Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Doing It Again!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Another fun week here at the factory.

Bonnie and I decided that Sunday would be a great day to drive around and look at the foliage. Not quite true. She decided that she really wanted to look at the foliage and that I should drive. I told her to take a walk out on the back deck and she could see all the foliage she needed. We have all kinds of trees and they have turned all kinds of colors. Not good enough, she said. So, we downloaded a driving guide to the foliage of central Massachusetts. I figured while the rest of the tourists headed North to see the leaves, we would head West, spend some time on the old Mohawk Trail and see the same leaves without a zillion cars. We followed the directions exactly, ended up driving through all kinds of residential neighborhoods, through hill and dale, and finally saw the foliage. There it was. Red and orange and yellow, just like in our back yard. We took a side trip to the top of Mt. Wachusett, and I must say that the view from the top was spectacular. It wasn’t just foliage. It was an incredible bucolic scene complete with lakes and hills and, yes, foliage. After seeing all the leaves, we were hungry for lunch. Don’t even ask. We ended up in the middle of Leominster, Massachusetts and, since just about everything was closed, had lunch at Papa John’s Pizza. Again, don’t ask. It was pizza unlike any I have ever had in life. Enough said.

In just a few short hours, Lucas the Singing Son, will touch down at Boston’s Logan Airport. He is home for a week. Oberlin College is very liberal with their breaks. I can’t wait to see him. We have a lot of movies to see, and a lot of TV to catch up on! Maybe we can even get him to sing a little aria for us. What, stranger things have happened!

We have some great new items in the Hotlist for you this week. The new Pro-Former Backdrop and Meteors are two terrific items, for sure!

Last week’s Buy Some Get Some at 100% Off was a spectacular hit with our customers. We gave away a ton of magic. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of brand new goods. It was such a big hit that we decided to run it for one more time this week. Check it out!

Buy Some, Get Some at 100% Off! We’re doing it again! We are always looking for ways to save you folks some money. The economy is a little tough out there, and every penny counts.
I know it sounds crazy, but we have figured out a way to do this. For every order you place, we will send you some brand new, right off the shelf, magic equal in value to the merchandise you ordered. Whaaaaat? Crazy, right? Maybe not so crazy.
Here’s how it works. If you buy $30.00 in merchandise, we will send along with your order another $30.00 in free merchandise. Same for $50.00 or $100.00 or $200.00 or $300.00 or more. However much you spend, we will match it with additional magic of the same value.
The magic we will send is really good stuff. There are some tricks and some DVDs, even some books. It is brand new, right from stock. Stuff you will like and use!
The sales event will start right now, the very second you get this email Newsletter. And it will run through Tuesday, October 20th at midnight. Five full days. All you need to do is put the special code BUY SOME in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at so we know that you wish to participate in the promotion. If you call or FAX you order in to us, just mention the code BUY SOME.
There really aren’t any rules or restrictions. The only thing is, we cannot combine offers. So, Reward Points, Promotional Gift Certificates and Magic Of The Month Club pricing will not apply. Oh, and the minimum order for this promotion is $30.00. Makes sense, right?
Get your order in to us, and see what surprises await you!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Pro-Former Backdrop: The Pro-Former Backdrop is a professional grade StarCloth, fixed to a professional grade "pop-up" stand giving you a completely self-contained professional backdrop. You don't need to worry about a power supply as the cloth runs for hours off AA batteries!
We’ve all turned up for shows and been asked to perform in some dingy corner of a room or in front of ripped curtains; not any more! Just open the bag, take the stand out, pop it up and switch it on - it takes just 30 seconds to create a slick professional backdrop!
You can even store all your props behind the ProFormer, or have somewhere to wait unseen while the audience is arriving.
Don't confuse this with the cheap nylon StarCloth or flimsy exhibition stands. This is a professional piece of equipment that will add a real touch of class to your show.
2.8m wide x 2.3m high (approx 9ft x 7ft), perfect for the largest stage or the smallest living room! $1200.00 FOB. (70.977)

