Friday, March 24, 2006

You Want To Sit Where?

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. A busy place indeed. We have already started assigning the theater seats for the big evening shows at the Conclave. Must remember not to sit this one with that one. And, this one needs an aisle seat. And, this one wants to be 3/4 of the way back in auditorium, but in the center; while that one want to be halfway back on the side. It's like planning a wedding. Don't sit Uncle Hymie near Uncle Saul because they don’t speak to each other. You get the idea. It takes me about a full week to do the seating. And, while I really do work hard to make sure everyone is happy, there's always Uncle Sam, who is never happy. The Valium does help.

Newsflash! Yigal Mesika has raised the price of his new Electric Touch from $149.95 to $249.95. Even before it is released! The good news is that if you already ordered one, you will pay the old price. If not, the new price is now in effect. As to delivery, the promise is that we will have them by the first week in April. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

And, now to this week's excitement!

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Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

Hardini Nest Of Boxes - Hardini’s Nest of Boxes is the ultimate way to reproduce a marked coin or a borrowed ring.
It is one of the strongest tricks in parlor or stage magic! The ring reappears in the innermost of 5 nesting boxes.
What makes this set so special is the fact that the largest box is locked and needs to be opened with a key. In fact, you can hand a spectator the largest box and key and, from there on, you do not touch anything! The spectator opens the biggest box and finds inside the next size, etc. Each of the smaller size boxes is strapped with rubber bands, which need to be removed before the box can be opened. All this is done by the spectator until, in the last box, he finds the vanished ring or coin.
Remember: All the boxes can be handled and examined as long as the spectator wishes. There are no traps or secret compartments anywhere! After you hand him the largest box and key you can leave the room (if you so choose).
The set is expertly crafted by Hardini in Germany from fine mahogany woods.
Each polished solid wood box is elegantly lined with rich red velveteen.
The largest box is 5.125 x 5.125 x 3.25;" the smallest box measures 1.75 x 1.75 x 1.125".
The routine can be done with any ring or coin that fits thru the load gimmick. A wedding band works best. Very limited supply. $249.00

Wacky Worm - From our good friends at Wolf’s Magic comes the Wacky Worm. The basic routine is very similar to the classic Snake Basket. However, this routine carries real educational potential.
The show begins as you explain how you learned to be a Magician and the hard studying involved. When frustration would set in, during the endless hours of reading, your new friend, the Wacky Worm would pop up and lend a helping hand, being the "Bookworm" that he is.
Just as you learned many great magic tricks., so did the Wacky Worm!!
As you speak, the worm keeps peaking up and dropping back into the book. You try to catch him every time, but fail. Finally the Wacky Worm decides to play along and performs some magic!
You display 3 flat "Balls" and have one selected by the audience. The balls are thrown into the book. The worm drops back into the book, peeks up a few times then finally comes up with the chosen ball in his mouth!
The magic continues as you have a card freely selected and signed, placed back in the deck and then drop the deck into the book. The worm drops back into the book, peeks up a few times, then finally comes up with the signed card in his mouth! Finally, The Wacky Worm drops back down then comes back up for a bow.
Please note that the entire system is completely mechanical. No batteries are required. The animations are operated by hand as you hold the book. The rising lever mechanism is positioned in a natural location with minimal hand movement. This effect truly packs flat & plays big!! We recommend using Alphabet Cards as they are easier for kids to recognize.
Package includes: Gimmicked Book & 2 sets of "Balls.”
Book measures 12" x 14" with Worm down; 12" x 20" with Worm up. $150.00

Mixed Up Happy Birthday - From one of the world's best kids' entertainers, Jozo Bozo, comes the Mixed Up Happy Birthday!
You've brought a special message just for the birthday child. But, wait a minute, it's all mixed up!
It looks like it's supposed to say 'Happy Birthday' but the letters are all in the wrong places. Have no fear, Captain Magic is here (that's you)!
The hilarity starts as the message goes through two more of the most revolutionary mis-made phases to ever be seen! You finally end up with the intended message - Happy Birthday!
It the classic Snarf silk, but for birthday shows! What could be better?
We guarantee you'll be delighted and so will your audiences.
Comes complete with beautifully printed 14" X 18" Wonder Imagery silks, Jozo Bozo's full routine and video CD with a live performance by Jozo himself! $69.00

Breaking The Habit - Rodger Lovins has created cigarette magic for years, and now you can perform his masterpiece! This is the very best torn and restored cigarette effect you will ever perform.
You receive a hand made gimmick that Rodger lovingly crafts. Best of all, the gimmick does most of the dirty work. The instant restoration at the end of the routine must be seen to be believed.
Rodger's gimmick is made from a remarkable synthetic material that allows for the absolutely stunning ending to the routine. Brilliant is the best word to describe it!
-No Reset! Do It Again Instantly!
-CD Video Instructions
-Written, illustrated instructions also included. $24.95

