Friday, December 01, 2006

Holiday Gift For You!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Busy, busy, busy. There are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I propose longer days with more hours. Not longer work days, just longer days. Now that the Democrats are in office, I am sure it can be worked out. No mail please.
The self-vanishing illusion continues. Four more pounds this week. 42 total. According to Einstein's theory on the conservation of matter, which states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, somewhere in the world is a person who has gained 42 pounds. I'll bet they are really surprised! Didn't know I knew all that Einstein theory stuff, did you?
Just so that you are totally up to speed, here's what has happened so far in November. Catalog 15 at the printer. Holiday Extra in the mail (did you get yours? If not, give me your snail mail address and I will make sure you do). Book Book almost finished. This one may come as a .pdf rather than a printed book, I am not sure yet. Conclave acts booked (we just added David Regal to next year's roster).
And, here's some exciting news. We have finally finished the new design for Trevor Lewis' Flashlight Fun. It is excellent. A tremendous improvement that I know you will love. If you have been waiting for one, we are about 2 weeks away. If you have not ordered one because you heard that the delay was endless, worry no more. We are in full production right now!
And, now, it's time for our Holiday Gift to you, our favorite customers:
FREE SHIPPING: Until Friday the 22nd of December at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference. Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 22nd! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

PSI-Key: Yve Doumergue’s PSI-Key is truly magic for the serious performer. The last key bending effect you will ever buy. The one you will use all the time.
When Yuval Keren released his famous Bending Fork, it took the magic world by storm. The idea of metal bending while being held at the fingertips was revolutionary. Yve Doumergue has taken the same method used in the Bending Fork and tweaked it to perfection. You can leave the key on the table with no fear of it "bending" prematurely. You can take the key out of your pocket; it does not have to be in a special bag. Still, it will bend right at your fingertips!
No switching. Only one key is used. No cover. Nothing added or taken away. Done at the fingertips. The key visually bends!
And the best part, after it has visually bent, without any moves or switches, it can be handed out for thorough examination. No one will be able to bend it back!
The effect looks exactly the way it sounds. You will not believe your eyes! Check out the online demo to see just how great this effect is!
Perform the ultimate visual bend with an everyday object. Everyone owns keys and everyone knows how solid they are!
This is a real reputation maker. A knockout effect that will have your audience rubbing their eyes in disbelief! $399.00

The Thing - Bill Abbott: The reputation-making one-man levitation that can be performed anywhere! Perform it in a living room, on a large theater stage, or in broad daylight on the street.
The Thing can float in any performing situation with your audience viewing from any angle.
No matter how close the spectators are, whether they're behind, on top or underneath you, they will not see how The Thing works!
Practical, one-man levitations are few and far between. After a decade of research and development in front of real audiences, in addition to numerous requests from magicians around the world, Bill is finally releasing a cherished routine. The Thing comes complete and ready for your show! Whether your specialty is bizarre magic, kid shows, mentalism, comedy magic, or stage illusions The Thing will work for you.
At any point in your act, show a box made of clear plastic, completely empty. The box lid is opened and an empty cloth handkerchief is draped over the open box. Mysteriously a form slowly rises up from the box under the cloth, continuing up until it is hovering, suspended in mid-air.
The audience has a clear view of the levitation from any angle and can see there is no support of any kind. You then lift a corner of the cloth up and over the levitating object only to have it suddenly disappear leaving the cloth hanging empty in your fingers!
By draping the cloth over the invisible object it slowly makes its reappearance in an unbelievably magical fashion.
The object can then float up and out of your fingers, shoot on a horizontal plane away from you or out above the heads of the audience.
Finally you push the cloth-covered object back down into the box, dramatically close the lid and bow to thunderous applause!
Professional Package Includes: Clear View Box, Ungimmicked Cloth, Hand-Made Gimmicked Cloth, Practice Folder with step-by-step photos to make practice and rehearsal fun and easy, Instructional DVD with both a Street Performance and a Formal Performance of The Thing with detailed descriptions of every move and nuance to help you master this amazing effect, plus a CD with 6 tracks of royalty-free music to accompany your performance!
Points to consider: No threads; No magnets; No assistants; No special clothing required; No reset. Perform it over and over again without any lighting or staging considerations to worry about. With the discreet handling described on the instructional DVD, you can pass out the cloth & the box afterwards leaving the skeptics speechless. In fact in Bill's current stage presentation he has a volunteer hold the box as the The Thing rises out of it! $120.00

Elastics - Yigal Mesika: This is a compact dispenser of Yigal Mesika's popluar Invisible Thread. Each dispenser contains a single fiber, 100 feet long, of the same thread custom designed for Mesika's world-famous Loops!
* Custom designed dental floss style dispenser.
* Elastics stretch up to five times their original size!
* Matte finish to diminish any possible problems with light.
* Includes instructions for an innovative hookup by Mesika.
A bonus effect, The Phantom Fork, is also included. A fork is set on the floor; any fork can be used. As the audience "channels the power of its mind," the fork begins to mysteriously move! After the demonstration the fork can be examined - it is completely ordinary! $29.95

