Friday, January 22, 2010

Hank With A Flash!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope you had a fantastic week. We did. We shoveled and we blew and we plowed. And, still the snow came. But, to be totally honest, we’re used to it by now, so it was just another day at the office. If your office is located in a snow bank!

As you know, on Friday of last week, we sent out a special plea for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. We got a ton of emails from people thanking us for giving them the information they needed to send a donation. It made me feel good, knowing that so many of you were able to use the information we gave you to help.

Last week, I told you that change was coming. Well, this week we are putting the finishing touches on a change that will be very visible. For a long time, I have wanted to create an online presence that would create the feel of a real brick and mortar shop. It’s hard to do, as you might imagine. But, I gave the task to our fabulous artist, Mark Wing, and he created a new front page for the Hank Lee website that feels like you are standing in front of an old-school magic shop. Our good friend Richard Robinson did the compu-magic that allows the new front page to work with just about any browser.
Despite the fact that the look is old timey, the new front page is loaded with cutting edge technology. It is Flash powered, so you will need to have Flash Player installed in your browser. If you don’t know if you have Flash installed in your browser, you can download it for free right here:
Of course, if you don’t have Flash and don’t want to be bothered installing it, you will still get a great looking front page, but none of the Flash goodies. Anyway, the new front page at will go live, maybe even by the time you get this Newsletter.

As I explained last week, every week I am going to remind you of a way you can save money here Hank Lee’s, every day! The Hank Lee’s Reward Program has been in effect for well over a year now. It’s really simply. You get one Reward Point for every retail dollar you spend. Twenty Reward Points can be redeemed for one dollar in merchandise. Two hundred Reward Points gets you $10.00 in free merchandise. And on and on.
The points are automatically added, and your point balance will appear on the invoice that comes with your order. There is no limit to the number of points you can collect. The points will not expire, so you can use them any time. All you need to do is tell us how many points you want to redeem when you place your next order (if you are ordering online, just put the number of points you would like to redeem in the Customer Notes Box and we will deduct the proper number of dollars from your order total).
It’s a great idea. The perfect way to save for future orders! Join the thousands of members of Hank Lee Nation who use their points to get magic they want, for free!

This year’s Cape Cod Conclave is less than three months away. All systems are “Go” and it’s looking like it will be a great time! If you haven’t registered yet, now is the perfect time. The dates are April 9th – 11th. For all the information go here:

Now, for this week’s ongoing Excitement.

FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED: Until Friday, the 29th of January at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 29th! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Michael Close - Devious DVD Set: It has been a dozen years since Michael Close has released any material on DVD. His last collection – The Ultimate Workers – was lauded for both its quality of material and its thoroughness of instruction. These were the routines that defined the word “worker.”
Well, Michael is back, and his goal remains the same: to entertain and profoundly fool everyone he performs for, whether they are laymen or magicians. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed, and when you find out how these routines work you’ll say, “Man, that guy is devious.”
For the past decade, Michael has been living and working in Las Vegas, a town where a deck of cards is a commonplace object. On this two-disc DVD set, Michael focuses on card magic, with routines suitable for formal settings, strolling, casual performances, and those special times when you want to crush the brains of your magic buddies. As before, Michael’s explanations take you far beyond the “how” of each trick into discussions of the “why” of each routine. A large amount of supplemental information is also imparted.
So, sit back, relax, and get ready to have a great time. Getting fooled was never so much fun. Special price until January 31st. $60.00 (DVD01095)

(2) Distortion: A collaboration with ideas from Wayne Houchin, Michael Ammar, Kenneth Peh, and Jonathan Bayme.
A card is chosen. In this case, it's the Six of Diamonds. The Four of Diamonds is also used. You clearly place the Six of Diamonds in the spectator's closed hands (in a sandwich manner), holding on to the Four of Diamonds.
As you slowly shake the Four, the pips -- that is, the Diamonds -- are seen to visually multiply and move across the card to form the Six of Diamonds. The spectator opens their hands to find the Four of Diamonds, and all is handed out for complete examination.
Wayne Houchin guides you through each phase of the effect, teaching his original version utilizing the classic Moving Pips card (included). In addition, learn Michael Ammar’s "Visually Yours" -- the routine that started it all.
Taught in a high-resolution DVD format, you will learn every nuance of the effect.
There's a reason famed Japanese magician Cyril performed a variation of this effect on national television.
$24.95 (30.1467)

