Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey - The Day After

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. It’s the day after and I am still full. As usual, we celebrated the holiday at Bonnie’s brother’s house. The entire family was there. Thanksgiving at the Miller’s is all about dessert. The meal itself is really just a prelude to the dessert-a-ganza. Things made of chocolate. Things covered in chocolate. Dark chocolate decorated with white chocolate. Chocolate trifle. Pies of all kinds. Cakes made specifically to fill in the spaces on the table between the pies and the chocolate items. It is a sight to behold. Since I am fighting a slightly elevated blood-sugar level, there was no dessert for me. Which was OK, because there is nothing I like better than a nice nap after all that turkey. So, while the rest of the family was desserting, I deserted into the living room to watch some football and snooze a little.

Aron flew in from Florida Tuesday night to be with the family for the holiday. He was supposed to leave Florida at 5:00 PM, but the flight was delayed until 7:15. Instead of landing in Boston at 10:00, he didn’t get here until after one in the morning. But, he was a real trooper and got off the plane with a big smile on his face. It’s been really good to see him. He has grown up a lot since September. He’s even grown a sort-of beard, which I mildly suggested would be best shaved off. We shall see. The nicest thing since he has been home is listening to the two brothers laughing their heads off at silly jokes and “do you remembers.”

Alright, enough of the family hoo-hah. I know why you’re here. So, here is all the new stuff in this week’s Hotlist!

Hot Seat: When we saw Rick Haslett's new Hot Seat, we just about fell over laughing. This is one hi-larious item!
The basic effect is that you are sitting on a normal-looking barstool. When you stand up, the seat of the stool bursts into flames! Big flames. That burn for a good long time. It's a gas!
Ideas for this fabulous sight gag are endless.
While sitting on the stool, you appear a bit uncomfortable, and explain that you might have had too many enchiladas for dinner. As you stand up, the seat bursts into flames!
For fire eaters, you can do some fire eating while sitting on the stool. Stand up, and the entire top of the stool bursts into flame.
Imagine doing Chuck Fayne's Card on Seat. When the spectator stands up the stool burst into flame!
The Hot Seat comes with a hardwood stool which measures 24” tall and 12.5" in diameter. The fire mechanism is 100% electronic and comes with Rick's no-kidding around guarantee. If there is ever a problem (and there rarely is) Rick will fix it at no cost to you.
This may be the funniest prop to come out in the last ten years! Comes with full instructions on a video CD
Thanks to Rick for giving us the exclusive on this great item. It means that you will find it here at Hank Lee's and nowhere else!

Victory Cubes: A new stage decoration that does tricks!
Turn a school auditorium into a Vegas show room instantly. Or add a quick and easy change of scenery to your show. Great for holding props; in fact you can pull small props out of any of the spandex dots. Perfect for blocking those tricky angles, or for ditching used props.
Besides being great stage decorations, you can do tricks with the cubes as well. Victory Cubes comes with a DVD that explains how to make a person appear or vanish, including how to walk on stage with the cubes folded up, pop them open, and produce a girl. Plus, it includes countless other creative ways to use your Victory Cubes in any show, from a birthday party to a full stage production.
Victory Cubes has a rip-away Velcro top that gives you even better angles, and allows you to turn it upside down to hold things. For example, you can fill it with already blown up balloon animal balloons and you have a magical balloon holder.
Another bonus is the Spandex dots that provide for dozens of
creative routines. Combine this with everything else and the performance possibilities are endless -
Sets up in literally seconds and packs small enough to fit into a brief case!
Victory Cubes comes with two pop-open cubes, a carrying bag, an instructional DVD, a full color booklet with performance ideas and a certificate of authenticity. They will instantly make your show bigger and more valuable! And they are priced incredibly low so you can get more than one set! $295.00