Flesh Wound: A trick that really gets under their skin.
Flesh Wound is the most gruesome, most graphic, most disgusting magic trick ever.
Forget needle through arm. Forget eating fire. Capture their attention with something they’ll never forget.
Here's what happens: Take a knife and cut straight into your forearm. Blood starts to ooze from the fresh wound as you cut. After you’ve carved out a good chunk of your arm, you reach over to the wound and begin to peel the skin away until it hangs down as a loose flap. They can now see directly into your open wound! It’s absolutely disgusting.
And now for the best part. Close the flap of skin and your arm visibly heals itself. You wipe away the excess blood and you’re as good as new. It’s absolutely unforgettable.
Flesh Wound offers up 3 jaw dropping must-see surprises. You cut yourself and bleed. You then peel your skin back so spectators can see right into your arm. You then finish by completely healing yourself. If you like you can produce a coin, folded card, or other object from the open wound!
Warning, people may vomit, feint, and scream involuntarily after viewing Flesh Wound.
Reset time is under 1 minute, and it works with any knife and any skin color. It includes the custom Flesh Wound prop, supplies, plus a performance and explanation CD. $59.95

Live At The Jailhouse - A Guide to Restaurant Magic - 3 DVD Set: - Dan Fleshman, Garrett Thomas, Dan Tong, Kirk Charles, Paul Green, Justin Miller -
On this 3 DVD set you will see some of the most renowned restaurant magicians in the U.S. performing for real audiences but even more important these seasoned pros will talk about:
Disc 1
• Benefits of working in a restaurant
• Choosing a restaurant
• How to dress
• How to get the job
• How to keep the job
• Staff relationships
• Promotion
• Tips
• Getting paid
• Character
• Types of effects
• Amount of material
Kirk Charles performs: His version of sponge balls(performance), An in the hands Copper/Silver(performance), Matches (performance), Bar Basketball(explanation) and Business Card(explanation)??
Garrett Thomas performs: Rubik's Cube(performance), The Ring Thing(performance), Big Coin Little Purse(performance), plus Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.
Paul Green performs: Pygmy Paddle(explanation), Here There and Chicago Too! and Card to Wallet Routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your Business Card at the same time(explanation).

Disc 2
• Approaching the table: When & How
• Three ways to leave the table: Entertainment no desired, The food arrives, You finish the show
Dan Fleshman performs: Prof. Nightmare(performance), Momma in my wallet(explanation), Card to Mouth(explanation) and Rising Card(explanation)??
Kozmo performs: Sweet'N Low Surprise(explanation)

Disc 3
• Odds and Ends: Dealing with hecklers, Evolution of your magic, Self Promotion, Pocket Management, Mistake Recovery, Making Friends, Working for Celebs
• Favorite Stories
• Parting Comment
• Bloopers and Credits
Justin Miller performs: Shockingly Sweet(explanation), Suggestion(explanation) and Believe(performance) $79.95

Cesaral Real Time Rocket Bottle: An amazing psycho-kinetic effect from our friends at Cesaral Magic, the Real Time Rocket Bottle.
A corked bottle has been on display throughout your act. Point out the bottle and begin the routine.
A randomly selected spectator is asked to point their finger at the bottle and slowly count down. Three. Two. One. As they say, “One,” the cork suddenly pops off and flies into the air!
The bottle and cork are immediately handed to the spectator for careful examination. There is nothing to find!.
This effect can be combined with some Cesaral Magic effects like Cesaral Psychokinetic Pen, Cesaral Psychokinetic Pencil, and Cesaral Psychokinetic Twig.
An uncanny display of your mental powers done with an ordinary bottle.
Important points
• Any bottle of wine or Champagne can be used. Many other bottles also.
• The liquid can be drunk at the end
• The bottle and cork can be fully examined at the end of the effect. The incredible electronic mechanism does all the work for you!
• Fast reset
• The activation mechanism is accurate and clean
• No sleights are needed to do this effect! $895.00

Automatic Funnel: The Comedy Funnel is one of the classics of magic.
It is the trick where you can produce liquid from anyplace with the aid of a funnel.
The problem has always been loading the liquid. If you have ever used one, you know that it is a bother to use Scotch tape or wax. If you have not, you do not want to know.
Now you can forget about Scotch tape and untimely spilling.
Automatic Funnel is the one and only plastic magic funnel with a valve.
Automatic Funnel has been specially made of hard plastic, with a modern look, and appears to be a regular funnel. Shiny chrome. $39.50

Laser Anywhere Manipulation CDs: The Laser Anywhere Manipulation CDs are the first ever CDs specifically made for manipulation.
Important features::
• Each CD is .6mm thick, less than ½ the thickness of a normal CD.
• The first and finest manipulation CDs in the world!
• Excellent quality finish
• Perfect for beginners as well as experts
Designed and made by professionals, specifically for CD Manipulation.
Box of 30. $71.95

