Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Weeks To Go And The Shipping Is Still Free!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Another week of packing and shipping and shipping and packing. But, we are not yet at elfin capacity. We can still handle all of the orders you can send our way, and we will make sure you get them in time for the big holiday! So, put us to the test. Give us your biggest orders! We can do it. Oh, yes we can.

Speaking of holidays, all eight candles were lit in the menorahs this week, marking the end of Chanukah. Without the kids at home, it was a quiet celebration. Just Bonnie, Bones and me. Bones practiced all year, and did an excellent job saying the prayers over the candles. Next year, he will have his Bark-Mitzvah. Only joking.

For those of you who need to know what the very latest magic is as it comes in the door, now you can! In each of the categories, like Cards, Coins, Close-up, etc., you will now find a Date Added Sort. It’s over on the right side, at the top of the item listing. If you click on Date Added, the online catalog will show you the items in that category in, well you guessed it, Date Added order. It’s kind of neat, so you might want to check it out.

On the Conclave front, we have added new talent, even since last week. And, we have some exciting talent that we are just waiting to confirm. You should take a look at next year’s Conclave by Clicking Here!
Remember, a Conclave registration makes a wonderful holiday gift. Just a thought.

Other important reminders.
* Gift Certificates are available in amounts from $10.00 to infinity. We recommend the infinity amount for that special someone on your list.
* The Holiday EXTRA is online just chock full of great items. If you need a printed copy, let me know and we’ll get it right off to you. Otherwise, you can print one right on your home computer!
* We have a huge selection of Magic Sets for those magical beginners. You can find them in the Magic Sets Category of the online catalog.
* If you need help choosing the magic you would like to purchase for that special someone (even if that someone is you), please call us at 781 391 8749 and one of our totally knowledgeable elves will be happy to help.

And, that’s it from here. Now, let’s check out this week’s (and this month’s) excitement.

FREE SHIPPING: It’s our holiday gift to you, our favorite customers! Until Friday the 24th of December at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent UPS Ground, UPS Three Day, Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 24th of December!
Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Invisible Paint: In the works for over 10 years; now it is finally here! If you are a kidshow performer, you really should get this one!
It is a Square Circle that is also a Phantom Tube, manufactured to look like a standard paint can.
Now, pulling colors out of a “tube” makes sense!
Kids love colors.
Kids love paint.
Kids love invisible things.
Combine them all and you have an amazing piece of magic that, you guessed it, kids love!
It comes with a custom manufactured high quality Phantom Paint Can (same size as a real paint can), a road case styled outer box with laser cut splatters, a tapered load that fits inside the paint can that has been covered in high quality light absorbent material, a custom carrying bag, 3 custom silks manufactured by Wonder Imagery and a DVD packed with tons of creative routines and pdfs.
Regular price is $540.00, but if you order before January 1st, you can have one for $395.00! (60.1719)

(2) Dresscode: Brand new from theory11. Imagine walking up to someone as you clearly, openly display your shirt. You turn 360 degrees, and you're now wearing a completely different shirt.
Created by Calen Morelli, Dresscode is direct, visual magic at it's finest. It's simple, easy, and needs no patter. The visual shock of the effect translates to any language, and any culture - it is true magic.
The shirt at the end is completely normal. The jacket is completely normal. And, the shirt is shown front and back before and after the change.
Dresscode can be done with any t-shirt, at any time.
Reset time is less than 15 seconds and you are ready to perform it once again. It truly is the quickest, most practical quick change ever conceived. You can wear the gimmick all day comfortably, without difficulty.
With Dresscode, you'll be supplied with everything you need in over 45 minutes of detailed instruction by Calen Morelli. The DVD contains performances and multiple applications to stimulate your creativity. No gimmicked shirts are provided with the DVD. You will be using your own shirt.
No cards. No coins. No props, or magic wands. There is only you. The focus is on you. Their eyes will be on you. They will remember you.
Dresscode is the perfect opening to any act, walk around or street magic set. It is practical, easy, and provides a lightning fast reset.
$24.95 (60.1718)

