Saturday, July 30, 2005

Friday With Hank Lee

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. This week, I am writing from the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I'm at the beach watching the waves crash over the giant rocks. Not bad, not bad at all. But, you know me. I'm still working hard to keep you all informed.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Smoke In Floating Bubble: Reynold Alexander has taken the Zombie Floating Ball effect and brought it to new heights! His Smoke In Floating Bubble routine is nothing short of spectacular!
The props are so innocent-looking that the audience will be totally blown away. The method is so clever that you will be pleased beyond words.
The effect:
Using a bubble wand, blow some bubbles. Catch one of the bubbles, a nice big one, and show it around.
Cover the bubble with a black cloth, and the bubble begins to float!
Take some smoke and blow it towards the cloth. Suddenly, the bubble peeks up over the edge of the cloth, and it is filled with smoke! This looks unbelievable! The bubble ducks back under the cloth and floats about. Finally, you take hold of the bubble and release the smoke from inside! The audience will love it!
You get everything needed to create this wonderful effect: Plastic bubble; Collapsible electronic gimmick; Black cloth; Smoke fluid; Special bubble solution; Bubble wand; Detailed DVD instructions with audience tested routine. $249.95

Andino's Hand: Truly the Holy Grail of collectable magic. Very few were ever made, and people who own one rarely if ever let them go. So, when we were offered an Andino’s Hand from a private collector, we jumped at the chance.
Built by Domenico Dante’s Progetto:Magia, this is without doubt the most amazing Rapping Hand ever created. Every part is perfection.
The hand itself was sculpted by a European Artist, and beautifully hand-colored. You have never seen anything like this.
The short arm, which is attached to the hand, is covered in a beautiful velvet and lace sleeve.
Inside the hand/ arm combination are the electro-mechanical devices which make the hand work. Devices which are virtually silent in operation.
The hand is controlled by a remote control, which is operated by a toe switch.
In performance, the hand is placed on a clear Plexiglas base. There is no connection between the hand and the base. In fact, you can show the hand all around before placing it on the base. At your command, the hand will rap against the base to indicate “yes” or “no” or to rap a certain number of times. What is so amazing, and what makes this Rapping Hand so different from any other, is that there is no “pivot,” no base to which the wrist connects. The hand is absolutely free of the Plexiglas base. Yet, it is able to rap fast or slow, always under your control.
In addition, you receive a very special candlestick, which has been subtly gimmicked to enable you to read notes secretly written by spectators.
Here is what you will receive:
• Andino’s Hand
• Candle Stick
• Clear Plexiglas surface with brass fittings
• Remote Control with Toe Switch
• Incense holder and incense, to set the mood
• Transport case
If you love Bizarre Magick, if you have always wanted to perform the Rapping Hand but could not find one that you liked, this is for you.
There is only one of these available, and I am sure it will go very quickly. The price is not low, but really reasonable for such a fine item.$1800.00

Encyclopedia Of Rope Tricks - Stewart James - An essential title for every magician, The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is the only book of its kind.
Magical genius Stewart James, over the course of 40+ years, compiled three volumes of the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. Now, for the first time, these classic works have been collected, newly edited, and combined in a single hardbound volume.
Over the course of nearly 450 large-format pages, James describes every nuance of this fascinating branch of conjuring. Hundreds of effects are described. Puzzles share the pages with stage-filling illusions, legendary feats (like the fabled Indian Rope Trick), escapes, spirit effects, cut and restored tricks, penetrations, trick knots, suspensions, and James' famous Sefalaljia, to name but a few.
Rope tricks are the ultimate form of "pack small, play big" magic. And many impromptu feats that can be worked at the drop of a hat - often with borrowed rope - are described in these pages. Mini-miracles for virtually every type of performer are illuminated in these pages. From kid-show worker to close-up magician and parlor prestidigitator, rope tricks to suit nearly every taste, theme, and interest (not to mention skill) level are included.
Many of the greatest magical minds of the last 100 years contributed to the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, including Harlan Tarbell, David Devant, Jay Marshall, Martin Gardner, Eddie Joseph, Larry Becker, G.W. Hunter, Sid Lorraine, Bob Hummer, Jean Hugard, Winston Freer, Burling Hull, T. Page Wright, U.F. Grant, William Larsen, Sr., Dunninger, Percy Abbott, P.C. Sorcar, Tenkai Ishida, Will Brema, and many, many more.
The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is an invaluable reference work. Hardbound, 7x10". 456 pages, with over 1500 illustrations.
With an introduction by Mac King and new essay on the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont. Special Price: $44.95

