Friday, June 09, 2006

The Summer Extra!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Another wonderful week here at magic central. Without going into the details of our meteorological week, just let me say that this morning I saw a gaggle of geese paddling down North Street, right in front of the warehouse. And, there was plenty of water for them.
The rain is good and the rain is bad. It's good if you are tired of seeing the Red Sox lose to the Yankees. Nothing like a rained-out game to raise the spirits. The rain is bad if you own a little convertible auto and leave the car in the driveway with the top down overnight. Just ask Aron. He is mighty damp.
The Summer Extra is now on line at Just click on the Extras Button and you will be taken directly to the newest of the new. Our staff artist, Mark Wing, does some of the best commercial artwork anywhere. But, this time his work is even better than usual. Check out the fantastic color graphics for all the new items. Even you will be impressed. I know I am.
Now, it's time to take a good long look at all the cool stuff in this week's Hotlist.

PK Bolt Off Nut - The Psychokinetic Bolt was one of our best selling items. Now, you can take the effect one step further with the PK Bolt Off Nut!
Instead of performing the effect on top of a close-up case, you can now perform it right on the spectator's hand! And, set-up takes less than a minute. Also, the entire unit fits in your pocket. A nut threaded onto a bolt visibly unthreads itself. The nut and bolt can even be isolated beneath a clear container. The spectator may thread the bolt into the nut and examine everything thoroughly.
No strings, elastic bands or exchanges. This uncanny PK effect is as close to real magic as you will ever get. Supplied with a nut and bolt, clear case, and gimmick with detailed instructions.
This is the real deal! $85.00

Real Work On Restaurants & Bars DVD - Jay Sankey - Over the past 20 years Jay has held contracts as the “house magician” at over a dozen different restaurants and bars. Now, on this very special DVD Jay shares with you the real work on both the art and the business of making a very good living performing in these exciting venues.
Jay also teaches you 15 of his all-time favorite restaurant and bar effects, many of which he is sharing for the very first time. Learn incredibly commercial magic and mentalism with playing cards, coins, bottle caps, creamers, sugar packets, crayons, drinking straws, wine corks and business cards!
To make this DVD even more valuable, Jay also shares with you the real work on approaching tables, choosing routines, selling yourself to management, restaurants vs. bars, inspiring tips, openers and closers, being a team player, scripting effects, performing for "regulars" and a great deal more!
With 15 outstanding routines and over 2 hours of priceless information learned over hundreds of nights of real-world performing, this DVD truly is the real work!
Only available from authorized Sankey Magic dealers. Like us! $30.00

Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch - Doug McKenzie - A normal dollar bill is examined and displayed at your fingertips. Both hands are clearly seen to be empty. The bill is not folded up or covered in any way. The entire face of the dollar bill is in full view and stays in full view as it visibly morphs into a one hundred dollar bill.
Both sides of the bill are clearly shown and the bill is handed out for immediate examination.
Entire face of the bill visibly changes while in full view with absolutely no cover.
Uses a normal bill, which can also be borrowed.
Bill is completely examinable before and after the change.
No bills are palmed; ideal for real world workers.
Bills can be both different sizes and colors.
Streamlined technique with completely natural and easy to do handling.
The Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch can be used for an endless variety of full view bill illusions. Several routines are also included.
Includes Free Bonus Effect: Dan White’s “Handy 500”
Four single dollar bills visibly transform into four one hundred dollar bills while firmly held in the spectator’s own hand! This routine alone is worth the price of the DVD. $35.00

Arthur Tivoli In Tivoliland DVD - Arthur Tivoli - Contents include: Coco Chanel - Arthur Tivoli's new touches and story makes the classic gypsy thread a true piece of magic.
Youssoupof Three-fly - Once again a story helps the magic, justifying every move and making this coins across effect less impersonal thus more effective.
Mono-gobelet - A workable one cup routine that fits in a pocket (without deforming it). The japanese topic adds mystery and fun to this classic effect.
Josie the Mouse - a balloon animal comes to life. He is then hypnotised and begins to levitate behind a scarf. A great magic act for children that also fits in a pocket.
Rodin - In this routine, Arthur associates cards, mentalism, balloon sculpture and a lot of laughs.
Puzzle - A single card is torn and restored in a very clean way. The card is in full view from the beginning to the end of the routine.
Tivoli's Bill Switch - Perhaps one of the most visual bill-switches. It makes it possible to transform, in full view, a bill into another bill, a coin, a casino chip or just to make the bill disappear.
Clement Ader - A torn and restored cigarette paper routine that can be done completely surrounded. The hands are shown empty during the entire routine.
William Tell - A signed bill vanishes and then reappears in an apple. It becomes a true play with spectators’ participation...and the bill remains clean! $32.00

Examining The Thumbtip DVD - Alexander de Cova - Bavarian magician Alexander de Cova has finally released his work on the thumbtip. This is like nothing you have ever seen before. His innovative handling of this tool will astound you
First Alex performs and explains three original routines, each of which is not only a lesson in the use of a thumbtip, but a world class effect to boot.
Finally he explains his deceptively simple “Three Point Theory” and discusses in depth the logic, reasons and methods, that will change how you see the thumbtip.
In this presentation for platform or stage a romantic prediction leaves the audience both mystified and charmed.
The Scottish Purse
Great fun as a spectator tries to draw your portrait, only to find the artwork vanishes from under their nose!
Vitamin E
A prescription for mystery. This bill to sealed bottle is so beautifully crafted it will make you want to do it just for the sheer pleasure. $25.00