Tony Clark's Paper Balls & Rings DVD- After 20 years of constant requests this routine is now available!
Tony Clark's rendition of Slydini's Paper Balls in Box. Tony's version uses three borrowed finger rings that are wrapped inside tissue paper balls and invisibly travel one by one through the air into an empty cardboard box on the other side of the table. In the surprise ending, the three rings disappear from the paper balls and appear inside a locked wooden ring box that magically appears from the same empty cardboard box! Tony has performed this power and elegant routine all over the world, including his show in Lake Tahoe and the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. This is the one they'll always remember.
Tony’s version involves no lapping or difficult transfers. You can perform it without a tablecloth. From the moment you begin, you’re literally three steps ahead of the audience. Tony takes you through this incredible routine step-by-step, explaining every detail, move and subtlety. $34.95

Mike Bent's Big Bag O' Bunny - "Pull a rabbit out of your hat!" "Can you make a bunny rabbit?" "Please turn me into a rabbit!"
No matter how they say it, kids expect to see a bunny in your show. Mike Bent's Big Bag O' Bunny is your answer. And, it doesn't leave a strange smell in your car!
Ask an assistant to help you pull a rabbit out of your bag. First you find a rabbit nose. Next the rabbit ears. Ask your helper to hold them, on his head of course.
Look a little deeper in the bag and, WOW! The bag changes into a beautiful Wonder Imagery foulard printed with the most adorable rabbit you've ever seen. Of course, the kid's head completes the picture.
You did it! You changed an audience member into a rabbit. Be sure Mom and Dad get a photo. Comes with Mike Bent's hilarious routine and all props. A must for the serious family entertainer.
Available at the end of April, pre-order now and we'll ship it for free! $149.95

Mathematical Wizardry - Harry Lorayne - Your audiences will think you're a genius. Jaws will drop in amazement! You are going to love the things this book will teach you. Absolutely no gimmicks to carry. These are anywhere, any time number miracles.
Visualize this: You're given any 6-digit number. You immediately write four 5-digit numbers that add to that free selected 6-digit number! Wow!
And, that's only one of so many amazing, jaw-dropping feats of lightning calculation.
As you would expect, presentation is stressed. Harry's selectivity is key. Only entertaining feats are included.
All you need is paper, a pen, a calculator, this book, and you're the "life of the party" in minutes.
Harry has collected this stuff since childhood, and culled out only the best of the best. You'll instantly square any 2 digit number; add columns of numbers at a glance; prove that your mind is the best and fastest calculator of all by multiplying and dividing faster than a calculator can! And, it's all a trick! $39.95

Kid Control - Julian Franklin -Whether you are a juggler, clown, magician, musician, storyteller, puppeteer, ventriloquist, speaker, presenter, educator or artist, this book will provide you with behavior management tools that will make your life easy.
If you perform birthday parties, school assembly programs, library programs, work as a substitute teacher, or in any other way find yourself in front of a new group of children on a regular basis, this book will teach you to quickly adapt so that you can accomplish your objectives.
The author is a full-time children's performer who honed his behavior management skills in one of the toughest forums available. For eight years he worked as the behavior specialist in the public school setting working with behavior issues that ranged from children with Autism to children with Severe Emotional Disturbance whose behavior radically impacted their ability to work in a traditional classroom.
After almost a decade of work in the field, over $25,000 in specialized training and a career of practical application experience, Julian Franklin now shares the real secrets of effective behavior management from a unique perspective: that of a performing artist.
Every other behavior management book on the market addresses long-term behavior improvement. What you need are the tools to get through a single presentation. You don't have months to shape behavior, you need tools that work immediately.
That's what this book provides. $24.95

Copy Cash - Brand new from JB Magic! Fold a blank piece of paper in half, then again into quarters and finally into eighths. Without any moves, sleights, special gimmicks, etc., the blank piece of paper visibly turns into a $20 bill!
Unfold the $20 show it on both sides.
But, wait. Something’s wrong! This is only a photocopy of a $20. Fold the photocopy in half, quarters and eighth's. Again, no moves of any kind. The photocopy visibly turns into a real $20 bill!. ?Unfold the $20 and show it on both sides.
Resets in 2 seconds. Great for table hopping.
Bonus second handling, taught on the DVD, allows you to pass the very same $20 bill out for examination. Comes with printed bills/notes; Dollars, Euros & Pounds!?Learn from Mark Mason with the instructional DVD, included

Ship Deck - Sink them with JB Magic's Ship Deck!
Explain that you have made a prediction.
Remove the 4 aces from a red deck and place them off to one side.
Ask a spectator to think of any card. Not the suit, just the value. Let’s assume they are thinking of a 4. ?
Next they are asked to mix the four aces, which are then are laid out in a row. ?
Each ace represents a suit. They spectator selects any one of the four aces Free choice. No force of any kind. They pick just one ace and that card is used. Let’s say they pick hearts.
In a fair manner they've selected the 4 of hearts. ?
Spread the same deck across the table. Face up in the deck is one card and one card only. It is the 4 of hearts! ?
Remove the 4 and flip it face down. It is the only card with a blue back in the red deck!
Seem impossible? Not with the Ship Deck!
Instructional DVD included along with a very special Bicycle deck. $24.95

And that's the giant heap of hotter than hot magic for this week. I hope you like what you see. And, I hope you will find some time to spend with us online at or in person at our totally fabulous retail store at 112 South Street in Boston. Either way, we crave your company.
Hank Lee