Friday, February 27, 2009

So Many Reward Points!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope you had a great week. I hope you took advantage of our one day Surprise Sale. If not, don’t worry, there’s always more excitement down the road.

On the zooming around town front, there is now a Toyota Prius in our garage. A very fun car, to be sure. But, I have to tell you that it’s got more electronics than a space ship. Actually, I don’t know that for sure, but it sure does have a lot of electronics. I am not sure that I will ever learn to use them all, mostly because I don’t need them all. The Voice Command is a great feature, but really, how hard is it to push a button and get the same result? Just bopping around town, we are getting over 45 miles to a gallon of gas, which far outweighs the fact that the car doesn’t have power seats. I’ll take the mileage over the seats any day. Anything I can do to help save the planet, I’m in.

Lucas, the singing son, has decided that this summer he wants to sing at wedding ceremonies. It’s really a great idea, because he sings so nicely, and there are a ton of weddings during the summer. He has already contacted some wedding planners and they seem very interested. If you’re planning a wedding this summer and would like a most talented tenor (if I do say so myself) to sing at the ceremony, let me know and I will have Lucas get in touch with you. He is very willing to travel. I am serious, really.

Aron does not yet have plans for the summer, but he will find something interesting to do. He is really persistent and will find a job that fits him well. If anyone has an internship available for a history major this summer, let me know and I will have Aron get in touch with you.

Does it sound like I am trying to get rid of the kids for summer? Not the case. But, if it sounds like I want them out of the house and doing something rewarding, and not just in the monetary way, I absolutely do. When they’re around the house, it’s just way too loud for me to get my afternoon naps.

Of course, I must mention the Conclave. You knew I would. I just want to say that the talent is all booked and the lineup looks absolutely amazing. This is the last year we will be at the SeaCrest Hotel, as next year we move to a new venue. I hope you will join us for this year’s event, as I can guarantee that you will have a great time. The dates are April 17th – 19th. You can register online by clicking the Conclave Button at, or you can call us toll free at 800 874 7400 to register.

And, now let’s take a peek at this week’s excitement!

QUADRUPLE POINTS: The Hank Lee Rewards Program has been up and running for some time now, and people are collecting some serious points and getting all kinds of free stuff using those points. As a reminder, for every retail dollar you spend with us at Hank Lee’s, you will get one Reward Point. Twenty Reward Points can be redeemed for one dollar in merchandise. Two hundred Reward Points gets you $10.00 in free merchandise. And on and on. The points are automatically added, and your point balance will appear on the invoice that comes with your order. There is no limit to the number of points you can collect. The points will not expire, so you can use them any time. All you need to do is tell us how many points you want to redeem when you place your next order (if you are ordering online, just put the number of points you would like to redeem in the Customer Notes Box and we will deduct the proper number of dollars from your order total). We think it’s a great idea. The perfect way to save for future orders! What could be better?
BETTER! I’ll tell you what’s better. Quadruple Points! That’s right, from the minute you get this email Newsletter until Thursday the 5th of March at midnight, we are giving you Quadruple Points! So, for every retail dollar you spend, you will get four points. The points will add up so fast that you won’t believe it! And you can use them with your very next order or with an order you place a year from now. The points never expire. So, buy some magic and watch those points accumulate!

Now, let’s take a gander at this week’s Hotlist.

The Tarantula – Yigal Mesika: You’re in a normal setting: A coffee shop; A classroom; Even a party. You borrow a friend’s ring and hold it very fairly – nothing to hide. Suddenly, you give the ring a gentle horizontal spin and slowly move your hands away. The ring is now floating. Imagine that it continues to spin, without you touching it! The ring hovers up and down above your hand, from one hand to another, and slowly lands on your own finger! Instantly repeat it, and end up with the ring floating onto the spectator’s own finger! Sounds impossible? But, believe it or not, it is very easy to master, thanks to the Tarantula! This levitation has it all. It’s fun, mysterious, edgy, and packs a strong emotional impact.
The Tarantula is a unique gimmick that has shattered the conventional wisdom of what reels look like and accomplish. This stealth utility device allows you to easily master levitation and animation. You can fearlessly perform completely surrounded with the Tarantula, and the preparation only takes a second. Literally, you have the power at your fingertips, and can show your hands empty at any time. The Tarantula allows you to perform countless effects that have never been seen or done before. The Tarantula comes with an explanation DVD, and everything you need to get started right away.
Every detail of the Tarantula Motorized Invisible Thread Reel is taught step-by-step.
You will learn new, incredible effects, including: Hovering, New Haunted Pack, Magnetic Money, Magic Pen and Floating Dollar Bill.
The Tarantula uses the Spider Pen Thread Spool and a common button cell battery. It is designed not to tangle, easy to fix and replace the thread spool and battery, it is virtually invisible and you can do some extraordinary levitating or floating of objects with it.
If you use the Spider Pen, Loops, Invisible Thread or ITR then you will use and love the Tarantula.
$75.00 (10.1502)