Meteors – Juan Mayoral: This is the effect that Juan Mayoral introduced at the 2009 FISM convention in Bejing. Top names in magic called it the highlight of the convention. There are already inferior rip offs out of this item but make sure you buy the original and the best - Juan Mayoral’s Meteors. Beware of the inferior rip offs."
Produce a point of very intense light that seems to be resting on the palm of your hand. This Meteor will pass from one hand to the other in different ways, and will even pass through the hand, from the palm to the back. Finally, it will appear in the middle of your forehead! The possibilities of this routine are infinite, and your hands can be seen empty at all times.
Can be done surrounded.
Can be performed anytime during your act.
Repeat with no reset.
Perfect for close up, stage or street.
No assistant needed; one person operation.
You can create your own routine.
No secrets moves, no misdirection needed, everything looks like real magic.
All necessary items included.
Uses a small regular 12 volt alkaline battery, which is included. Good for about 15 shows before replacing.
This is not a short magic trick or fast trick, this is a full magic routine.
If you want to feel the real magic, Meteors is your trick. $499.00 (60.1623)

Topas says:
"In my opinion Juan Mayoral is one of the most creative magicians of our time. His newest creation Meteors is original, modern and very deceptive. It left me speechless when I saw it at FISM 2009. Meteors is almost too good to be sold!"

Jeff McBride says:
"Meteors' was by far the most amazing effect at FISM! Do not accept imitations!"

Teddy Bear Turmoil – Jim Carmody: Very rarely do we see a new effect that has all of the characteristics of a classic. Jim Carmody's Teddy Bear Turmoil is just that! Designed and engineered by Chris Penar, this extremely commercial effect is sure to be the one that your audience will be talking about!
Display a beautiful hand-crafted toy box from your childhood and recruit a young volunteer from the audience to assist. Reach into the box and remove several toys. (ballerina slippers, Barbie doll, an 8' straw, etc.)
Show the box empty. Revolve the box 90 degrees (it’s on a lazy susan) showing that one side of the box is actually a white board. With the help of your assistant, take turns drawing a simple picture of a Teddy Bear that you had as a child. Once completed, give the box another spin, open the lid and remove a large Teddy Bear, which has magically appeared. Hand the bear to your helper to hold.
Now the fun begins!
Showing the white board, take an eraser and erase one of the legs from the Teddy Bear.
While the volunteer is holding the bear, the matching leg magically falls to the floor!
The audience reaction is instant laughter. Continue with the second leg, and again, after it has been erased the bear’s leg falls to the floor!
Next erase one of the bear’s arms. Nothing happens! Erase the other arm and both of the bear’s arms go crashing to the floor.
At this point the audience is in stitches. Continue to erase the bear’s head."We’re sure lucky the head didn't fall off.” As the words leave your mouth, the bear’s head falls to the floor and your little helper is left holding only a stump! (It really looks hilarious - like a Thanksgiving turkey!)
Instruct the little helper to “pick up their toys” and put the pieces back into the toy box. Ask the helper to draw another bear on their own. After only a few seconds, you revolve the box to reveal yours helper’s artistic talents. The box is now “painted” with a full color image of the Teddy Bear! "Pretty impressive for a young artist, and so fast too", you comment.
Give the box another spin, open the lid and have the youngster reach inside and remove the Teddy Bear, now fully restored! Give the bear to your helper as a souvenir!
• Stage size - bear is almost 24” tall! Toy Box is 14.5" x 14.5" x 15.5"
• Single button remote control is built into the eraser for easy hidden activation.
• Rechargeable battery pack / charger included.
• Beautifully finished and professionally engineered for years of service
• Perfect for any holiday show because you can tailor the toys for any season (toys are not included)
• 1 year warranty on all electronics, including batteries
• Extremely limited quantities.
$1495.00 (60.1622)