Derren Brown Lecture DVD - A radical thinker in the world of close-up magic and mentalism. Derren performs forty-five minutes of hardcore mind-reading and close-up hypnosis. Volunteers are slammed into trance-states, achieving bizarre mental connections with each other in some mind blowing routines that are now earning Derren a dynamic reputation. The following effects are performed:
LIFT: A spectator’s arm is immobilized. Then controlled remotely, by the will of another volunteer.
PLEROPHORIA: A deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, yet Derren, while facing away, names each card in order.
SMOKE: An incredible routine, where a card that has been merely thought of by a spectator, is first named by Derren then disappears from an untouched deck only to impossibly appear...well, wait and see.
COIN READING AND BENDING: The date and denomination of a volunteer’s coin, unseen and untouched by Derren, is identified. Then slowly bent at the will of another volunteer.
REMINISCENCE: A hypnotized spectator merely thinks of a memory, a number and a picture. All are then perfectly described in immense detail by both Derren and audience members. This mind-blowing routine is Derren at his very best.
The performance is followed by an explanation of Plerophoria and a demonstration of mentally forcing an imaginary card, plus some extremely valuable discussions on presentation and Derren’s philosophy of ‘Invisible Compromise.’ An immensely useful DVD for both the budding and established mentalist. $45.00

Expanded Shell DVD - World's Greatest Magic By The World's Greatest Magicians - This benchmark collection features just about all of magic’s most enduring and classic effects and routines. It’s a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic’s classics. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic.
The Expanded Shell coin is one of the close-up magician's greatest utility gimmicks. Unfortunately, many magicians have never really explored the full potential of this precision-machined and very powerful item. On this volume, you'll see some of magic's most original performers demonstrate the amazing variety of ways that this single tool can be used to create completely different and magical effects. $19.95

My Drink Trick - A comical tale of cards, money, booze and dames!!
With 14 surprises in this incredible routine, the effect is performed to an amusing gambling story, whereby the magician shows four face down cards. They're counted again, but one card is now face up. Count again and two cards are face up. Many other tricks would finish here, but with 'My Drink Trick' it's only the start. The four indifferent cards change one by one into the 4 aces. Now the fun really begins! One card changes to a card with money printed on it, then a card appears with a picture of a pub, count them again and a card has picture of some drinks! This is followed by three more changes, all presented to an appropriate patter story with a great finish. $27.00

Secrets Of Money Magic DVD - World's Greatest Magic By The World's Greatest Magicians - This benchmark collection features just about all of magic’s most enduring and classic effects and routines. It’s a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic’s classics. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic.
Coins have always held a prominent place in magicians’ repertoires but many have missed the wealth of magic potential in paper currency. As it turns out, the sheer variety of plots possible with paper money far exceeds what can be done with its metal counterparts. On this volume, you’ll discover a wide assortment of tricks, routines and stunts with paper money that is certain to amaze and amuse any audience. What’s more, many of them can be done totally impromptu with nothing more than a borrowed bill or two. $19.95

Quintet 2 - Quintet...improved!
Better quality material will make the transitions smoother than ever!
From France comes Quintet 2, the original color-changing production foulard. Others have tried to copy this effect, but none match the original in impact or quality.
Display a large (32-inch) black cloth to the audience and magically, white spots suddenly appear on the cloth! Before they can even blink, the cloth again changes into a beautiful gold color and then changes again into stunning red! That's four color changes!
As soon as the audience catches their breath, you can produce a full flower bouquet or even a live dove from within the folds of the cloth!
* Cloth changes color four times
* Hand-sewn high-quality satin material looks great and will stand up to the rigors of professional performing
* Extremely easy to perform
* Final production items not included $150.00

Phenomena Deck - The Phenomena Deck is a tool for mentalists, kid-show workers, beginning magicians, close-up workers - everyone!
This custom-printed pack is designed to work like an ordinary deck, so that most card tricks can be performed with it. But here's where it gets good: the deck consists of 13 symbols based on Dr. Rhine's original ESP symbols, printed in four different colors (think "suits").
Kid show performers will be able to use this deck for audiences that don't yet know one playing card from another.
In addition to regular card effects, the Phenomena Deck can be used for a host of mental tests and mind reading effects!
Supplied complete with gorgeous Phenomena Deck and an instruction book in English, Spanish, French and German detailing a number of clever effects. $24.95

Coins Akira's - In 1993, Akira Fuji's lecture notes were released in Japan. At that time, the Muscle Pass was transformed from an acrobatic stunt to an element of real magic. In 1996, Coins Akira's was developed as a routine that did not use gimmicked coins.
In 2002, rumors spread to foreign countries and Jet Coin was published in Genii Magazine.
Now this routine - and others - are explained on DVD! Included here are:
Flash Back: Four coins concealed with cards (in a Matrix set-up) immediately return to their starting positions!
Jet Coin: Three coins pass from one hand to the other. This is NOT your standard Coins Across!
Ghost Sound: A sucker trick with coins.
Grow Up Coin: One coin disappears and reappears, then expands visibly - twice!
Three Ahead: Three coins thrown in the hand disappear. You have to see the work on this one to believe it!
Note: Coins Akira's was dubbed into English by Nathan Kranzo. $34.95

And that's all the hot stuff this week. And, there's plenty of it! I really hope you will find some time in your busy schedule to visit us online at And, if you are in the Boston area, please stop at our fabulous retail shop at 112 South Street in downtown Boston. Either way, we love the company!
Hank Lee