Friday, November 02, 2007

Is it already November?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Well, we made it though another Halloween! Just barely. On the home front, we gave out a ton of candy, plus our dentist’s business cards. There were so many cute little goblins and goblinettes. At the warehouse, we made it through another year with no egging anywhere. It’s so hard to clean egg off the building in the cold weather. We really appreciate the kids waiting until the warm weather to toss eggs. It seems the civilized thing to do.

As you might have heard, our very own Red Sox won the World Series this year. Not to brag, and I never do, but it was a lot like shooting fish in a barrel. That ought to be good for some angry emails from our friends in the Rocky Mountains. I hope not. It’s all in the spirit of good fun.

Now, it’s back to reality, and to some serious work on the Conclave. I got an unpleasant surprise this week. For the past 20 years, we have held our evening shows in Falmouth at the Lawrence School Auditorium, which is a perfect venue for us. Due to a communication snafu, the auditorium is not available to us for 2008. But, the folks in Falmouth were so nice and helped us find a different venue that may turn out to be even better! The auditorium at Mashpee High School, the next town over from Falmouth, is brand new and state-of-the-art. I have put a hold on the dates for next year, and will go down to check out the facility next week. If it is as good as it sounds, we will be moving the shows there, for at least next year! I will file a full report as soon as I know.

Have you been watching Phenomenon on NBC? This week’s episode was really very good. I thought that Guy Bavli’s near death experience was an astounding performance. And, how about Jim Callahan? Both performers made it look as real as real can be! I think that Uri Geller is excellent on the show and gives some really insightful commentary on the acts.

Let’s see. What else? The Holiday EXTRA is now at the printer and will be out in the mail in about two weeks. So, watch for it in your snail-mail box. If you are not on our snail-mailing list, send me an email with your name and address and I will put you on the list.

Now, to this week’s excitement!

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

Heiny 500 – Karl Heinz: One of the most visual money effects ever as five $1 dollar bills morph into five $100 dollar bills!
Don't believe us when we say it? Then believe the pros:
"Heiny 500 is the best *#@!!% money effect I have ever seen." -- Chris Kenner
"Karl made a good trick into an amazing one! The difference is now I use it all the time." -- Bob Sheets
"Who introduced Karl to Harry Potter? This effect is REAL magic!" -- Daniel Garcia
"This is the best handling of Pat Page's Easy Money anyone has come up with, and I've seen them all. It's better than Hundy 500, Slow Burn, Foreign Exchange, 3-D Cash, or any of the others." -- John Lovick
$29.95 (10.1425)

Ice From Water: Andrew Gerard’s Ice From Water is so cool. It uses a principle that has never been used in magic before, and you will love it!
Place a clear bowl of water on the table. With sleeves rolled up and both hands shown empty, reach into the water and pull your hand out in a closed fist, open it, and a piece of ice appears!
Show your hand empty again, reach into the water, close your hand, open it and produce more ice
A third time you reach in, this time producing a handful of ice!
It looks like a real miracle. There is no other effect of this kind that even comes close to Ice From Water.
Comes complete with gimmick and 5 page instruction booklet. $74.95 (10.1424)

Don Alan's Magic Ranch - The Complete TV Series – A 3 DVD Set
Over six hours of footage.
Dozens of classic magic routines performed.
Never-before-seen Don Alan footage
Each episode now fully searchable!
Don Alan influenced the tide of modern close-up magic with his clever presentations and commercial subtleties. His TV program, Magic Ranch, featured Don at his best. Learn why he was one of the most The program is also treasured for preserving some of the finest moments in magic in its guest star appearances.
These DVDs offer an improved viewing experience both in their digital quality and ease of access.
Essential viewing for any serious close-up performer!
Rare Don Alan Performances:
The thirteen episodes of Magic Ranch from 1961 contain Don Alan close-up gems like the Chop Cup, Stack of Quarters, Flying Eagles, and many other classics of Don’s influential blend of magic and comedy.
Guest Stars:
Historic footage of great performers including Jay Marshall, Al Flosso, Jack Gwynne, “Senator” Crandall, Karrell Fox, Richard Himber, Neil Foster, George Johnstone, James Reneaux, Johnny Platt, and more
An interview with Eugene Burger (one of Don’s early devotees), Magic Ranch stills and outtakes, long-lost footage for the Alan’s Alley show, and an early Don Alan TV performance. $99.95 (DVD00789)

