Friday, March 23, 2012

Hank Lee's Buy One Get One At 60% Off Event!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. This week I have tempted the gods, as they say. I put the snow shovels away both here at the warehouse and at home. And, I prepared the snow blowers for the warm weather. I figure this is it. If putting the snow-handling equipment away does not bring on the blizzards, then we are safe until next fall. We shall see, right?

On the always happy home front, Lucas is coming home this evening for his Spring break. At Oberlin, they've been having days in the 90s, so he is aware that he's coming back to summer weather. I can't wait to see the boy. I hope he's bringing some songs with him.

On my own personal home front, I am attending a mini college reunion tonight. A small but very high quality group of friends from the Tufts University days. We are all so much older in body now. But, I think most of us are still kids at hearts. The good part is that most of us can't remember the crazy stuff we did in college. Good thing.

I am reading the Game of Thrones series  as part of the Hank Lee Book Club. A fantastic series of books. I am halfway through the third of five books, and there was a major, and I do mean major, event. If you have not read the books, you should get them. As much as the TV Series was exciting, the books are even better. And, they are all in the thousand page range, so they'll keep you indoors and out of trouble at night.

As you may already know, we have two great items from Harry Anderson's Spade and Archer publishing. 7-7-7: The 21 Card Trick and Practical Magic. Both have been selling really well, and are just about gone. So, if you have been wanting a copy of one or both, now is the time! How does that go? A word to the wise.

And, that's all the news from here. Make sure and check out this week's excitement. I think it's one of the best, especially now that so many new items are not discountable. With this week's excitement, you can combine discountable and non-discountable items to really save a lot! Read on!

BUY ONE GET ONE AT 60% OFF SALES EVENT: We have juiced up our Buy One Get One event by offering a gigantic 60% off the second item. That's right, 60% off! Here's how it works. For the next 5 days, from right now, until Tuesday, March 27th at midnight, you can save like crazy.
How does it work? Simple, really. For every item you buy, you get the second item at 60% off. That's right, a full 60% off. So, if you buy a Harbin Suspension for $575.00 and a Happie Amp for $268.00, you will get the Happie Amp for $107.20! What a deal! It even works with non-discountable items. Just make sure the non-discountable item is the higher priced of the pair. If you buy more than two items (and, we thank you), we will pair them up so you get the best deal!

The rules are also simple. We deduct the 60% from the lower priced of the two items. You can buy as many items as you want, we will do the math so you save the most! There are a few items that are not included in this promotion. Very few. If you order one of those items, we will let you know before we process your order.

Note: Since this is a somewhat complicated sale, the online system will not do the math. We will do it here before we process your order. Your email confirmation will show the full price for each item, but we will figure the discounts before you are charged, and reimburse your credit card.

In order to take advantage of this outrageous sale, you must put the words BUY ONE GET ONE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at If you are calling your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, give the order person the special code. If you are FAXing your order to 781 395 2034 or emailing it to, just remember to include the special code, BUY ONE GET ONE and you will get the biggest discount ever! So, hop to it and save some serious dough!

Now, let's take a look at this week's Hotlist!

(1) Key Fly – R. Paul Wilson & Joe Porper: Explain that you have lost your keys and show a case with three empty hooks.
Put the case down and proceed to look for the keys in your pockets, but you don't find them.
Then, one by one, you pull three keys out of thin air! As you insert each key into an invisible lock, the keys disappear!
Having found and used the keys, you pick up and open the key case and three keys fall out of the case, each on it's own hook!
Comes complete with quality props and gimmicks, exactly what you would expect from Joe Porper. Includes detailed instruction booklet with full color photos.
$370.00 (10.1691)

(2) Extended Stay – Shawn Farquhar: Shawn Farquhar, FISM Grand Prix World Champion of Magic, performs and explains in detail an amazing series of magic effects using hotel room keys.
Imagine an arsenal of magic in your wallet at a moments notice. These professionally created hotel room keys look real and yet have hidden secrets designed into each one of them to create magic in a minute.
$30.00 (10.1692)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"He's the magic equivalent of one of the seven great wonders of the world. Once you have seen him, you'll never forget Shawn Farquhar." - Graham Hey, Magic Seen Magazine

" fooled us..." - Penn Jilette, Penn & Teller

(3) Add-Ict - Wayne Dobson and Mark Mason:
Effect 1:
A prediction is shown inside a small leather business card holder.
A deck of cards is handed to the spectator; they can shuffle them.
The spectator deals cards onto the magician's out-stretched hand.
No force. They stop anywhere they wish.
The card they stop on matches the prediction exactly.
The deck is shown. Every card is now blank!

Effect 2:
A card is shown inside a small leather business card holder.
Any number is shouted out by a spectator.
The spectator examines and shuffles a regular deck.
The spectator deals down cards to their selected number.
The card they arrive at matches the prediction inside the wallet.

