Friday, March 31, 2006

Conclave Madness

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory, where the beat definitely goes on. And on. And on. We are all busy here, which is pretty normal. But, I am especially busy with Conclave stuff. Arranging transportation, both air and ground. Arranging hotel rooms. "You have me rooming with who!" Getting the program book and the poster to the printer. The badges. The tickets. The busses. It's all mine, and there's plenty of it. So, please forgive me if I seem a little frazzled. I am.

Some big news this week. We are now carrying the fantastic Colin Rose line of ultra high-quality products. You will find the first items listed this week, more as time goes by. These items are made in very small quantity, so there may be a delay on some of them. But, they are well worth waiting for!

And, now let's take a look at this week's Hotlist!

Switch Book - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change - John Lovick - Everything you ever wanted to know about the $100 Bill Switch, between two covers!
Contents include:
* The original handling of the $100 Bill Switch-as performed by the inventor-described for the very first time.
* More than twenty variations-some use a thumbtip and others don't, some use fewer folds, and one uses no folds at all!
* Instantaneous changes, multiple switches, palm-up handlings, a one-handed change, bill productions and vanishes, visual transformations and more.
* Sleights, subtleties, utility moves, performance theory, presentation ideas, and a definitive history of the bill switch.
* More than 60 close-up and stand-up routines, each described in meticulous detail with over 700 illustrations. The routines include Transpositions, Bill-to-Impossible-Location plots, Torn & Restored effects, and several routines that don't even involve money.
Contributors include:
David Acer, Jon Allen, Michael Ammar, Danny Archer, Gaetan Bloom, Marc DeSouza, Dan Garrett, Bill Goldman, Dave Gripenwaldt, David Harkey, Richard Hatch, Roger Klause, Mike Kozlowski, Gary Kurtz, Bill Malone, Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Steve Mayhew, Robert E. Neale, Andrew J. Pinard, David Regal, Marvyn Roy, Richard Sanders, Jay Sankey, Jim Sisti, Jamy Ian Swiss, Vladimir Vladimirov, Michael Weber, Gregory Wilson and Scotty York. $49.95

Gin & Tonic - Britain’s Colin Rose is one of the true craftsmen in magic. His wood products are a joy to behold. We are very pleased to be able to offer some of his fine items to our customers. Items like Gin & Tonic.
A beautiful hand turned wooden cup is seen upside down on the Table. Explain that underneath the cup there is a prediction.
Bring out nine playing cards with names of various drinks written on them: Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Port, etc. Ask a spectator to mix up the cards behind his back and then lay them face down onto the table in front of him. He then turns over one card, which says GIN.
You lift the cup to reveal a miniature bottle of GIN!
And what goes with GIN? The spectator says TONIC.
From under the cup magically appears a small can of TONIC!
Finally, the cup is lifted for a third time only to reveal a LEMON!
This is a fabulous routine which really knocks the audience for a loop. Perfect for close-up or cabaret. $150.00

Patrick Page's Paddle - This pocket sized paddle is beautifully hand-crafted in England by Colin Rose. Made of hard wood, then polished and finished with a red felt center.
The effect offers many applications and possibilities for close-up magic. A variety of small metal objects can be made to appear, vanish, multiply and re-appear. This is a paddle trick with a difference. Patrick Page's detailed routine and notes will show you how to amaze and astound your audience. Once you see his surprise ending, you will never leave home without this one! $49.95

Mini Flash Frame - The first of Patrick Page and Colin Rose's successful magical collaborations. More recently used on 'The Quick Trick Show' (British Television), this is an elegant looking picture frame which you can hold in your hand. As you hold the frame, the chosen card instantly appears in the frame!
Ideal for close-up or corporate work. Notes and Routine by Patrick Page.
This is another beautiful piece of magic hand-crafted by Colin Rose. Available in limited quantities. (Approx 18cm x 14.5cm)$99.95