(3) Card College 1 & 2 DVD Set – Roberto Giobbi – Produced by Jim Steinmeyer: Roberto Giobbi’s remarkable Card College books have become the groundbreaking course in the subject, an analysis of the art, science, technique and philosophy of card magic. Card College has changed the way a generation of magicians have learned card magic, and changed the way they think about it.
In this highly anticipated new video project, Roberto’s Card College has been brought to a four DVD set, with nearly eight hours of material. Card College 1&2. Personal Instruction combines Roberto’s lessons with his performances, demonstrations and explanations. Here you have a chance to learn directly from Roberto. He explains the essential moves, the subtle touches, and gives amazing examples that will allow you to add these techniques to your repertoire.
As one of magic’s great teachers, Roberto will serve as an inspiration in your work. These four discs are unlike any DVDs you’ve ever seen, professionally photographed and edited to efficiently demonstrate card techniques, with clear close-ups and reverse shots, as well as expert analysis of every move. There are fundamental lessons for the beginner, and expert approaches for experienced magicians. Best of all, here’s a chance to meet Roberto, watch his presentations and benefit from his personal instruction. On this four disc set, you’ll learn basic techniques like squaring, cuts, grips, dealing, breaks, spreads, shuffles, false cuts, card controls, forces, glide, glimpses, key card handlings, double lift and flourishes, the Hindu shuffle, and special techniques like thumb count, buckle, palm, spread count, top change, crimp, reverse, the classic force, and much more. In the Card College tradition, Roberto teaches magic immediately, with astonishing routines, allowing you to see the sleights in action and put them to use in these effects.
Card College 1: Begins with fundamental techniques, and includes the Overhand Shuffle, False Cuts, Card Controls, Forces, the Riffle Shuffle, Transfer Cuts, the Glide, the Glimpse, Key Cards, the Double Lift and Flourishes. Roberto discusses each sleight in detail, while you watch clear close ups of his hands, finger positions, and grips. Then sit back while Roberto entertains you with a trick or two that includes the move you’ve just learned. These tricks will soon become standards in your repertoire, including Belchou Aces Revisited, The Question Is?, Further Than That and Beyond, Impossible! Finally, Roberto explains each trick, with special emphasis on the move and finely tuned details that he’s learned in the course of hundreds of performances.
Card College 2:
As with Roberto’s classic volumes, Card College 2 continues with more advanced sleights and moves. Now you’ll learn Auxiliary Sleights, the Hindu Shuffle, the Overhand Shuffle II, the Force II, the Palm, the Spread Cull, False Counts, the Crimp, and the Reverse. Each sleight is broken down into its essential elements. Roberto carefully demonstrates the move, each one fully illustrated through close up shots of his hands. Roberto then includes a practical demonstration of the sleights as they appear in some of his favorite tricks. These include X Marks the Spot, The Magic Phone Number, Time Machine, Twisting the Aces, the Lucky Coin and the Psychic Stop Trick; soon they’ll be among your favorites too! Each section concludes with Roberto’s breakdown of the performance, as he carefully shows how to use the sleight, and draws attention to the tips and details that come from years of experience.
$124.95 (DVD01216)

(4) Smoke & Mirrors Deck v5: Almost sold out! Act quickly! The fifth edition of luxury brand playing cards by Dan and Dave Buck. Featuring artwork by renowned designer Si Scott in the United Kingdom.
This new edition showcases the same acclaimed aesthetic of the Smoke & Mirrors v4, although instead of green - they are an elegant, metallic denim blue. The colors were carefully selected personally by Dan and Dave. The design is simple, elegant, and refined.
As the fifth generation deck, theory11 employed all previous experience to engineer the highest quality playing cards to date. Unlike any previous edition, the fifth edition playing cards feature unique embossing on the tuck case to exceed all expectations.
Premium, luxury playing cards printed proudly at the United States Playing Card Company.
The creative process for Smoke and Mirrors began several years ago. Dan and Dave collaborated with Si Scott on a deck of cards that met their sky-high expectations for style, design, and illustration.
Over the months that followed, the collaboration continued alongside Scott's delicate process of design the old fashioned way: pen and ink.
Across four editions, Dan and Dave have evolved that original design to streamline its elements to purest form. This fifth edition remains steadfast in that tradition. The tuck case design features pixel-perfect, metallic silver circles over a denim blue background.
Even the smallest details are attended to: the letters D&D are embossed on the inside flap. Where others overlook, Dan and Dave excel.
$5.95 (30.1480)