Easy to do, you will love the method
Comes complete with:
Custom made leather business card holder, blank gimmick card for routine one, regular bicycle gimmick card for routine two, DVD with 2 routines plus bonus ideas and handling tips.
$30.00 (30.1678)

(4) Magic Wand Factory: A fabulous kidshow routine, available again!
Ask the kids if they have any idea how magic wands are made? And so it begins.
Explain that a very special machine is used and that you just bought one. Of course, you didn't have time to read the instructions, so if the kids agree you would like to try the machine out right here and now.
Set the machine up on the table (when doing so you allow the kids to look inside and thru the machine, it seems completely empty). On top of the machine is a crank.
The machine comes with a square wooden rod. Of course everybody knows that wands are round, so you put the square rod in the machine, turn the crank on top twice and out comes a round wand.
But wait, aren't wands supposed to be black in the center? Read the instructions, place the round wood into the machine and, using a funnel pour black paint into the machine. Turn the crank twice and out comes a solid black wand.
Hold on, the ends of the wand should be white. Put the black wand in the machine and pour some white paint in. Turn the crank twice and out comes an all-white wooden wand. By now the kids are screaming their heads off! Every wand you make is wrong!
Again, you read the instructions. Oops. You had to put both paints in at the same time. Your mistake. In goes the white wand and both paints are added at the same time. Give the machine a little shake just to be sure.
Reading on in the instructions it says: Do not shake at this point. Darn. Turn the crank twice and out comes a black wand covered in white dots. More screaming from the peanut gallery.
Quickly the dotted wand goes in the machine, shake it the other way, turn the crank twice and out comes a black wand with white stripes.
This wand goes back into the machine, which is spun around, the crank is turned twice and now you have a white wand with black ends! The poor kids will be laughing themselves silly.
Not one to easily up, you place this wand back into the machine and ask all the kids for help. They all think of a real magic wand.
Turn the crank twice and finally a black wand with white ends comes out of the machine.
The machine can be shown completely empty again.
You receive the special machine, all the wands, the "paint cans", a funnel and detailed instructions. Very easy to perform!
Huge entertainment value!
Wands are approx. 13.5" long, 1" diameter
The "factory" measures: 17 3/4" x 10x 4.5"
$239.00 (60.1428)

(5) Mobius Switch - Glenn West: What if you could change the value of a borrowed bill with just a wave of your hand? This is exactly what your audiences will see when you perform the Mobius Switch by Glenn West. Glenn has developed a spectacular technique for changing a bill in an incredibly visual manner without the use of gimmicks.
This technique works with paper notes from any country and can be done at a moment's notice. Simply borrow a bill, change it instantly, and hand it back without any funny moves or extraneous folding.
In addition to the core technique, which is ideal for the classic $1 to $100 effect, Glenn also teaches his Torn and Restored Bill. Your spectator signs their bill, which is then torn into two pieces. The bill is restored in a flash and handed back to the spectator fully intact, complete with signature!
The Mobius Switch is ideal for close-up, parlor, or stage applications due to its quick and visual nature. Learn it today, and leave your props at home!
Uses only sleight of hand
No gimmicks
Any borrowed bill
Any country, any denomination
Bonus torn and restored bill effect
$20.00 (DVD01333)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(6) Web Spinner: Spin a web, anytime. Catch applause, gasps and sighs with JoeJoe's amazing Web Spinner. It's the all in one thread device. Presented by Steve Fearson. If you've been waiting for the gimmick that would take the fear out of invisible thread work and get you floating stuff now, look no further than Web Spinner!
Pop the Web Spinner in your pocket and you're ready to levitate, animate and suspend objects at a moment's notice.
Store It: Your invisible thread is protected and stored in an unwound state. No wrapping and unwrapping every time you need a new piece.
Strip It:  The Web Spinner turns the most tedious part of invisible thread work into something downright simple. It almost strips the thread for you. You have to see it to believe it!
Spool It: Functioning as a spooler, the Web Spinner can release a predetermined length of thread before stopping and automatically locking it in place.
And, it handles your wax, too! It does all of this with no motors, no batteries and no elastic bands!
Since the Web Spinner can release invisible thread and then hold it under no tension while you perform, it's perfect for routines like Kevin James Floating Rose, John Kennedy's Floating Bill and many other classic thread effects. In fact, that's exactly what it was made for!
Some effects, like the Floating Rose, require you to break the thread at the end. This means you need to reset with a new thread every time. That's where the Web Spinner shines because again, that's exactly what it was made for. What used to take minutes now takes seconds and you're ready to perform again!
You can get dozens of threads out of the Web Spinner before you need to refill it and even that can be done in less than 60 seconds. Thanks to a design modification from Steve Fearson, you can replace the thread as easily and quickly as tying your shoelaces.
The Web Spinner is compatible with the most popular invisible threads including the John Haar EZ-Strip thread and the amazing Vectra Line Super Strong Invisible Thread. It makes handling and stripping both these threads a breeze. Because it was designed for it!
* If you're experienced with invisible thread, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Web Spinner.
* If you've never worked with invisible thread the Web Spinner will give you the confidence you need to get started.
* If you've given up on thread because it's too frustrating, the Web Spinner can make you fall in love with thread again!
The Web Spinner is a magical tool designed by a real worker over a lifetime of performances. It's not an optional accessory. It is a must have device for any magician, in the league of the thumb tip.
Bonus: Another mind-blowing modification from Steve Fearson that turns your Web Spinner into a reel! Cause dollar bills to fly to your hand and more. Pull out the thread and it will retract smoothly and efficiently, like any other reel.
You'll receive the Web Spinner gimmick, John Haar thread, Vectra Line, magician's wax, printed instructions and access to a bonus online video.
$20.00 (70.1020)

