Friday, March 13, 2009

Live From Oberlin Ohio!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s, where we don’t need any snow machines,
because Mother Nature has taken good care of us in that department. Last
weekend, we had temperatures in the high 50’s and thought that Spring was here.
Then, Monday morning, a quick peek out the window and guess what? More snow.
Darn it.

This week, I am writing the email Newsletter from beautiful Oberlin Ohio, home
of Oberlin College and not so very much more. We are in Oberlin to see Lucas,
the Singing Son, perform in The Magic Flute. I think I told you this last week,
but at my advanced age, I get a little forgetful, so bear with me. Anyway, I do
know that we are here in Oberlin and that Lucas is in the opera. How much more
do I need to know?

I do know that today is Friday the 13th. It is the second Friday the 13th in two
months. What are the chances? Be careful. Don’t walk under ladders, stay away
from black cats and please, oh please don’t buy magic from anyone but us! That’s
really bad luck, especially for us!

Our new web feature, magic1, is up and running and causing quite a stir. Here’s
the way it works. Every week I hand-pick one great item. It will usually be a
brand new and exciting item, but sometimes it will be a vintage item that needs
to be put back in the spotlight. We will offer the item at a significant
discount for one week, and one week only. Hence the motto, One Great Trick For
One Whole Week. The magic1 item will change every Monday, so it will always be
fresh. You can find the link to magic1 at the very bottom of the first page of
the Hotlist, or at the bottom of the front page at Give it a
click to get the full details. On a personal note, I want to thank my old friend
Richard Robinson of for designing the magic1 page and logos. He did
a great job, as always!

Just a quick reminder that the new Spring Extra is up on line. You can download
it in pdf format, in full color, by copying this URL into your browser
You can also find all the exciting new Extra items by just clicking on the Extra
Button at Check ‘er out!

The Conclave is getting closer and closer, day by day. And, the crowd is getting
bigger. At some point, I think we will have to declare a sellout and stop taking
reservations. But, for the moment, we do have spaces available. But, time is
onf the essence if you want to be with us this year. And, I know you do.
This is the last year we will be at the SeaCrest Hotel, as next year we move to
a new venue. I hope you will join us for this year’s event, as I can guarantee
that you will have a great time. The dates are April 17th – 19th. You can
register online by clicking the Conclave Button at, or you can
call us toll free at 800 874 7400 to register.

Now, let’s look at this week’s excitement!

BUY MORE GET THE MOST: We have really upped the ante on this exciting event!
Starting right now and running through Thursday, March 19th at midnight, we are
having a Buy More Get the Most event. Here is how it works. For each order you
place during the event, you will get a coupon which you can use towards any
future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on
the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
• Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total.
(Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
• Order between $100.00 and $200.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.

• Order over $200.00: Coupon is for 29% of the merchandise total.
When you place your order online at, please put the secret
phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout.. If
you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your
order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please
mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with
your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a
coupon for every order you place during the event.. Just don’t lose the coupons,
please. Unlike other sales events where certain items are not included, the Buy
More Get More event includes every item we carry! This is your chance to, really
save for the future.
Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

Snap – Jesse Feinberg: Our old friend Jesse Feinberg spent so much time working
on this new item, we thought he might Snap! And, he did.
A regular pencil is shown all around. When you wave your hand over the pencil,
the eraser jumps from one end to the other! Give the pencil a shake, and the
eraser jumps back to the other side.
Snap the pencil in half and the eraser jumps from one half to the other! You can
even cover one end in your pocket, and the eraser jumps back and forth! The two
broken pieces are immediately handed out for examination... You are left totally
Other routines and effects are included.
Includes all materials and instructions. $20.00 (10.1505)

Ghost Cap – Joe Porper: The latest from Joe Porper, the Prince of Precision!
Grab an empty bottle, show the cap (you can have it signed if you wish) and like
a ghost, suddenly it is inside the bottle. No switches, just the cap and the
Comes with two caps, re-set tool, leather carrying case and instruction book.
$49.95 (10.1506)

Toyota Box – Mikame Craft: Satoshi Toyota whose Mystery Key Holder was such a
big hit, has now created the Toyota Box! A completely original concept, this
beautiful wooden box will open the door to many great tricks.
The box looks only large enough to hold one deck of cards, yet it can be used
for switches, changes, appearances, disappearances, mental effects and so much
Dimensions Approximately 1 3/4" x 5" x 3 1/2" (4.5cm x 12.75cm x 9cm) $75.00