Santa & Rudolph: Is there any more popular holiday story than Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, except maybe for Hanukkah Harry and the Magical Potato Latkes? Everyone loves the story of Rudolph. It has it all. Santa, Reindeer, even Elves. Around here, any story with Elves is a guaranteed winner.
Anyway, as the story goes, it was time for Santa to load up the sleigh, hitch the reindeer and head off to deliver the presents. But, the elves messed up. They put the reindeer in the barn rather than hitched to the sleigh.
Show a beautiful, multi color 18” silk with a picture of Santa with a befuddled look on his face. His sleigh is there, but no reindeer!
Drop the silk into your favorite magic bag, which of course you have previously shown empty, and ask the kids to help. They all shout the magic words, and when you bring out the silk, there’s Santa, the sleigh and one reindeer hitched up. Which would be great, as his load was pretty light, and he only needed one reindeer. But, the weather was foggy and this one reindeer couldn’t do the job. Santa needed Rudolph. Because of that bright red nose that would act as a beacon in the night.
So, back the silk goes in the bag. Get the kids to sing Rudoph The Red Nosed Reindeer, in four part harmony, and Shazzam, when you take the silk from the bag, there’s Santa, the sleigh, and Rudolph with his bright red nose!
A happy ending to the story and a delightful magical effect for your holiday shows.
Comes with three beautifully printed 18” silks and full instructions. Supply your own Change Bag. $35.00 (60.1486)

Baltresca's Sleeving DVD - Rafael Baltresca
No gimmicks
No rubberbands
No preparation
Absolutely nothing special; just you and your sleeves.
In this DVD you’ll learn advanced sleeving techniques to make objects like pens, pencils, candles, cigars and more appear, disappear and transform. Very new techniques! Results of 5 years of Baltresca's studies. $29.95 (DVD00786)

Snow Leopard Vest: Appear onstage wearing an all black vest, with or without a jacket. Under minimum cover of a handful of confetti thrown in the air or towards the vest, the vest becomes covered with white polka dots. Nothing is added or taken away from the vest, which may be worn normally throughout, before and after your act. For those of you familiar with the original "Color Change Vest", the Snow Leopard Vest incorporates a completely different method. There is an absolute minimum movement made to perform this effect, so minimal that a flash from a small pyrotechnic device or flash pot on the stage will suffice to cover the appearance of the polka dots.
The Snow Leopard Vest works perfectly in conjunction with the Polka Dot Silk!
There has been an increase in recent years of the performance of the classic Snow Storm in China. David Copperfield breathed new life into this effect back in 1995, and Kevin James has released the Snow Animator, which has become a hit in many a magician's show, often being the final number.
The Snow Leopard Vest is intended to compliment the performance of either of these effects, or may be used as a number on its own, enhancing any color change routine. The vest may also accompany any die or domino effect, or indeed as a stand alone effect. Available in Medium, Large and XL. $245.00 (60.1485)

Instinct: Matthew Mello’s Instinct is a revolutionary approach to the Russian Roulette effect. This has been claimed by many to be the end-all of Russian Roulettes. Find out why!!!!
A nail is hidden under 1 of 4 cups. The mentalist turns away as the spectator mixes the cups. He turns around and slams his hand down on 3 of the cups leaving the nail cup untouched.
Imagine being able to perform this effect with:
* No Gimmicks!
* No Peeks!
* No Forces!
* No Equivoque!
* Any small object can be used!
* Magician/Spectator never marks the cups!
* Everything can be Borrowed!
* Completely Impromptu
As a bonus, you will also be learning Impulse, Matthew's signature truth teller/liar routine. $35.00 (40.597)

MAGIC Calendar 2008: 12 Magic Stars
2 Great Photographers
1 MAGIC Calendar!
To create the 2008 Calendar, MAGIC Magazine teamed up with the two most famous photographers in magic: Richard Faverty in Las Vegas and Zakary Belamy in Paris. Included are twelve stunning images of magicians from the US and Europe, plus over 40 additional shots of these magical stars. Buy two! It’s the perfect gift, for you and a friend! (70.882) $14.95)