(5) Table Magic – Bill Abbott: Whether you're interested in landing your first restaurant gig, learning how to rock a banquet table full of corporate executives, or making the next house party you attend a legendary event, Table Magic reveals the real secrets to creating indelible table-side memories for every audience and venue.
Bill Abbott's third installment in the critically acclaimed Professional Man Of Mystery Collection, unveils the intimate details necessary to performing professional magic at the restaurant table, the banquet table or the dining table at someone's private home event.
Gleaned from Bill's years of experience as 'house magician' at several Toronto restaurants, the thousands of corporate banquets he has entertained at and the hundreds of private home engagements, this book is chock full of advice and hard-hitting commercial routines.
Contents Include:
A Dedication to Paul Gertner
Foreword by Paul Vigil
Advice & Essays:
Interruptions & Distractions
Centre Pieces and the Art of War
House Parties: The Perfect Place for Magic
To Sit or to Stand
Pied Piper Syndrome and the Antidote
Why the Restaurant Needs You & Why You Need the Restaurant
Effects & Routines:
Flash The Wonder Dog
Ashes Feng Shui
Hot Shot Card Stab Ending
Casey's Crayons
Mental Photograph
The Boyd Mystery Complete
27 pages. Saddle Stitched. Black and White photos and full color cover
$25.00 (BK01745)

(6) Cobra Flash – Alex Lourido:
John Corneliius started it all with his legendary FISM Flash. It was one of the hottest items in magic until John stopped producing it. Others have attempted to pick up were he left off; however, these later versions have always seemed to fall short of the original concept. Until now!
Cobra Flash was engineered to accentuate your routines and to work reliably on command.
Now you can add a brilliant flash, which seems to come from nowhere, to any effect at the exact moment you wish!
A few of the factors that make Cobra Flash special is its durability and ergonomic design, its ease of use and its ability to safely achieve the same effect as flash paper, but without all the danger and restrictions involved. Also, this unit contains multiple methods to trigger its flash.
You have the option to activate the flash on command via an onboard push-button switch located on the body of the unit.
Or you can activate Cobra Flash hands-free via a removable mercury tilt switch (sold separately). Just raise your hand to a predetermined height at the moment you wish to make an item vanish or appear, and the tilt switch instantly activates the flash!
Alex Lourido personally designed the Cobra Flash and made it light weight, user friendly and very durable. The built-in power jack allows the user to add on additional features as they see necessary, like the extended push button or the extended tilt switch!
Also, each Cobra Flash has an on/off toggle switch to prevent the flash from accidentally firing and prevents battery drainage. There is also a small onboard lamp that reliably informs the performer when the unit is on and ready for operation, so there’s no more guesswork involved!
Cobra Flash is comfortable and easy to wear and will not impede a magician’s movements like other devices did in the past. The flash head extends almost three feet from the body of the unit to allow for a number of easy setup configurations.
The cobra shaped head of the flash assembly is flat so there is no pitching and turning, and this design forces the bulb to face your spectators to create the strongest flash possible. The flash on these units is so powerful that it can easily penetrate clothing!
The Cobra Flash will be coming into stock very soon. Pre-order now and we’ll pay the shipping anywhere!
$150.00 (10.1611)

(7) Banded – Garrett Thomas:
Magically move your ring through all four of your fingers!
A revolutionary new Ring Through Finger effect!
From Garrett Thomas, the man who brought us The Ring Thing.
The ring is made by Roy Kueppers
Ring Size:
20mm (10 1/4 US)
21mm (11-1/2 US)
23mm (14 US)
25mm (16-1/2 US)
Please specify.
Note: The ring that you select should be slightly larger than the size you normally wear.
$70.00 (10.1612)

(8) Master Pushoff – Andi Gladwin: The Master Pushoff isn't just a move; it's an entire technique that will revolutionize your card magic. This one technique allows you to execute a perfect double turnover (with no breaks or get readies), an elegant second deal, double deals, palms, switches, third deals and so much more. It can even be used for sixth and seventh dealing!
Building on the work of Edward Marlo, this DVD is the first in-depth look at the multiple pushoff technique in over 40 years. Andi Gladwin's expert touch and easy-to-follow tuition makes it easy to learn and apply the multiple pushoff to your card magic, including some great effects and a guest appearance by Benjamin Earl.
Whether you're new to card magic, or are a card magic expert, this two DVD set is a masterful example of how a technique that takes a split second to execute can be one of the most useful, important techniques in your repertoire. Invest your time in learning this move and it will reward you every time you pick up a deck of cards.
$39.95 (DVD01218)

"I enjoyed The Master Pushoff a lot. It's a very conscientious effort to teach the double push-off that would benefit anyone interested in learning the move." - Darwin Ortiz

