Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All!

Greetings and Merry Christmas to all from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. It has been an amazing holiday season here at the Magic Factory. One we will not soon forget! I want to personally thank all of you for keeping us busy, busy, busy and out of trouble. If not for you all, heaven knows what mischief we would get into!

The elves worked their little elfin tails off, and, with very few exceptions, we were able to get all the orders out the door and delivered in time for the big day. Even those last-minute two day and overnight orders made it! Magic tricks for all!

We all hope you get everything you want for Christmas. But, if just by chance you don’t, we are here to help you out! If you catch my meaning. Just bop on over to

As for me, I am still getting over last week’s birthday celebration. We actually spent my birthday flying to Gainesville, Florida for Aron the Elder Son’s college graduation. He actually finished school this summer, but did the graduation walk on December 18th. We are all really proud of him, even more than he knows! While I was on the road, I spent a lot of time checking my email, and was amazed at how many birthday greetings came my way. I humbly say, “Thanks!”

Lucas the Singing Son is already home for winter break. Aron comes home Christmas Eve. We have already painted a large target on the lawn to make it easy for Santa to know where to drop Aron out of the sleigh.

And, that’s all the news from here. Make sure and check out this week’s excitement!

FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED: Our holiday gift to you continues! Until Friday the 31st of December at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent UPS Ground, UPS Three Day, Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
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Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 31st of December! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) International Pocket Change – Cosmo Solano: Ask your spectator to name an amount of pocket change under a dollar.
Instantly pull all the change out of your pocket, and even turn the pocket inside out to show that there's nothing more! Hand the spectator the change. They count it out and it matches their named amount, exactly!
Comes with routines, online video instructions (lifetime pass to members-only website), illustrated instruction booklet.
It can be done internationally with coins from just about anywhere!
Included are instructions for the most common coins, and the members-only site will have updates as other countries are added!
No stooges used. Can be reset in seconds, and even repeated No special clothing needed, just a pants pocket or purse!
There is a simple sleight version and a no sleight version included! Simple sleight version requires a finger palm.
A true reputation maker! $87.95 (20.447)

(2) Huhh! – Rick Haslett: A Matchbox. A Quarter. A Miracle.
I have watched Rick Haslett’s new Huhh! Over and over again. It fools me every time. The trick is so straightforward and direct. There is just no explanation.
The borrowed Quarter penetrates the matches as it goes through the matchbox.
Simple as that. You audience will just say, “Huhh?”
Comes with an instructional video CD.
$18.00 (20.446)

(3) The Vortex Principle - Russell Hall and John Gray:
This one must be seen to be believed. This revolutionary new gimmick will transform your magic with coins and other small objects. You can perform stunning vanishes, inexplicable transformations and knockout routines.
Until his retirement, John Gray was a busy professional magician working top night clubs and cruises throughout Europe and the USA. John developed the original Vortex gimmick a few years ago for vanishing and switching small objects, especially coins. Now everything is clearly explained on two DVDs and everything you need is supplied as well.
The Vortex Principle is based on a cunning and versatile device which is as useful as a Topit but you don’t have to wear a jacket, a tie or a long sleeve shirt. It will give you the edge you need with coins, finger rings, poker chips, keys, etc.
DVD 1: Begins with an incredible comprehensive introduction to the Vortex Principle. You'll see, filmed clearly and close up, amazing vanishes, transformations. You'll see coins visibly torn and pierced, keys bent, rings instantly jumping from hand to finger.
DVD 2: Coin Craft, shows in detail two complete routines, with a series of surprising and entertaining effects: The One-Coin Wonder and The Really Weird Coin Trick. These show the Vortex Principle in action. There are no ‘knuckle-busting’ moves, and many of the techniques required have been honed and adapted to suit modern working conditions.
The Vortex Principle comes as a boxed double-DVD set complete with gimmick.
$64.95 (DVD01221)

(4) Modern Mentalism Vol . 1 – Matt Mello: Modern Mentalism is a collection of 14 effects from the mind of Matt Mello, spanning 2 volumes. It is one of the few DVDs on the market that appeals specifically to the entertainer performing mentalism close up. Another unique feature of Modern Mentalism is the absence of sleight-of-hand methods and awkward props. Instead, Modern Mentalism uses clever principles, interesting plots and extremely simple methods to create a collection of close up mentalism worthy of both casual and professional performers.
Volume 1
Serial - An on-the-spot serial number reading, requiring nothing more than a borrowed dollar from your spectator.
Coffee Melt - Imagine if you could touch a straw and make it melt and bend at your command, being able to control everything from speed to how far it will continue to bend.
Photographic - If you could really memorize a long string of code in seconds, it would probably look something like this.
Lottery - This is Matt's version of the add-a-number routine, using the lottery as its theme. It uses no switch pads or gimmicks, and as a bonus, Matt also teaches a way to do this effect with absolutely nothing on you but a pen and paper.
Stop - A demonstration of suggestion and influence during a simple game with cards.
Handy Prediction - A spectator is asked to hold their hand up, and then drop any amount of fingers. A card the performer is holding predicts the spectator’s actions.
Any Card at Any Number - Forget about complicated math and card counting and all of that, and get ready for one of the simplest solutions to the "Card At Any Number Plot".
$30.00 (DVD01222)

