Thursday, March 01, 2007

Play Ball And Save!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Another exciting week here at Magic Central. Actually, it was a pretty normal week. Process and ship a ton of orders. Tie up loose ends for the Conclave. Try and get David Oliver to respond to my emails and calls. Take my car to the body shop because Lucas backed it out of the driveway and into a telephone pole. He wasn’t hurt, but the car looks like it’s been through a Demolition Derby. Just a usual week.

In spite of our hum-drum existence here this week, I do have an excitement for you that I know you will like!

PLAY BALL! – I am well aware that it is still winter. All I have to do is look out the window at the mounds of snow. But, as of this morning, there are just 31 days until Opening Day. Baseball. Red Sox spring training is already in full swing. And, there are now games to watch. Yippee. I’m so happy, I don’t know what to do. Oh, yes I do! For the next seven days, from the very moment you receive this email until Thursday, March 8th at midnight, everything (well, almost everything) is on sale! All you need to do is enter the special code REDSOXFEVER in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct 25% from your order total. If you are calling your order in to the Toll Free Order Line at 800 874 7400, FAXing your order to us at 781 395 2034 or emailing your order to make sure to mention the special code so you can save a huge 25%!
There are a few rules that apply, as with all things in life.
(1) The minimum order to use the 25% off discount is $25.00.
(2) The 25% is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs and Videos, the 25% is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
(3) Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Joe Porper items, Paul Harris Prime Time Magic items, Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Colin Rose items, Mike Caveney Books, JB Magic, Martin Breese, Mikame Craft items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before processing your order.
(4) Coupons will be deducted from the order total before the discount is applied.
And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. The sale ends Thursday at midnight!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

Underground Jam DVD: In the spring of 2005 Jay sent out a world-wide request for audition videos featuring original material from unknown magicians. In response, performers from more than a dozen countries submitted more than 200 tapes and DVDs! From this mountain of submissions Jay and his team unanimously selected Joe Diamond, Eric Leclerc and Jeff Stone.
A few months later, Jay, Joe, Eric and Jeff met up in Toronto and over a couple of days taped an outstanding collection of close-up magic and mentalism including 20 effects with matchbooks, coins, playing cards, keys, film canisters, wrist watches, chewing gum, water bottles and magic markers. Here are just a few.
Uniquely: The torn corner of a playing card and a marked coin impossibly change places!
Razor Burn: A disposable razor visibly transforms into a book of matches!
Jacked-Up: One of the cleanest, tightest color changing deck routines you will ever learn!
Dream Vacation: An initialed coin vanishes and reappears in a just-examined film canister!
Straight From The Heart: A marvelously practical "rising card" handling!
Shy Guys: A super visual, lo-tech "Twisting the Aces" routine. You'll learn it, you'll do it!
Magi: A sandwich effect with a mind-blowing surprise ending!
Great Scott: The spectator's signed card appears folded-up under the magicians wrist watch!
Final Cap In Bottle: The "last word" on cap-in-water-bottle effects!
T-Bone: A wildly visual torn and restored card effect that starts and finishes absolutely clean!
$25.00 (DVD00652)

Dominatricks Book & CD – Tyler Wilson: A magic book that drips with style. It's hard-backed, innovation-stacked and action-packed with 150 pages of material Tyler Wilson counts on night after night to transform deafening laughter into stunned silence. You can build a professional close-up / walk-around act on these routines. Tyler Wilson did. Nothing is left out: you get the full handlings, presentations, jokes and tips reaped from thousands of real world performances.
Here is a scant sampling of material that will soon jump from the pages of this book into your repertoire:
Scarred Warp: Many have said that this is the only genuine improvement to Roy Walton's Card Warp to date. See what happens when Tyler Wilson asks the intriguing question, "What's happening inside the card tunnel while the folded card is passing through it?" His answer will shock you.
B52 Shooter: Your audience will never look at you the same way again. This is hands down the most visual Triumph routine ever created. Within minutes of learning, face up cards will start rapidly shooting out of the mish-mashed deck in a flurry of motion, with one hand.
Coke Inhabit: Coin In Bottle has never been so sweet. The bottle is given away with the coin still sealed inside as a keepsake. Note: There's a big twist to this routine that we're keeping a surprise until you read the book, or get fooled badly seeing it done live by someone who did. It's your choice.
Stick it to the Man: You love the strong mentalism but don't have the receding hairline required to pull it off? Don't fret, Tyler Wilson tips a fresh new plot guaranteed to elicit just as many gasps as laughs.
Sloppy 30 Seconds: David Acer calls this "Tyler Wilson's brain-busting card transposition" and you'll soon see why. A card in your hand transposes with a card that is placed face up on the floor. Real original thinking!
Includes 20 professional close-up magic routines and sleights. Includes a CD containing a performance video, bonus material and more.
 Foreword by David Acer.
$39.95 (BK01514) (

