Friday, January 08, 2010

2010 - Week Two!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. And, the New Year is in full swing!

Here at Casa-Hanka, the last month of the year is like a roller coaster ride. The boys come home for Thanksgiving and it’s all noise and excitement. They leave on Sunday and everything is peaceful and quiet. Mostly quiet. Two weeks later, they are back for Winter Break, and it’s two full weeks of kids and noise and more kids and singing and laughing and general pandemonium. Then, Monday comes and they are gone and the place is silent once again. I am not sure why, but last year it was not as noticeable to me as this year. I guess I have decided that this Empty Nester thing is just not my cup of tea. I really love it when the kids are home. Even when the noise comes from heated disagreement (which we used to call arguing, but it’s a new world, right?).

A funny thing happened on AOL this week. Our entire In Box disappeared. Just like that. It didn’t disappear into the trash. It just disappeared. It’s nice to start the new year clean and fresh, but this is absolutely not what I had in mind. What does it mean? It means that if you sent me an email to in the last couple of weeks, please send it again. Hopefully the folks at AOL will not repeat this amazing trick!

From our “This Deal Is Too Good To Be True, Yet It Is” Department, we have an incredible deal on an absolutely terrific item. You want to check out the Remote Control Blooming Bush. We find ourselves overstocked on this fine item. Honestly, I bought too many. And, you can take advantage of my brain cramp. The regular price on this item is $550.00. But, if you act quickly, you can have one for $330.00. That’s a 40% discount. Once current stock is gone, this deal will never be repeated. Here’s the link to check out this fine item:

Paul Harris’ Little Man has been generating all kinds of Internet buzz since Paul announced it. But, what about a video? We all want to see the little guy walk. Finally, the video is online. You can find it by going to this link:

The Conclave is really shaping up for this April. Registrations are starting to pour in, and it looks like it will be a sellout this year. And, why not? Great new hotel. Fantastic talent. Everything you could want in a weekend of magic! You can check it our by clicking on the Conclave Button at Or go to this link:

And, that’s all I know. Hopefully I will know more next week. You know what they say, “Learn something new every day!” I will try. Now, let’s check out this week’s Excitement.

FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED: Until Friday, the 29th of January at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 29th! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Sound Reading Training CD – Will Brierly: Hand a pen and a piece of paper to a member of the audience. Ask them to write a word, number or name on the piece of paper. As they are writing, you instantly know what they have written. Your back is turned. You never see the paper. There are no peeks, no gimmicks, no sleights. You do this purely with your own skill.
How is it possible?
Sound Reading!
Sound Reading is the secret technique of listening to how a word or number sounds as it is being written, and instantly knowing what it is. This program will help you learn and practice the technique.
Once you have learned the technique, the possibilities are endless.
The Sound Reading Training CD offers two modes.
The Practice Mode in which you learn and practice “reading” the alphabet, numbers, common words and common names. Simply click on individual buttons to play the sound you want to hear. The more you hear the sounds, the better you get.
The Game Mode in which you get to test your skills on the categories you have learned in the Practice Mode. The higher your score, the better you are doing.
We cannot over-emphasize how valuable this technique is. Remember, it’s all you. There are no props or gimmicks. This puts you as close to real mentalism as is humanly possible.
Sound Reading Training CD works with either PC or Mac. Introductory price until Feburary 28th. $79.95 (40.703)

(2) Cash Out – Will Tsai: This is the bill change!! Why hand the bill out just to take it back?
What if you can take a piece of paper from your wallet, immediately turn it into a bill and hand this single bill out clean!
It's a practical dream come true effect that's designed for you to shop and pay with your magic! Don't show off with your bill, pay with it! Perform surrounded anytime anywhere with nothing to hide, palm, or clean up. Totally self-contained! Comes with DVD and props. $24.95 (10.1557)

(3) Miller & Vernon Cheating Houdini: It’s time to write those all-important Thank You Notes. These cards are just perfect!
This beautiful greeting card designed by Akemi Yoshida features Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon cheating Houdini in a game of cards. Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon were two of the most influential close-up magicians of the 20th century. Houdini is the best known magician in the history of magic. Inspired by the 1890s Knaffl & Bro. photograph "The Skin Game" and the 1940s Irving Sinclaire painting "The Poker Game." Released with permission from the Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller estates.
Each card and envelope is packed in an individual plastic bag to insure the protection of the card.
These cards are professionally printed and barcoded greeting/invitation cards.
Package of 10. $29.95 (70.980)

(4) 2D Cube: From Ton Onosaka, it’s the 2D Cube!
Show this flat six-sided cube and explain how to solve the puzzle using Magic.
Turn it around to show it partially solved.
Turn it again to bring it back to the original.
Each time it is turned there is a new surprise until the entire puzzle is solved.
And, the kicker ending will knock them for a loop!
$79.95 (60.1644)

