Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Shipping Plus A Free Gift!!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I have been looking at the calendar, and Thanksgiving is less than one week away! Run, turkeys, run! Thanksgiving used to mark the beginning of the holiday season. Now, of course, it all starts the day after Halloween. Soon it will be on the 5th of July. But, I digress. Business aside, Thanksgiving is a great time for our family, as I hope it is for yours. Both boys will be home for the holiday, and we will get to trek to the Millers of Salem, New Hampshire for the annual dessert-a-thon. What could be better? What’s that? Right. Leave the glucose meter at home. Got it.

We have been busy preparing for what hopefully will be an onslaught of orders. The shelves are groaning under the weight of all the magic. Tons of new stuff is coming in the door, to be joined with all the stuff we already have in stock. At last count, we are carrying over 7000 items. Yikes! And, more than 1200 of those are DVDs!

It is time to start thinking about your holiday shows. Our Holiday Shop is up and online, and we have a huge selection of holiday themed magic for you! Click on the Holiday Magic Button on the front page at

While you are there, you can also check out some fine gifts for those on your magical holiday list. And, click on the Fantasma Button to see our selection of great magic sets. It’s all there, waiting for you.

This past week, we ran a very fun promotion for the new Freedom Pack. It was a rousing success. Lots of folks took advantage, and got a free extra gimmick for the effect. I am thinking we will be doing this kind of thing more often, right Lorie? Even if you didn’t get in on the promotion, you should check out the Freedom Pack. It’s one killer effect.
OK, enough already. Let’s get to this week’s excitement!

FREE SHIPPING PLUS FREE GIFT! Until Wednesday, the 24th of November at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping and a free gift on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent UPS Ground, UPS Three Day, Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 24th of November! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.
FREE GIFT: If you place the words FREE GIFT in the Customer Notes Box, we will also include a very nice magical gift with your order! Something brand new, off the shelf!
So, you need to do two things:
(1) Enter SHIPEMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box
(2) Enter FREE GIFT in the Customer Notes Box.
Do both things and you will for sure be a happy camper!!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Lightning Box: German magician Bruno Hennig invented the "Signed Card To Box". This powerhouse effect has seen countless improvements and modifications since it was created.
The effect has been used by thousands of magicians and has fooled countless spectators. The effect is so powerful that many magicians close their shows with this effect.
The Effect:
A small box is placed on the table in full view of the spectators. Next a card is freely selected and signed. The signed card disappears. The box is opened. Inside is a folded card. It is the signed selection.
The Dream:
Bob Kohler writes, “I've been personally performing the "Signed Card To Box" since my earliest days in magic. I've tried all of the variations. While many of the boxes worked well there were improvements that I wanted to implement.
So in the mid-1990's I set out to create the perfect container for the effect. First, I created a list of goals.”
* The box must look like an ordinary object.
* The box must be able to work with any playing card. The box must also work with other objects such as money, business cards and billets.
* The box must have the ability to be shown empty both before and after the revelation.
* The box must be durable and able to withstand countless performances for professional use.
* The box must be able to use the Jamy Ian Swiss work.
* The lid must stay on for transport but be easy to remove by spectators.
* The container must easily go through airport security.
* The reset must be instantaneous.
The Reality:
All of the goals have been reached. The Lightning Box looks like a high quality jewelry box. You can use any playing card, any type of paper currency from any country. You can use business cards or billets. The Lightning Box is a cylinder with a removable lid. The lid was designed to leave plenty of space so that you can add other objects that will fall out of the box to increase the illusion. The box is deep enough to easily contain 3/4" casino dice, 4 half dollars, candy, mints and many other objects. The Lightning Box is manufactured on high end computer controlled lathes and milling machines. You can show the Lightning Box empty at the beginning of the routine and empty again after the signed card is revealed. The reset is instantaneous. No trap doors to pry open or attempting to balance in an open position.
The Lightning Box comes with an instructional DVD. It's packed with everything you need to know and more. The DVD contains four live performances and all of the necessary training to make you an expert. Included on the DVD are two routines plus a killer bonus routine. But the possibilities are endless.
Destined to become a classic of magic! $189.99 (10.1608)