Pierrot Combo - Stefan Olschewski: Pierrot is a completely silent magic act. Watch a small hand puppet come to life in the hands of the performer, finally revealing a spectator’s freely chosen card. Professional magicians around the world were intrigued, when this routine was originally released. Now, finally, the CD/DVD Combo is available for everyone who wants to put together the necessary props. The Combo contains everything you need to learn how to perform this poetic routine:
* Professionally produced two-hour DVD with in-depth studies of concept, theory, presentation, pantomime, audience-handling, outs and more.
*Audio CD with royalty-free music especially composed for this routine.
* Specially printed deck of cards.
* Signed and numbered certificate giving permission to perform this routine.
Pierrot really is different:
* Ideal for International shows
* Poetic story
* 6 minutes of intriguing, humorous entertainment
* Highly visual
* No language barrier
* Suitable for all age-groups
* Stand-up or stage
Note: The DVD is optimized for playback on a PC. Playback on older standard DVD players might not work properly.
$40.00 (60.1484)

The Coinjurer DVD – David Neighbors
David Neighbors is considered one of the top magicians who specialize in the field of magic with coins. On this DVD he performs and explains some of his advanced coin routines and techniques using regular coins and known coin gaffs.
Routines performed and explained:
EZ Hank Backfire: A handkerchief has its corners folded and a coin is placed under each. Magically the coins appear under one of the corners. As a surprise ending all four coins vanish and are found under the handkerchief.
Open Travelers: Four coins are used to demonstrate how gamblers conceal objects in their hands by having them invisibly move from your palm to the table.
Hypnotic Stone: A rare looking stone is used to hypnotize people into believing that three silver coins visually change places with three Chinese coins.
3-Coin Monte: Two copper coins and a silver coin are used to demonstrate a Three-Card-Monte scam. The two copper coins are placed in one hand while the silver in the other. When the hands are opened the coins have changed places. The sequence is repeated several times using a purse and even your pocket.
Winged Copper/Silver: Three silver coins and three copper coins are used to attract each other in this multi-phase routine where the silver coins keep vanishing from your hand to join the copper coins.
Trilogy: A three-phase routine where three brass coins and three silver coins pass through an invisible soft spot in the center of the table, change places and finally all vanish.
Triple Change Wild Coin: An alchemy themed routine where American coins change into British coins and finally into coins from different countries.
Techniques explained within routines include: Palm-To-Palm (Table) Change, Classic Palm To Finger Palm Transfer, Nesting Slide, Robert-Houdin Click Pass, Heel Clip, Kick Move, Bobo Switch, Shell Change, Shuttle Pass, Back Palm, Friction Pass, Slydini Sweep, Pickup Change, and many others. $34.95 (DVD00787)

Street Magic Magazine October/November 2007 Issue:
This issue features Jay Sankey, one of the most prolific creators in magic. Take a wild ride inside the mind of this enigmatic and somewhat reclusive Canadian.
Jamie D. Grant hits us up again with some great products in action with Magic Friday, and also nails down a fantastic piece on drug abuse.
Cyril Takayama joins the team and puts pen to paper to slam out a homerun with his first magic magazine article ever. He's also joined by Danny Garcia, who has officially started his exciting column On Location And In The Moment.
Banachek and business partner Scott Wells are bringing top end mentalism to our readers now too!
And Sal "The Hitman" Piacente is bringing us information only a pro of his caliber can about gambling.
And can you believe it? Even magician extraordinaire Michael Ammar authored an article for us this time around.
Of course, De'vo is back with a special guest, the Flourishman himself. We've also got some great content from James L. Clark, James Harrison, Justin Robert Young, Kostya Kimlat, Kipp Sherry, Dan McLean Jr., Jeremy Weiss, our man Gerry Katzman with his LA Ramblings and so much more!
And you are going to love this issue's Magician Death Match featuring Anton LeVay and Mickey Mouse, who duke it out big time only to be visited by South Park Jesus.
Charlie Justice brings us the Stealth Dump and the Stealth Dump II.
Jay Sankey provides unpublished effects, which are pretty damn sweet.
There's a lot more content in this issue, more than ever before. $8.95 (SM004)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. Some really great magic, just for you! As always, I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person 102 North Street in Medford. Either way we love the company!
Hank Lee