Friday, April 21, 2006

Live From Cape Cod!

Greetings from this year's Cape Cod Magic Conclave, the best magic convention anywhere, sez me! The excitement is building. The talent is here. The conclavers are here. Everyone is here! The dealers' room looks like an Arabian Bazaar; there is so much magic that it dazzles the eye! If you are here with us, you are going to have one amazing weekend. If not, you should really consider joining us next year. For me, I've got a million-zillion things to do in the next couple of hours. So, I'm going to run. I'll tell you about all the highlights next week!

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Card Trimming Machine - Joe Porper - For years, gamblers and card magicians have searched the world-over for a Card Trimming Machine, with little or no luck. The few that have surfaced are older, well-worn antiques. While beautifully made, these rarely worked with the precision needed. They were probably just fine at the turn-of-the century when the standards weren't as high as they are today.
With this in mind, master mechanic Joe Porper decided it was time to do something about the situation. With an early model at his disposal, Porper studied the pros and cons of the design. The need for minute adjustments and accurate cutting were top priorities. And, to combine a corner rounder on the same base plate was also thought a practical idea.
After years of working with prototypes, Porper has achieved his goal. A machine that is solid, great looking, and made right. To do the needed work for the most demanding client.
Made to the tightest tolerances using stainless steel and anodized base, with fine adjustment for regular and belly strippers, as well as short cards, Porper's Card Trimming Machine could be called the Rolls Royce of machines. Only a very few of these will be produced, so act quickly and don’t be shut out. $3,500.00

Torn & Restored Tissue Paper - The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper has been the closing effect for Bob White's banquet program for over forty years. It never fails to get a terrific response from the audience. Because of its impromptu nature and the false explanation as to "how it's done," this charming swindle always catches the spectators off-guard.
This DVD presents a practical routine within the grasp of anyone who will take a few minutes to learn the simple preparation, easy handling and patter scheme. Bob uses the same presentation for children and adults. You can take advantage of his experience with this trick and include it in your program exactly the way it is presented on this DVD. The presentation is versatile enough that you can perform it impromptu for your friends with dispenser napkins from a soda-fountain or cocktail napkins from a social saloon. Or, you can use it to close an evening's performance at a black-tie affair. Incidentally, this presentation will fool a large number of knowledgeable magicians.
DVD contains:
* Performance
* Preparation
* Explanation
Bonus Live Performance $20.00

Exploding Microphone Stand - Derek Rutt - Derek Rutt’s Exploding Microphone Stand is one of the funniest visual gags we have ever seen!
Walk on stage and pick up the microphone stand. It appears to be a normal mike and stand. When you go to speak you find the mike does not work. So you take the mike out of the stand and there is a loud BANG! As if there is a short circuit! What could be the matter?
Pick up the stand and YIKES! There is another loud BANG! And the top of the stand flies into the air and the legs break and fall to the floor!
A wonderful sight gag for anyone who does comedy. Really well made. Comes in a cloth carrying bag. $139.95

Microeconomics - Joe Cole - A small collection of big ideas and routines for a tiny purse.
The book that you have been waiting for! Within these pages are some of the most clever and original ideas with the coolest little purses in the world. This is the real work from some of magic top performers.
Been looking for a great way to end your coin routine, without the usual production of a jumbo coin?
Check out "The Dime Machine" by Curtis Kam.
Ever wanted a routine that is not only fun and entertaining for adults, but plays equally well for children?
Check out "Finger Puppet" by Doug Brewer.
Are you looking for a great routine to "break the ice" for restaurant/walk-around work?
Then check out "My Two Cents" by Joe Cole.
Looking for a transposition effect, where your spectators won't already see it coming?
Check out "Stock Exchange" by Joe Rindfleisch.
You say you're looking for a routine that's entertaining and interactive, that can be performed close up, strolling, parlor, or stage?
Check out "Double your Money" by Frank Starsinic.
These routines and many more can be found within the pages of MicroEconomics.
Six chapters of ideas, routines, running gags using cards, coins, wooden cigars and even your fingers.
Included with the 8 1/2 x 11 book are two Micro Purses so you can get started right away! $35.00

BUI - Bottled Up Inside - Imagine walking up to anyone, anywhere and asking to borrow their empty water bottle.
Have them rip the label from the bottle to allow a perfect view.
Have them recap the bottle.
They place the bottle into your empty hand.
Next you borrow a finger ring.
In an open view, you simply toss the ring through the bottom of the bottle! They see and hear the ring rattling around inside the bottle!
Remove the cap and pour the ring out from the mouth of the bottle. Leave everything with them and walk away to thunderous applause! ?
Imagine this. Same scenario as above; a bottle is borrowed. You recap the bottle.
Borrow a penny from someone. Place the penny in your open outstretched palm.
Take the empty bottle in your other hand.
"Watch the penny; watch the bottle." As you say this, you slap the bottle upon the penny.
Instantly and visibly, the penny is seen to have penetrated the bottle, in full view. Leave the bottle with the penny trapped inside with your spectator as a gift.
Take a moment to reread the above. Nothing has been added or taken away from the descriptions. Both effects are apparently impromptu; the second even more so! Audience reactions are very strong. Magician reactions are just as strong! This is one of those very commercial routines that leave your audience with a long-lasting memory of great magic. This DVD was produced with a multi-camera shoot. You will see the effects from different angles. The explanations are detailed and everything you can or can't imagine is covered. $24.95

Eccentricks 3 DVD - Charlie Frye - On this third volume in Charlie’s Eccentricks series, you’ll find more off-beat material than you can twirl a hat at. There’s card manipulation designed to bust your knuckles. There are routines with the Ball Vase and some great work with the Ring & Rope. Of course, there’s a ton of great juggling gags..
Besides the challenging material, there are numerous bits that require nothing more than a wacky sense of humor and the sincere desire to make people laugh.
If you enjoy learning new moves, stunts, gags, tricks, and routines, and your goal is to amaze and amuse, the fun and unusual material on Eccentricks 3 is exactly what you’re looking for. $34.95

And, that's the greatest of the great, the cream of the crop for this week. I hope you will find some time to spend with us at You know we love your company!
Hank Lee