(2) Non-Toxic: I love this one! Really, I do!
New from Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist, this utility prop will allow you to perform odd moments of magic wherever you are.
It looks like a normal bottle of white glue, but it allows you to perform some amazing tricks!
Pour the glue into your hand, along with some sugar. It changes into a sugar cube!
Pour the glue into your mouth. It looks like you are eating the glue!
It is just plain amazing.
Non-Toxic is 100% safe and there is no mess whatsoever!
Great for comedy performers, children’s entertainers, sideshow freaks, and even those of you who want to do some serious magic.
Transform items, restore ripped up objects, glue things to people or just eat it!
Best of all, Non-Toxic fits in your pocket.
It's safe, it's fun, it's strange, it's Non-Toxic!
$15.00 (60.1708)

(3) Food to Go: A brand new creation by George Iglesias that you will most certainly add to your show!
Imagine being able to produce a real hamburger and fries from an obviously empty Restaurant Menu.
Show the menu from both sides, then point to the center picture of a burger and fries. Next, close the panels of the menu making a triangle, stick your hand inside and magically produce a real burger and fries from the picture! Finally, open the menu to show that the picture of the burger and fries has vanished!
Packs flat. Plays super big.
Get amazing reactions!
You can do it even surrounded!
Food To Go is a classic of magic totally reshaped, brought ingeniously to the modern times! Inspired by a U.F. Grant effect, well known as Temple Screen, George offers us his fresh view of magic, creating props that appeal to today’s audiences.
The prop is printed with a matte finish on a hard, durable material that will last hundreds of performances!
Use it for stage, kidshows, restaurant, MC, comedy, even close-up.
Comes with an instructional DVD, that will show you step by step how easy it is to perform this effect.
French fries cardboard bag container is also included!
A great routine for $50.00 (60.1707)

(4) Steel Ball Through Glass:
Another beautifully crafted item from Dave Powell’s limited production "signature" line.
Effect: A small and elegant walnut box is displayed and examined. The lid is opened and a solid plate of glass fills the entire interior of the box. The glass is examined by the spectator, who drops it back into the box and closes the lid.
Ask the spectator to pick up the steel ball that has been in full view and to place it into the hole on the top of the box.
You hold the box eye level to the spectator, and, as you gently shake the box, the steel ball is seen to slowly melt into the glass, and eventually penetrate the glass completely, falling into spectator’s cupped hands.
Every attention to detail has been made, as in previous Powell "signature pieces." This box features beautiful inlay, along with pewter applications.
The box, steel ball and glass can be completely examined before and after performance. The steel ball is 1" in diameter. The box is crafted from solid walnut and measures 2-1/2" X 1" X 3." All hardware is solid brass or pewter.
$195.00 (10.1606)

(5) Super Slim Pocket Mullica Wallet:
Countless pros have tried every conceivable "Card to Wallet" out there and almost always end up using the Mullica Wallet. It's just hard to improve on perfection.
With this new incarnation of the Mullica Wallet, you don't even need a deck! With Paul Harris' routine, you just borrow an ID card, and a moment later it's inside the zipped compartment of your back-pocket wallet!
The new sleek black leather worker's edition includes credit card slots, clear ID window and paper money section. It also features a special touch from Tommy Wonder: A gleaming gold zipper on the black leather that focuses all attention on the unzipped moment of astonishment.
Super easy to do. No palming!
Includes Paul Harris' own Mullica Wallet routines:
Signed card to wallet
License to astonish
Whack your pack
Flash fold: Where a signed business card appears folded inside your wallet
No Palming!
No folding moves!
Highest quality custom-made black leather wallet, manufactured by Alan Wong.
$70.00 (30.1551)

(6) 25 Years Of Magic and Cirque Du Flea – 2 DVD Set – Daniel Cros:

Cirque Du Flea:
Born in the Pigalle district in Paris, France, Daniel Cros has been one of Las Vegas' top close-up magicians for over four decades and was a star performer at the Desert Inn for 27 years. Known among professionals and lay audiences alike for his elegant style of magic and his European charm and grace, he has performed for the rich and famous all over the world. Departing from his usual style of sophisticated magic, Daniel spent over a year pursuing a childhood dream of creating a flea circus. Cirque Du Flea is a one-of-a-kind full-feature presentation of a flea circus unlike anything you have ever seen before. By combining magic with intricate flea work, and without the use of any cinemagraphic special effects, Daniel has brought to life a miniature world of magical mirth that is certain to entertain and enthrall even the most skeptical observers. So sit back, enjoy, and prepare to be amazed!
25 Years of Magic
Daniel moved to the U.S. in 1964 and soon thereafter launched his career at the Desert Inn that would span over a quarter of a century. Known for his elegant style of magic and his European charm and grace, Daniel became a 'must see' attraction in Las Vegas for both magicians and lay audiences alike. This wonderfully entertaining video, now released for the first time on DVD, is Daniel's entire Las Vegas Show from the beginning to end, exactly as he performed it for over 25 years at the Desert Inn and for audiences worldwide.
$35.00 (DVD01207)

