Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pack, Pack, Pack. Ship, Ship, Ship.

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Another whacky December week, here. As you can imagine, we are bombed with orders. The elves are sweating BBs (that’s a joke, see, because they’re too small to sweat bullets). Since you are our favorite customers, we would ask just a little favor. As you know, we try and get every order processed and out the door within 24 hours. And, so far this season we have been quite successful at it. But, as the order volume goes up, we may lag behind by a day. So, if you are ordering for holiday gifts, please try to get your order in a day or two earlier. It will help us and it will help you and we will be helping each other, and isn’t that what this season is all about? Well, isn’t it?
The 2007 Tenyo line has arrived in stock. We have been shipping the hundreds of orders for the Tenyo items since they arrived. Watch for yours. Either in the mail or from our friends at Fedex. If you ordered the new items for holiday gifts, you are all set. For sure.
This week’s operative word is, “New.” More than I can ever remember at this time of year. The new magic just keeps pouring in. And, it is really good stuff. I mean really good! But, before we get to the new goodies, let’s take a look at this week’s continuing excitement.
FREE SHIPPING CONTINUES: Until Friday the 22nd of December at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference. Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 22nd! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.
MORE: Ooh, ooh, there is more! With the first fifty orders we get this weekend, we will be enclosing a very nice magical gift. You don’t have to do a thing other than be among the first fifty orders starting right now.
Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

SYKYS: From our good friends at Bazar de Magia comes SYKYS an amazing “time prediction” watch that actually keeps time. Yes, it's a real watch! Over three years of design work went into SYKYS, and the outcome is breathtaking. A truly diabolical magic weapon.
Let's see: You can predict four different pre-defined times (not a sequence). You perform the illusion while the spectator holds the watch in his own hand. The watch can be examined before and after the performance. SYKYS is self contained, nothing else is needed to perform with it. No magnets are used.
Perform 17 routines by Max Maven, Trevor Lewis, Rich Bloch, Fantasio, Tony Binarelli, Anthony Blake and others.
One year warranty. SYKYS is built upon a fine-quality and fashionable watch. Since it's a real watch you can wear it as your regular watch. The perfect impromptu "show-me-a-trick" kind of trick. $295.00 (40.543)

Postal – Larry Becker & Lee Earle: It all starts with a paper bag full of high quality, 4 x 6-inch picture postcards. Except for their identical dimensions, each of them is unique; no duplicate scenes or subjects.
Empty the bag into a participant's hands, and ask him to look the postcards over and then to mix them - getting nearby people to help if he chooses - to guarantee a thorough shuffle. Then, to ensure a random, blind selection, the cards are returned to the ungimmicked brown paper bag.
As you avert your gaze, your helper is directed to reach inside and grab a few. "More than a couple, perhaps as many as a dozen. Bring them out together as one packet and conceal them in your pocket for the time being."
A second participant is requested to take one more postcard from the sack next, keeping it out of sight as well.
"Oddly, the number 8 pops into my mind," you say. Turning to the first helper you ask him to, "Reach into your pocket and bring out single postcards at random, showing each to the audience, until only one remains concealed." The spectator shows a total of 7 different postcards - the 8th remains hidden in his pocket!
You instantly describe the picture on the remaining postcard, do a "remote viewing" of the scene, or sense the subject matter perfectly. With no hesitation whatsoever, you immediately do the same with the second helper!
If you wish to present Postal as a prediction, you have the option to exercise 100% control of the final postcard - not the same each time - with no suspicious counting, moves, or other absurdities.
Postal is an easy one-man routine. Lee Earle's extensive graphics and computer skills have produced a series of postcard images that have the sneakiness built right into the subject matter and layout! There are no angle problems and you can leave everything out for inspection if you wish (no flaps, no compliments, no duplicates, no sleights, no cribs, no questions asked, no fishing, etc.).
In addition to the 16 custom cards, your set of high-quality professionally printed, scenic color postcards will include 20 assorted indifferent postcards to get you started. We'll even toss in the ungimmicked sack! Included is a secret something that makes this a baffling yet easy routine! For an even more impressive performance, augment Postal with more of your own postcards. $49.95 (40.542)

