Friday, April 08, 2011

At The Cape Cod Magic Conclave!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Here we are at the Hyannis Resort and Convention Center on beautiful Cape Cod, getting ready for this year’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave to begin. The place looks absolutely gorgeous. The elves have done a fabulous job setting up our dealer’s booth. With so many dealers in the room, it looks like an Arabian Bazar of magic! I think I will take some photos and show them to you next week.

The next three days will be non-stop magic. Lecture after lecture. Fabulous evening shows on both Friday and Saturday night. A not-to-be-missed close-up show on Saturday afternoon. And a totally fun late night Saturday event. Wow. I always wonder if the Conclavers will be able to find time to buy some magic. And, they always do.

I hope you are registered, because I don’t want you to miss this year’s event. If you can’t make it for the entire weekend, you can drive to Hyannis on Saturday and pick up a One Day Registration. Bonnie and her team of Registration Elves will be happy to help you.

As for me, I am about to look for a comfy armchair to bring into the Dealers’ Room so I can put my feet up and rest my weary bones!

And, that’s it from here. Time to check out this week’s excitement!

BUY MORE GET MORE: Starting right now and running through Thursday, April 14th at midnight, we are having a Buy More Get More event.
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And now, this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Tony Clark’s Gypsy Balloon: Just plain genius! It starts with a helium-filled balloon attached to a string.
Little by little, you tear the string into small pieces.
Bunch the little pieces into a ball and attach the ball to the string of the balloon.
A magical pass, and the balloon begins to rise in the air. As it does, the string gets longer and longer, until it is fully restored.
A fabulous piece of magic that makes complete sense. You will add this to your show instantly!
Comes complete with 30 fee of string (refills are available).
Balloons and helium are not included. Get them at any party store.
$25.00 (60.1736)
Available for shipping the third week of May. Pre-order now and we will pay the shipping.

“This is one of the strongest pieces I've ever created. I just used it to close my hit show "Masters of Magic" in the 1200 seat Montbleu theater in Lake Tahoe!”

"After seeing Tony do his Gypsy Balloon Routine, I was blown away. Tony has found a way to motivate and elevate the classic and powerful Gypsy Thread trick into a truly powerful piece of magic and theater. His routine is actually too good to release and I wish I had the exclusive rights to it. This is something I would put into my show immediately and I predict a lot of people will do just that." -Danny Cole

(2) Len’s Paint Pot: A great new effect for your family shows!
Show a paint can and a brush. Dipping it into the magic paint can, the brush keeps coming out with a different color on it, before finally becoming clean.
In addition, there is a lot of business with a spider that lives in the paint can!
In addition to the four basic colors – red, blue, green and yellow – there is also striped and spotted paint!
Very easy to do, this is a fantastic addition to any Magic Painting routine.
Sensational quality! You’ll get five minutes of fun out of this prop alone!
Imported from Europe.
$75.00 (60.1735)

(3) Super Latex Cola Bottle: This is the Rolls Royce of all latex cola bottles!
Precisely made in two pieces that fit together perfectly and, when together, are totally sealed for liquid.
Looks 100% real! You can even show it a few inches away from your spectators. A useful magic prop that can be used in many different ways.
Made from Super Latex, an incredible new material, so real and functional that your eyes will not believe it!
Advantages of the new Super Latex material:
* Looks completely real!
* Has a natural brilliance!
* Compress to 1/10th of its original size.
Here are just a few of the possible effects:
Vanishing Cola:
Show a bottle full of liquid, open it and fill a glass with cola, so the bottle remains half full. Place the bottle inside a paper bag and magically make it vanish!
Cola to Silks:
Show a bottle full of liquid and pour out half of it. Place the bottle inside a paper bag. Wave your hand over the bag and produce multiple handkerchiefs. Crush the bag, the bottle is gone!
Cola to Milk:
Show a bottle full of liquid, pour out half of it, so the bottle remains half full. Place the bottle inside a paper bag. Now wave your hand over the bag, and proceed to produce a glass full of milk from the bag. Then, crumple the paper bag showing that the bottle has transform into a glass of milk.
And many more effects. The limit is your imagination!
$55.00 (60.1737)

