Thursday, December 11, 2008

DVD Prices Slashed!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. How’s your holiday season going? Is your shopping chugging right along, or are you more the last minute type? Either way, we are here to take care of your magical needs! We will be shipping right up until the 24th of December. Of course, the elves would prefer that you order a little before that, like today, but we can handle your orders whenever you place them.

Last Friday, after the third USPS pick-up, I drove home, picked up the Bonnie and the Bones, and drove to Wood’s Hole in time to get the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. It was a great decision, even though last minute. The Vineyard in December is totally different from the Vineyard in August. It’s quiet and serene and really beautiful. We had dinner Friday night at the Black Dog Tavern. Sitting near the fireplace was just delightful. And, the food was excellent. Saturday we spent shopping in Vineyard Haven. Actually, Bonnie shopped and I followed. The usual. Saturday night we had dinner with friends, and on Sunday we came home. It was exactly the kind of weekend we needed. A chance to leave the hustle and bustle for a couple of days and re-charge the batteries.

BARGAIN DVDS: Here at the Magic Factory, we have made a very special purchase of DVDs, and are offering them to you at a tremendously reduced price. There are a lot of DVDs in the offering, and they are all priced at about 40% off of the retail price. This pricing will be good until the end of the year. So, head over to the Online Catalog at and click on the Bargain DVDs Category. You’ll be glad you did!

One more quick note. Are you still getting the weekly email Newsletter in text-only format? Why? The html version is so much better! Full color pictures and everything. Just drop me a note and I will be happy to hook you up for the html version!

Now, to this week’s excitement.

FREE SHIPPING CONTINUES: Until Wednesday, the 24th of December at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $25.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 24th! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.
Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

Electronic Psycho Sharpie - D. Juan Sanchez:
Cause the Sharpie to move and bounce around on any table or bar. No guess work or waiting for the pen to move or fall. You have control. Use the Sharpie to determine which hand holds an object. Openly in your hand or secretly strapped to your arm. You can use the Sharpie as a "thumper" or cue device for mentalism or code acts.
Ask a spectator to write down the name of a deceased person. Fold the card up and clip it on the pen. Watch them freak when it moves and then you reveal the deceased name!
Borrow any two rings and place them on the sharpie. Watch as their energy and love cause the sharpie to go crazy!
Make the Sharpie fall off of a table, glass or bottle with the power of your mind.
Picture this: You have just performed a killer routine where you had the spectator sign a card with your Sharpie. Now, to further drop their jaws, you set the Sharpie down and use your amazing mental power to make it start spinning freely on the table. No strings or any conceivable gaff. Your audience walks away impressed and dumbfounded at your amazing ability.
There are no strings, threads, magnets or switches, and absolutely nothing attached to your body at any point in time. All the "magic" is completely self-contained within the Electronic Psycho Sharpie, and it may be examined at any time!
The power is completely at your command. $125.00 (40.660)

Perfect Vanishing Box – Mikame:
Standard Tak-Apart Vanish Boxes are shown empty piece by piece. There is always one piece that needs to be shown quickly, lest the secret be revealed.
Not so with the new Mikame Perfect Vanishing Box. Put the animal or item to be vanished into the box. Then take the box apart and show every single piece, both sides, nothing to hide. The vanish is clean as a whistle!
As always with Mikame Craft you receive a genuine piece of art, very high class magic apparatus. Beautifully made and high gloss painted. Only 2.8 pounds!
Dimension Approximately 14 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 6" (36cm x 34cm x 15cm) $233.50 (60.1565)

Mystique - Richard Osterlind:
This exciting new book features 17 chapters full of new material, classics, and profound ideas including:
You'll find six brand new, never-before-published effects in addition to some updates to Osterlind classics, including the complete Miracle Thought Projection. There's also some brand new work on the Breakthrough Card System!
You'll also discover two incredible chapters on misdirection and two additional chapters to make you think about your magic!
As a bonus, the full text of two best-selling books previously only available in electronic format are included - The Memorized Breakthrough Card System and The Business of Magic!
Not since Dynamic Mysteries has Richard Osterlind published a book like Mystique! It's a totally different type of magic book for the advanced performer that incorporates ideas and concepts that only a lifetime of performing could impart.
Not only will you learn some of the most impossible-looking mentalism and magic, but you will be treated to the reasons and philosophies of why the material works. There has never been a book quite like this one.
In a world that believes everything new is good and everything old is passé, Richard shows you why the great masters of the past were light years ahead of most magicians today. He delves into what the Real Secrets of magic are all about.
Richard talks about misdirection and gives an amazing new slant that will have you rethinking everything you do. Then he provides an effect that has been a reputation maker for him for over a decade.
There is an amazing new 3-part prediction routine done with only three index cards and a pen and a wonderful take on Bryn Reynold's Lucky Nite.
For years, mentalists have been paying high prices for the out-of-print Dynamic Mysteries just for the Miracle Thought Projection routine. This item has been called one of the strongest pieces of mentalism ever. The entire routine is included in this book!
There's also an incredible new Q&A act that is totally straightforward, easy and completely undetectable. There is also an ancient effect that, if you try it, you will see why simplicity is the key to mastery.
As if that were not enough, there is another bonus routine included! Richard's Two-Faced has been highly applauded as one of the great utility devices of all time. Richard includes a routine called Two-Faced Epic that uses three of these folders to produce one of the best stage Mental Epic effects imaginable! And, in addition to the routine, you will learn one of the greatest number forces ever!
Destined to be another Osterlind classic!
195 pages. $50.00 (BK01621)