Laser Anywhere DVD Volume One: Do you want to try something stylish and modern? If so, the Laser Anywhere DVDs are for you.
Laser Anywhere is a complete course on CD Manipulation. In Volume 1, Adrian Man, a Hong Kong award winning magician, teaches you everything on CD Manipulation. Adrian covers every topic of CD Manipulation including Palming, Production, Holder, Body Steal, etc. Adrian also teaches you the Split Fan Production with CDs and Jumbo CD Production Routine, which are highlights of his award winning act!
Laser Anywhere DVD, Volume 1 contains:
Introduction; Tenkai Palm; Perfect Palm; Waist Palm; Toss Vanish; Flash Vanish; Drop Vanish; Knock Vanish & Production; Perfect Single Production; Tenkai Single Production; Perfect Multi-Production; Tenkai Multi-Production; CD Transfer; CD Vanish & Production; CD Vanish & Production with Silk; CD Production Routine with Silk; Color-Changing CD #1; Color-Changing CD #2; CD Fanning; Split Fan with CDs; Mini-CD to CD; Flash Paper to CD; CD to Confetti; CD Holder; Body Steal; Jumbo CD Production Routine; CD Manipulation Routine #1; CD Manipulation Routine #2; Adrian's CD Routine $44.95

Laser Anywhere DVD Volume Two: On this volume of Adrian focuses on the manipulation of Mini-CDs. You should find that the techniques of Mini-CD and CD are totally different, and Adrian will show you every single technique of Mini-CD Manipulation including Palming, Transposition, Transformation, etc.
You will learn all of the techniques step by step. You can even apply all the techniques to Jumbo Coin Manipulation.
Laser Anywhere DVD, Volume 2 contains:
Mini-CD Tenkai Palm; Mini-CD Perfect Palm; Mini-CD Back Palm; Mini-CD Tenkai Production; Mini-CD Perfect Production; Mini-CD Tenkai Multi-Production; Mini-CD Perfect Multi-Production; Mini-CD Back Palm Vanish & Production; Mini-CD Split Production; Mini-CD Toss Vanish; Mini-CD Retention Vanish; Mini-CD Transfer; Transposition #1; Transposition #2; Mini-CD Transformation; CD to Mini-CD with CD Case; Ball to Mini-CD; Mini-CD Routine. $44.95

Cigarette Magic Made Easy - Tom Mullica - 3 DVD Set: Cigarette Magic for the non-smoker, and plenty for those that do!
In most of our collective lifetimes there has only been one man, and one act who over and over again fooled the bejeesus out of magicians and laymen alike. Of course, it is Tom Mullica and his cigarette-eating act. Tom's act is so magical and so unique, it has never been duplicated. All of us at one time or another have uttered the now-familiar refrain: "Where in the heck did those cigarettse go?" And we were fooled over and over again.
This remarkable DVD set contains basic to advanced magic with cigarettes, matches, cigars and anything else related to smoking. Of course, the topper is that on volume 3 he finally tips The Cigarette Eating Act!
Volume 1 - Cigarette Magic
Basic Sleights & Theory; Distant Light; Swivel Vanish; Lorayne Vanish; Cigarette On Forehead; Cigarette Gymnastics; 4-Cig Production; Pantomime Cig #1; Double-Ended Cig; Cig Vanish In Hank #1; Cig Vanish In Hank #2; Cigarette Sneeze; Vegas Carpet; Little Butt; Rising Cigarette; L.L. Move; Cigarette Up Nose; Blown Away; Cigarette Dropper; Smoke Ring; Tonguing
Volume 2 - More Cigarette Magic!
To-Bac Routine; Card IS Cigarette; Routined Vanish; New Year's Cigarette; Ashes Through Hand; Cork-Tip Cigarette; 4-Cig Production; Behind The Ear Vanish; Jumping Cigarette; Torn 'N' Restored; Cigarette Paper; Orange You Gonna Do; A Cigarette Trick?; Yell Vanish; AEROBIC; Justice Stamp-Out; One From 20; Light Up; Cellophane Surprise; Rolling A Cigarette; Pipe Dream; Pantomime Cig #2
Performance of Tom's F.I.S.M. Act!
Volume 3 - Nicotine Nincompoop!
Rings From Pack; Twisted Cigarette; Two Cigarettes From One; Cigarette Thru Quarter; Torn 'N' Restored Cig #1; Torn 'N' Restored Cig #2; Chink-A-Chink (performance only); No Burn; Buck Teeth; Smoke Cocktail; Poca-Cola; Saliva Vanish
Complete performance and explanation of "NICOTINE NINCOMPOOP" the Cigarette and Napkin eating Act!__
Performance of Tom's World-Famous Stage Act!
All three DVDs for a very special price $79.95

And, that's it for this first week of the Holiday Season. I hope you find some stuff that you really like. I know you will. And, don’t forget if you need something for that special someone and just can't figure out what to buy, we have Gift Certificates in all amounts.

As you can imagine, we are in full swing right now. And, I know you are as well. But, I really do hope that you will find some time to spend with us online at or in person at 112 South Street in Boston. You know how much we love your company!
Hank Lee