(4) Bicycle Titanium Edition Playing Cards: A timeless, classic design - masterfully updated. We are now proud to offer the first ever metallic deck of Bicycle® playing cards.
Your favorite cards, fully optimized and transformed into something you have never seen before.
Bicycle® playing cards have been the industry standard for over a century. Originally unveiled in the late 19th century, their reputation for quality and universal appeal is without equal. They have been and will continue to be the premiere choice for card enthusiasts around the world.
The Bicycle Titanium Edition is a special edition series based on the traditional Rider Back design. The intention was to remain as faithful as possible to the original design while using a proprietary blend of metallic inks.
The back design, the box, and even the court cards utilize metallic inks that radiate light in a subtle, elegant manner. The box has metallic foil on five sides, showcasing the original Rider Back design that you know and love.
Available in two colors - Steel Blue and Crimson Red - the Bicycle Titanium Edition playing cards were printed at the United States Playing Card Company using the finest quality stock and finish. They feel smooth - not too rigid - right out of the box.
The Bicycle Titanium Edition is simple, with a timeless design you already love. In stock and available now in limited quantities.
$4.95 (30.1581)

(5) Ascanio’s World Of Knives – Arturo de Ascanio – Translated by Jose de la Torre: The Color-Changing Knives is a magic classic. Generally credited to Walter Jeans, it became a popular pocket trick in the 1930s.
In 1958 Arturo de Ascanio, who went under the stage name Marcus, wrote the definitive book on the subject in Spanish. In 1975 Jose de la Torre released Ascanio’s World Of Knives in English which helped make the routine a staple of every close-up magician’s act.
The book was also one of the first Spanish magic books to be translated into English, introducing the genius of Ascanio to magicians around the world.
After being out of print for decades Ascanio’s World Of Knives is back and is better than ever, with many clear photographs and illustrations that make all the techniques and routines easy to learn. This book teaches you the many tools you need to create your own routines with pocket knives that change color on command.
Techniques and routines include: Classic Paddle Move (Modernized), Cleaning Paddle Move, Passing The Knife From Hand To Hand, Appearance By The Pinkie, Turn With The Ring Finger, Ultra Fast Turn, Classic Color Change, Ascanio’s Half Turn, Bringas’ Color Change, Ganson’s Color Change In A Spectator’s Hand, One Hand Color Change, Color Change With Normal Knives, Manipulating The Knife As A Cigarette, Push-Through Palm, Two Fu Manchu Passes, Stealing With A Pull, Change Of Normal Knife To A Gimmicked One, Ascanio’s Fast Change, To Tell The Sides Of The Knife By Touch, A Knives Classifier, Three Psychological Procedures, Psychological Aspects Of The Color Change, A Fred Kaps Routine, The Handkerchief Pass, A Short And Easy Routine, Ascanio’s Knives And Color-Blindness and much more.
The main reason the Color-Changing Knives are a classic of magic and a staple of many professional close-up magicians’ repertoire is that you are able to create beautiful and visual magic with ordinary objects. Once you learn these techniques you will never leave home without a set of Color-Changing Knives in your pocket.
144-pages with more than 50 photographs and illustrations, 6"x9." Softbound with color cover. $19.95 (BK01770)

(6) Dark Side Deck – Lucas Allen: So many completely different effects on this DVD! Nothing has been left out! You get the deck (Bicycle deck from the USPCC), you get a marker and complete visual instructions and example street performances!
This deck is unlike any other deck on the market!
Here are just a few of the many effects that can be done with this incredible deck:
Imagine having a spectator think of any card in the deck (No forcing, genuine 52 cards) and when the deck is spread out, their card is the only one with blood stains on it! You show the fronts and backs of all the other cards and there are no markings!
Or, how about this: The deck represents an empty bullet magazine from a gun and there is only one card in the entire deck that represents a bullet. The cards are dealt one at a time and whatever card the spectator names is turned over to show the word "BANG". Every other card in the deck says "CLICK" on the back!
Another fantastic idea: A card is named and it is turned over to show the words "THIS IS IT" on the back! This is the only card with this written on the back and in fact, the rest of the deck, when spread face down, has arrows pointing to the named card!
These are only three of the many ideas contained on this DVD!
You have infinite choices of what you want your Dark Side Deck to become!
Three cards can be named that accurately match past lottery numbers!
Perfectly predict the phone number of a beautiful girl!
Find out if your spectator has the mind of a psycho!
And so much more!
$30.00 (30.1580)