Hypercard Project Book – Tom Frame: In this book you will learn how to do many different Hypercard Projects.
Winged Hypercard
The Hypercard Experiments
Minimal Sculptures
The Gaff
Son Of Hyper-Warp
$25.00 (BK01496)

Assassin’s Pouch: Manufactured from heavy-duty, waterproof nylon canvas, Jay Sankey's Assassin's Pouch is built to last. Tan in color, the pouch goes with every clothing style from casual to formal, while always adding a quiet touch of class and professionalism.
Wear it on your belt or clipped to the belt loop of your pants with the black aluminum carabineer clip. You can even keep the pouch in your case so all your favorite magic and mentalist props are perfectly organized for the next impromptu performance.
With a total of five custom-designed pockets, you'll be amazed by just how much stuff you can carry in the Assassin's Pouch. At the same time, you'll be freeing up your pants and jacket pockets for even more stuff!
The two front pockets feature reinforced Velcro catches for fast, easy access to your props. There's also a slim outer pocket specifically designed for a magic marker. The pouch even has a unique thumb tip holder, making for the world's fastest thumb tip load-on. It only takes a second and there's no more fumbling around in your pockets!
The thumb tip pocket is also designed to carry a standard sized invisible thread reel, complete with a reinforced eyelet secretly positioned at the back of the pouch!
The Assassin's Pouch includes one of the cleanest coin vanishes in all of magic. Just drop a magnet in the bottom of the pouch and (thanks to the out-of-sight shelf at the base of the pouch) you're all set to make any steel shim coin vanish without a trace. A complete vanish that's also completely angle-proof! $20.00 (70.935)

Mark Wilson’s Color Changing Knife DVD: or the first time, you can learn Mark Wilson’s personal routine 
with these beautifully made knives, taught to you by Mark Wilson himself.
These knives are very similar in size and shape to the 
Classic Sanders Color Changing Knives, which have become expensive collectors items.
This truly powerful close-up effect is loaded with entertainment 
and is the same routine Mark has used to baffle audiences around the world. Now it can be yours! Comes complete with DVD and three knife set. $69.95 (DVD00613)

“The routine I worked out over the years with the color changing knife 
is unquestionably my favorite close-up trick!”
-Mark Wilson

Slydini Lecture DVD – Cellini: Learn from Slydini’s Student: Jim Cellini
Introduction; Slydini Silks (Routine); Cut and Restored Rope; Vanishing Silk; Chinese Linking Rings; Paperbox & Balls Routine; Coins Thru Table; Silk Fountain
Explanations:; Cellini Meets Slydini; Movements & How to Take Bows; Table Work & Lapping; Slydini Silks; Cut & Restored Rope; Thoughts on Slydini (The Rope Trick); More Thoughts on Slydini (The Card Trick); The Thumb Tip; Vanishing Silk (Story of Adam & Eve); Six Coins Thru Table; Han Pen Chieng Move; Two to Four Coins Thru Table; One Coin Thru Table; Unique Coin Routine (never published before!); Coin Matrix Routine; Magic with Cigarettes; How to Restore a Cigarette; Torn & Restored Cigarette; Cellini's Cigarette Variation; Paperbox & Balls; Stories about Slydini; $53.00 (DVD00614)

Insight – Devin Knight: The third in Devin Knight's Psychic Sight series. In this release, a spectator exhibits an uncanny insight by calling out the exact location of a thought-of card.
Explain that people often wonder how you can find chosen cards so easily. As an experiment, offer to see if one of the spectators can find a chosen card without your help, but by using his Insight.
Invite two spectators to help. Remove a deck of cards and show them face up while you remove the Joker. Place the deck face down on the table. Ask one of the spectators to cut off a block and look at a card. Not to remove it, just think of it. You really don't know what card the person is thinking about! The selection is made in the spectator's hands. You don’t even touch the cards. The person doesn't write the card down, he merely thinks of it.
Pick up the deck and shuffle the cards so nobody knows where the thought-of card is located. Casually spread the cards face up telling the second person the thought of card could be anywhere in the deck. Turn the deck face down and place it on the table. Ask the second spectator to use his Insight and decide on a number. Let's say he decides on 27. Ask him to deal a pile of 27 cards face down. You do not touch the cards.
After the pile is dealt, ask the first person to name his thought-of card. You do not know the card he thought of until he now names it.
Point out that the second spectator freely chose a number and dealt that many cards from the deck. Nobody could know the top card of that pile. Had he stopped one card sooner it would have been different. Have him turn over the top card on the other pile showing it is not the thought of card. Now for the climax, the person turns over the card he counted down to, and it is the thought-of card!
Important Points:
The deck is out of the case before a number is selected. The thought-of card is not revealed until after the named number has been dealt to!
No specially printed cards. No misses. No outs. Easy to do with no complicated calculations. No memorized deck. No Rough & Smooth. No marked cards. Comes with several different presentations and handlings. Very clean and nothing appears to be contrived.
Complete with special Bicycle poker deck and complete detailed directions that give you every nuance developed by Devin over the years. $20.00 (30.1208)