Signed & Sealed - Nik Stokes: A Ziploc bag is closed and placed on your palm.
A borrowed signed coin is placed on top of the bag.
The coin visibly penetrates the still sealed bag.
It is really inside. Really!
And you never touched it.
You repeat the effect.
The coin is positively identified.
You merely throw it towards the bag.
It visibly penetrates again.
It is really inside. Really! $20.00 (20.368)

Casbah Deck: If Charles Reynolds’ new Casbah Deck does not become your favorite new card trick, why, I’ll eat my hat. And, if you’ve seen my hat, you know this is a serious statement!
Freely display a poker size deck of Bicycle cards. Faces and backs. Looks absolutely normal.
Allow a spectator to make what they will swear is an absolutely free choice of any card. Ask them to remember the card.
Now, have a second spectator remove two cards from the deck, face down. No funny moves or monkey business. The choice is really free.
Ask the second spectator to hold the two cards behind her back. After a few moments of thought, she brings forward one of the cards.
The first spectator names her card. Let’s say it’s the Seven of Spades.
The second spectator turns over her card and it is also the Seven of Spades!
It looks like real magic. It is real magic. So very easy to do. The Casbah Deck does it all for you. I could list all of the things the deck is not, but it is far more important to tell you what it is, and that is amazing!
I’m telling you, you are going to love this one! Comes with the very special deck and several excellent routines. $19.95 (30.1222)

Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded DVD: The Cesaral Melting Point was one of the hottest tricks of 2006. Tons of them flew out the door! Now, comes this DVD packed with brilliant ideas to improve your magic using the Melting Point gimmick. Improve your work and make your effects more magical.
Fool layman and magicians alike with already existing tricks, just by applying these superb secrets.
Included are:
• Coin Through Handkerchief
• Coin Changes: In the table and in the hand
• Mystery Thumbtacks: A matrix that can be done vertically!
• Cups&Balls: New vanishes and moves
• Window Fantasy: Coin through a window
• Card Changes: Machines Gun Aces, Reverse Elevator, Aces2Queens
• The Card Predator: A devilish add-on gimmick
• Violent Pass: Another way to make the coin penetrate
• Ultra Matrix: Visually clean matrix
• Coin-Up: The coin goes up and then down!
• A Simple Coin Vanish
• Cesaral Coin Load: A new handling
• Loading The Gimmick: Four useful ways
$35.00 (DVD00651)

Bubble Gum Magic DVD Vol. 1 – Byrd & Coats: Byrd and Coats are known for their unique forms of magic. This magic duo has teamed up with Wrigley Jr. Co. to bring you one of the most unique forms of magic. This DVD will teach you step-by-step how to perform hard hitting illusions with bubble gum.
Gum Through Window - A spectator chooses a pack of gum, then multiple packs of gum are thrown at a window. The spectator's chosen gum pack penetrates the window and ends up stuck to the other side.
Straight from the Factory - A spectator chooses a card from a deck and chooses a pack of gum from a sealed multi-pack. The spectator's card ends up in the un-opened, sealed pack of gum inside the sealed multi-pack.
Gum Through Window Combo - A combination of Gum through Window and Straight from the Factory.
Real Sticky Situation - A chewed piece of gum is taken from the magician's mouth, he shakes the chewed gum and it turns it back into a new, un-wrapped stick of gum. Then the magician shakes the gum a final time to reveal a fully wrapped piece of gum that can be handed out and chewed.
Hot Pack - A pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit is shown and with the flick of the wrist, the pack turns into a pack of Wrigley's Big Red.
Signed Gum Transposition - A spectator and the magician sign separate packs of gum then both hold them tightly in their hands. When both the spectator and magician open their hands they find the signed packs have switched places!
Chewing Gum Change - The front and back of an old chewing gum wrapper are shown to a spectator. The wrapper is then folded and un-folded to reveal that it has changed info another type of gum. The magician rubs the gum wrapper and turns it into a new pack of gum, which can be handed out. $14.95 (DVD00655)