Missing Link - Paul curry - Show two ordinary lengths of rope. One red and one blue.
The ends of the red rope are tied together to form a loop.
The blue rope is inserted through the red loop and its ends are also tied together.
A spectator takes the ropes and then closes one hand around the linked section.
After a pause, he opens his hand to reveal that the two loops, though still knotted, are free of each other!
This is the kind of magic that made Paul Curry famous. Simple plots with killer effect!
Comes complete with 2 lengths of rope and detailed, illustrated instruction sheet.
Rope Length approximately 50" (127cm). $15.00

J.B. Bobo DVD - Greater Magic Video Library - The remarkable legacy of a pioneer school-show performer who escaped all other magicians, becomes believable when J.B. Bobo reveals that he performed over 13,000 shows. Bobo and Lillian remained busy trekking across Texas performing 300 shows a year. This is a three-part DVD. Part I: Interview with Bobo; Part II: Bobo’s School Show and Part III: Bobo’s Close Up Act.
Bobo's revolutionary Color Changing Dice trick alone is worth the price of the DVD. $29.95

Moveo - Arguably one of the most deceptive and baffling effects of this genre, yet is based on a very simple methodology.
A normal, examinable Sharpie is placed on top of a narrow necked bottle (beer or wine bottles are perfect) yet will move and spin eerily when you bring your empty hand towards it, eventually causing it to fall off the bottle. It will even move when there is no apparent movement of your hand but you only bring it in proximity of the Sharpie.
Moveo solves many of the problems of existing methods such as noise, impreciseness of set-up and unnaturally responsive movement, yet offers some benchmark characteristics of its own. Moveo offers the following features:
It uses no threads.
It uses not magnets.
It uses no moving liquids.
It uses no static electricity.
It uses no air or blowing to cause movement.
Your hands can be shown empty back and front, before, during and after the effect.
You can remove any rings and watches.
Your sleeves can be rolled up.
The pen is examinable and is a working Sharpie.
Comes complete with gaffed Sharpie and instruction sheet. $30.00

City Of Angels - Ask a spectator to select a card from the pack.
Point out the angels on the back of their card as you patter about the spectator's belief in angels: "some people think angels are all around us, others do not believe in angels and cannot see them".
Place the selected card on the table and isolate it under the spectator's hand.
Ask a second spectator to also pick a card. From this selection you make the angels magically and visually disappear, leaving only two weird blank spaces!
Obviously this has happened all too quickly and you offer to do it again, but a bit slower this time. From other random selections, the angels also disappear! Each in a different way. But where did they go?..."Angels always travel together," you explain. The spectator is asked to remove her hand from the previously selected card, only to reveal that all the vanished angels have joined the angels on the back of the spectators card!
A heavenly routine with a lot of magic. And, the best part: everything is examinable! Perfect for walk around magic, strolling, etc. You'll love performing City of Angels.
Comes complete with 5 custom printed gaffs on Bicycle stock and detailed instruction sheet with full color photos. $25.00

Smash & Stab - A brand new Mini-Illusion from Wayne Dobson and Colin Rose. Based on Russian Roulette, but using spikes instead of a gun, Smash & Stab is an outrageous close-up or cabaret effect.
Display four hand-turned wooden discs. One has a polished aluminum spike, the remaining three are blank. Each disc has a distinct 'Pyrography' detail on its outer rim, not only adding to the beauty and appearance of the prop, but also concealing the method.
In the routine, all four wooden discs are covered with opaque plastic cups, then mixed so that no one knows which disc holds the metal spike. One at a time you smash the plastic cups with your open palm, each time the situation becomes more dangerous. In the end only one disc is left. Of course it is the one with the metal spike. An exciting piece of magical theater!
Included are four numbered cards, a "Smash & Stab" sign and a wooden plinth, wallet & polystyrene cups along with Wayne's routine and performance notes. Once again you have all the comedy and fun that has made its creator famous.
Ideal for close up, stage and cabaret. Hand-crafted in selected quality hardwoods. A versatile magic prop which can be played for comedy or drama. $199.95

And, that's all the hottest stuff we have seen this week. Well worth a look or two.

I hope that you will find some time in your busy schedule to spend with us online at We find your company totally enjoyable!
Hank Lee