“The Tarantula is magically genius. I highly recommend it.” - Cyril

“This is the best levitation I have ever seen” -Whit Haydn

Box Of Fear: Andrew Melia’s Box of Fear is a funny and sometimes scary effect that can be done close-up or on stage, and is perfect for street performance! Based on The Web by Jim Pace, you will not find a more exciting ending to a trick than this one!
Approach a spectator with a clear plastic box which is covered with a cloth. Ask the spectator to hold onto the box.
As the anticipation builds as to what is inside the box, you remove the cloth.
Much to your surprise, the box is empty! There is nothing inside. It must have escaped. It’s all fun and games until the spectator turns over her hand and POW! What a finish!
Box of Fear comes complete with the fold-up plastic box, instruction manual and all necessary gimmicks. $35.00 (60.1581)

Light Paddle – John Kennedy: The latest from John Kennedy will really light up your magic!
Show the Light Paddle on both sides. Suddenly a small bulb appears. Snap your fingers and it lights up. Now another light appears on the other side of the paddle. Blow the lights out like a candle, then snap your fingers and the bulbs vanish completely!
This is just one of the many sequences you can perform. If you want you can toss the light into your mouth and then blow it back onto the paddle. So many possibilities!
John says, “I've been carrying this in my pocket and I can tell you that people absolutely love it! I'm almost certain that this will become one of your favorite tricks to perform. Humans are naturally fascinated with light as I'm sure any of you who have used D'Lite can attest to.”
You always have control of the light. You can make it appear on one or both sides of the paddle. You can make it vanish. You can make it turn on or off at will or even make it flash if you wish!
The instructions include John's complete routine as well as other ideas and bits of business, such as producing coins from the light and using Light Paddle with D'Lite $49.95 (10.1503)

Deep DVD – Justin Meitz: Can’t make balloon animals? No problem. Ditch the poodle and the puppy dog and let’s try something even more fun - and amazing! Make a snake - and eat it!
Master the art of balloon swallowing like never before. From the critically acclaimed author of The Amazing Alexander series comes Deep.
Imagine taking a 5 foot long inflated balloon, handing it out for inspection, then swallowing 16 inches of it - and then letting your spectator pull it back out. Then swallow the rest of the balloon and watch your spectators gasp!
With studio shots and live performances of 4 different routines, you will learn together with magic student Daniel as Justin teaches him - and you - every twist, turn, trick and technique of this incredible effect. $20.00 (DVD00978)

Addict – Edo:
The Ultimate Can Penetration
Addict is a revolutionary coin thru can penetration. A borrowed coin penetrates a sealed can in an absolutely impossible manner. The spectator can open the can and the coin is found to be trapped behind the opening.
You will learn effects with coins, cards, a key and two amazing effects with empty cans. This new principle enables you to make small objects appear in a sealed can. $25.00 (DVD00974)

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations, Volume 2 – Nick Trost:
This second volume contains a wealth of new material—effective and subtle card effects—designed to entertain and fool spectators. Much of the material in this volume, as in Volume 1, was developed from ideas recorded in a series of 21 notebooks.
Effects of all types are included here. There are over 100 tricks in categories such as
• Coincidences
• Hotel mysteries
• Divinations
• Four Aces
• Gambling
• Poker
• Predictions
• Transpositions
• Packet Tricks
• ESP Cards
• And a unique chapter on tricks using a Pinochle deck
Hardbound. $39.95 (BK01637)

French Connexion DVD – James Chadier and Mathieu Bich: More than 20 tricks, moves, and applications. All technical levels - From beginner to expert. Something for everyone.
Highly visual magic - coins, cards, rubber bands. Real-world performances - comprehensive explanations.
Revolutionary Mathieu Bich's "X-Ray view" explanation sequences.
Bonus Material: Extra tips and applications, Real-time creative session, shooting moments, trailers and Easter egg. $35.00 (DVD00977)

Argus Eye Pro:
The ultimate weapon for the mentalist!
You can easily tell which spectator's hand has a coin or medal by just waving your hand over their fist.
This pro version can also tell a coin's head or tail in their hand.
Comes with electronic Argus Eye gimmick and photo-illustrated instructions. $475.00 (40.670)

