Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. And, what a week it has been. For the past several months, we have been working on upgrading the online catalog at Some of the changes you will see; many of the changes are "behind the scenes." All are designed to make your online experience with us better and better. So, the software guys made all the changes. And, there were a ton. Then, they loaded the software on a test server. Let me know if I am losing you here. It took me a long while to understand all this stuff. Everything ran like a top. So, I gave them the go ahead to "go live" on Tuesday. Once the new software was on our server, the system started running like me in an uphill race. Mighty darn slow! And there were a zillion little errors that needed addressing. But, the speed was the biggest problem. I am happy to report that speed is no longer an issue. The problem has been solved and the online catalog is running like the wind. Just
plain fast. So, check it out. Go to Click on the Hotlist or the Extra or anything you like. You will be amazed at how fast it gets you to where you want to

Which brings us up to Father's Day. It's this weekend. I am so ready, because, being a father entitles me to a day of peace and quiet and some nice presents.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at Hold on a second. Before we check out the Hotlist, I want to let you know that two items have just come in stock that are very cool, and very special. The Bowling Pin Production from Michael Mode is in stock. It look absolutely amazing and is well worth your attention. And, Chris Mitchell's Long Distance Card Trick just came in. Another great trick that you should give some serious thought to. Now the Hotlist.

The Da Vinci Zone - A mind-blowing book test with The Da Vinci Code! Featuring Max Maven's latest booklet, Exploring the Zone, Max's technical guide to The Da Vinci Zone. No gimmicked books. Multiple word revelation. Easy, convincing handling. Built-in safeguard
The Da Vinci Zone is powerful, hip mind-reading, just in time for the movie The Da Vinci Code!
Give your spectator a choice of three popular books. He ends up with Dan Brown's best-selling The Da Vinci Code (thanks to our simple but surefire force). Have anyone call out a page number from 1 to 454. He can choose any page. The spectator turns to that page and looks at the first line. With just a blank piece of paper and a pen, you concentrate and silently jot down a few notes. You now dramatically announce to the spectator the first word in the line. You concentrate again and correctly tell him a second major word in that line.
Believe it or not, you can now proceed to a second phase and have the spectator concentrate on the opposite page. In a breathtaking climax, you now reveal two words on that page as well!
The paper is really blank and totally normal. In fact, we provide you with a method in which you don't have to write down anything!
No phony-looking force books: You're using a real Da Vinci Code and not suspicious fake books no one's heard of.
No page force: Any page number can be chosen.
No word force: The spectator doesn't have to be steered to “the longest word” as in other ploys.
No memorization: The diabolical device does all the work for you!
No awkward moments: The system tells you if a page is the start of a chapter, so you can tell the person to ignore the headings and concentrate on the first line of text. If a line begins with a hyphenated word, you'll know that, too!
No bulky gimmicks or sleight-of-hand: You can borrow the piece of paper…no need for clipboards or slates, and no fake dust jackets. No palming required. Nothing to get rid of, because the secret is hidden in plain sight!_
No anagrams or fishing: You just directly divine the text from the book. Why monkey around guessing letters or asking the spectator for information?
No meaningless predictions: You're working with interesting literature, not some amateur writer's words.
No set routine: The words are different every time you perform. You can also customize your routine by using fewer words or working with additional pages.
The Da Vinci Zone comes to you complete with an actual hardbound edition of The Da Vinci Code, a copy of Max Maven's Exploring the Zone technical manual, the devious custom-made device, and the Black Rabbit Girls Collectors' Card number 4. A professional routine worth every penny to the working performer! $199.95

Last Straw - Joe Rindfleisch’s new effect is really the Last Straw!
For this illusion you borrow a straw from a spectator and rip off some of the wrapper from the center.
Show your audience the straw inside.
Then wave your hand over the ripped part and your audience will be amazed when the straw wrapper is completely restored.
Finally hand the straw back to the spectator for examination. $19.95

Black Hole - Mathieu Bich - Mathieu Bich's Black Hole is a visually stunning moving hole effect...with the full deck!
The effect is straightforward. A small black “hole” moved on a single card affects the entire deck! The effect is repeated over and over. No matter where the “hole” is placed on the single card, it ends up in the same place on the entire deck!
The trick is very easy to perform, for the beginner or the expert.
Comes complete with a very special handmade Bicycle deck and card case, one black hole and a CDRom (Mac and PC).
CDRom includes an 18 minute video set to music (works in every language) with all the moves in details (multi-angles, Tips, 2 versions: easy or advanced…) $38.00

The Tossed Out Book - The book test you have been waiting for!
Imagine tossing a book into the audience. Ask five different people to turn to five different pages. There is no force. They pick any page they wish.
Next, ask each of them to read, to themselves, a paragraph from the top or bottom of the page.
You concentrate and, without ever touching the book, are able to tell each spectator what they are thinking! Sound impossible? This is just the beginning!
The Tossed Out Deck is the first time that David Hoy's famous principle has been used in a book test!
In a different routine, you can hand the book to one spectator and ask them to open the book to any page. They read either the top or bottom paragraph to themselves, you can immediately tell them what they have read about.
The Tossed Out Book can be performed for 1 to 10 spectators. You will love this one! $34.95