Boris Wild Marked Deck- The Boris Wild Marked Deck is really a user-friendly deck of marked cards!
These easy-to-read marked cards are printed on the world's most popular cards - Bicycle Rider Backs, manufactured by the world famous US Playing Card Company. This is the first-ever factory-printed deck of marked Bicycle cards!
The Boris Wild Marked Deck is a dream to use. Wild's system is recognized as the finest ever developed. The marks are hidden in plain sight - easy for the magician to read, yet completely invisible to the uninitiated spectator.
Included with each deck are complete instructions that detail its working, along with several tips, tricks and ideas that you'll be performing right away! Easy enough for a beginner to use, but the perfect professional performance tool, as well.
Available in both red and blue Bicycle Rider Backs. Please specify when ordering. $19.95

Trilogy - 3 times the effect. 100 times the impact
You name a random card, spectator one picks a random number.
Next, you name a second random card and a second spectator picks a different number.
Finally, you name a number and spectator three names any card he likes. Remember, you always choose first ! I’ll bet you can see where this is going and are already thinking how the...!
OK - here goes: Open the card case and remove the deck. Freely show that all 52 cards have different numbers on them. Remove the card spectator number 3 named and place it face up on his hand.
Now, turn the deck over and remove the cards bearing the numbers spectators one and two named. When you flip over the first two, you have an exact match card/numbers!
The third card is still face up. Remember, spectator three had a free choice of any card. It couldn't possibly be, could it? The spectator turns it over and it's the exact number you named !
All three spectators are left holding the exact card/number match that they picked!
How clean is Trilogy? Well, there are no sleights or funky handling of any kind. There are no forces, no one-ahead and no sticky cards.
It’s like real magic! $52.50

Stickman Sam - Great animation card magic from our pals at JB Magic. You can't help but laugh as the stickman jumps from card to card!
Any card is freely selected and signed on the face.
Visibly draw a large stickman on the back of any card. You really draw the stickman.
The stickman jumps off the back of the card onto another card several times. The stickman is then cut into the center of the deck only to jump back to the top.
Without cover of any kind the stickman visually jumps off the top card and dives down into the deck.
The deck is spread and the stickman is now stuck on the back of a card in the center of the deck. Of course, it is their signed selected card!
Easy to do. The precision made Bicycle gimmick does all the work. Comes with a step by step instructional DVD. $20.00

SAS - Signed And Sandwiched - Another new one from the folks at JB Magic. SAS, short for Signed And Sandwiched!
A card is selected, signed and lost in any deck. Two Kings with a Joker sandwiched between them are shown and placed to one side.
You try to find the selected card but fail.
The sandwiched packet is picked up and spread once again showing just two Kings and a Joker.
Without any covering, counting, turning over or other funny business, the Joker starts to visually change!
It's hard to believe, but it changes into the signed selection!
The spectator removes the selected card from the fan of 3 cards.
The remaining kings are freely shown both sides.
Comes complete with special gimmicks and a full step by step instructional DVD. $24.0

And that's all the new stuff this week. Something for every taste.
I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in cyberspace at or live and in person at our fantasmic retail shop at 112 South Street in Boston. We so love the company, especially yours!
Hank Lee