Escape DVD Vol. 1 – Danny Hunt: Welcome to Escape, the brand new DVD featuring one of today's leading escape artists, Danny Hunt. For the first time learn the real secrets to escaping from ANY lock or handcuff, as you're taken into a side of magic that has rarely been looked into before.
Torn Apart Performance
How lockpicks work
A close look at a lockpicking set
How to make your own lockpicks
Padlock Escapes:
How to open a Tumbler Padlock
How to use a Lifter Pick
Shimming a Padlock
How to Shim a Combination Padlock
How to Rap open a Padlock
How a Warded Padlock works
How to open a Warded Padlock
Death Tank Performance
Handcuff Escapes
How to open Handcuffs with Lock Picks
How to Shim open a Handcuff
How to escape from Derby Handcuffs (Old & New)
How a Challenge Escape works
The Handcuff Challenge Escape
Gimmicked Handcuffs
How to make your own gimmicked Handcuffs
$36.00 (DVD01059)

Guru - Jay Crowe : What is GURU?
It's the closest demonstration of mind over matter that you'll ever be able to do.
GURU is inspired by an ancient technique used by monks called "Tum-mo". The technique allows them to raise the temperatures of their fingers by as much as 17 degrees. The human body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.
International researchers are astonished by these results
GURU enables you to perform one of the most intriguing psychic feats that your spectators will ever experience.
One of the many possible uses of GURU:
Ask your spectator for a coin, and hand out a small clear plastic bag for examination. The coin is signed by the spectator and placed inside the bag for isolation. The spectator holds the bag.
You start to concentrate, letting your energy flow and heat up your fingers. You gently rub the coin, and transfer your energy and heat to it. You place the signed coin inside the bag, and continue to rub it softly. The spectator feels the coin inside the bag and confirms that the coin is getting hotter. The borrowed coin starts to heat up and VISUALLY melts through the bag. The spectator can see it and feel it. Give away everything to be examined.
The effect can take place on the hands of the spectator, and has been designed to be performed under test conditions.
Easy to do
Highly visual
No switches
No chemicals of any kind
Borrowed signed coin
Perform it surrounded
Everything can be examined before and after
Perform it anytime & anywhere
Always ready to go
Comes complete with patent pending technology and detailed instructions.
$25.00 (DVD01058)

"FFFFing awesome!" - Ben Harris

Bloon: Allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy - and you’re nowhere near it! You know the exact moment it will pop, and you’ll get all the credit for popping it.
Start by pulling out a little box of balloons, like something you bought at the 99 cent store. Have the spectator choose any color. Blow it up and place it on the table
You never touch the balloon again.
Step away, as far as you like. Now at any moment, and at your command, the balloon pops!
The amazing invisible electronic gizmo does it all. Use it in conjunction with your favorite effects:
* Use your psychic energy to pop it!
* The balloon pops as you're dealing cards - the next card is their selection!
* Touch the spectator's finger to complete a circle of electricity - the balloon pops!
Comes with Bloon box and complete directions. Works with any balloons. $80.00 (40.694)

Magic: 1400s - 1950s – Mike Caveney & Jim Steinmeyer:
This will be the holiday season gift of the year!
The world’s greatest magicians from the Middle Ages through the 1950s
Magic has enchanted humankind for millennia, evoking terror, laughter, shock, and amazement. Once persecuted as heretics and sorcerers, magicians have always been conduits to a parallel universe of limitless possibility—whether invoking spirits, reading minds, or inverting the laws of nature by sleight of hand. Long before science fiction, virtual realities, video games and the Internet, the craft of magic was the most powerful fantasy world man had ever known. As the pioneers of special effects throughout history, magicians have never ceased to mystify us by making the impossible possible.
This book celebrates more than 500 years of the dazzling visual culture of the world's greatest magicians. Featuring more than 1,000 rarely seen vintage posters, photographs, handbills, and engravings as well as paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Caravaggio among others, this 650-page volume traces the history of magic as a performing art from the 1400s to the 1950s. Combining sensational images with lucid and incisive text, Magic explores the evolution of the magician’s craft, from medieval street performers to the brilliant stage magicians who gave rise to cinematic special effects; from the 19th century's Golden Age of Magic to groundbreaking daredevils like Houdini and the early 20th century's vaudevillians.
Hardcover. 650 pages. Over 1000 images. 11.4 x 17.3 inches. $200.00 (BK01671)