"Andi Gladwin is the authority on the multiple push-off, and I think he's the perfect instructor for this invaluable technique. This DVD should be in everyone's collection." - Joshua Jay

"On his "Master Pushoff" DVDs Andi shows once more that attention to detail can make a huge difference. The many handlings and applications of the Double and Multiple Push-Off techniques presented on this DVD set (including excellent in-depth coverage of the Push-Off Second Deal) are eye-opening, and Andi's relaxed and comfortable teaching-style sets an example of clarity and efficiency that makes it a pleasure to watch and learn from these DVDs." - Pit Hartling

(9) Dynamo Deck – Richard Osterlind: A secret from deep within the Osterlind vault!
This is the deck that Richard Osterlind carried with him constantly for years. It is made up of a series of tried and proven principles both new and old.
First, it is a stacked deck enabling you to do any effect in that category, and some incredible ones are included.
Next, it has a built-in Radar Deck! That's right; you can perform the Radar Deck effect without the need for a second deck! Because of Richard's incredible thinking, you can achieve the exact same effect without switching in the gimmicked deck.
Because of the nature of this stack, you can ask a person to name any card and perform Al Koran's Encore Card Stab with that named card! This is only one of the many effects you can perform using this built-in principle.
Also included are some old and newer effects based on Kaplan's work in his book, The Fine Art of Magic. These are completely independent of the stacked deck principle and play incredibly strong.
Another unique feature of these card enables you to easily transform the deck into an impromptu Mene-Tekel deck! This same principle will enable you to perform 4 Ace (or any value) routines in a startling new way.
All of the above is just the beginning and, at the end, you are left with a normal deck of playing cards!
And there is still more! Richard teaches you how to adapt this deck to use with his famous Breakthrough Card System, if you currently use that stack. Just those ideas are worth the cost of the whole outfit
There is more value in this deck than any ten other decks on the market!
Comes complete with Bicycle Mandolin deck and 31 page instruction booklet.
$25.00 (30.1555)

(10) Phoenix Parlor Deck: The world’s smallest Jumbo Deck!
Sounds silly, but it isn't. These 3” x 4”cards are the perfect size for every performer. Every magician who has handled these cards has been surprised at how easily they could apply all their learned sleights, including palming.
You will never use "smaller" Poker cards in a Stand-Up or Parlor situation again.
The Parlor Deck is the logical solution for all magicians who perform for audiences of 10 or more people (so nearly every magician).
It’s like handing out a magnifying glass to every spectator. The cards are extremely visible due to the new face design, without looking odd or different to your audience! The center image stays the same while the whole card size increases.
Main features of the Parlor Deck:
High visibilty for Close-Up, Parlor and Stage performances.
Cards still look like Poker sized cards to your audience
All the features of the Phoenix Deck are also built into the Parlor design (ie: one way design on the backs and faces)
The cards are produced on Card-Shark stock that matches the US playing card stock used for Bicycle Decks.
Perfect as a training deck. If you train your sleights with the Parlor Deck, performing them with Poker sized cards is a breeze.
$15.00 (30.1554)

(11) Beyond ESP3:
First and foremost, Michael Murray's Beyond ESP3 is the most innocent looking deck of ESP cards you will ever own. The plain black backs make the cards look like little else than research tools, yet they contain an incredibly subtle marking system that allows you to identify each card with a short glance.
Housed inside the "International Paranormal Research Association" box are two complete ESP or Zenner decks. One red backed deck, and one original black backed deck. The new cards have been printed to the highest standard by the U.S. Playing Card Company, so they look and feel great. Inside your deck you'll also find a selection of extra cards and fakes providing you with more creative possibilities than any other ESP deck on the market.
The included booklet supplies you with a startling collection of ESP routines and ideas, which can often be very difficult to track down. Coupled with the ground-breaking Beyond ESP cards, this is guaranteed to be one purchase that will amount to far more than the sum of its parts!
$29.95 (40.466)