Knight’s Tour Excalibur - Thanks to Devin Knight, you can do the famed Knight's Tour without any memory work! The same effect featured by Peter Reveen and Ricky Jay.
Not only that, you can make it thoroughly entertaining and blow your audience away. You get a whole kit of different versions and methods so you can pick and choose. The best news is that you can master this in 15 minutes after receiving it. Even if you know nothing about chess!
You receive the huge 36" x 36" chessboard that can be seen on the largest stage. This is mounted to an upright stand which is also included. The chessboard has 64 number cards in special pockets that allow the audience to see and understand exactly what you are doing.
The object of the Knight's Tour is to move the Knight so that it visits every square only once, without ever landing on the same square twice. It must be done in 64 moves exactly. A very difficult feat that normally takes months of learning and practice.
Explain the Knight's Tour and move quickly into the audience. Tell them you will do the Knight's Tour and go to every square on the board without landing on the same square twice. However, you will do it in less than 3 minutes or forfeit your fee for the show! Now the audience will be interested. Will you lose your show fee or triumph?
Explain that you will also memorize an entire deck of cards prior to doing the tour, then call them out while performing the tour! Allow the audience to choose the starting square and place a large cutout Knight piece at the starting position. Pick up the deck of cards, give them a quick shuffle and proceed to memorize them. Hand the deck to a spectator to check as you call them out.
The stopwatch is started. Starting from the chosen square you quickly move the Knight to the next square removing the number card and inserting the Knight.
By doing this the audience can watch as the board is cleared. You work at lightning speed. Even faster than a chess master! At the same time, you call off off the memorized deck one card at a time! In less than 3 minutes you complete the tour and your paycheck is safe!
* There is no memory work involved.
* No cue sheets of any kind.
* Start at any square they select.
* Thanks to Devin's diabolical method, the Knight's Tour becomes self-working.
* You receive several versions using different methods..

You receive a 36" x 36" folding chessboard, a 6 foot folding stand to display large chessboard, a 20" x 20" chessboard for use in other variations, templates for the close-up version, 36 special chess symbols, 2 sets of 64 number cards for the large stage versions. You also receive a large flat Knight chess symbol that moves along the large board, plus some special star cards to mark the starting point. Special carrying case to hold all of the above is also included. You also get Devin Knight's full routines, methods, and secret gimmicks. You will be able to do this trick within 15 minutes after you receive it. Available in limited quantities.

As I Recall DVD Set - Slydini's students pay tribute to the man, the mentor and the magic. They recall some of their most cherished moments with the master and perform their favorite effects, keeping his legacy alive.
A note from the producers: “We would like to boast that (to our knowledge, at the time of this DVD set's release) we have collected the most footage of Slydini to be released anywhere in one production, for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy learning from The master!”
Disc One:
Slydini Performs:
Coins Through the Table
Cigarette Miracle
Two Cigarettes From One
Cellini Performs & Explains:
The Slydini Movement
Coins Through the Table
Cigarette Miracle
Two Cigarettes From One
Impossible Dream
Bill Brunelle:
Slydini's Interlude With a Paper Napkin
Slydini's Sponge Ball Routine
Charlie Cambra:
The Illusive Four
Bob Yorburg:
Slydini's Linking Pins

Disc Two:
Slydini Performs:
Paper Balls Over the Head
Production of Silks
Knotted Silks
Paper Balls to the Hat (Box)
Cellini Performs & Explains:
Production of Silks
Knotted Silks
Paper Balls to the Hat (Box)

Mastermind DVD Vol. 2 – Self Levitation - Criss Angel built his career by having a visionary approach and groundbreaking material. Now, for the first time ever, this material is available to you, on DVD. You will learn the secret to his most talked about demonstration, Self Levitation, as created by Criss Angel (inspired by a Jacob Spinney concept) and performed on his A & E television series MINDFREAK. Criss teaches everything you need to know: step-by-step instructions on the method, how to construct it and how to perform it. Levitate up to a chair, on an escalator, in the street, anywhere! This demonstration can be performed in close proximity to a single spectator or to an audience on stage. Levitations can cost thousands, now you can create Criss Angel's version for less than $300.00.
Bonus Material: an exclusive interview with Criss sharing his inner thoughts on magic, his career and TV series. Regular price $100.00. Pre-order now for December 1st delivery, $79.95!

