini-illusion of this century.
A long hat pin (as used by ladies in the roaring twenties) is displayed. It is used to pop a balloon, attesting to its authenticity. The hat pin is now slowly run through the upper portion of your forearm. Through sheer will power you control the flow of blood!
Suddenly you are distracted and the blood begins to flow. The needle is moved in and out of the freshly made wound. This is as real as Magick gets.
Next, remove the hat pin/needle and a smaller needle is used to "stitch" the wound closed. The thread is pulled, ripping through the skin. When the audience believes they have seen it all, you pass your hand over the wound and it heals itself!
No latex or fake skin. Realistic, visual and safe. Comes complete with professional instructions and the finest quality accessories. This is the only Stainless Steel needle offered with this effect. As used by top professionals.
Manufactured by Viking Magic, so you know the quality goes far beyond excellent! $119.00 (60.1429)

The Trilogy DVD Set – Dave & Dan Buck: A 3 DVD box set containing over 6 hours of card tricks, flourishes and everything else Dan and Dave have dreamt up with a deck of cards. It is a body of work that spans over ten years of study and practice. You'll find everything from a simple one-hand shuffle to an eight packet flourish display along with never before seen tricks so visual you won't believe it's all done with a normal deck. Plus you'll discover over 100 unique sleights that can be adapted and finessed to your own repertoire.
From beginner to professional, these DVD's contain something for everyone. Every effect is broken down step by step for a seamless learning experience.
Over 6 hours of material explained in detail with multiple angles, on screen text, and slow motion replays. Powerful walk-around magic that can be done anywhere at anytime, surrounded, and with a normal deck of cards.
Card Across - A selected card is left protruding from half the deck in your left hand while the other half remains in your right hand. Instantly and without the packets ever touching their card vanishes and reappears protruding face-up in the right hand packet.
Fission for Aces - An eight is turned face up on top of the deck. In a splitting action, the eight is ripped into two fours of matching color. One of the fours is handed out, as the remaining four is this time split at the fingertips into two two’s. Finally, as you can imagine, a two is split into two aces..
Collectors - We've taken this classic and and given it style.
Swiss Made - A remix of the classic 'Back in Time' effect by Steve Freeman.
Sixty Nine - The coolest packet trick you’ll ever perform.
Hand to Mouth - The spectator is instructed to push their protruding card flush with the deck. By this time the card is already in your mouth.
Déjà Vu - Any card is selected and sandwiched between the two red aces; these cards are clearly placed on the table. Another card is selected, however, the performer miscalls it as the first selection. This second selection is face up on top of the deck. With a snap, the card visually transforms into the first selection sandwiched between the red aces. The cards on the table are spread to reveal the second selection sandwiched between the black aces.
TiVo Transpo - Here's an instant two-card transposition effect. It can be done anytime and surrounded.
TiVo 2.0 - Another take on the visual two-card transposition.
Hedbergs Peak - If you ever need a quick trick to send that "wise guy" back to where he belongs, this is it!
Twinsplit Remix - The three of clubs is shown at the fingertips in the left hand. Explain how the pips on the card are removable and you pinch the center pip of the three with the fingertips of the right hand. In a quick action, you visually pull off the center pip of the three leaving the ace of clubs in your right hand the two of clubs in your left hand.
Subway - A completely modernized version of Earl Nelson's 'Submarine Sandwich'.
The Queens - This is our take on Bill Goodwin's classic Queens effect.
Hofzzy Osbourne - A spectator thinks of a card. You remove the 4 aces. Waving the aces over the deck (in their hand) causes one to turn face-down, this tells us the suit of their selection. "Like one of the aces, a card in the deck turns face-down which tells us the value." You now know their card. Next comes the climax, which is so visual that they will jump out of their seat! They turn over the aces they have been holding on to since the beginning to find their thought of card. The magic really does happen in their hands. This effect is filled with useful sleights you’ll want to instantly add to your repertoire. $85.00 (DVD00729)