Coin Fusion - Chris Stickland:
A Half Dollar, which can be borrowed, is held at your finger tips.
The coin is torn completely in two.
The two halves are displayed at your finger tips.
You then slowly bring the two halves of the coin back together, before handing the coin back to the spectator completely restored.
A completely new concept!
Includes instructional DVD and gimmick. $45.00 (20.405)

Silent Butler: The 21st Century Topit!
The beauty of this device is that it gives you the ability to vanish or produce items!
Silent Butler combines two techniques: lapping and topiting. If you think of the principle of the Topit, imagine how much easier it would be if the Topit is right in front of you. The Silent Butler also gives you the ability to use lapping techniques while standing.
Using the Silent Butler is as easy as pie!
No sewing required and the set up takes just minutes. One size fits all and there is no jacket required (can even be done in shorts and a t-shirt).
This will become one of the favorite tools in your magical arsenal! $79.95 (70.969)

Hummer Deck - Aaron DeLong:
What if you could ask someone to think of any card, free choice, then spread the deck to reveal the freely thought-of-card is the only printed card amongst a full deck of blanks?
What if you could do it with no math?
What if the deck weren't rough and smooth?
What if it didn't matter which direction the deck faced to reveal the thought of card?
What if you didn't have to do a deck switch?
If it sounds impossible, it isn't. It’s the Hummer Deck.
The Hummer Deck is a specially printed deck of cards that allows a beautiful, easy-to-do display of the effect described above without the separation of cards necessary with a rough and smooth deck."
The Hummer Deck includes a manuscript with three different presentations.
$35.00 (30.1394)

The Write Stuff - Tony Eye:
Imagine, constructing a picture with elements randomly and freely named by members of the audience, allowing them to change their minds and add additional elements, then revealing that you had previously drawn a similar or even identical picture.
Imagine, performing a non-force, real time mental epic routine with a piece of paper, index card, notepad, whiteboard, blackboard, or nearly anything that can be written on; it could even be borrowed.
Imagine, reading minds or predicting names, words, pictures, nearly anything that can be named up close, or on stage.
Imagine, not needing anything "special" to perform these feats.
Stop imagining!
This great new book will provide you with the tools to do this, and more. $30.00 (BK01622)

"We'd say it was brilliant but we usually reserve that term for our own material.
Ah, what the hell ... 'The Write Stuff' *is* brilliant! It's well a written, nicely photo-illustrated concept that belongs in every Mentalist's toolbox."
- Larry Becker & Lee Earle

Future Zone - Mark Mason:
A small leather wallet is opened; inside there is a small brown envelope containing one playing card.
The wallet is placed to one side, while you show a deck of Bicycle playing cards. Either you or the spectator deal the cards one at a time face up onto the table.
The spectator stops on any card they wish.
The envelope is removed and the playing card is removed from the envelope. The card exactly matches the card on which they stopped.
Absolutely amazing. They can stop on any card. Since the cards are dealt face-up, they see every card.
Comes with a step-by-step instructional DVD with Mark's personal handling.
You get the leather wallet, special deck, predictions and DVD.
$40.00 (30.1395)

Original Card Shooting DVD – Juliana Chen:
The world's first lady of magic and first magician of Chinese heritage to win a world championship brings you the Original Card Shooting DVD.
In this sensational DVD:
• Juliana teaches you: Shooting single, double, and triple cards
• Juliana's Style of Card Manipulation
• How to take care of cards
Bonus Track:
• Juliana Chen's Winning Act
• History of Juliana Chen
$40.00 (DVD00948)

Plastic Shooting Cards - Juliana Chen:
World Champion Magician Juliana Chen brings to you these high quality plastic shooting cards for your next performance. Gorgeous graphic depiction of Juliana on the backs of these cards separates you from the rest. Perform her famous card manipulation technique with this perfect deck of cards. Normal sized card deck. $20.00 (60.1564)

And that’s this week’s Thank Goodness For These Hot Items On These Cold December Days Hotlist. Lots of really good stuff. And, don’t forget the unbelievable Bargain DVDs, just in time for holiday giving!
As always, we are so glad that you find time in your business schedule to spend time with us either online at or in person at our holiday showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Really, we are!