Friday, April 14, 2006

Conclave Fever, Big Time!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Hank Lee's squirrel-free Magic Factory, I should add. As you know, if you have read the saga, we chased the little varmint out the front door and he hasn't been back. Too bad, I was thinking of teaching him to take phone orders. Oh, well.
The Conclave is one week away. One short week. And, we are totally set. It is hard to believe how much stuff we are taking to the Cape this year. So much great magic. I hope that you will be joining us. There is still time to register. Just give us a call or register online at We'd love to see you.
Newsflash! Electric Touch has finally come in stock and is on the way to everyone who ordered it. I checked one out and it is really cool. Once you are "hooked up" you can just walk around and give everyone little shocks. Like walking across a rug and rubbing your feet. You can make confetti scatter just by placing your hand near it. You can do an amazing version of Penomenon. If you have been waiting to hear the reviews on this one, wait no more. I give it to thumbs up!
This weekend, we are having our annual Conclave Fever sale. And, you know what that means!

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Glass Mirage: From the inventive mind of Alex Lourido, who created effects like Butter Coin, Osmosis and Rainbow Coins, comes his most spectacular trick, yet - Glass Mirage!
This beautifully crafted and ingenious prop will have you performing mind-twisting feats with ordinary, unprepared beer and soda bottles that are so incredible, they defy physics!
For example, take an empty beer bottle and turn it upside down to fully remove any remaining liquid. Show both of your hands empty, and with a magical wave, the cap instantly appears on the bottle's mouth! Hand the bottle out for examination and, to everyone's astonishment, the bottle is now completely refilled and capped with an airtight seal! They open the bottle with a bottle opener and hear it depressurize, while the beer foam bubbles up and gently cascades down the side of the bottle!
Or, place an empty beer bottle at the center of a table and cover it with a thin, shear silk. On your command the sound of re-pressurization can be heard! Then you or a spectator removes the silk to reveal that the bottle is completely filled, capped, and sealed!
You can also inform your friends and audience that you have trained yourself to remove a non twist-off cap from any beer bottle, with nothing more than your bare hands! Borrow an unopened bottle from someone and proceed to place your fingers around the cap. With a light prying motion the cap is seen to pop off the bottle and the sound of rushing air is heard! Show the bottle open! Put the bottle down on the bar and display the cap in your hand. With a light rub the cap instantly vanishes and, to everyone's shock and amazement, it is back on the bottle again!
You can even perform these amazing routines with corked wine bottles! And all routines require zero set up! That's right, no tedious preparation or setup required!
All of these beautiful routines, and much more, are taught by Alex Lourido on the accompanying DVD. Lourido also explains how to use this incredible gaff to perform outrageous "Kids Tricks" such as, taking a glass soda bottle and stretching it out to almost twice its original size and then bending it in half, followed by tying its neck into a knot!
The Glass Mirage is a beautifully designed gaff. $59.95

Flipper Chip: Leave it to Pete Biro and Joe Porper to come up with the Flipper Chip! That's right, it's a Flipper Coin made from real casino Poker chips! And, it looks amazing!
While there are a lot of effects using the Flipper Coin, here's the routine that Pete uses with the Flipper Chip.
Ask a lady if she would like to help with a dexterity test. Have her make a fist, then place a casino chip on the back of her hand.
Ask her to toss the chip in the air, turn her hand over and catch it. Pretty easy to do.
Now, try it with two chips! Place the two chips on the back of her hand. She tosses them up and, when she opens her hand, there is only one chip! You can produce the missing coin from just about anywhere.
Fabulous precision work, as you would expect from Joe. $89.00

Colorful Rabbits: Explain that every magician is expected to make a rabbit appear from a hat. Sadly, you had some trouble on the way to the show and your hat fell on the street; then it was run over by a huge truck.
And so, you bring out a flat hat and fold it open to show the inside. It is empty!
Close the hat, say the magic words, and you are able to produce seven different color rabbits from it.
You can do this as a running gag between tricks or you can produce the seven rabbits one by one.
As a climax the stand holding the rabbits is turned around and the name of the birthday child is written on the back. Or your name if you like.
The hat and stand are made from wood, black lacquered, with white trim. The rabbits are metal, each a different color.
The little ones will love this one! $149.95