(7) Double Back – Jon Allen: Quite possibly the most powerful transposition effect you will ever perform. Four cards (two 5s and two Kings) are openly shown. The two 5s are placed on someone's hand and you cleanly show you are holding the two Kings. Instantly, you are now holding the two 5s and they are holding the two Kings. Simple. Direct. Powerful.
When Double Back was first released, it became one of the most acclaimed packet effects ever. Now, with this updated release, you will see the routine performed in a working environment. You will also learn handling advice, presentations and subtleties perfected through thousands of performances. It has never been easier to perform an effect with such a strong impact!
For years, Jon Allen has begun every close-up set with Double Back.
Why? It gets people involved. It's easy to understand. No cards are picked. It's extremely magical. It seems too impossible to be done live. It resets instantly. It quickly tells the audience, "This guy is good!"
$18.00 (30.873)

(8) The Origami Effect – Andrew Mayne: Instantly turn a slip of paper into the origami shape of the animal a person is visualizing in their mind. Turn a borrowed bill into a butterfly. Tear up a newspaper and produce an animated origami rabbit. Powerful, visual magic that lets you give form to thoughts.
The Origami Effect: A spectator thinks of an animal from a list of over 40 different origami shapes and you change a Post-It-Note into the animal instantly before their eyes.
The Recycled Rabbit: Tear a sheet of newspaper to pieces and then restore it into an origami rabbit that can't sit still. Great for kids and grown-ups alike. Takes only minutes to prepare.
Psychic Origami: Borrow a dollar from a spectator and change it into the animal they're visualizing in their mind. Includes multiple presentations.
Wineglass Origami: A devious way to change a borrowed bill into an origami shape right under your spectator's noses.
The Origami Effect is a one-on-one teach-in style DVD. You'll learn different handling techniques as well as Andrew's extremely practical and deceptive method for forcing words and images. $ 19.95 (DVD01210)

(9) Trapped – Jordan Johnson:
Walk up to the spectator, borrow their empty bottle and visually penetrate their cap into the bottle. To take it a step farther the cap is "trapped in the bottle, and the cap is signed!
If you have ever wanted to perform the classic visual cap in bottle effect without the use of a PK Ring then Trapped is the effect for you.
Trapped teaches several very easy methods to accomplish the cap in bottle effect, on the spot, impromptu, with borrowed bottles. There are methods that are 100% impromptu, there are methods that require a very small amount of setup and there is a gimmick included that will make performing this effect super easy.
What separates Trapped from other effects on the market is that the methods taught on this DVD were specifically designed for the person who wants to ditch the sleight of hand and focus on performing a simple close up effect that people will remember for years.
For those who like the sleight of hand, don't worry, we included some of that in there too.
Important Points To Remember:
-Easy to perform
-Many different methods
-The cap can be signed
-The cap is Trapped in the bottle and can be given away as a souvenir
$25.00 (10.1607)

(10) New Era Silk And Dove Easel: U.F. Grant’s classic New Era Silk and Dove Easel is the latest in a series of retro magic!
New Era Silk and Dove Easel is a stage illusion. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and visually stunning in its presentation.
The performer displays a see-through frame. Two panels covered with newspaper are placed onto the frame. The illusion is rotated several times. The magician breaks the newspaper to produce silk streamers, several large silks and finally a live dove!
No revolving or dropping panels
Resets quickly
No assistant needed
Gigantic load
Use silks or livestock
Add this to your stage show and raise your magic act to the next level!
Streamers, silks and dove, not included.
$159.95 (60.1709)

(11) The 52 vs Joker Project - Gary Jones & Chris Congreaves:
Inside this package you'll find two awesome playing card gaffs printed by the United States Playing Card Company.
The 52 on 1 Card features an entire deck of cards on one side and a Joker on the other. The second gaff is a double facer with a Joker on one side and a 5 of Hearts (or Spades) on the reverse.
Using these two secret weapons you'll be able to unleash a mindblowing series of effects.
Presented by renowned UK magicians Gary Jones and Chris Congreave, this DVD is packed with material and will have you wowing people in no time.
Best of all, the magic is easy, so you can concentrate on the presentation and taking the applause.
Six routines are taught, and you'll also find some killer bonus material.
52 on Rye
Kickback 52
Miracle Vanish
The J in B Trick
Welcome To The Underbox
Sign This!
Plus some fine bonus material:
Card To Pocket
Sharpie Doctor
The Top Palm Control
$30.00 (DVD01209)