King Tips His Crown: “….and at the end of the routine, the King actually tips his crown in a delightful gesture of thanks to the audience!”
I remember reading this Ed Mishell review in Genii Magazine (Four Stars of course) when I was just a sprout. I always liked the idea, even then, but honestly there were more important tricks to save up for, like the Tea Chest Vanish and the Temple Screens.
Then, when I finally decided I wanted one of these neat mechanical cards, they were not available.
So, I have waited all these years to get my very own King Tips His Crown card. But, you don’t have to wait. They are now available, beautifully made in Germany.
The picture tells it all. The King actually tips his crown, showing his magnificent bald head (as all bald heads are).
Completely mechanical, designed as a humorous ending to your favorite card routine. This is one you will carry with you and use all the time, especially when you are taking your well-deserved bows. $19.95 (30.1223)

Corradin’s Box:
Display a beautiful ornate wooden box. Remove the lid and show that the box contains a single key. As you remove the key and hand it to the spectator, explain that this key will open the door separating what is real from what is imaginary. Place the lid back on the box.
The spectator is then asked to imagine a deck of cards, as this will be needed for the next trick. With a wave of your hand and a shake of the box, you remove the lid to reveal that a full deck of cards has miraculously appeared inside of the box! Remove the deck and use it to perform your next routine!
Box Dimensions (W x L x H) Approximately 3 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" (9.5cm x 11.5cm x 6.5cm)
$70.00 (30.1221)

Mix ‘N’ Mingle DVD Set – Shaun McCree: Join your host Shaun McCree as he tips the material that has made him one of the UK's highest paid close-up entertainers. Running at nearly three and a half hours, all of the magic featured is world class and most will work in surrounded and walk-around conditions.
Featured magic includes:
Myopia - The ultimate comedy contact lens routine. Easy to do and really funny! Imgination - Shaun's own presentation of the invisible deck using a normal deck of cards!
Razor Sharp - Probably the only version of this classic effect that the spectator re-sets for you!
Cold Cut - Shaun's own one-handed flourish best described as a spin-out cut.
Cold Cut Transpo - A snappy transposition ideal for a table set opening.
Blendo Split - A superb multi-phase card splitting routine that will give you the chance to practice your Cold Cut!
Dead Letter Card - After showing a souvenir from his childhood, the magician knows the card that is selected as it was signed by the spectator in 1973! An amazing, mind-blowing routine.
Second Inkstain - A signature fusion effect which is completely impromptu! 

Hypnosis - The ultimate sandwich routine.
The Even More Portable Hole - Fancy doing a version of the classic coin effect in mix and mingle conditions, using only the spectator's hand? Then this is for you! 

Cracker- The spectator merely thinks of a card and using three random cards, the magician gives an uncanny portrait reading which is accurate enough to tell him the card that they had in their mind! Great for private parties.
Treble Top - Three cards are selected and found one at a time in this compact "in the hands" piece.
Multichange - Shaun's workhorse routine performed under practically every condition, from trade shows to student parties. 

Watched Ambitious - Shaun's take on the classic card-under-watch concept. This always gets your audience talking!
Where’s The Matter - The most talked about routine from Shaun's award-winning act, as two coins appear and vanish as they pass thru the slot in a single playing card!
$69.95 (DVD00653)

Bubble Gum Magic DVD Vol. 2 – Byrd & Coats: More magic with bubble gum!
Mercury Gum Box - A spectator's signed, chosen card ends up at the bottom of a gum display pack. A very easy method inspried by John Kennedy.
Shrinking Bubble Gum - The magician shows a piece of Wrigley's Hubba Bubba chewing gum, waves his hand over the piece in his hand and opens his hand to reveal a shrunken piece of gum.
Hubba Bubba Huh - The magician wraps a piece of chewed gum around his finger, shakes his finger and the gum disappears. Another shake of his finger and the gum reappears.
Bubble Gum Matrix - Four pieces of gum vanish and reappear at the magician's will during a show of skill and cardmanship.
Blow it - A chewed piece of gum is taken from the magician's mouth and put in his hand. The magician opens his hand to reveal that the gum has vanished from his hand and reappeared in his mouth. This trick was inspired by Tom Mullica and his fantastic mouth manipulations.
Eclipse - Spectators are asked to remove a few pieces of gum from a pack of Wrigley's Eclipse gum. With a spin of the wrist, the magician makes the gum reappear in the now un-opened pack.
Eclipse Card - A spectator's freely selected signed card ends up in a brand new pack of Wrigley's Eclipse chewing gum. A perfect combination of "Eclipse" and card magic. $15.95 (DVD00656)