(5) 21st Century Card Magic – James Swain: Stunningly effective, simple card routines. Improve your sleight-of-hand card skills immediately and with ease. Thorough instructions with photo illustrated explanations to learn.
From Introduction by Bill Malone:
"This book is a perfect way to start off the new century. I have tried many of these routines in front of real people and can attest to their greatness. This book has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished sleight of hand magician... It is a well known saying, if you can find one trick in a book that you can actually use than you've gotten your money's worth. Well, with this book, you will get your money's worth over and over again."
Contents: Includes sleights taught for each routine .
Invisible Shulien Revelation
Ascanio's Faro Shuffle idea
Metamorphosis: Frank Garcia's Pirouette Double Lift; J.K. Hartman's Covered Cop Transfer
Paul LePaul Flourish
A Tribute to Dunninger
21 Card Trick: Gene Finnell's Free Cut Principle; Jay Ose's False Cut; Marlo's Flash Speller
Tale of Titanic Thompson
Phil Goldstein's Binary Cut Sorting Process
Bill Malone's Cut ‘Em High and Tie
Birds of a Feather: Brother Hamman's Swivel Switch; Larry Jenning's Modification of Daryl's Display Sequence
Marlo's Cut and Shuffle Sequence
Miraculous: Frank Thompson's Four Card Revelation
Equivocally Triumphant
The Miracle Deck: Peeking a Card During the Pass
The Last Good Trick: Gene Maze's Card Box Load
The Four Robbers
21st Century Assembly
Del Ray's Handling of LePaul's Gymnastic Aces
Look Away Force; Steve Bedwell Control Variation; Card Warp Display; Unloading a Card; Peek, Stop, Touch; Full-Deck Controls; The Dummy Force; The Dummy Pass; The Dummy Fan Force
Tricks of The Masters
Mike Skinner's Placement Principle: Marlo's Faro Check
Count on It (Paul Cummins)
Persi's Collectors (Persi Diaconis): Marlo's Mechanical Second Revelation
I Am In Debt (Fred Kaps): Marlo's Book Break
Instant Aces (Larry Jennings): Ken Krenzel's Mechanical Reverse
Shipwrecked (Daryl, Bill Malone)
Quick D-Way
Royal Aces (Ron Ferris): Benzais Cut with two cards; Walter Scott's technique for Dealing Seconds
1002nd Aces (Alex Elmsley)
Sympathetic Thirteen (Nate Leipsig): Paul Curry's Swindle Switch
Gambling Routines
Poker Interchange Redux
Center Deal Demo/The Muck: Alex Elmsley's Just Lucky Shuffle; The Drop Switch (Original)
Just Lucky Eight Card Stack
21st Century Magician vs. Gambler
Larry Jennings
Famous Chop Cup Routine
156 pages. Hardbound, Photo-Illustrated
$49.95 (BK01690)

(6) Astro Ball Cabnet – Solid Walnut: Limited signed and numbered edition of 50.
An ornate, solid walnut wooden cabinet with Art Deco style pewter and stainless steel hardware is shown sitting on a table. Its front and back doors are opened, revealing a glass and a ball.
The glass and ball can be removed, shown and replaced.
The doors are now closed and latched leaving the glass and ball separately in place inside the cabinet.
The cabinet is lifted by the handle and handed to a spectator to hold, or lifted and placed on another table.
You or the spectator opens the cabinet, and the ball has traveled to inside the glass. At this stage, the glass and ball are removed and freely shown and everything can be completely examined.
There is absolutely nothing to find.
Beautifully crafted of solid walnut, a true collectors’ item! $399.00 (60.1643)

(7) Rainbow Waterfall – Mikame: Mikame Craft's Rainbow Waterfall is the ultimate production item. Colorful shimmers as it flows out of the silk. This large version measures 4 inches (10cm) in width.
Easy to use
Manufactured with the finest quality material
Comes complete with all necessary gimmicks.
$60.00 (60.1642)

(8) Miracles With Cards – James Swain: Just reprinted, Miracles With Cards features 45 brand-new devastating routines with playing cards, featuring many revolutionary new moves and principles. Plus, there's a special chapter devoted to learning the real work on the Classic Pass. Darwin Ortiz says, "Jim comes up with breakthrough ideas that open doors for many new miracles. What I like about this book is that it lives up to its title.
These are card tricks that go for the jugular, tricks that push the boundaries of what's possible with a deck of cards."
Bill Malone says, "I consider Jim Swain one of the best card men in the world. He's done it again - another book of workable miracles. The Airmail Card is already part of my repertoire, and alone worth the price of the book."
Hardbound. 190 pages. 128 superb photographs. $49.95 (BK00976)

(9) Four Quarters – Magick Balay: Magick Balay is truly one of New York City's great magicians. A long-standing fixture of the New York magic community, Magick has been entertaining audiences for his entire life. Magick has worked as a magic demonstrator for some of Manhattan's top magic shops and is also in constant demand as a private entertainer. He has appeared in Reel Magic Magazine and on Marco Tempest's Virtual Magician.
The New York Magic Project is proud to bring you Magick's take on the classic Mismade Bill effect. Borrow a dollar bill from an audience member. At the tips of your fingers, with the audience carefully studying your every move, the bill is folded into a small packet. When the bill is unfolded, it has turned inside out! The audience can examine the bill. You then re-fold the bill and return it to its original state.
There is nothing more organic or amazing than magic with borrowed money. Watch Magick as he takes his unique brand of conjuring onto the streets of Manhattan and blows people away. Then join him for an in-depth explanation session, including tips on motivation, audience connections, and more. Filmed in high definition and featuring Dolby Digital sound, the 4Q DVD will have you performing this amazing effect in no time. The DVD even includes a Mismade Dollar Bill, made from real US currency. The bill is truly miscut, with no tape or glue involved.
$24.95 (10.1558)

And that’s this week’s wonderful Hotlist. Really some terrific items, selected just for you.
As always, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love your company.