Thursday, July 21, 2005

Friday With Hank Lee

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Another fine week here in beautiful New England. As you know if you have been following the previous installments of the Life Of Hank's Family, Bonnie and Aron are spending the summer on Martha's Vineyard. We own a small tool shed by the side of the road, which is really quite cozy unless it gets hot. Lucas is still in camp. And, I am pretending to be a bachelor. Cooking for myself. Doing my own laundry. It's good. Makes me appreciate life more when the family returns.

For those of you who are long time Email Newsletter readers, you know that last Friday's Newsletter did not get sent out until Monday. What a bummer! But, these things do happen. So, one must be pro-active. Which is why we have activate our Blog. Every week, I will include the same information that is in the Newsletter in the Blog. That way, you can read it anytime you like, even if you miss the Friday Newsletter. It's easy to find. Just go to bottom of the front page at and click on the Read Our Blog Button.

Now, let's take a look at the every-growing Hotlist at!

Pocket Lev: The last time we had these, they sold out in 3 days. We have some coming in right now, and expect them to sell out just as quickly! If you saw Cyril Harvey demonstrate his amazing Pocket Lev at this year's Cape Cod Magic Conclave, then you already know what an incredible close-up levitation it is.
Show a candle and a bank note. Light the candle and hold it behind the bank note. Whisk away the bank note and the lit candle is floating in air! Use the bank note to show that there is no visible means of support. The candle is just plain floating!
Pocket Lev is not just for candles. You can float a paper cup, a CD, a lighter, a cigarette or cigar, even a spoon. It looks amazing
There are no threads of any kind. Really.
The method is absolutely brilliant, and very easy to do. Virtually impromptu!
No jacket required. Do it in shirtsleeves.
This is one you will really like! Hand-made by Cyril, these are available in very limited numbers. $39.95

Antimony 2 - Four issues per year, with 40 to 48 pages per issue, each measuring 11" X 11" in an oversized format designed to enhance your learning experience by more easily laying flat when open. Each issue includes commentary and conjuring from some of the sharpest minds on the magic scene. Antinomy is looking to set a new standard in quality for this kind of publication. Antinomy is interested in ideas. The goal is to promote obscure thought, advanced thinking, and meaningful dialogue. With Antinomy, you can count on the pot being stirred.
Contents Include:
The Artful Ledger offers "Antics and Interludes.”
Dean Dill asks about a mental "Reflection."
Jack Parker contributes something old and something new with "100% Confidence" and "Friction Aces."
Jack T. Koopmans offers "Celebrity Search."
Matt Herbert shows how to perform a "Sobriety Test."
Norman Beck recommends how to pay (play?) "Hotel Bills."
Jamie Ian Swiss is featured in the third edition of The Honest Liar. $20.00

Cesaral Psychokinetic Pencil: Cesar Alonso’s Psychokinetic Pen took the magic world by storm when it was first released. Now, Cesar has done it again. This time it’s the Psychokinetic Pencil!
Balance a wooden pencil on the edge of a table, on top of a glass, or in a spectator’s hand. Then, walk to the other side of the room. After directing tremendous mental powers at the pencil, it slowly moves and finally falls onto the floor!. The spectator can immediately pick it up and examine it. It can even be used as an ordinary pencil for the rest of the show.
Key Points:
* No need to switch the pencil
* You can sharpen it in front of the spectators just before placing it on the glass; you have plenty of time.
* You can do the effect in the spectator’s hand.
* The pencil can be fully examined as an incredible secret mechanism is used
* Looks and writes like a real pencil
* Fast reset to do the effect in any situation
* It uses no threads or magnets in performance
* Almost any pencil can be adapted for the effect
* No sleights are needed, the pencil does all the work! $89.95

Ring Exchange: Love and marriage, the perfect combination! A magician proposes to his girlfriend and gives her an engagement ring that is only a birthstone.
The girl complains that the stone is not even her birthstone.
Magic to the rescue! The magician waves his hand over the ring and it instantly and visibly becomes a cluster of diamonds. Of course they get married and all’s well that ends well.
Very easy to do. Learn this one in five minutes! Completely self-contained.
Great for table hoppers, close-up performers and weddings!
Comes with an additional routine by Tony Lewis. $54.95

Shrunken Bill: Wait 'til you see this! You won't believe your eyes! It's a real one dollar bill, shrunk to one-half of its normal size!!
No kidding . It'sreal! Examine it with a magnifying glass! If necessary, mail it to the Treasury Department. They'll verify it's legality. They'll even swap it for a normal-size one dollar bill!
You'll come up with a zillion uses for this clever item.
A great give-away for Trade Shows! Ask us about special quantity pricing. You'll love this.
Perfect to use with the Comedy Mini Wallet! $15.00

Mini Card Rise: The classic Rising Card done with teeny tiny cards.
Ask a spectator to select a card from a regular size deck. After several attempts to find the card, with no luck, you ask the spectator if her card is a "small one." She says that it is. Hooray!
Now, you bring out a really small deck of cards, and I do mean really small. As you make a magical pass over the tiny deck, the spectator's card rises out of the pack.
It looks really wild! The teeny cards do all the work for you. Each deck is hand made, and works like a charm.
Great to use with the Comedy Mini Wallet! $15.00

Super Chicken DVD & CD Combo: Barry Mitchell’s best selling silk to egg routine is now available for you to make yourself. Hundreds of Super Chickens have been sold around the world for $149 each. Now you can have the professionally recorded performance CD and a DVD of Barry’s live performance. Use your own brief case, eggs, silks, and chicken costume accessories. You may want to go hog wild with your own creative additions. The CD and DVD pack also includes full instructions. If you’ve been looking for something that will really add comedy to your act and you enjoy making props, this combo set is for you. $29.95

Legacy Of Mark Raffles DVD: Mark Raffles, the number one pickpocket in the world, tells it all in this limited edition DVD. For the first time on DVD, Mark Raffles reveals his entire act, a one that has inspired an entire generation!

* A history of the act – Mark explains how it all began
* Archival footage, including rare TV clips.
* The 1981 Magic Circle Show.
* The Secret Cabaret
* The Russell Harty Talk Show
* 1975’s Amazing TV Show
* The complete act revealed.
* Practice techniques
* Different types of pocket steals explained.
* The Watch Steal – all types discussed.
* Lifting for Laughs – the complete “dummy” routine.
* The Cups and Balls with chicks. Mark Raffles performs and explains his amazing routine, including the types of cups to use, table design and set-up, loading methods, hints and tips. $49.95

Pasteboard Player DVD - Nathan Gibson is a full time pro who, by the time he was eighteen, had taken first place in 17 close up magic contests. including the 2004 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, and the I.B.M. national convention in Cleveland.
This is edgy, pop culture, magic at it’s best. But, be warned, it’s not always easy.
Kicking Back
The Rebellious Teenager
Trick Number Three
Captain Crunch Cut
Instantaneous Card Production
n. f. g. t
Extra Features;
Martin Lewis interview with Nathan.
A presentation of Dean Dill’s Coin Explosion
The Web Trailer Digital Master
And A Surprise! $25.00

And, that's it for this week. Great stuff. Nice weather. A Buy One Get One At Half Price Sale. Man, Oh, Man, who could ask for more!

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at our grand showroom at 112 South Street in Boston. Either way, we do love the company!
Hank Lee