(12) Time Travel Manual – Josh Zandman: Some of the greatest minds in mentalism will take you on a journey through time and teach you how to bend reality, change the past and alter the future
Contained on the pages within, are the secrets to creating some of the most incredible time traveling presentations you could imagine. 15 routines on 100 pages.
Tour Guides:
Ted Karmilovich will show you one of the most incredible and impossible headline predictions ever devised. Hand your spectator an actual headline, taken from a newspaper in the future.
Andrew Gerard demonstrates a hypnotic journey into the past where your spectator relives the events of her day. Returning from the past, everything is back to normal except for the time on her watch.
Josh Zandman takes a Q&A routine into the future. Three answers are instantly revealed inside a sealed envelope, held by the spectator before she even answers your questions.
Other tour guides include: Kenton Knepper, Scott Grossberg, Nick Belleas, Greg Arce, Don Theo III, George Frega and Sean Waters.
$65.00 (BK01741)

(13) Hardcore DVD – Jay Sankey: This exciting 90-minute DVD features brand new, hard-hitting magic with soda cans, coins, playing cards, drinking straws, note pads, dollar bills, Tic Tac boxes, finger rings, Ziploc bags, post cards, card cases, rubber bands and even golf balls!
Gimmicks are included! The DVD comes complete with special props for three outrageous new effects including 'Babylon Band,' 'Entranced' and 'Border Crossing.'
Several of the amazing routines are completely impromptu and involve ordinary, borrowed objects!
Close-up and stand-up effects. Many of the routines involve shocking images with enough visual impact to rock audiences during both close-up and stand-up performances
Multiple handlings. No two magicians have the same style or skills, so Jay developed multiple handlings for many of the devastating effects. That way, you are guaranteed to learn magic that is right for you!
Learn 11 explosive new effects:
A perfect example of a truly original effect and a truly original method. Dip a drinking straw into a can of soda. Press the tip of your finger over the top end of the straw to trap a few drops of soda at the bottom. Then watch people freak out as you cause the trapped soda to slowly rise up the straw. Immediately hand out the straw to be examined (no switch required.)
Border Crossing:
Leave it to Jay to combine one of the world's most popular sports with something as ordinary as a post card to create a startling close-up production.
A totally fresh approach to bending a borrowed coin, featuring an outrageous new visual that leaves the usual collection of magic bends in the dust.
Exit Strategy:
A devastating, two-phase 'dance' involving a borrowed ring and two unprepared drinking straws.
A freely selected and signed card melts through a plastic baggie, with the deck and even the hand holding the pack sealed inside the baggie!
A wonderfully organic transposition with a lethal kicker ending. Remove the metal tab from a can of soda. Slip the tab inside the can and have a helper hold tightly onto the can. A moment later, cause the tab and a borrowed dime to switch places in a flash of fire.
An off-the-hook effect with a borrowed dollar bill that ends with a truly sick souvenir people just can’t get over.
An inspired combination of a torn and restored card case with a devious 'time travel' effect.
Featuring an extremely clever, double-duty gimmick, 'Entranced' allows you to make almost any small object visually appear inside a box of Tic Tac mints with the untorn, factory seal still in place.
Babylon Band:
Learn the secrets to transforming an ordinary rubber band into an amazing magic tool capable of revealing playing cards, people's names, numbers, dates and more.
The Main Attraction:
A 'very heavy' torn and restored handling of a signed playing card. Completely impromptu. No gimmicks, duplicates or set-up of any kind.
$35.00 (DVD01208)

"Hardcore is a startling, impressive, all-new collection that represents some of Jay's finest thinking to date. I love that nearly all these effects are short, visual, and powerful. 'Wrapture,' his bending coin effect, is a favorite, and I love the new filming style. Jay at his best." - Joshua Jay

And, that’s this week’s Turkeys Aren’t Just for Breakfast Anymore Hotlist. Chock full of great new magic. Not a single turkey in the bunch. I am sure that you will find some items that you cannot live without.
Since the next email Newsletter is the day after Thanksgiving, let me take this time to wish you the happiest of holidays. Remember not to eat too much, or you will fall asleep and miss the football games.
As always, we thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.