Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring Reading Sale!

Good morning from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. What an incredible, if somewhat weird, week this has been. Last weekend, the temperatures shot up into the high 80’s, and by Tuesday we saw 90 degrees. Unheard of for April (I know, not unheard of, but pretty rare). Now, it’s back to the 60’s where it belongs, and I have quietly put the shorts back in the drawer for another time.

I received some very nice comments on last week’s email Newsletter. Lots of folks talking about their experiences doing shows when they were kids. Several mentioned youth magic programs that they were currently involved with to get kids out there doing shows. It was all very positive!

Post Conclave, and the kids have gone back to school. In addition, Bonnie was off to New Jersey last weekend to visit her friend Allison. So, it was just Bones and me. Suffice it to say, it was a pretty quiet time. Several times I asked Bones what he wanted to do. And, every time he answered with something that sounded a lot like “eat.” The highlight of the weekend was watching the three game Red Sox – Yankees series. My heart was all aflitter as the Sox beat the Yankess three in a row. No letters please. Bonnie is now back at home, but it’s still pretty quiet around here.

Aron, the elder son, is coming home for summer break. So, that will “noise the place up” a bit. He is only home for a week and a half, then it’s back to Gainesville for Summer A and Summer B in French. Aron is on the five year plan, which is just fine. But, he needs to make sure he has all his ducks in a row so that he will get his degree at the end of next summer. We don’t want him stretching the five year plan into a six year plan.

In just two weeks, I am off on my Road Trip to Ohio. I’m driving out to get Lucas and his stuff. I figure on a three day trip back and forth. Unless we stop for Ice Cream. I have also done the math, and driving the new Hybrid, I can make it to Oberlin on a single tank of gas. That’s a 12 gallon tank! How cool is that!

OK, enough already. Let’s take a look at this week’s excitement.

SPRING READING SALE: Is there a better time than right now to sit on the front porch with a nice cool drink and read? No, sez me!
Starting right now and ending on Wednesday the 6th of May at midnight, you can save 25% on every single book that we carry, except those published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words. All you need to do is enter the special code SAVEONBOOKS in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the 25%. If you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, just mention the special code, SAVEONBOOKS, and we will deduct the 25%. You can also place your order by FAX at 781 395 2034 or by email at No matter how you place your order, just mention the special code and save 25% on all the books!

Now, it’s time to check out this week’s Hotlist.

Excalibur Milk in Lightbulb – Devin Knight: One of the most impossible and classiest Milk in Light Bulb effects you will ever see. The base is spiral and see-through so there appears to be no place to hide a gimmick.
The effect is straightforward. Turn the lamp on and then vanish milk, salt or a white silk. The moment the object vanishes the lamp goes out by itself. You need not be near the lamp when this happens.
Remove the shade and unscrew the bulb. Inside the bulb is the vanished milk, salt or silk! The milk or salt is poured out leaving you with just an empty clear bulb. You do this without the need of any off stage assistants. You are in full control of the lamp even though away from it.
* Designed for the professional, this prop will add class to your act.
* Strong enough to close your show.
Complete with lamp, remote control device, hollow bulb, rubber stopper and complete directions. Use your own milk or salt vanish.
This prop works on 120 volts. To use overseas you will need a 220 voltage convertor (not included). $395.00 (60.1588)

Cardiograph – Wayne Dobson: An incredible real world trick that makes layman shout out loud!
Two cards are signed, one blank face card and one Joker.
Magician signs the blank card; the spectator signs the Joker.
The spectator is asked to keep his finger on the back of the Joker he signed.
The two cards magically change places.
But wait, your signature also travels across and is now on the card they are holding.
Comes complete with specially printed gimmicks, extra cards and an instructional DVD. Easy to do, no reset. $20.00 (30.1426)

Cups & Balls – Stainless Steel – Mikame: Beautiful stainless steel Cups and Balls crafted by Mikame.
As you would expect, these cups measure up to Mikame's highest quality standards. They have a beautiful look and are unique from any other Cup and Ball set available. These cups look fantastic and perform equally well.
Each cup weighs 3 ounces, is 2.6-inches in height and the actual outside diameter is 2.8-inches. 3 red knit balls included.
$350.00 (10.1516)

Card Thru Deck _ Yuval Keren & Elian Agaian: From the creators of Credit Card Decoder, Yuval Keren and Elian Agaian have devised a new and inventive routine – Card Thru Deck!
* Any Card
* Any Deck
* No Switches
* No Force
* Examinable Before and After
Ask a spectator to choose any card from the deck. Have them sign the card and fold it in half. With the remaining deck in your hand, take the selected card and begin to penetrate the deck. The audience watches in amazement as the card slices right through the deck in your hand. The card melts through with ease. The remaining portion of the card can be pulled out by the spectator, for a dramatic ending to your routine. The signed, folded, spectator-selected card passes through the deck, unharmed and leaves your audience wondering in amazement.
Comes with instructional DVD and gimmick. $69.00 (30.1423)

Mental Case: Show a beautiful wooden box which has a brass plaque on its lid depicting all five ESP symbols.
Ask a spectator to freely select and remember any one of the five symbols shown.
The spectator now names the symbol they have chosen.
In a dramatic and entertaining fashion you reveal a prediction from inside the box.
The prediction exactly matches the ESP symbol chosen by the spectator.
Mental Case is a completely self contained effect. $180.00 (40.677)

Visceral – Derek Roberts: Bills transform at your fingertips. What 3 Fly did to coins across, Visceral does to the bill change. Up high so everyone can see, and framing your face, you count out 5 new crisp dollar bills. In a millisecond, they change into 5 one hundred dollar bills!
There's no awkwardness in the handling, and the bills are held lightly at your fingertips. Magic doesn't get any more visual than this.
20 minute DVD with performances and in-studio explanation. $15.00 (10.1517)

“Derek Has added the most exciting innovation to this classic effect to date - the ability to do it with your hands in front of you at chest level. Bravo Derek!” -Kevin James

“Brilliant! Derek has created my all time favorite version of this fantastic effect!” -Jeff McBride

Gum Game: Place two empty gum packs on the table, and between them a third pack in which a single piece of gum can be heard rattling.
Switch the packs around and ask the audience to pick out which pack has the piece of gum. The audience gets it wrong every time! In the end, all three packs are empty!
None of them rattle.
The packs can immediately be examined!
Your hands are visible at all times and are absolutely empty! Imported from Europe. $49.95 (10.1515)

Oiater – Tom Dobrowolski: "...Chicago Winters and Oil and Water are the reason tourists don't come back. However, the work within this manuscript is a step in what I believe is the right direction for the plot. The key word in that last sentence is 'step'. Progression is the goal that those who have partaken in this project gazed affectionately towards."
– Jeremiah Zhang
Thus begins "Oiater" a 47 page manuscript examining theatrical handlings of the classic Oil and Water plot. Within this manuscript you will find 2 complete routines; Tom Dobrowolski and Jeremiah Zhang's ROW and Curtis Kam's POW.
In addition you'll find contributions from Eric Jones (who provides one of two additional endings), a new handling for "Out of This World" and additional sequences and ideas not included in the routines.
About "ROW
* There are no counting procedures during the mixing of the cards.
* The cards instantly separate after each mix with no handling of the cards in between.
* Every card's color is fairly seen during the mixing stages. The spectators never have to assume the color of a card. (With the exception of the first phase the entire routine is done face up)
* The routine is progressive, modularly moving forward and becoming more impressive with each phase.
* The deck ends completely separated (no culling!) in a clear and defined theatrical finish.
About "POW
* The routine builds from two cards to the separation of the entire deck.
* Makes things seem less repetitious by adding cards at each phase.
* Makes things seem less pointless by doing separations only.
* All the separations are "instant". In other words, once the cards are interlaced there is no further handling, counting, or separating of the cards."
Pages 48 - Spiral Bound. $20.00 (BK01648)

"I thought Oil and Water was a plot that didn't need to be revisited. Turns out I was wrong. Oiater is a fresh look at a classic effect. It is well written, contains new moves for the move monkeys, and new plot ideas for workers. I can't wait for the sequel".
– Darren Hart

Factory Misprints: A thoroughly updated version of an amazing JC Wagner packet trick, with a couple of new twists that even beginners can master.
Four blank cards are magically and progressively "printed" as four of a kind.
The description does little justice to this surprising and magical routine, which solves many of the traditional flaws of packet tricks by way of extremely clean and convincing handling. In addition, the comprehensive manuscript describes a number of handlings for cleaning up and resetting, along with two follow-up effects, including a version of the trick popularly known as Daley's Last Trick.
Comes complete with 12 page booklet and special cards. $15.00 (30.1425)

Space Traveler – Rodger Lovins: A signed bill placed in a brass shot glass by a spectator, vanishes and is found inside of a sealed box held by another spectator!
* Easy to do
* Uses high quality props
* Any signed bill
* Video instructions on CDR
* Bonus routine also included
This effect is a limited, signed and numbered offering for those of you who are looking for a high quality collectible piece of work. Only 100 of these will be produced. Each will come with a certificate of authenticity hand signed and numbered by Rodger himself.
$175.00 (10.1514)

And that’s this week’s Can You Believe How Hot It Was Earlier This Week? Hotlist. Just chock full of great new stuff. Well worth checking out.
As always, I am very glad that you find time to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!