Chaos 2: In 1992 Mark Elsdon devised the original 'Chaos & Order' triumph routine, based on a self-shuffling deck idea that was shown to him by a Chinese magician when Mark was living in Hong Kong.
A little while later Michael Weber suggested the actual 'Chaos and Order' patter theme, which was incorporated immediately.
For a decade Mark performed the routine to great effect, in all kinds of working environments.
Recently, several possible improvements occurred, including a way to increase the number of selections and make the selection process a lot cleaner. One thing led to another.
This new version is a substantial improvement over the original and the assimilation of the "Chaos Machine" into the card case is the finishing touch.
Two spectators each select a card, which they retain. The deck is cut in half and placed face-to-face. The deck is temporarily placed in the "Chaos Machine" (otherwise known as the card case). The Chaos Button is pressed, and the deck is immediately removed and spread to show that all 52 cards are now interlaced face-up and face-down, in a truly chaotic state. Both sides of the deck are shown to be in this condition. The spectators' cards are replaced into the chaotic deck, one face up and one face down. The deck is once again placed into the "Chaos Machine" and this time the Order Button is pressed. The deck is cleanly tipped out of the case and spread to show that every single card is face-up except for two - the selected cards.
Extremely easy to do. Very quick reset. No sleight of hand required. May be performed walkaround or at tables. $29.95 (30.1209)

The WiZ: Unleash the power of your Wizard PK Ring with the WiZ!
Just when you thought your PK Ring’s uses were endless, we add another ingredient to the already rich mix. You’ll be amazed at the WiZ. Small, stealthy, and utterly diabolical, this new PK Ring accessory is sure to take your magic to a different level. Based around a simple principle, and utilizing the power of the PK Ring, the precision engineered WiZ adds a new dimension to close-up sleight of hand...
Simple vanishes and loads
Virtually undetectible
Foolproof mechanics
Who needs a thumbtip?
Everything is explained in simple and easy to understand stages, giving you all the tools and ideas you need to come up with your own amazing applications for the WiZ! Comes complete with the WiZ gimmick and instructional DVD. $20.00 (10.1360)

Ultimate Thread Reel DVD – James George: Volumes I, II & III of the Ultimate Thread Reel Videos now on one DVD. All fully indexed to make locating your favorite routines easy and fun to learn!
James George (inventor of the ITR.) demonstrates and teaches 20 routines and effects that will take the beginner or advanced thread worker to awe-inspiring levels of performance.
Throughout the history of magic, levitation effects have caused more sensation and excitement than any other. Audiences never forget witnessing the impossible!
This DVD will teach you the skills and techniques required to begin mastering the most powerful close-up levitation device ever created: The ITR.
Over three hours of ITR information!
This DVD really gets you thinking about the unlimited possibilities for this amazing device! $35.00 (DVD00615