Spoon Fly DVD – Arthur Trace: On this DVD you will learn two versions of this
excellent routine.
Spoon Fly Version 1
Three teaspoons magically appear, travel from hand to hand, and disappear at
your fingertips! This is a great routine that resets quickly and is perfect for
walk-around performances.
Spoon Fly Version 2
In this version, you will learn how to transform a plastic spoon into a metal
teaspoon. A chopstick is then used as a magic wand causing this spoon to
disappear and reappear. The spoon then travels from hand to hand, multiplies
into three teaspoons, and then back to one. Finally, the last spoon you are left
holding transforms into a chopstick and is paired with the chopstick, you used
throughout the routine. This is visual magic at its best. $25.00 (DVD00981)

Wonderized – Tommy Wonder: Tommy Wonder was a giant among magicians. he never
once simply performed a trick. Like a Grand Master at chess, Tommy took every
move, every sleight, every trick, every method, every gesture and thought it out
to the Nth degree. He was always three steps ahead of you while hiding behind
your back. He was a true master who elevated our art into something very few
performers ever achieved: skill plus elegance equals beautiful magic.
The effects on this DVD are extremely powerful, but the lessons you will learn
are far more valuable. Each effort is loaded with gems of insight, deep thoughts
on performing philosophy, and such creativity it is no wonder that Tommy Wonder
is regarded as one of the most important magicians of all time.
To open this 82-minute, broadcast-quality DVD, Tommy shares his Cards to Card
Case. Instead of presenting a dry discussion on theory, this lesson is filled
with humor and fascinating insights. It is here you will learn that Intent +
Emotion + Conflict + Skill = Pure Magical Impact.
Tommy next takes us on a journey through the Torn & Restored Card, using only
one card! In the midst of this diabolical method we learn the importance of
being human, of closing the distance between you and your audience.
In Lighter to Matches we learn a perfect opener for approaching people cold, as
well as being prepared for people's prior expectations from previous performers.
This routine instantly resets, which allows you an invaluable practice tool: you
only see the effect - making you believe in your own magic!
The Ring, the Watch & Wallet is an incredible effect that is a mini treatise on
methodology - using three different methods of vanishing items in an envelope.
Combined with expert storytelling this is a real showstopper.
The Signed Card to Box is a Wonder classic and features Tommy's Ambitious Card
and his Two-Second Card Fold. This revolutionary fold is almost instantaneous
and folds a card into sixths. Here you will learn insights into timing and
relaxing/diverting a spectator's attention with your gaze.
In Squeeze, you will learn how to visibly slide a regular-sized deck into a
miniature card box. It looks like real magic! Here Tommy also teaches his deck
switch, delving into misdirection, timing, psychology and presentation..
Originality doesn't always a make for good magic. Classical effects performed
well equals great magic! Tommy proves this with the Shrinking Fan of Cards.
Using a time-tested method, watch as a fan of cards get smaller and smaller!
$35.00 (DVD00979)

Ring String & Ding – Paul Hyland: Inspired by Bob Miller's Relentless Ring &
String Routine, Paul Hyland refines classic moves and adds new ones to develop
the theatre of the ring and string effect in a new way. Among his innovations
are an amazing in-the-spectator's-hands ring release, a convincing display of a
spectator's ring on the lace when it's really almost off, and a plot which
employs the bell as a zany prop to get attention, generate laughs and win the
audience over from the start. The performance can be cut short or interrupted as
required; after any one of a number of climaxes, it leads to a wonderfully
offbeat finale. $20.00 (DVD00980)
"The best ring and string routine I've ever seen; it's more than a routine, it's
an act…a fantastic piece of close-up theatre – superb!" - John Carey

Magic With The iPhone DVD Vol. 2: The second installation of iPhone Magic!
Perform easy to do amazing tricks with your iPhone.
iPhone magic is a fun and unique way to break the ice. Perform these tricks in
your walk around shows! You always have your phone, so you will always have a
trick in your pocket. From card tricks to mind reading, you’ll find it all
Your host, Dexter, will teach and explain over ten amazing tricks and tips with
your iPhone, including:
Mindreading iPhone: A spectator chooses a card and you start the iPhone
mindreading program. The phone proceeds to tell the spectator what card they are
Coin Game: Your iPhone turns into the coin pusher game where you try to push the
tokens over the ledge to win tickets!
The Magic Picture: A picture of 3 objects changes right before your spectators’
eyes until only the item they were thinking of remains!
Fake-A-Call: A spectator chooses a random famous person from some cards. After
the celebrity has been chosen, your phone rings. When you turn it over to answer
it, you see that the call is from that very celebrity!
Lovely Assistant: A chosen card is lost in the deck. After many attempts, you
are unable to locate the card so you ask your lovely assistant for help. She
appears on the screen and reveals the chosen card, washing away any doubt of
your powers!
New Princess Card Trick: A classic, now better than ever and in your face on
iPhone! The spectator just thinks of one of six cards. The iPhone goes to work
and makes the spectator's card vanish! Created by Gabriel Tornay & Damien
Phone Card: A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The deck is thrown up in the
air while you take a snap shot with your phone. The picture is shown to your
spectator with their smiling face and the chosen card in the air behind them!
Plus tips, tricks, and even a card forcing tutorial for the non-magician iPhone
This amazing magic set for your iPhone includes a Mixed Media DVD with more than
50 minutes of professional quality video. The DVD contains video and picture
files ready to load on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Works on both PCs, MACs and
DVD Players! $20.00 (DVD00982)