(5) Pass Thru Deck: New from our friends at Joker Magic.
An open box is clearly shown empty. The box is pierced by a magic wand, through the center.
Place a deck of cards into the top part of the open box.
The wand keeps the deck from dropping into the bottom section.
Yet, at your command, the deck passes clear through the magic wand and ends up at the bottom.
It looks great! Very visual magic. So easy to do! The props do all the work for you!
$45.00 (30.1559)

(6) Industrial Strength Link – Richard Osterlind: This classic routine has been unavailable for over 20 years. Although it was featured on the original Challenge Magic video and Richard's later Mind Mysteries series, very few performers are using it today because the spring necessary for the effect has been unavailable.
But things have changed! Richard finally found a spring company that was able to produce the necessary spring in stainless steel that will last a lifetime! He also produced a brand new book, with new illustrations, that covers all the phases of the incredible routine. This is far more than a simple puzzle. It is an impossible-looking routine that is magical and leaves them stunned! And, it is one of the most enjoyable feats of magic to perform!
The effect is that the solid steel, industrial-grade spring constantly links and unlinks from a borrowed, metal coat hanger in the most impossible ways. Like the Linking Rings, you can do it and they can't. Over and over again, you link it on the coat hanger in all kinds of ways and take it off just as easily. At the end, you can even leave the linked spring on the hanger!
You and your audiences will love this effect!
Comes complete with stainless steel spring and 15 page, black and white illustrated booklet. $25.00 (10.1615)

(7) Foundations 2 –Jason England: Contains seven hand-picked card handling techniques with intricate, comprehensive studio instruction. Jason England is internationally renowned as a master card technician, exhibiting unrivaled proficiency in performance of some of the most technically challenging moves ever devised.
Seven practical moves. 3.5 hours of instruction. One massive DVD.
The result of months of production on the part of Jason England and theory11, Foundations represents a collection of exclusive content originally released as seven separate downloadable training videos - now available together at 30% OFF the regular price!
Jam packed in one DVD is the Classic Pass, Double Lift, Pinky Count, Gambler’s Cop, Push Off Second Deal, Riffle Stacking and the Zarrow Shuffle.
Learn a unique set of tools whose utility stretches from applications in magic tricks to hardcore card hustling. This is a study in sleight-of-hand that both the beginner and advanced performer may practice in pursuit of distant perfection. Do you have what it takes?
$49.95 (DVD01224)

(8) Meir Yedid’s Card Animations – Written by Harry Lorayne: A book featuring Meir Yedid’s offbeat magic where he uses ordinary playing cards in extraordinary ways. All of these routines are visual, quirky and very memorable.
Routines Include:
Demolition: A card is rolled into a tube and torn into little pieces. The pieces instantly and visually restore into the signed selection.
The Card Camera: A camera is built out of playing cards and then used to photograph the spectator's selection.
Blow Gun: A signed selection is formed into a blowgun and is shot out of itself.
Test Tube Alchemy: This has to be seen to be believed. A card signed by two spectators is sealed in a test tube. It magically transports itself, with one of the signatures, while being held by a spectator.
Biting Sensations: The now classic routine invented by Meir where using sleight of mouth you bite a chunk out of the deck leaving the selection intact.
Also taught are all of the techniques used within the routines. Written by Harry Lorayne and illustrated by Fred Kraus.
66-pages, 51-illustrations, 6x9” paperback, perfect bound with color cover.
$14.95 (BK01750)

(9) Meandering Matchbox – Bob Solari: Display a box of wooden matches. Show the box on both sides.
Openly place the matchbox on your outstretched fingers.
Slowly and eerily the matchbox rotates on your hand!
Next, the drawer of the matchbox slowly opens! The match or matches can be used for anything that requires a match.
Everything may be examined
Instant reset
No threads
No wires
No body attachments
No elastics
Ideal for walk-around magic. Perfect to light a candle for parlor magic! And it's easy to do! $10.00 (10.1616)