"This is Awesome!" -Jeff McBride

(7) Tribute – Ben Train: A hand-picked collection of card magic's strongest ideas, updated and designed for a modern audience. Ben Train offers you three sophisticated routines. Use them as stand-alone pieces or combine them to form a powerful act. You're holding more than a decade's worth of thinking and studying, and you're on your way to performing better magic.
Bold Assembly
Display the four Aces by dealing them onto separate spots on the table. With almost no cover, the Aces start vanishing one-by-one, leaving no trace behind. Eventually they reappear, found together in an impossible location.
The Myth
Imagine taking your deck, letting someone shuffle it as much as they want, then cutting to an Ace. Every time! Learn the concept that's experiencing a rebirth after decades of lying dormant. No palming. No funny moves. No bull.
Triumph v.136 by Ben Train & Syd Segal
Paying homage to The Professor, Dai Vernon, Ben teaches Syd Segal's direct, fair and simple method for Triumph (Full Metal Jacket, 2005). Ben's historical background, theory and personal touches make this a routine something you have to see to believe!
$25.00 (DVD01335)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(8) Bolt Trick: One of the most astounding close-up effects you will ever perform., at a new low price!
Start with a normal nut and bolt from the hardware store.
The spectator threads the nut on the bolt.
You hold the bolt at your fingertips and suddenly, in a most spooky manner, the nut starts to turn and turn itself off of the bolt. Absolutely amazing!
A small electronic gimmick does all the magic for you. You always have complete control. You can easily control the speed of the nut. Fast, slow or stopped
Neither the nut or bolt is magnetic, and there are no threads.
You can perform it surrounded and in any clothes.
This new version of the classic effect is totally practical and works like a charm. The gimmick is the size of a single AA battery! That's all.
No advance preparation!
The trick comes complete with everything you need, and instructions for several routines.
$50.00 (10.1630)

(9) Arming System – Chef Tsao: The Arming System is a way of Arming to vanish a coin. You will be left totally clean, and there is nothing attached to your body.
Contents Include:
* Chef's Coin: A brand new way to vanish a coin, and the application of Arming with a one coin routine.
* Coin XChange: Two different coins exchange continuously inside the hands, and vanish at the end.
* Triple Moneyfecture: Produce three coins from nowhere, and then vanish them one by one. This is the ultimate application of the Arming system.
* Three Jumpers: 3 Fly style routine. Within this routine, due to the Arming method, the transposition effect is much stronger.
* Four Across: This is Chef's favorite routine. Four coins transpose from one hand to the other one by one. What's different from the Three Jumpers routine is that the viewing angle for the audience is from the above, and this emphasizes the close-up experience.
* Spellbound: A silver coin magically becomes a copper one, and then back to silver again.
* Deeply Spellbound: This is the advanced version of Spellbound. With only one hand, you can make the coin change from silver to copper to Chinese coin.
* Cow Vanish: Chef's original method for coin vanishes. Toss the coin into the hand and the coin clinks, and then vanishes.
* Silver Shadow: After the coin vanishes, show the empty hands very clearly, and then reproduce the coin.
* Machine Gun: The first phase looks like a one coin routine, but in the end suddenly four coins appear.
* CSB Jumpers: The advanced version of Three Jumpers.Three coins with different shapes - silver, copper, and Chinese coin, transpose one by one between two hands.
* Jumbo Spellbound: Change the shape of the Jumbo coin (silver or copper or the Chinese coin).
$30.00 (DVD01334)

(10) Kangaroo Pouch: It's not every day that a must-have utility item comes along. The Kangaroo Pouch is not only the perfect strolling magician's close-up pouch, but also one with a kicker magical finish!
First, it is a pouch designed to carry the tools of the magic trade.
* It fits on your belt.
* It holds a deck of cards.
* It holds a thumb tip (right where you want it).
* It holds your favorite packet trick.
* It holds your coins (in two individual pouches).
In addition to its quality constructions and fine leather, the closing snaps are magnetic so they self-align when you want to close it.
But here's the real kicker. It's got a built in trick.
Let's say you are doing your strolling magic. You have used your Kangaroo Pouch to get cards, coins, load and unload your thumb tip and are ready to close, to a finish that can't be beat.
Includes instruction sheet.
$49.95 (70.1021)

And that's this week's Summer in March Hotlist. Some really hot new magic, to match our hot new weather! I think this week's offerings are some of the best in a very long time!
As always, I thank you for taking the time to visit us. Whether it's online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love the company!