Matchalot Mentalism – Howard Adams: The ultimate book for those who appreciate
simple, self working mentalism and mental magic, done with cards and other
simple items.
Over 250 simple or self working effects. Matching effects, open predictions,
many off-beat concepts but no complicated sleight of hand. In many cases, the
presentations are left very open and can be adapted to a variety of bizarre,
mental or scientific themes.
Self working and mathematical magic is an interesting creature. It is so
attractive because it allows the performer to focus exclusively on presentation.
On the other hand, it does challenge the performer to develop presentations that
make it into more than a puzzle.
Anyone who purchases this book will be able to access the Matchalot Support Page
and see how other people are presenting some of Howard’s ideas.
Howard’s gives you a framework of the theme or presentation he has in mind, and
follows a very simple structure of explaining the procedures needed. His
illustrations are numerous, and all are simple visual references to the props or
layout for the routine he is sharing. It allows you to very quickly get the gist
of the effect and start engineering what and how to use it..
For those who appreciate Howard’s work, this really is an amazing collection of
mentalism and mental magic!
378 pages. Hardcover. $88.00 (BK01642)

Xtreme Beginnerz Vol. 2 – 2 DVD Set: Learn Card Throwing, Pen Spinning, Dice
Stacking, and XCM from the world's best!
This brand new 2 DVD set from Handlordz completely changes the traditional
thoughts of manipulation. Never before has such a diverse group of manipulators
been assembled to create such an incredible DVD set. The DVDs are geared toward
those that want to learn mind-numbing manipulation.
What will you learn?
Pen Spinning – Almost 1 hour of pen spinning instruction from Germany's top pen
spinner Robert Heim. You will learn about pens, the basic moves, easy combos,
and get to see some never before seen advanced ideas.
Card Throwing – Learn from the current World Record Holder in Card Throwing –
Rick Smith Jr. In this amazing section, Rick will teach you all the details on
his power throw. From grip, stance and release, you'll be throwing like a pro in
no time.
Basic Dice Stacking – You will learn everything about cups, dice, surfaces and
of course basic stacking in extreme detail. The teaching in this section is very
visual, with 3D models, and repeated, slow motion instruction.
De'vo Underground XCM/Dice Hybrid Work - De'vo will teach you his incredible
moves, ideas, and combos. Yes, De'vo stacks dice with cards! Impossible? He
doesn't think so. This section is worth the price alone if you are a card worker
looking for something different to add to your act.
2-handed Cuts - Underground artist Daniel Madison will teach you no less than 5
of his favorite signature 2 handed cut combos.
Palm Back Fans - Ulmen Trials Competitor Ciappi will teach you his Palm Back
Fanning techniques. Learn the basic Palm Back Fan, the Giant Palm Back Fan, and
his "Arena Display" (2 fans in one hand.)
XB Vol. 1 Routine – Jerry Cestkowski will teach you a complete flowing routine
by using moves found in the first Xtreme Beginnerz DVD set. He will also teach
you 2 variations of his deck twirl.
Charlier Challenge – Many people know the classic Charlier Cut (basic one handed
cut), from magicians, manipulators and just people off the street. De'vo created
this challenge to use on those that know this classic move.
$39.95 (DVD00984)

Artwerks DVD – Arthur Trace: On this DVD you will learn the following routines:
27 - While the magician's back is turned a spectator shuffles, selects a card,
and cuts the card back into the middle of the deck. The magician then proceeds
to face the spectator and asks the spectator to name a number. The spectator
counts down in the deck to their number and discovers their card!
Duality - An audience member is asked to peek at a playing card. Another
audience member who has not seen the first spectator's selection is then asked
to stop the magician's finger as the magician passes it over the fan of cards.
The card stopped at matches the first spectator's selection. Arthur's unique
presentation strengthens the effect of this classic.
Sliver Certificate - The magician borrows a dollar bill and proceeds to levitate
it. After the bill descends the magician unfolds the dollar and the spectator is
shocked to find a silver ball bearing inside.
Mouth Travelers - Four aces travel one at a time from the magician's hands to
between his lips. This is a novel routine that is great for strolling-magic
Spatial Exchange - A corner is torn off a playing card and the card is inserted
into the deck. The magician then proceeds to instantaneously exchange the
positions of the corner and the card.
The Crimped Cup - This is the classic Cups and Balls presented with a gambling
premise and a magical twist. The magician "crimps" or marks the cup where the
balls are supposed to travel to with a plastic ring. In the end, a ring appears
on each cup to mark the appearance of each final load.
$25.00 (DVD00983)