(3) Sneak Preview – Danny Archer: A devastating mentalism routine. You reveal the name of their favorite movies.
Sneak Preview will quickly become one of your most performed mental effects.
On a custom printed card depicting a movie theater, the spectator writes the name of any movie they want on the blank screen.
Using your own business card, you jot down your impressions. The movie is in's about golf...Bill write down Groundhog Day. They freak out!
Comes complete with approximately 75 custom printed cards, gimmick and instructional DVD. $35.00 (40.706)

(4) Genesis DVD Vol. 1 – Andrei Jikh: Nearly 4 hours of training on 30+ moves.
After nearly a year of planning and production, here is the first installment in Andrei Jikh's highly anticipated three DVD anthology on the art of cardistry - Genesis.
Genesis is a project representing literally hundreds of hours of work and years of innovation on the part of one of the most influential names in the cardistry community today - Andrei Jikh.
The DVD series premieres with the long awaited release of Volume One. Shot in true high definition, Genesis features over 30 incredible moves - ranging from simple core techniques to more advanced concepts - taught in nearly four hours of detailed instruction by the man himself.
With detailed instruction throughout, Genesis features Dan and Dave and Alejandro Portela as special guests on this first volume.
Whether you are just starting out in cardistry - or looking to take your knowledge and skill to the next level, Genesis has something for everyone. $34.95 (DVD01094)

(5) Auto Silk Changer: Mikame has uniquely designed the Silk Changer to be automatic!
It's slick as can be. As you remove the opposite color silk, the first silk is pulled into the Auto Silk Changer!
Used by professional magicians in Japan to exchange one silk for another silk.
Compact hand-held unit does all the work!
Perform beautiful color changing silk routines with ease!
Smooth action!
Easy to use - No fumbling!
No spinning or twisting!
$39.95 (60.1647)

(6) Al Koran’s Miracle Blindfold Act DVD – Barry Barnes: More than twenty years ago Martin Breese had the chance to be at the Magic Circle and watched Brian Barnes performing Al Koran's Miracle Blindfold Card Act. Martin did not have a clue as to what methods were being used and there was not a doubt that Brian Barnes was completely blindfolded and genuinely could not see. How often do we see some magic and remember it for nearly a quarter of a century. Not often, but this performance stuck in Martin’s mind. Immaculate, well timed and a work of art in reality.
Martin persuaded Brian to allow him to film the act for what is about to become a series of DVDs on the Magic of Al Koran.
Brian Barnes has been performing this act for around 50 years and has taken bits of the original Koran routine out and has added some of his own subtle touches.
The routine requires the minimum of props, including a blindfold, cards and a table.
The blindfold is genuine and the magician cannot see. No sleight of hand is required at all. The act culminates in the performer telling one assistant exactly how many cards she cut off from the deck, and telling the other assistant who has taken a small quantity of cards from the deck the names of each card she holds.
This DVD is a solid demonstration of one of the finest acts you could ever learn and perform. $39.95 (DVD01093)

(7) Bicycle 125th Anniversary Decks: Playing cards produced by the United States Playing Card Company have been known for their exceptional quality for 125 years. The USPCC is commemorating their 125 Year Anniversary with these Special Edition playing cards featuring a distinctive vintage aesthetic, plus a signature metallic foil face on the special edition tuck case. Mixed six-pack of red and deep blue editions. $31.50 (30.1468)