(7) Touch DVD – Hanson Chien: A DVD filled with brilliant ideas for rubber band magic. All the tricks are impromptu and can be done with borrowed rubber bands. No-talk teaching also makes everything easy to learn in any language.
Touch by Hanson Chien is viewed as the most stunning impromptu rubber band magic, being widely discussed by magic forums in many different countries.
In this DVD, Hanson for the first time, tells the secrets of Touch and other 9 rubber band tricks, and 2 bonus routines.
10 killer rubber band tricks!
- Touch
- Escape
- Ghost Slink
- Ghost Palm
- Ghost Finger
- Crazy Hanson's Handcuffs
- Crazy Magician's Handcuffs
- Infinity Linkage
- Missing Linkage
- Flash Band
Plus 2 routines:
- Teleport
- Liquid
Subtitled in English and Japanese. $30.00 (DVD01252)

“Touch from Hanson Chien contains material which every fan of rubber band magic will enjoy. The title effect, "Touch" and "Ghost Finger" are my favorites, but there's so much here for every style. You simply must get Touch.” Dan Harlan

“Great Material! I think you have wonderful material and have added some great things to the Magic community.” Joe Rindfleisch

(8) Selling The Impossible – John Kaplan: Professional magician John Kaplan reveals "real world" marketing techniques, tales and insights from a 30+year career in magic.
John has successfully sold his magic services in virtually every market imaginable, including birthday parties, schools, theatres, nightclubs, banquets, trade shows, television, cruise ships, fairs, festivals, shopping malls, amusement parks, conventions, corporate events, promotions and fundraisers.
In the pages of this unprecedented book, John shares the fascinating stories of some of his most memorable sales successes and exactly how they were accomplished.
* How the opening act spot was landed for gigs with Jay Leno and a world famous rock and roll band
* The proposal letter that sold a half-hour live magic show for over $20,000
* How a high profile, extremely lucrative magic promotion was conceived and sold in a market that previously "didn't exist."
* The "back door" strategy used to sell major corporate gigs - bookings worth tens of thousands of dollars.
* The special show sold to an internationally renowned cosmetics company
* The plan created to successfully get front page publicity in one of the leading newspapers in a major market.
By far the most valuable component of this volume is the expose and thoroughly detailed analysis of the actual sales materials John uses to sell-out his show schedule year after year.
This is an inspired work that is truly inspirational, motivational and educational. For anyone interested in knowing what it takes to have a successful career in magic, this is must reading.
138 pages. 8.5" x 11." Perfect Bound. $47.00 (BK01771)

(9) Milbourne Christopher Library I: All magic historians and collectors have heard of Milbourne Christopher's legendary library, but few had the opportunity to examine the countless rarities it contained. Now you can leisurely study every bibliographic detail of his lifetime collection of rare conjuring books. This volume contains 160 pages and lists over 1,100 of Christopher's oldest titles (including foreign language) dating from 1589 to 1900.
During his career on the stage and television, Christopher shared his vast holdings with viewers and readers through his TV appearances and his books including The Illustrated History of Magic; Houdini, The Untold Story; ESP, Seers & Psychics; Mediums, Mystics & The Occult and Search For The Soul. His encyclopedic knowledge, enthusiasm and performances inspired an entire generation of performers, scholars and writers.
This out of print book is a collector's item and features 24 pages of photographic plates showing the covers or title pages of many of Christopher's most prized treasures. As the historic Christopher Library is soon to be auctioned off, be sure to obtain this book which contains information about many items in the auction.
Quantities are limited.
160 pages. Hardcover.
$52.50 (BK01769)

And that’s this week’s Here We Are At the Conclave Hotlist! Between this week’s batch of magical goodies and the rest of the over 7000 items we carry, you should be able to put together a nice size order and get yourself a big fat Gift Certificate for your next order!
As always, I thank you for coming to visit us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford (remember, we will be leaving early on Thursday and then will be closed Friday and Saturday.)