Know When To Fold 'Em: Brand new from magic's master machinist, Joe Porper. It's Know When To Fold 'Em, the incredible Folding Poker Chip.
Joe's goal was to create a folding chip with no visible lines or edge cuts. He accomplished it using his original "inner mechanism," something which has never been done before.
Fabricated from real Poker chips, just about any routine that can be done with a Folding Coin can be done with the Folding Poker Chip. Effects like Chip Thru Ring, Chip In Bottle and others.
As with all of Joe's items, the quality of workmanship is beyond excellent! $89.00

Nana's Necklace: The newest and latest version of the classic trick, Grandmother's Necklace. Three attractive wooden beads are strung onto the center of two solid velvet cords. The spectator is asked to put his hand out and grasp the three beads in his fist. The ends of the cords are taken by the Magi and are pulled straight up through the spectator's closed fist and the wooden beads. A perfect penetration. Nana's Necklace is available with red or black cords. Please specify when ordering. $29.95

Sneaky Pete's Pivoting Shell: Pete Biro created it. Joe Porper had the skill to make it. It is Sneaky Pete’s Pivoting Shell. Not exactly a Slippery Sam Coin. Not quite a Flipper Coin. It is a unique gimmicked Poker chip that allows you a new way to accomplish some amazing effects.
As with all of Joe’s Poker chip effects, this one is made from real casino chips, precision machined and assembled as only Joe can do.
The effects possible with this gimmicked Poker chip are limitless!
For example, place two Poker chips on the table and cover them with a clear drinking glass. A slight side to side motion of the glass and one of the ships penetrates right through the table, leaving only one chip under the glass!
Or this. Show two Poker chips and an empty drinking glass. Drop the two chips into the glass. One of the chips penetrates right through the glass and drops on the table. It looks amazing!
Made in the quality you have come to expect from Joe Porper, the chips match all of Joe’s other Poker chip effects. $89.00

Classic Studebaker DVD - Peter Studebaker - Peter is one of the busiest professional magicians in the world today. His routines are practical and effective - no pipe dreams! On this DVD, he reveals his pet routines. These are solid, workable routines, guaranteed to entertain. Material includes: Longhorn Paper Tear, an amazing torn and restored cigarette paper; Lotto Cash, a new twist to change a Lotto ticket into real money; Chain Letter, a multiple card prediction; Cold Deck Ace Production and Peter's Rollover Aces; Information Retrieval Device, a commercial cards trick perfect for walk-around; plus a bonus 'bit of business' section. $29.95

Extreme Close-Up Video DVD - David Acer - Join one of magic's most unique personalities for 110 minutes of wildly expansive yet deeply intimate close-up mayhem!
Four aces erupt from a face-down deck in a sudden, explosive display!
A borrowed finger ring links to the arm of a borrowed pair of glasses!
Three quarters penetrate a regular deck that's resting on the mouth of a drinking glass!
A bottle cap is tossed into the air, then suddenly skewered on the end of your forefinger!
A stickman drawn on the back of an indifferent card multiplies and appears on the backs of all four cards in a packet, then vanishes from all the cards but one--naturally, it's the selection!
A borrowed bill changes not once, but twice into currency from any two countries chosen by a spectator.
And the list goes on and on!?13 mind-blowing, eye-popping routines straight from David's professional repertoire, plus 14 sleights & utilities, including Richard Sanders' Plop!, David's Trinary Cut, Haruhito Hirata's Master Move and more. Plus 3 DVD bonus clips of David performing material from his TV show. $29.95

Electric Touch Accessories: Additional accessories for Yigal Mesika's Electric Touch!
Don't want to transfer the Electric Touch gimmick to another pair of your shoes? Now you don't have to; simply gaff another pair with these accessories, and you're ready to go! Such a good idea!
Contains a high quality magnet and custom made special housing. Easy instructions with clear illustrations included. $24.95

And that's it for this week. The best of the best. A Hotlist filled with great new magic. I hope you will find some time to spend with us at, and don’t forget that you can save 25% just by typing CONCLAVEFEVER in the Discount Coupon Box. Now to start loading the station wagon!
Hank Lee