Shifts, Hops and Magic Passes – Richard Turner: “That’ll get the money!”
A card man or a magician has two choices: learn just a trick or develop an arsenal of techniques that can be used to execute numerous tricks. In this power packed DVD, Richard Turner details must-have moves that every magician and card man should have in their repertoire. More particularly, Richard teaches how card men and magicians alike can work around the cut—work that separates the professionals from the amateurs.
Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes was developed to provide a variety of options to use to nullify or work around a cut deck of cards. Some moves are very easy; others are devilishly deceptive, including the Turner Shift. The Turner Shift allows the card handler to transpose the two halves as fast as or faster than any shift yet devised. Not only is the Turner Shift done with speed, it starts and stops in a natural dealing position thereby making it undetectable to onlookers. The master mechanic Larry Jennings wrote, “My friend Richard Turner, in my opinion, is the finest exponent of gambling sleight-of-hand that I have ever known.”
The moves taught on this DVD also have far reaching applications in the performance of magic routines. Cards appear and cards disappear; cards go to the top, and then drop to the bottom or make instant color changes. The magical applications are far reaching and will add to the impact of any show.
Included are an array of moves “That’ll get the money!” Moves such as the Turner Shift, Laying a Brief, Turner Half Pass, Turner Cover Shift, Cover Shift to Bottom, Bottom Palm to Top Hand, Deck Switch, Color Change, Side Grip Dive Shift, One Hand Dive Shift, Top Grip Dive Shift, One Hand Hop, Cover Hop, Delayed Hop, Charlie Miller Shift, Mistake Shift, a Two Hand Shift, Dump Shift, Casino Slip Cut, Casino Bottom Cut, Scrape Cut, and the notable Turner Cut Card Shift.
Also included in Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes are two magic routines: the Count Aces Royal and the Flipping the Aces. Counting Aces Royal is a routine that utilizes false counting techniques turning four aces into a royal flush. Flipping the Aces is a flashy way to produce the four big bullets. Both routines use techniques taught in the video.
In the typical Turner style, the DVD is packed with extras including a 2006 performance at the Magic Castle, military magic history, and a Christmas special featuring Asa Spades Turner. $35.00 (DVD00652

Snap, Crack & Pop DVD – Fred Robinson: Made from a short 8mm sound movie filmed in the 1980's by Ake Hallberg of Sweden. Ake filmed Fred in Hyde Park running through some of his routines and sleights. You will see two performances of his fantastic Ambitious Card routine together with numerous sleights and color changes. As a final bonus you will see his incredible Coin In Tie Vanish. At one point during the film, Fred found himself with a tourist spectator and as he shows him the Ambitious Card he mumbles, "As you are not a magician, you don't know what ambitious card means, do you?" So much has been compressed into this brief interlude it can be watched over and over again. With each watching there is more to be seen and learned. Inside this DVD case you will find a description of the Coin in Tie Vanish which has been extracted from the manuscript of the upcoming Fred Robinson book. $27.50 (DVD00649)

QuestA: A brilliant new Q&A System from Docc Hilford!
Ask an audience member to pass cardboard slips and pens to the audience. Everyone is told to write down a question they want answered. For those who don't have a question in mind, it's suggested they write down some information that you couldn't know such as an address or telephone number. You never touch the slips.
Explain that you need to warm up your telepathic talent by using the thoughts from a few selected people. The helper selects four random slips. Four different people read the slips silently and concentrate on the various random thoughts.
Without anything in hand, you correctly reveal what the first person is thinking. The next person has a word in mind. You write letters in a notebook and reveal the word. Set the notebook aside and name people in the room and answer their specific questions. Thought after thought and question after question is revealed and answered. Finally, you duplicate a drawing which another person has simply thinking about.
In fifteen minutes the you have addressed about a twenty questions, drawings and thoughts.
But you’re not finished yet. Before leaving the stage, you identify one man by name. You then gives personal details about the stranger including the person's address, phone number and mother's maiden name!
Comes complete with gimmicked notebook filled with approximately 375 blank pages and a 14 page instruction manual.
$110.00 (40.555)

We are now carrying some absolutely incredible poster reproductions. These are printed on fine canvas with special inks so they will last a lifetime. Perfect for framing and hanging in your magic room! The posters sell for $100.00 each, and are an amazing buy at that price!

Kellar Levitation Poster:

Thurston Spirits Come Back Poster:

Kellar Large Imp Poster:

Thurston’s Astounding Mysteries Poster:

And that’s all the new stuff for this otherwise ho-hum week. Of course, one must question how ho-hum the week really was when all this great new magic has arrived!

I know you are busy. So many games to watch. I really get it. But, I am hopeful that you will take some time between innings to spend with us at, or maybe drop into our wonderful retail shop at 112 South Street in Boston. Either way, we love the company!
Hank Lee