Friday, November 18, 2005

Turkey For All

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. What a fine and dandy week this has been. First, on Tuesday, I was working on the database for the Magic Of The Month Club, when, Poof, it disappeared. Totally gone. Into the ozone. See ya later. Which meant that no one could log in to view this month's Online HankoGram. Nice. Of course, I sent out an emergency email and lots of folks have already contacted us with their Username and Password. If you were already an online member of the Magic Of The Month Club, or if you would like to join now (it's absolutely free!), drop me an email with your Username and Password and I will hook you up. If you type HankoGram Registration in the subject line, it will help. You can read more about the MOMC by clicking the MOMC Button at

Just yesterday, Sarah Edwards and Barry Nolan, of TV fame, were in the shop taping a bunch of segments for their show. It was very cool, for sure. If you have Comcast Cable and live anywhere on the East Coast, you can see the results of our efforts on Friday night at 7:00 on CN8. At home, we do not have Comcast, so I hope someone will tape it for me. A free gift certificate to the first person sending us a tape or DVD of the show.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

Ultimate Finger Chopper - Our friends at Wolf’s Magic have taken the classic French Arm Chopper and squished it down to a pocket sized 6 inch tall Finger Chopper! They’ve re-engineered it, upgraded the mechanics and materials to far surpass its big brother. For those of you not familiar with this version of the French Chopper, the spectator’s finger visibly falls into the velvet bag!!
The features of this effect include all aluminum and walnut components, along with a nearly invisible gimmicked area and cute little hand-sewn red velvet bag. The bag has a collapsible rim so the whole unit can fit conveniently into your pocket! This unit also comes in a velvet bag to keep it protected from the elements! $125.00

Derek Dingle's Last Notes - Simon Lovell & Rich Marotte - Every magician loved to see Derek perform. They loved to see effects from "Dingle's Deception's" and "The Complete Works of Derek Dingle." But when Derek worked for real people, he did five classic effects. He did them better than anyone else. Here, for the first time, is Derek's Walk Around Close Up Act. Every effect was routined to be instantly repeatable. No reset. This is what makes the act perfect for walk around magic. No stealthy trips to the bathroom are necessary. Everything is included: Sleights, routine and complete patter.
Routine includes:
Ambitious Card: The signed card ends up in an envelope. The notes also explain how to set the envelope during the routine.
Ring Flight: Performed without a jacket. A real stunner.
Coins Across: Performed under test conditions in the spectator's hand. Direct, clear and very funny.
Cigarette Through Quarter: Another Great insight into Derek's magical mind. Here you learn how to turn a weakness into a strength.
The Collectors: This never before published effect is included to give the reader an insight into Dereck's thinking. The Collector effect has been tackled by many great card men. Derek simplified the handling and eliminated one of the plot’s major flaws. An understanding of this effect will improve your performance immensely.
Also included in this collection:
The FB Pass: If you've ever seen it you know it is the best. It's easier than you think but it has never been fully or adequately described, until now. Very few people do a good pass, even fewer do Derek's. These notes teach Derek's pass. Completely illustrated.
The Derek Dingle Fabulous Jumping Card Trick: This is Derek's handling of the Edward Victor “Eleven Card Trick” and it is one of his favorites. Edward Victor's plot has been retained but all of the handling has been changed. The false count is completely explained.
The Whispering Queen: A quick, funny version with variations by Simon Lovell and Rich Marotta.
Sympathetic Cards: Includes Derek's work on how to make gimmicked cards.
With: Additional material by Richard Kaufman.
All of Derek's lines, jokes and bit's are included. $60.00

Ulti-Rose - David Evangelista’s Ulti-Rose is a fantastic new magical rose routine.
Effect 1:
Display a full sized white rose. Place some glitter on the rose and pass your hand in front of the rose The flower instantly changes from white to red!
Effect 2:
Again display a full sized white rose. Break off the head of the rose. Next, take a fan and fan the rose head as it turns into thousands of tiny white snowflakes floating up into the air. Show a glass and fill it with wine. Take the broken rose stem, dip it into the glass and swirl it around. Remove the rose stem to reveal a brilliant red rose, which has appeared on the end of the stem. $45.00

World's Smallest Escape Artist - Tad da! It’s the World’s Smallest Escape Artist!
Explain to your audience that you want them to meet the World's Smallest Escape Artist, as you bring out a matchbox with a rubber band around it.
He will now escape from the box even though it is surrounded with a strong rubber band.
Set the box down on a table or on a spectator's open palm. The box then shakes, rattles, and rocks, but no escape is made.
After this trial and error, you offer to expose the escape artist. When you open the box, a good laugh is had as inside is found a lone horsefly (not a real one, of course!) $50.00