Tricky Business – Peter Eggink: From Peter Eggink, the creator of the smash hits Outcased and Exit, comes Tricky Business- Peter’s best kept secret in commercial card magic!
A spectator freely selects a card (no force), and signs it across the face. The card is then shuffled back into the pack. Next, you bring out some business/address stickers, and explain that these stickers actually have a mind of their own.
One sticker is placed on the back of an indifferent card. Magically the sticker starts to "jump" onto random cards in the pack. Finally, the sticker vanishes in a visual and magical manner.
Explain that the sticker will magically find the spectator’s selection. Spread the deck and the sticker has arrived -not on the back- but on the face of the spectator’s selection, right across their signature! Of course the spectator can keep the card as an amazing unique souvenir!
Tricky Business is visually stunning and highly commercial. Perfect for corporate events and trade shows!
Key points to keep in mind:
* NO force!
* NO duplicates!
* NO rough and smooth!
* EASY to do!
* Diabolical method!
* Works with any sticker with any Message!
* Make the sticker with message appear on the front or back of any playing card!
Comes complete with a special gimmick on Bicycle stock and a full color, photo-illustrated instruction sheet.
15.00 (30.1244)

Tickling The Mind DVD Vol. 1 - Mel Mellers: Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic? Well, they're finally here, in the brand new "must have" DVD for all magicians. Welcome to the Mel Mellers project, a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europe's leading corporate cabaret magicians. With great magic and hilarious comedy, Mel presents 16 routines complete with presentational ploys and gags that you will use. There is simply no "filler" on these DVDs.
Mass Hypnosis - Convince your audience that you can make them see what you want them to see in a brilliant routine using a standard prop that you probably already own.
5 Minutes And One Balloon - A brilliant balloon bending routine that you will use.
Birthday Revelation - Guess an audience member's birthday in this superb presentation that will cost pennies to make up!
Phobia - Mel's routine for the Needle Thru Balloon. Complete with all the gags and "bits of business" that make this routine play big!
Ropertainment - Mel's signature rope routine. Five minutes of great comedy and magic combined. You'll simply love this routine.
Business Cards Warm Up - A simply brilliant "super memory" test in which the magician proves that he has remembered allL of the telephone numbers on nearly 1,000 business cards.
On A Roll - Mel's brilliant comedy bank note routine. Over five minutes long, with hilarious comedy and some great magic along the way.
Shirt Prediction - A superb comedy mind-reading plot that ends with the magician nearly losing his shirt… literally!
$34.95 (DVD00727)

Tickling The Mind Vol. 2 - Mel Mellers: Contents include:
Mel Mellers’ Cards Across - Mel's hilarious take on this classic trick. Probably the easiest version ever!
Holiday Destination - A superb piece in which the magician correctly guesses exactly where three audience members would like to go on holiday. Make this up for only a few pennies and have a routine that plays big in every way.
House Number Prediction - A comedy mind-reading piece that plays big and packs lots of laughs. Using just a pen and pad you correctly guess a spectator’s house number!
Seeing With The Fingertips - A brilliant presentation of the Blindfold Routine, complete with gags and bits of business. A presentation that will have your audience talking long after the show!
Attracting A Crowd - Mel's unique plot and complete routine for The Miser’s Dream.
Meet Me In Your Dreams - Mel's original plot for a standard prop. Throw away your presentation for The Invisible Deck and get a bigger and better reaction than ever before.
Breaking The Law - A rope and hoop routine that will not only amaze, but also have them laughing out loud. Brilliant thinking!
Thinking On Your Feet - A truly great routine for the "Story Deck" plot. Written by Mel, complete with all the gags and subtleties. Worth the price of the DVDs to any working magician.
$34.95 (DVD00728)

Connected DVD: A Torn & Restored Card unlike any you have seen before!
The spectator selects a card. The spectator rips it into four equal pieces. The spectator gives three back and keep one for herself. After a squeeze, the magician's three pieces vanish – gone! In the spectator’s own wallet, there are the three pieces. No longer torn! Restored with one quarter missing. The spectator, of course, holds the missing piece..
This is a torn and restored card effect that changes direction, cutting loose of all expectation and rationality. Connected has been Peter Harrison’s closing effect for years and now it is available to you.
You receive an in depth tutorial lasting over one hour. It willl teach you everything you need to make this amazing routine your own. $34.95 (DVD00726)

"The method employed in this effect is one of pure genius. The climax is quite possibly like no other that can be created in close up magic." -- Matthew Winnard, Close-up Champion - 28th New Zealand Magic Convention