Blindsight – Devin Knight: One of the most talked about effects at the 2006 Mindvention. It fooled everyone who saw it. The very latest from Devin Knight's Psychic-Sight series. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit. Now comes Blindsight.
Explain that Blindsight is the apparent ability to see colors and shapes that cannot be seen. Introduce 4 ungimmicked colored cards: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Seal the card in four opaque envelopes and mix them so the spectator doesn't know which color is in which envelope. Ask him to point to any envelope. Totally free choice. Hold up the envelope and ask him what color he thinks is inside. Assume he says Blue. You write "Blue" on the envelope. This is repeated 3 more times with the person freely pointing to any of the remaining envelopes. Each time he states the color he thinks is inside and you write it on the envelope.
Now, fan the envelopes allowing the spectator to see the names written on each envelope. Explain that you need only three envelopes for the first part and ask the spectator to remove one envelope and place it off to the side. Let's assume he discards the envelope with the word Yellow written on it.
The other three envelopes are opened one at a time. The spectator has correctly guessed which colors were in each envelope. Amazing, but there’s more to come!
Explain that no one could have known what envelope the spectator would place off to the side. The spectator picks up this envelope and opens it. Of course the correct color card is in it. But, wait, there is also a slip of paper inside, and it reads: "The yellow envelope is the one you will discard!"
Show the other envelopes, in fact all the envelopes can be examined.
Here are the facts:
• No two-sided color cards
• No Nailwriters or Boonwriters
• No secret writing
• No switches
• No sleights of any kind
• No One Ahead or One Behind
• No gimmicked envelopes
• No magnets
• Nothing secretly added or removed
• Color Cards are not gimmicked in anyway
• Only 4 cards are used.
Complete with color cards, envelopes, marker and all needed gimmicks to make this work. $20.00 (40.544)

Ultimate Coin Purse: Rodger Lovins’ Ultimate Coin Purse is a utility device designed with the magical performer in mind.
It has myriad uses and is a very versatile prop. Included with the purse are two crocheted balls, illustrated instructions with performance tips and 5 great routines to get you started.
The Ultimate Coin Purse is a switching device, change purse, and chop purse all rolled into one! $39.95 (20.361)

Electric Hot Leads: You are gonna love this one! Electric Hot Leads is totally hot! There is no more spectacular way to hand out your business card
Your show is over. Someone asks for your business card. Exactly the words you were waiting to hear! Remove an attractive leather business-card case from your pocket. Take out your business card. As you do, the card spontaneously erupts into flame! The entire card appears to be engulfed in flame. Appears nothing. It is engulfed in flame!
Hold the burning card in your hand for a moment, blow out the flames and hand the card to the spectator! They can keep the card! It is completely normal. No burns. No marks. No nothing! Just like brand new! They will never forget the day they got your card. And, they will tell all their friends.
Hand crafted, these wallets feature a thin battery, make no "clicking" sound when the card is ignited, and a safety switch has been built into each wallet to prevent misfires. The case holds up to 15 business cards, for repeat performances. No special business cards are needed. Use the ones you already own!
Electric Hot Leads comes with the specially gimmicked leather wallet, two batteries and full instructions. (10.991) $59.95
Note: This product requires Flash Paper or Flash Cotton, and cannot be sold to anyone under 18 years old.

Unexpected Visitor DVD Vol. 2 – Doug Brewer: Another Visit From The Unexpected
Developed, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation!
11 tricks fully explained
Coin magic for every situation
• Visual Copper Silver Brass: Unbelievable final phase where the coins transpose even with your hands open!
• Fidget: Two coins become "fidgety" - changing places, multiplying, altering their appearance, with a final transposition in the spectator's hand.
• The Flying Stupendas: Doug's handling of a classic plot with the Okito Box, ending in the spectator's hand.
• Clone Elizabeth: A three coin production that is silent, but deadly. A great lead-in to any coins across sequence.
• Chariots of Fire: Fire is used to cleverly sneak in the gaffs for Doug's handling of the classic copper/silver/brass effect.
• Invisible Palm by Candlelight: Three coins appear and reappear in a dramatic routine using candlelight.
• Magician vs. Wife's Coin Purse: A stunner direct from Doug's award-winning close-up act.
• Turkey Shoot: Doug's handling of the brilliant Triple Threat gimmick.
• Shrunken Heads: Another sneaky use of the Triple Threat gimmick, shrinking full-sized silver dollars into miniature coins.
• Bertram Revisited: A simplified and commercial reworking of Derek Dingle's variation on a classic assembly plot.
• Chopped Taters: Doug's handling of the mini-Chop Cup, direct from his acclaimed book.
$34.95 (DVD00612)

And that, my pretties, is this week’s collections of magical goodies. So good. So good. So good.

Here at the Magic Factory, we are well aware of how valuable your time is during the holiday season. Which is why we are ever so grateful when you find time to spend with us, either online at or in person at our more fun than a barrel full of monkeys retail store at 112 South Street in Boston. We do love the company.
Hank Lee