Rabbit Table – Mikame - Mikame Craft makes some of the finest magic on the market today. Their new Rabbit Table is no exception.
The brilliantly painted bunny on the front of the table is a real treat for the eyes! One of the classiest tables for kidshow and family performers that we have seen.
Of course, the woodworking is up to Mikame's high standards. Made of fine Japanese hardwood, the table is both light and strong. And, it folds down very small. It features the best quality hardwood; it’s light, sturdy and compact.
As a result of Mikame's clever design, the performer's side of the table cannot be seen by the audience. So, you can hang a servante or a load bag on the back of the table.
Of course, the table is on wheels so it can be rolled on and off easily. The table is 31" tall. The top is 18" x 13." $260.00

Submodalities - The ESP DVD - Filmed on location at a haunted building in the North of England, "Submodalities" is an unsettling journey into the inexplicable mysteries of ESP testing. Nine routines using ESP cards are documented over 90 minutes; routines ranging from the effortless and direct to the infinitely perplexing. Then as a bonus the DVD features seven performances of additional routines developed by Banachek, Lee Earle, Richard Osterlind and more.
Contents include:
Beyond ESP (Michael Murray) – The performer correctly names the order of an ESP deck shuffled by a spectator. The performer then goes on to correctly identify the symbol at any number named by the spectator.
Mexican Geometry (Max Maven) – First published in the Pabular in 1977, and included on this DVD with the kind permission of Mr. Maven. The spectator correctly matches 3 symbols to those of the performer.
Hidden Influence (Michael Murray) – The spectator reads a short paragraph from a piece of paper and is then asked to name any ESP symbol. The performer is then shown to not only have predicted the chosen symbol but to have influenced their decision with the written passage.
Jazz Mentalism (Dave Humphrey) – The Ambitious Card of ESP effects, this is a “do as I do” style effect with a variety of outcomes. Perfect for those mentalists who like to be a little creative with their routines.
ESP Impromptu Whammy (Steve Dela) – The performer places a prediction in an envelope and the spectator is asked to cut to an ESP symbol. Amazingly the cut to card matches the symbol in the envelope.
Pocket Calculator (Dale Shrimpton & Stanton Carlisle) – The performer gazes into the spectators’ eyes and divines their thought of symbol; then the spectator is asked to choose another symbol that matches a prediction.
Elite (Dave Humphrey) – The performer is shown to have predicted which symbol the spectator would cause a pendulum to move over.
Stars of Gemini (Darren McGee) - A multi-phase mental magic routine that builds to a dramatic climax.
Direct ESP and Addition (Richard Osterlind) – An addition to the superb routine featured in the Beyond ESP 2 booklet. $29.95

Elemendo – The latest entry from the folks at Mephysto Magick. "I would like to share a story with you. A story about... creation!!"
Display a chain of four small silks and continue, "In the beginning there was nothing but darkness (show the black silk), a void of emptiness and utter chaos.
Yet from chaos came order and sense. First the elements were brought together in union. First there was water (blue silk), then land (green silk), then fire (orange silk) and last but not least there was air!"
Gather up all the silks in your hand and gently blow a puff of air upon them. The four small silks instantly transform into a 32” square sunburst style silk made up of the four colors, and resembling the Planet Earth.
"And so... from darkness and the elements was formed the Earth, and life!" Ta da. $40.00

And that’s the best of the best for this week. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And, I hope you will find some time over this long weekend to spend with us either in person at our more fun than a barrel of monkeys retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at our more fun every day web site,
Either way, we love the company!
Hank Lee