"Buy this! Very clever Peter..." -- Cody Fisher

Stage Hypnosis Exposed DVD- Michael Johns: Michael Johns - who performs his hilarious comedy hypnosis show on the Las Vegas strip and has hypnotized tens of thousands of people across the country - will reveal exactly how he does mind-blowing shows night after night, so you can, too!
Richard Nongard, - one of the world's most innovative and influential professionals in both clinical and stage hypnosis - co-presents this informative session. Richard will guide you through a deeper understanding of the powerful phenomena called stage hypnosis, so you can do it, too!
You will learn:
* Why stage hypnosis always works
* How to pick successful subjects for the stage
* Elements of a successful pre-show pre-talk
* Elements of a successful stage show induction
* How to use hypnotic phenomena to create skits
* How to safely de-hypnotize
* How and why to use post-hypnotic suggestions
$39.95 (DVD00723)

How To Hypnotize Anyone DVD- Terry Stokes: This DVD is packed with trade secrets from America's favorite hypnotist, Terry Stokes!
Terry has spent the last 35 years entertaining millions and hypnotizing thousands of people across the globe, and performs nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. He will teach you the ins and outs of creating an effective, entertaining, and successful stage hypnosis show.
In this DVD, co-presented by Richard Nongard, you will learn step-by-step how to hypnotize anyone on stage. The Terry Stokes induction is demonstrated with clips from his actual live show in Las Vegas.
You will learn:
Terry Stokes' masterful stage show induction, word for word
How to pick successful subjects for the stage
How to do an effective pre-talk and build rapport
The right words to use to hypnotize anyone
The 13-strategies of induction used by Terry Stokes
How to avoid failure and create success
How to use the handshake method of hypnosis on stage
If you've ever wondered how stage hypnosis works or have thought of doing your own show, you must have this video. You won't find a more qualified instructor anywhere in America! $39.95 (DVD00725)

Stage Hypnosis Induction DVD - Michael Johns: Michael Johns performs his hilarious comedy hypnosis show on the Las Vegas strip and has hypnotized tens of thousands of people across the country. Now he will take you step-by-step though the induction he uses nightly, from the amazingly important pre-talk though his powerful deepeners and more.
This DVD teaches you exactly what you need to do to create deep trance with stage hypnosis subjects. Michael Johns shares his secrets for success. Michael's induction is highly complex, and effective, incorporating elements of many induction styles.
Richard Nongard - one of the world's most innovative and influential professionals in both clinical and stage hypnosis - hosts this instructional video and dissects each step, focusing on why the phenomena works so well, so that you will understand how you can do it, too!
You will learn:
How to do Michael Johns' Las Vegas Stage Show Induction
Techniques for creating deep trance
The exact words to use to avoid failure
How to be confident with your own induction
How to use breath work, awareness, and ego-strengthening induction strategies
This DVD is a must have for any stage hypnotist seeking to master the stage show induction. $39.95 (DVD00724)

Ring Rhapsody: If you think that there’s nothing new under the magic sun, check again! Werry’s Ring Rhapsody is a sparkling new effect by one of magic's greatest originators.
With empty hands, pick up and freely display a purple 6 inch plastic ring. Nothing else.
Take the ring between your hands and make a catching motion. hands. Instantly a band of bright green ribbon appears threaded onto the ring!
Mysteriously, and as though from nowhere a 6 inch white ring appears at the other end of the ribbon.
The, in a wink, a bright yellow one appears between the two rings!
A nice trick. And an unusual one. But the applause-pulling climax is yet to come!
Suddenly two whole chains of red and white rings appear, threaded onto the ribbon! Wow!
This is stunning visual magic that is well worth learning!
The rings are made of plastic, specially produced for this effect. Comes complete with detailed instructions. $59.95 (60.1443)

And that’s all the coolest Hot Stuff for this week. I just had a great thought. If you happen to be an excellent house painter living in the Boston area and would like to trade painting some trim at a well-known magic dealer’s house for some excellent magic tricks, let me know. I am sure we can work something out, if you catch my drift!

I hope you will find some time during this upcoming beautiful summer weekend to spend with us at Remember, with Wi-Fi you can take your laptop outside, lie in the hammock and still check out all the great new magic. Just a thought.
Until next week,
Hank Lee