Exit - Peter Eggink - From the devious mind of Peter Eggink comes “Exit,” a breathtaking Key Flight routine that will knock the socks off your spectators!
The effect is simple and straightforward:
Borrow a key from a spectator. The key magically and visually disappears from your hands, only to be found clipped onto a clasp on a lace which is tied around your neck! It’s even knotted right above it! The key is released from the lace and given back the spectator! Yes, it’s the borrowed key, and it’s that direct!
Peter Eggink’s Exit is without a doubt one of the most impossible “flight” effects ever devised!
Key points: (get it?)
- You can show both hands completely empty before and after the vanish of the key!
- The spectator can actually feel their key through your shirt!
- No duplicates!
- No switches!
- No sleight of hand required!
- Perfect for walk-around and table hopping!
- Can also be done with a borrowed finger ring!
Includes 8-page, full-color and fully photo-illustrated instruction booklet detailing the routine, and special handcrafted lace. $49.95

Albert Goshman Lecture DVD - Something rare and very special from the archives. In 1985, the legendary Albert Goshman gave a performance for a group of 200 magicians in a secret London venue. By chance, a spectator had one of the first video cameras with him, and was given permission to film the show. He caught lighting in a bottle. To see a magician of this calibre perform the act he had honed over forty years, is a rare opportunity. To have that performance in your own home to watch again and again is priceless. Albert worked with simple props, a few coins, cards and the occasional sponge ball. To see these items in his hands, with the timing, humor and misdirection, is an experience never to be forgotten. This incredible performance is now available on DVD. $45.00

Roberto Giobbi Lecture DVD - Don’t miss the chance to learn from the very best!
Roberto Giobbi is respected by magicians worldwide as one of the leading experts on card magic. He’s also famous as author of the ‘Card College’ series of books. On this DVD, he lectures for a studious audience of magicians, performing and explaining four excellent routines. The performance, as you would expect, is perfection. The explanation, meticulous. Nothing is missing, everything is explained in the finest detail, not only making this easy to learn from, but also revealing how fine tuned each routine is; nothing is left to chance. Study this DVD and apply this same thinking to perfect your own routines.
These are the effects shown on this DVD:
‘Card in Lemon’
‘The Color Changing Deck’
‘Study For Four Aces’
‘The Joker Folds Up’
There’s also some brilliant performance footage of both Fred Kaps and Frank Garcia. Plus Roberto talks on History & Theory. Add to this some in-depth details on sleights like ‘The Classic Force’, ‘All-Around Square-Up Glimpse’, ‘Braue Addition’ & ‘The Mercury Fold’. All in all, this is a great lecture by a great magician!
If you already own the books, it goes without saying you’ll want this DVD. If you don’t have the books, purchase this DVD then you’ll want the books! $45.00

David Williamson Raccoon Lecture DVD - David presents 30 minutes of sheer brilliance. Performing and explaining five of his pet effects.
Included is an excellent version of the "Three Card Repeat" routined for the children's entertainer.
Finally he presents his own raccoon routine and explanation including all the extra moves you would only dream about.
What Donald Bevan wrote: "High spot of the day belonged to David Williamson with some clever routines. David performed for 30 minutes. 'Tore the place apart with a devastating routine with one of those raccoons, tremendous! $27.00

Enigmatic DVD Vol. 1 - Alexander de Cova - Bavarian Magic Alexander de Cova was filmed, when he made his only lecture here in America. He revealed in detail the methods, history, and thinking behind the dozen knockout effects on the two ENIGMATIC volumes.
Alex's unconventional ideas for parlor and platform, are audience tested and perfected over many years. His way of avoiding complicated methods by means of ingenious simplicity will keep surprising you.
Watch real avant-garde magic from the non-conformist mind of Europe's best, Alexander de Cova.
Featuring an extraordinary jumping knot that's super simple to do.
The classic effect. Just as effective, Just as strong. Only cleverly simplified. No memory, no indexes...
Someone else pays for the beer. A very popular trick in Bavaria. Or use juice for the little ones.
Dedicated to the masters. Alexander's handling of the Sympathetic Silks plot is both direct and very deceptive.
Seemingly scan a deck for a few seconds and know which cards is missing, then stab it's mate in the dark.
Defy the laws of physics. How can a borrowed ring be in two places at the same time? Plays to the largest crowd. $34.95

Enigmatic DVD Vol. 2 - Alexander de Cova - Alex's unconventional ideas for parlor and platform, are audience tested and perfected over many years. His way of avoiding complicated methods by means of ingenious simplicity will keep surprising you.
Watch real avant-garde magic from the non-conformist mind of Europe's best, Alexander de Cova.
No sleight of hand method can match this extraordinary illusion that Alexander has created for this effect.
A signed card flies to the card case while both are in full view. Then comes a real puzzle climax
Whatever card your spectators are thinking of, you have it already predicted! A real stunner!
Three silver dollars penetrate a clear plastic ziplock three times. Can also be done with cookies for the kiddies
Experimental magic based on deja vu. Experimental magic based on deja vu.
Can the audience guess how many beans are in a jar? Yep! Right down to the last bean. What a lucky crowd. $34.95

Magic Of Steve Dacri - No Filler - In this DVD series, you’ll watch as Steve performs and explains the methods behind the tricks that have drawn raves from luminaries in the entertainment community and eminent people from the corporate world. This is material that’s been shaped, honed and audience-tested until every last bit of entertainment potential has been explored. This is truly commercial magic—the kind that people love to watch and that you’ll love to perform!
DVDs individually available for $34.95 each. See individual descriptions for full detail. Special set price: $99.95

And that's the week's magic in review. Oh, me, oh my, there's a lot of great new magic this week. Spend some time checking it out.
I hope that you will find some time to spend with us online at our now faster than fast website, And, to all the Dads, have a great Father's Day!
Hank Lee