Seriality - Dave Jones’ Seriality will amaze your audience with an incredible display of super-power memory and then floor them with a prediction made before the show!
Revealed on DVD for the very first time, Dave Jones' hit serial number routine complete with quality gimmicked leather wallet!
Ask three spectators to remove a bill of any denomination and not display it to anyone, especially you. Explain that you will perform a great feat of memorization. Ask each spectator to read aloud the serial number on their bill.
Next, ask each spectator to randomly circle any digit within their serial number, without revealing it. Once this is done, you ask the first spectator to read their serial number to the audience.
You immediately call out the number they've circled. And, you repeat it with each volunteer. An amazing feat, but there’s more!
Write down each volunteer's chosen number on the back of your business card and add the three numbers. After the total is verified by the spectators, you call attention to a leather business card wallet, which has been in full view during the performance. Open the wallet. Inside is a sealed envelope. The envelope is opened and a business card is removed and displayed. Your prediction is read aloud, and it matches the total of the three randomly selected numbers!
No forces, no Swami Gimmicks, no carbons, no sleights. Everything is contained within the wallet. Perfect for stage and close-up!
Comes with an instructional DVD explaining everything in detail, complete with specially gimmicked high quality leather wallet. $45.00

DJ's Force Band - Lance Armstrong made the yellow rubber wristband popular with his inspirational message "LIVE STRONG". From that many different color bands with various messages have hit the market. Now with DJ’s Force Band you can reveal a spectator's selected card. And, since the bands are easily turned inside out while on your wrist, you can immediately reveal a second selection as well.
The best close-up magic with the biggest impact is that done with everyday objects. The Force Band is therefore invisible until you call attention to it. This is a stunner! $6.00

Larry Jennings Close-Up Magic DVD - Parts 1 & 2 - Vintage Larry Jennings. Pure magic at its finest! No gimmicks. Natural magic.
Larry was a disciple of Dai Vernon. The “Professor” said, “Larry is among the half dozen top close-up magicians in the world. He not only improves effects but also is excellent in routining effects!” In this newly re-released, archival DVD, we have compiled rare footage of some of Larry’s finest effects. Includes a total of eight effects and routines (with explanations) as well as extra instruction in sleights and techniques. You will love being fooled, no matter how long you’ve been in magic! These were compiled from two obscure videos produced by Pierre Mayer from Paris, France, while Larry was staying there. These were digitally re-edited. This DVD includes Larry’s famous “One Cup & Ball” Routine (ungimmicked cup), EZ Coins Across, Synchronicity, Maestro’s Poker Demonstration, Coin Cut, Prefiguration, 3 Coins Thru Table, Impossible and Larry’s special techniques and sleights. NOTE: This DVD is not for beginners! Advanced professional sleights, moves and misdirection. $25.00

Pronto Print - Brand new from Peter Duffie, it’s Pronto Print. A card is selected from your deck and placed face down on the table.
Show four cards that are clearly blank on all sides. These are placed on the table and the spectator places his hand flat on top.
Wave the selected card over his hand. He then lifts his hand, the packet is spread and a duplicate of his card has mysteriously appeared in the middle of the four blanks.
But the image doesn’t last long, and suddenly disappears leaving a totally blank card!
Finally you drop the selected card onto the packet. Again the spectator places his hand flat on top. This time, when he lifts his hand, all the cards have printed faces to match his selection!
Everything can be examined! Very easy to do! Made in Bicycle cards. $17.50

1864 Poker Deck - One of the coolest decks of cards we’ve ever seen! Imagine doing Sharpshooter with this deck! Or Invisible Deck? The possibilities are endless.
This facsimile deck faithfully reproduces an American Civil War-era playing card deck that was produced by the L. I. Cohen Company of New York.
There are no indices on the upper left and lower right corners of each card, and the court cards are full-length figures.
Box shows reproduction of original tax stamps with hand cancellation dated June 2, 1864.
A great gift item! $6.00

And that's the hottest, yet coolest stuff on the magic scene this week. I hope you will find some items that appeal.
And, I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our now even more famous retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at Either way, you know we love the company.

Remember, next Thursday is Thanksgiving. We all hope you have the most thankful of Thanksgiving. I know I will.
Hank Lee