(8) Spin – Matt Sconce: A strange and mysterious character walks into the room. He has an unusual talent for distorting the laws of nature and making them follow his command. Is it possible? Can someone have this much power? We have seen this before in movies, but this was no movie. This really happened. It just looked so real.
This is Spin.
Matt Sconce, creator of Power Word: Fall, has released another devastating PK effect. Spin stands on the shoulders of effects that have come before it and takes those concepts to a whole new level.
Spin large objects or small objects seemingly with the power of your mind, with impromptu ease, with no gimmicks, blowing, threads, or magnets. Instantly repeatable, and absolutely dependable.
This effect takes a new spin on what magicians of the past have done and takes it to a level that increases its practicality, power, and impact.
With the focus on techniques to make the method invisible to the audience, Matt Sconce spends over an hour teaching you how to use this effect in your arsenal of heavy hitters. Spin is a new tool in the arsenal of Psychokinetic effects. It is time to step up and Spin the world. $24.95 (40.705)

(9) Prevaricator – Patrick Redford: More than a mentalism effect, it's a concept that uses no gimmicks or props. Redford shares his diabolical method for detecting a lie, and discovering who is hiding a borrowed object and which hand they are hiding it in.
Two spectators are handed an object (say, a crumpled bill) and invited to play a game: one spectator will be the liar and one will tell the truth. While your head is turned, one of the two spectators takes the object. You, the mentalist, always know who the liar is, and which hand they are hiding the bill in. You can repeat the game indefinitely, and close by divining the serial number on the borrowed bill.
Prevaricator is unlike any DVD you have seen. Because the system involved requires a spectator, you are given a performance practice session, so you can practice along with Patrick Redford, in the comfort of your own home. This skill-building feature will allow you to perform Prevaricator with confidence, the first time you try it.
With a running time of 112 minutes and an Ebook (included on the DVD) tipping 100 pages (with contributions from Barrie Richardson, Gregory Wilson, Banachek, Ben Blau, Garrett Thomas, Paul Vigil and more), this is a package and a principle of enormous value. $40.00 (DVD01092)

(10) Seek 52 DVD –Steve Reynolds: Steve Reynolds is a card technician of the finest caliber, and in this anticipated collection, you will learn his best original material, sought after by experts for years. Reynolds' effects are elegant, clean, and extremely clever, and this collection is full of material you will use professionally.
Taught in full detail:
Cool Spell
Monkey In the Box
T.S. Aces
Meddler's Assembly
Student of a Student's Exchange
Unsigned Card
Cross-Road Travelers
Two-Shuffles Walt
Cute Fusion
Monk's Assembly
Open-Scenario Palm Addition
Cover Count
Shuffle Palm
$35.00 (DVD01091)

(11) Double Decker – Doc Dixon: Two awesome effects
Six great routines
Two ingeniously gaffed cards
One easy-to-follow booklet
Effect One: Extra! Extra! Read All about It
A spectator selects a card from the deck. The performer attempts to read the spectator's mind.
First he tries to guess the card's color ... red or black.
Then the suit.
Then the value.
He fails miserably from the very start.
It turns out the spectator has chosen the Guarantee Card that comes with every new deck of cards.
Attempting to rescue the day, the performer asks the spectator to freely choose any of the dozens of words that are on the card. He concentrates.
He looks the spectator in the eye. He successfully tells her the word she merely thought of.
Ingeniously gaffed red-back Bicycle card come with the booklet that shares three different version of the routine!
Effect Two: Heart Transplant
Could this be the perfect trick for Valentine's Day and romantic couples? Yes it could.
The magician offers to perform a little "transplant surgery" for the entertainment pleasure of his audience. He tables the facedown Two of Hearts. He then picks up the Three of Hearts and visibly rubs off the center pip, turning the Three into a Two of Hearts. He pantomimes dropping the "removed heart" on the facedown Two. Picking up the tabled card, it's now a Three, but the new heart is in the wrong place! He adds another heart to it (making it a four) and that heart is broken!
Finally, he picks up the "butchered" Four of Hearts and asks a female spectator to touch it. This brings the Four of Hearts back to pristine condition proving, "a beautiful lady can fix a broken heart and that the magician's heart is in the right place."
A very sweet ending to a very sweet routine.
$20.00 (30.1466)

And that’s this week’s Wait Until You See The New Front Page at Hotlist. Some great new stuff, to be sure!
As always, we genuinely appreciate your taking time out from your busy schedules to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford.