Friday, April 10, 2009

Buy More Save The Most!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. The Conclave is just one short week away. The tickets are all distributed. The registration packages are all nicely arranged in alphabetical order. We have packed up nothing less than a ton of great merchandise to display at the big event. Are you going to be with us? We have some registrations still available, so you can register and join the fun. For all the details, click on the Conclave Button at or give us a call toll free at 800 874 7400. We’d love to see you there.

Passover started on Wednesday night this week. Bonnie made the first Seder at our house, and it was quite the event. The crowd was a little smaller than usual. All the kids are away. It was a little odd, I must tell you. However, the sixteen people at the dining room table had a great time. Bonnie spends a ton of time figuring out her menu. She scours the cookbooks and the newspaper recipes and the online recipes and always finds some really delicious items to make. No small task, considering the restraints of the holiday. For the next week, it will be Matzo and more Matzo and then, just for good measure, some more Matzo. Or, as my Uncle Izzy used to call it, “stitched cardboard.”

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. We want to wish a very pleasant Easter to all who celebrate. Remember to count the eggs before you hide them. And make sure the kids find them all!

We have been in business for almost 35 years. A long time, to be sure. We have seen good times and bad times, but to be honest, we have never seen a time like this. In the old days, when the economy was down, we would all hunker down and hang onto the mast until the storm passed. People in the magic business banded together to help each other. Despite the fact that we were business rivals, we were also friends. And no one wanted to see anyone’s business fail. But, this time around it all seems so different. There are dealers out there offering unheard of discounts. Discounts that no retail business can afford to give. Discounts that result in loss of revenue with every sale. Since there is no money to be made in offering such outrageous discounts, you might ask, “Why do it?” There is no easy answer, but it surely feels like the discounting has become so aggressive that there can only be one real purpose. To try and drive the competition out of business. It’s an old tactic used by some of the big discount retailers. Lower the prices until the competition folds. Then, when you’re the only game in town, raise those prices right back up.

So, think about it. If there are only one or maybe two major suppliers left in the magic business, what do you think will happen to prices? That’s right, up they go! Competition is the cornerstone of business. It keeps everyone “honest.” When there’s no competition, the last guy left can charge whatever he wants and the consumer is at the mercy of the dealer. When I was new in business, there was a lot of competition. Tannen’s and Abbott’s and many more. I always felt that fair competition was a good thing. It helped to keep the business “alive.”

What’s my point in all this? Glad you asked. I believe that you need to consider where you purchase your magic, not just based on price. Buy from the guy that you like. Buy from the guy who has treated you well over time. Buy from the guy who will answer your questions and help you pick items that are right for you. Establish a relationship with the guy you buy your magic from. He no doubt loves magic as much as you. Maybe more.

If you only buy from the guy with the lowest prices, and that guy then drives the other guys out of business, you can rest assured that the big discounts will end and you will be paying top dollar for everything.

I am sorry I took up so much of your time. I have really strong feelings about magic and the magic business. I hope you will consider what I have written. Oh, and by the way, we plan to be around for a really long time. So please don’t worry
Now, for this week’s excitement.

BUY MORE GET THE MOST: We have really upped the ante on this exciting event! Starting right now and running through Wednesday, April 15th at midnight, we are having a Buy More Get the Most event. Here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a coupon which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
• Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total. (Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
• Order between $100.00 and $200.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.
• Order over $200.00: Coupon is for 29% of the merchandise total.
When you place your order online at, please put the secret phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. If you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a coupon for every order you place during the event. Just don’t lose the coupons, please. Unlike other sales events where certain items are not included, the Buy More Get More event includes every item we carry! This is your chance to, really save for the future.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

Mysterious Casket: Display a miniature coffin and a beautiful veneer wood case that has four numbered "Keyholes" in gold inlay on the lid.
While your back is turned, the spectator is asked to open the case and place the miniature coffin into any one of the four compartments inside and then to close the lid.
You then turn around and with a small magnifying glass, “look” into each "Keyhole".
After making a psychic examination of the inside the case, you are able to reveal which numbered "Keyhole" the coffin rests beneath.
The effect can immediately be repeated and everything can be examined.
This is an extremely limited edition effect and only 35 pieces are available world-wide. An absolutely beautiful set of props. $395.00 (40.675)

Perfect Vanish: Chris Kenworthey has done it again! The creator of the wildly successful Telethought Wallet returns with another outstanding effect, The Perfect Vanish.
Display a roll of Lifesavers candy at your fingertips and cover it with a dollar bill for just a moment. In an instant it's gone! Completely and totally!
No pulls, no sleeves, no Topits, no lapping, no palming, no sleight of hand! It looks like real magic!
A moment later the candy is reproduced from your pocket or other convenient location.
The effect comes complete with everything you need to make this miracle happen. Works with Lifesavers or Mentos candies as well!
It's your "roll" to mystify and enchant and the Perfect Vanish will make your job a whole lot easier! $24.95 (10.1512)

“It fooled me…and I have been in magic over fifty years!”
Denny Haney

Deep 3 – Bro Gilbert: Ribbon spread a normal-looking Bicycle deck and remove two exotic antique Jokers that you keep in your deck for good luck. Ask a very special spectator to take a walk down memory lane as they remember their very first kiss... and the name of the lucky person behind those lips. It could be any name, but let's say the name happens to be Sam Lipschitz.
With empty hands, you spread through the face down Bicycle deck, revealing the two lucky antique Jokers. The spectator removes the two Jokers and discovers a bold black letter drawn on each of their backs... an S and an L. The initials of the first person she ever kissed! And yes, just like Deep Astonishment, it works with any name! It starts with a memory... and ends with a miracle.
Bro Gilbert has merged two classics of magic into one of the most ingenious decks ever. Deep 3 is nearly self-working and exceptionally clean in handling. You can show the backs and faces of normal Bicycle cards and your spectator removes the two lucky Jokers herself.
With Deep 3 in your pocket, you'll be constantly set (and re-set) for an intimate miracle, or a showstopper for a formal performance.
Manufactured with a red Bicycle deck, Deep 3 includes custom vintage "Lucky Lady Jokers" with high-contrast backs so your hand-written letters show up clearly, close-up or in front of larger groups. No other props or gimmicks are needed.
Bro Gilbert's Deep 3 is the easiest, most direct, most convenient evolution of the Paul Harris classic that you'll ever perform. $34.95 (30.1418)

Ninja Plus - Matthew Garrett: This 60 minute DVD explains every move that Matthew uses. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. There are basic moves and a beginner's routine so you can quickly and easily perform this effect. There are also more advanced flourishes, moves and an advanced routine for sleight of hand workers.
DVD Contents:
• Silent performance
• Introducing rings
• Ninja Rings live
• Difficulties with rings
• Props
• Crash link Ninja Ring
• Crash link finger ring
• Strike unlink Ninja Ring
• Links variations
• Crash palm link
• Crash unlink
• Switching in Ninja+
• Strike link Ninja+
• Strike unlink Ninja+
• Unlink to finger
• Transposition move
• Finger ring to other hand.
• Drop link
• Ninja+ chain
• Basic chain unlink
• Basic routine
• Spin unlink
• Fire production
• Fire production & vanish
• Ring sequencing
• Flourishes intro
• Coin roll
• Jumping ring
• Coin moves
• Ring & rope
• Flying link
• Advanced routine
• Advanced routine explanations
You receive everything you need to make this effect possible.
The large rings are 4 1/2" (11.5cm) in diameter and are chrome plated.
The smaller rings are high quality rhodium plated. $75.00 (10.1513)

Balloon Detective – Devin Knight: A great new tool for both family entertainers and mentalists. You can use this even if you have never made a balloon animal in your life. One of the effects doesn't even use real balloons!
Until now, there have been few ways to tie in your magic with balloon sculpturing. Imagine having a child or lady secretly think of a balloon animal and the color she would like it to be. You reach into your balloon bag and amazingly take out the color she has in mind and you twist it into the animal she secretly selected! Your participant will have no idea how you were able to correctly know both the balloon animal and color.
Picture doing this at a birthday party with all the children secretly thinking of the balloon animals they want. Balloon Detective allows you to do this easily - without the children ever telling you the balloon animals they want.
This effect will give you a big advantage over your competition in the kid-show market. Almost all birthday performers offer balloon sculpturing. You will be different. In most cases, this will give you an advantage over other balloon artists in your area, and you will get the bookings!
Inflated Thoughts - Bonus Mental Effect: You can use Balloon Detective, even if you do not make balloon sculptures. A lady thinks of a balloon sculpture and the color of the balloon. You pick up a piece of cardboard, turn your back, and draw something on it. Turn back, keeping the drawing concealed. Ask her to tell you the balloon sculpture and chosen color. Show your drawing - it is a sketch of the selected sculpture drawn in the chosen color!
Complete with four balloon menu-cards and directions explaining every nuance of this effect. Easy to do and the balloons sculptures are so simple that even a rank beginner can make them. There are ten different balloons on the menu-cards. The directions also give you free on-line links to videos you can watch to learn how to make any balloon on the menus.
$20.00 (50.962)

World’s Funniest Mouth Coil Routine - Robert Baxt : A F.I.S.M. winner for Comedy, releases of his all time greatest routines: The Mouth Coil!
Here you will find all you need to know to do one of the funniest comedy magic routines ever seen. No sleight of hand, and no fussy moves are needed! A routine that’s great for close-up, parlor, or stage; kids or adults!
With a spectator, you perform a hilarious “do as I do” torn and restored paper routine that climaxes with the production of multicolored streamers from your mouth.
The full routine is over five minutes long; full of fun and foolery that will leave audiences rolling on the floor with laughter.
Comes complete with several live shows of Robert at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, plus his detailed explanation with all the funny lines, bits, shtick, jokes, ad-libs and his helpful thoughts on comedy and presentation.
And, for the first time he gives away his secret for blowing a Mouth Coil out of your mouth! The crowd will gasp when it shoots out of your mouth, yards at a time.
$25.00 (DVD00996)

And, that’s this week’s Hotlist. Short but powerful! All really great stuff. Take some time to check these items out.
As always, we appreciate your taking the time to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!