(10) Modern Mentalism Vol. 2 – Matt Mello: A collection of 14 effects from the mind of Matt Mello, spanning 2 volumes, It is one of the few DVDs on the market that appeals specifically to the entertainer performing mentalism close up. Another unique feature of Modern Mentalism is the absence of sleight-of-hand methods and awkward props. Instead, Modern Mentalism uses clever principles, interesting plots and extremely simple methods to create a collection of close up mentalism worthy of both casual and professional performers.
Volume 2
PS I Love You - An impromptu and powerful demonstration of the connection and bond between people, using an ordinary deck of cards.
GI Joe - A method for revealing multiple pieces of information, using an object that you can pick up nearly anywhere.
Billet Tear - With this simple tearing sequence, you'll be able to reveal almost any piece of information that the spectator can think of.
Instinct -This is a simple Russian Roulette routine which has been tested and used by Matt for many years. The method is genius, and once you learn it, you'll be able to perform this miracle with a variety of presentations.
Preservation - A multiple phased PK effect in which you're hands, wrists, and even the objects/environment can be completely examined beforehand.
Point and Predict - After the spectator shuffles the pack of cards and spreads it across the table, they are asked to touch one, their choice completely free. The card box is then opened, showing a prediction that's been in play since the beginning. It predicts their chosen card.
Dark Arts - A drawing duplication of the simplest design. The spectator makes a drawing, which is concealed in an envelope and held in their own hands. The performer then makes a drawing that perfectly matches the spectators.
$30.00 (DVD01223)

(11) Linking Hearts – Paul Romhany: A Linking Ring Routine that offers more possibilities than any other close-up Linking Ring Routine on the market. Paul Romhany has created one of the most commercial routines for magicians who perform close-up, walk-around or street magic. These 5” Heart-Shaped Rings are specially designed and crafted using high quality metal, and plated three times to make them durable enough for the toughest working conditions. They are the perfect size to fit in your pocket making them one of the most commercial routines for magicians today - the performance possibilities are endless.
Because of the Heart Shaped Rings, it is possible to do links and unlinks not possible with standard linking rings. When you purchase these you will have access to a tutorial video teaching you Romhany's own personal routine as well as bonus ideas including making the gap in the key ring disappear! Imagine linking and unlinking the heart rings and being able to show them freely! Paul Romhany teaches you all the moves and bonus ideas on the tutorial.
Bonus Effect: You will also have access to Romhany's Heart String routine, a ring on string routine he has been performing for over twenty years using a Heart Shaped Ring. Stand alone or combine this with the Linking Hearts and you will have one of the most commercial routines in magic today.
Comes complete with:
Four 5" Heart Shaped Rings - two linked, a single and a key ring.
Instructional DVD of Paul teaching his Four Ring Linking Heart Routine including the innovative one handed link and unlink, and other innovative moves only possible with Romhany's Linking Rings.
$29.95 (10.1614)

"Wow! You can do cool moves with these that isn't possible with normal linking rings ... I love them!" - TC Tahoe

(12) Fearson's Original Floating Cigarette Routine – 20th Anniversary Edition:
This has become the standard against which all other levitations are judged. A modern day classic, it truly is the final word in close-up levitations!
A lit cigarette is suspended on the tongue and then on the tip of the finger. Next, it begins to float freely between your hands from the left to the right before slowly descending all the way to the floor.
Moving in a circular pattern, the cigarette floats back up to your hands. You form your fingers into a hoop, and the cigarette floats directly through the hoop, proving no connections are possible. The cigarette once again floats down to the floor, stops for a moment and finally rises up, up, all the way into your mouth for a spectacular finish to an incredible effect!
At the core of this amazing routine is the legendary Fearson Hookup. The hookup has been used by countless professional magicians on television all around the world, among them Barry & Stuart and David Blaine. It is the secret behind the most successful levitation effects of the past 20 years. Just imagine walking up to someone in a bar and doing this, or on the street. It is the ultimate street magic trick and the perfect ice-breaker. Quite simply, it's an attention-getting machine!
Here's the Bottom Line:
The Fearson Hookup allows you to levitate objects in ways that can not be achieved with any other method. It gives you complete and total control over the floating object. Performing it will make you feel like you are doing real magic!
* Devastating close up, equally effective on stage!
* Not limited to cigarettes, float virtually any lightweight object!
* Includes ideas for kid shows and non-smokers!
Special Bonus! Includes the following items:
* A supply of John Haar EZ-Strip thread, the most invisible thread you’ll never see.
* Fearson’s flesh colored Master Wax, specially formulated for thread work.
$10.00 (10.421)

“It’s the best trick that I’ve seen in a long, long time!” - Michael Ammar

“The most magical thing I’ve seen in a long time!” - Daryl

And that’s this week’s If It Was Any Closer, It Would Bite You Holiday Hotlist! A true vision of magical wonders, just like those fabled sugarplums you’ve heard so much about.
As always, and especially right now, during the busy holiday season, we are so pleased that you take time out to visit us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love your company.