Escape DVD Vol. 2 - Danny Hunt : Welcome to Escape Volume 2, the brand new DVD featuring one of today's leading escape artists, Danny Hunt. For the first time learn the real secrets to escaping from any lock or handcuff, as you're taken into a side of magic that has rarely been looked into before.
Prison Cell Escape Performance
100 Foot of Chain/Rope Escapes:
For the first time, Danny explains in detail just how easy it is to escape from 100 feet of Rope or Chains in just a few seconds.
The Spirit Cabinet Rope Tie:
This easy-to-do rope tie looks amazing and can be performed in a variety of ways either using you or your assistant. Almost an act in itself.
The Houdini Challenge Performance:
Danny's unique performane of the "7 Keys to Baldplate" featuring Mick Hanzlik's Supalock!
The Straitjacket/Chain Escape Live:
Watch this live performance as Danny escapes from Ripon Jail using the techniques described on this DVD!
The Straitjacket Escape:
Danny discusses various types of straitjackets and then shows you how to genuinely escape from a real straitjacket in record time.
$36.00 (DVD01060)

Reel Magic Episode 13 - Daniel Garcia:
Daniel Garcia
Kozmo talks with Daniel at MAGIC Live!
Andrew Pinard - Continuum
Part two of Andrew's illuminating discussion with Eugene Burger
Small Things, Big Difference - Jon Armstrong:
Don't do the Slip Force! (he'll tell you why)
Try This At Home - Garrett Thomas:
Why are you doing that?
Kid Show FUNdamentals - David Kaye a.k.a. Silly Billy:
Avoid green thumb: grow feather flowers the right way
Simon Said It! - Simon Lovell:
One of the flock or lead sheep?
Tricks of the Trade - David Regal:
Routinely navel-gazing
Choice Cuts - Wayne Kawamoto:
Working the corporate market
Daniel garcia "William Tell"
Prime Cuts:
Shaun Mccree - "Cold Cut Transpo"
Etienne Pradier - "Card to Pocket"
Move Monkeys:
Brian Platt "Retention-of-Vision-Tumbling-Muscle-Click-Pass"
Michael Vincent - "Rear Palm Color Change"
Chad Juros - "Double Lift with a Spin"
$9.95 (DVD01062)

Gum DVD – Jeff Prace : Jeff Prace presents four mysteries using something you normally carry in your pocket, chewing gum. Using the methods taught in detail on this DVD, you will be able to astonish anyone with everyday items.
Orbit: A pack of gum with only one piece left instantly turns into a full pack. You can then immediately hand out a piece of gum to a hungry spectator.
Re-Wrapped: A chewed piece of gum stretched between the magician's hands magically wraps itself into a brand new piece! Both hands are shown empty and the gum can immediately be given away as a sweet souvenir
Insta-Wrap: Another handling of the chewed to wrapped gum effect. This handling is on steroids!
Back in Time: The magician presents a time travel experiment, and in doing so wraps a chewed piece of gum and alters a photograph!
All these effects are practical, visual, and easy to perform.
$24.95 (DVD01061)

"Solid Practical Coolness. This kid is going to be dangerous!!!" - Paul Harris

Flexible Mirror – Mikame: This is one of the highest quality pieces ever made by Mikame Craft.
The inner workings of the frame is ingenious, we've never seen such quality in magic. Made of select hardwood for smooth performance! It's a joy to own such a fine piece of craftmanship at this reasonable price.
Display both sides of a mirror trapped in a solid wooden frame. Have someone examine the mirror. It’s truly solid.
Place the frame and mirror in a cloth draw-string bag. Show a long sturdy needle, completely real. Poke the needle through the bag and penetrate the mirror several times!
Now for the climax. Bend the mirror in half numerous times! The mirror is then taken out of the bag and shown completely solid without scratches, bends or creases.
Dimensions Approximately 8 1/2" x 13 1/2" (21.5cm x 34.25cm)
$210.00 (60.1010)

And that’s this week’s Hotter Than a Habanero Hotlist. Something for you? Of course there is! Just spend some time checking out the Hotlist and the Online Catalog. I just know you will find things you simply must have!
As always, thank you so much for taking the time to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love it when you stop by!