Limited - Lecture Package – Daniel Garcia: A collection of Notes from Daniel Garcia
One Point Production
White or Wheat
Nacho Mamas Triumph
Your Personal Safe
No Smoking
On the Rocks
DG Box Steal
Time Line v2.0
Butter Bill
32 pages. Saddle Stitched. 8 1/2" x 11" Glossy paper. A full color, photo illustrated manual. $25.00 (BK01638)

Entity – Jeremy Hanrahan:
From the underground mind of Jeremy Hanrahan comes a DVD packed with what real magic would look like. The effects taught on this DVD will have your spectators looking at you in a different light. Direct magic that will leave even the most hardened skeptic amazed. No sleight of hand needed.
Entity - A chosen card is lost in the deck, only to be seen eerily coming out of the spread of cards.
Gone Fishing - A signed card is lost in the deck and even shuffled by the spectator. The cards are dribbled on the table, and without the magician touching the cards, one is seen to move from within the mess of cards!
Suffocation - A haunted deck like you never seen before. A signed selection is inserted into the deck and then placed in a Ziploc bag and sealed by your spectator. The bag is then placed in the spectator’s hands and the deck cuts itself at the magician’s command.
Shadow Box - Let's just say that this effect worth the cost of the DVD alone. So many climaxes, that your spectators will be in shock after witnessing this little miracle.
$35.00 (DVD00975)

"The applications of Entity are endless, and I'm adding it to my repertoire right away!" - Huron Low

"When Jeremy Hanrahan first performed Entity for me, I actually got goose bumps!" - Chris Kavanaugh

Ghost Card Frame: New from Mikame of Japan, and precisely the high quality you have come to expect!
A chosen card is placed into the Ghost Card Frame, and the entire frame is covered with a silk.
The silk is then removed to reveal the card has vanished.
Magician reaches into his pocket and reveals the chosen card and puts it back into the frame.
It is covered once more by the silk.
The silk is then removed and the frame reveals another card!
The magician asks if the card is indeed the chosen card. The audience states it is not and the magician hastily covers the frame with the silk.
The silk is then removed to reveal the chosen card. $79.00 (60.1580)

An Evening with Carpenter: The Seattle Sessions (Night One) - Jack Carpenter:
In the first of a two volume series, you are invited to join an exclusive session with six of the most secretive card men in the country. Tonight, you'll take a seat by the fire next to Steve Mayhew, Tobias Pashia, Steve Dobson, William Conine, and Stephen Hobbs. Sit in on the discussions, share the laughs, and learn some exquisite card magic that is completely unknown outside the inner circle. The level of expertise is intimidating, but don't worry, your invitation is signed by the leader of the group - the legendary Jack Carpenter. Jack hosts the session and tips some of his remarkable magic, including:
Scarne's Dream - A flash production of four Aces, outjogged in a fan.
Harry and Bess - A visual two card transposition in which Jack teaches the real secrets behind his famous "Impulse Change" and the devious "Perfect Center Deal" in which the Aces are actually placed in the center of the deck, and with three simple moves, none of which is a pass or center deal, you deal them to yourself. Looks perfectly effortless, because basically it is.
Labyrinth Blackjack - Steve Mayhew performs this equally perfect routine in which the spectator decides where he'll deal from, when and if he'll hit, and you still win, every time.
Revised Reset - For the first time anywhere, the elusive Steven Hobbs performs and explains his much sought-after handling for Paul Harris' Reset.
And there's more, including Blind Lemon Aces, 1 2 3 4, Spinner Aces from Jack, and a uber-convincing in-the-hands Triumph from William Conine.
Only a handful of magicians have been lucky enough to session with "The Carpenter." Today, that group includes you.
$35.00 (DVD00976)

"After viewing the DVD, you will feel as if you've met the guy. The real guy. You'll get some insight as to how he thinks, how he works and what his real personality is like. And anyone who knows the work of Jack Carpenter knows how valuable that is. If by any chance you disagree with me and "just want the tricks", you still won't be disappointed. There is some devastating material here, much of which I'll be using". - Steven Youell

"If you have ever wanted to sit in on a high powered session - this is your chance! All in all, this is one of the better card magic DVD's to come out in a while and I highly recommend it" - Marc DeSouza

And that’s this week’s edition of the Hotlist, the best of the best in magic this week. Looking over the list, I must say that there’s some really good stuff here! And, since you get Quadruple Points with every order, it’s a fabulous deal. Check it out!
As always, and especially in these somewhat trying times, we really do appreciate your finding some time to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love it when you come by.