Secrets Of The Cups & Balls Vol. 1: World’s Greatest Magic By The World’s
Greatest Magicians - What can one say about the Cups and Balls? It’s an iconic
trick and has become almost as synonymous with the conjurer’s art as the
proverbial rabbit from hat. It’s certainly one of magic’s oldest tricks. But why
has this trick endured the centuries? For one thing, a Cups and Balls routine
can incorporate many different effects – there can be vanishes, appearances,
transpositions and productions. For another, it’s always been regarded within
the magic world as a kind of measuring stick of a performer’s ability.
The other notable thing about the Cups and Balls is the amount of individuality
that magicians can bring to their interpretation of the effect and you’ll find
no better example of that than the seven performers you’ll meet on this DVD.
Tommy Wonder begins our journey with his wonderfully self-contained routine with
just two cups and two surprise productions and all with no pocket loads!
Frank Garcia offers a wide variety of various moves and bits of business with
the Cups and Balls, ready to add to your favorite routine, while Dan Fleshman
demonstrates his famous sequence with the Cups and Balls, including his amazing
five-ball “Fleshman Flash” final load.
Aldo Colombini is up next, demonstrating an elegant silent routine that he used
to win a prize at FISM followed by the Professor himself, Dai Vernon, along with
Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet and Steve Freeman, discussing and dissecting perhaps
the most popular Cups and Balls routine in magic, the Dai Vernon Cups and Balls.

Alex Elmsley is next with a great routine that climaxes with a production you
have to see to believe while Ross Bertram presents a multi-phase routine with
many original sequences that will fool even seasoned Cups and Balls workers.
The Cups and Balls should be studied, if not performed, by every magician and
this DVD is an excellent starting point for new students and a wonderful
reference tool even for those who have some experience with this foundational
effect. $19.95 (DVD00985)

Secrets Of The Cups & Balls Vol. 2: World’s Greatest Magic By The World’s
Greatest Magicians - The thing about the Cups and Balls is the amount of
individuality that magicians can bring to their interpretation of the effect and
you’ll find no better example of that than the five performers you’ll meet on
this DVD.
John Mendoza leads off with his eponymous routine, arguably a modern classic,
while Johnny Thompson demonstrates several classic Cups and Balls sequences in
the guises of famous magicians such as Malini, Krieger and Vernon.
Steve Dacri then ably demonstrates the apparatus and routines favored by the
Hindu fakirs while Larry Jennings performs and teaches his justly famous routine
with just one cup, bookended by the startling production of the cup and its
complete vanish at the end.
Finally, Marc DeSouza uses his Cups and Balls routine to take spectators on a
journey through the rich history of magic.
The Cups and Balls should be studied, if not performed, by every magician and
this DVD is an excellent starting point for new students and a wonderful
reference tool even for those who have some experience with this foundational
effect. $19.95 (DVD00986)

Secrets Of The Cups & Balls Vol. 3: World’s Greatest Magic By The World’s
Greatest Magicians - The thing about the Cups and Balls is the amount of
individuality that magicians can bring to their interpretation of the effect and
you’ll find no better example of that than the five performers you’ll meet on
this DVD.
Daryl leads off with a completely impromptu one cup routine that you can do
anytime, anywhere.
Bill Malone follows with his wonderful take on Jack Bateman's classic Cups and
Balls poem while Al Schneider performs and then explains in minute detail his
five-phase routine.
Gary Ouellet is next with a beautifully choreographed two cup routine and
finally, David Regal provides a deeply personal touch on his version of this
classic trick.
The Cups and Balls should be studied, if not performed, by every magician and
this DVD is an excellent starting point for new students and a wonderful
reference tool even for those who have some experience with this foundational
effect. $19.95 (DVD00987)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. A virtual explosion of new magic! It’s great to
see such wonderful new magic coming out, every week! Sometimes it’s a bit
overwhelming, but we try and sift through it all and give you just the best!
More than ever, we appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedules to
visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North
Street in Medford. Either way, we do love your company!