"Outstanding." - Richard Osterlind
"Awesome" - Lee Earle

(12) Metal DVD – Dee Christopher: Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christopher's Metal.
Teaching the guarded methodology and technique behind his highly visual and impactful metal bending routines, Christopher covers all the ins and outs to take you from a beginner to a pro. Seasoned metal benders will also find new techniques and tricks to apply to create maximum damage with minimal pocket space.
Contents include:
Quicksilver - Two spoons are shown, the first one is visually twisted out in the open, the second melts into a perfect arch in three phases, involving the spectators throughout!
This is Dee's working routine that he's performed thousands of times in the last year alone all over the world. Only two spoons are required and the reset is instant.
HDFCK - An examined spoon warps and distorts as the spectator holds the bowl and the performer slowly runs his fingers down the neck. You've never seen a spoon bend like this before.
SYN - Two coins are held at the performer's fingertips. The spectator takes one in their hand and the performer holds the other at fingertips. The performer's coin starts to visually melt upwards in half and, as this happens, the spectator admits to feeling the coin bend in their hand too!
Clocking in at over an hour's worth of performance and teaching, Dee Christopher and Titanas have also included a Bonus: Two versions of the highly acclaimed LOKI.
Loki - A spectator takes three different colored poker chips and hides one in each pocket. The performer not only reveals which pocket each resides in, he also can tell them in which order they were taken.
No electronics, no gimmicks, no peeking, this is a perfectly simplistic demonstration of mind reading, or precognition.
$24.95 (DVD01217)

(13) DeckOne – Homer Liwag: Playing cards truly unlike anything you've seen before. It's never been possible. It's never been done.
DeckOne : Industrial Edition Playing Cards.
The gunmetal box glistens in the limelight and demands attention with its hardened steel aesthetic. Worry not, while 25% thicker than the Sentinel tuck case, it is purposefully designed to protect the cards, not to take up space in your pocket. These cards protect themselves.
DeckOne features original illustration by Homer Liwag, proudly on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks exude a unique patina.
The cards are printed in Q1 quality on the web casino press at USPCC. Available now in limited quantities. Like Homer's critically acclaimed DVD, CoinOne these will be in very high demand. Act now and stock up for the holiday season.
$5.95 (30.1553)

(14) Ultra Vision Principle: What is Edward Crawford's Ultra Vision Principle? It is a gimmick or a device that enables you to perform true miracles! It is best explained by describing a typical effect in which it is used, the perfect Psychometry routine.
Bring out a number of completely blank cards. They can be examined under a microscope and are free of pencil marks or nail nicks or any of the traditional methods of marking the cards used for a Psychometry test.
Give out the cards to a number of spectators and give one of the spectators a black cloth bag.
Each of the spectators can draw or write something on the card that they are given. Once this has been done all the cards are collected by one of the group of spectators and dropped into a black cloth bag. The cards are mixed up in the bag and it is handed to you.
Reach into the bag, draw out a card and instantly tell the person who wrote or drew upon it something about themselves. Then, you accurately identify the spectator and hand the card to her.
You do that with as many cards as you wish.
Every other Psychometry routine requires that the cards be marked, and sometimes the marks are quite hard to read. The spectators cannot take the cards home with them as souvenirs and they certainly cannot compare their card with other cards used.
But, with the Ultra Vision Principle, the cards can be taken home as souvenirs. The cards can be examined and the cards can be compared with the other cards used.
There is absolutely nothing to be seen, sniffed, or felt. The cards just seem to be what they are: simple pieces of card.
The Ultra Gimmick does all the work for you. It cannot be seen at work but it gets the job done.
One of the effects supplied consists of five ESP cards. They are laminated and have plain white card backs. The cards can be examined thoroughly and compared with each other. If you placed them all face down on the table you would have to be a miracle worker or have second sight to be able to say which card is which.
Here is what you do: Show an envelope, have it examined and ask a spectator to place a card inside. Ask the audience if there is any way in which the card can be seen through the envelope and, they will say, “No.”
When the other cards are hidden away so as not to give you any clues, you turn around and push the envelope across the table and ask someone to cover it with their hand. Inn that very split second the Ultra Vision Gimmick tells you exactly which card is in the envelope.
It does not use electronics of any kind. If you choose, instead of having the chosen card placed in an envelope, you can wrap it up in a handkerchief and hand it to the spectator to hold so that no-one can see what the card is. Yet you know instantly.
The gimmick is ingenious and completely original. Handled correctly, it is completely invisible and unseen. It is very cleverly made and staggeringly ingenious.
The photo-illustrated instructions are just under 5000 words in length. They detail quite a number of effects you can perform, and as soon as you start reading you will discover other ways you can use the Ultra Vision Principle.
$120.00 (40.764)

Holy mackerel! I think this is the biggest Hotlist we have every offered in one week. And, looking it over, it is one of the best. So much new and excellent stuff. I hope you will be able to check it all out.
As always, we thank you for taking time out from your busy holiday season to spend with us either at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!