Friday, November 16, 2007

Countdown to Turkey Day

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. What a fine week this has been. Last night was opening night for Lexington High School’s production of Les Miserables. Lucas, the Singing Son, played the key role of Javert, the policeman with right on his side. He did an excellent job. In fact, the whole show was amazing. I have been to professional theater where the tickets were mighty expensive and been less impressed than I was last night. I liked it so much, I think I’ll go back and see it again on Friday and Saturday nights. And, I think we’ll host the cast and crew After Party Party which starts very late on Saturday night and ends early on Sunday morning.

In other news, Thanksgiving is coming up next week. I’m really pleased that Aron, the Elder Son, will be flying up from Florida to be with us. Aron hates to miss a free meal, no matter where it is. Bonnie is hosting the entire family for this year’s feast. I am really looking forward to the 125 people that Bonnie has no doubt invited. It will be fun. Especially the dish-washing part of the program. I’m already practicing.

In still other news, and I’m not sure this qualifies as news, we are here, in business, alive and well and busier than ever. Really. I just pinched myself to make sure. There were some goofy rumors going around at a recent convention in, I hate to mention the location, so let’s just call it Flordia, that we had closed up shop. As you all know, and I hope you will tell your friends, we closed our Boston store last July, and re-opened in our Medford location. Where it is busy all the time. So, let’s put an end to those goofy rumors before they even get started!

In yet other news, we just celebrated Bonnie’s birthday. 29 again. How does she do it? She got some really nice gifts including a new winter coat courtesy of the nice people at Bloomingdales, a new James Taylor CD, a couple of very cool books, and a copy of the World Series edition of Sports Illustrated featuring the Boston Red Sox. Wonder who gave her that?

OK. Enough rambling. Lets check out this week’s excitement.

TURKEYS CAN’T READ SALE: Now is the best time for reading. Unless you’re a turkey. In which case, you should be running, not reading.
Starting right now and ending on Thursday, the 22nd of November at midnight, you can save 20% on every single book that we carry, except those published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words. All you need to do is enter the special code SAVEONBOOKS in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the 20%. If you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, just mention the special code, SAVEONBOOKS, and we will deduct the 20%. You can also place your order by FAX at 781 395 2034 or by email at No matter how you place your order, just mention the special code and save 20% on all the books!

Now, let’s tale a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Cesaral Magic Bulb: The light bulb effect to end all light bulb effects!
An audience member selects a bulb. You take it, concentrates on it, and a bright flash of light emanates from the bulb
You then wrap the bulb in plastic bubble wrap hand it to an audience member. It is impossible for anyting from the outside to interact with the bulb.
Step back and, after exerting tremendous mental powers at the bulb, it turns on gradually until it reaches full brightness, and a few seconds later turns off gradually.
Comes complete with the very special gimmicked bulb, normal bulb, charger, bulb socket and printed instructions within a hand made, very nice wooden box.
Important points:
Strong visual effect for stage and close-up performers.
Can be repeated anytime, anywhere.
Very easy to do so, that you can concentrate on the presentation.
Rechargeable self contained mechanism, sealed within the bulb.
Luminous flux of about 90 lumens, very bright.
E27 bulb base.
Standard bulb shape R60.
Controlled by microprocessor and highly integrated electronics within the base of the bulb.
Can be provided with special programmed sequences.
And… No sleights are needed to do this effect!
$435.00 (60.1491)

Ultra Visual Nightshades: Borrow a dollar and draw a tiny pair of ink sunglasses over George's eyes. Cleanly show both hands absolutely empty, then hold the bill by its extreme edge. There's a moment of silence. Suddenly the shades come to life! The drawing of the glasses visibly leap off George's eyes and up to his forehead!
The astonishing animation of the cartoon shades happens in full view, with absolutely no cover of any kind! The borrowed bill is immediately handed back for examination. The shades are indeed permanently inked onto George's furrowed brow.
* Easier, cleaner and 100% more visual than the original Improv Nightshades
* Use any borrowed bill
* No palming
* No switches
* Instant reset
* Perform surrounded
* Works with most foreign currencies that have a face
* Draw a head with shades on a piece of paper or business card and do the exact same effect. $34.95 (10.1427)

Spookey – Jay Sankey: Two keys are closely examined, immediately linked and unlinked several times, and the last super visual unlink happens in the spectator’s own hands! Once again, both keys can be completely examined!
You can even perform astounding links and unlinks with a borrowed key! Or a borrowed finger ring, drinking straw and reading glasses.
This is street magic at its very best! So much more than a single routine, Spookey is an amazing collection of truly magical techniques including the Shuttle Pass, Flying Shuttle Pass, Two Key Acquitment, Thumb Palm Switch, Bobo Switch, One Hand Link, Holy Breath Link, Toss Off, Twist Off, Slow Dissolve and the awe-inspiring Ultimate Unlink (an insanely visual technique where the spectator unlinks the two keys!)
You will even learn a collection of Advanced Techniques including the Spin Convincer, Free Fall Unlink and the HPC Unlink!
It's the perfect effect to seriously astound people in the street, in the bar, at school or a house party. And thanks to the wild variety of techniques, with Spookey, the mind-blowing possibilities are truly unlimited!
Comes complete with everything you need including keys and an exciting instructional DVD!
$40.00 (10.1428)

Mental Frisbee – Nathan Kranzo: At last, a mentalism opener that fits in your pocket and can play to hundreds of people.
Five frisbees are tossed out into the audience. Whoever catches a Frisbee is asked to join you on stage. Explain that the people who caught the Frisbees may seem random, but are in fact not. Adding to that you explain that certain people “attract” particular colors. The “law of attraction” if you will.
As each person approaches the stage, you give a hilarious comedy reading to them regarding their color.
As a finale you offer test an audience member to see if they can read your mind.
A sixth volunteer is asked to try and read your mind and “receive” the thought-of color that you are trying to send him mentally.
After a little humorous banter the volunteer finally announces the color that has popped into his mind. To the complete astonishment of the audience you proceed to show that the volunteer is correct in his “hunch”. As proof you reveal your prediction to be 100% accurate!!!
Check out these key points about Mental Frisbee:
It’s the perfect opener, which priceless to the professional performer.
It packs flat. Very flat.
The routine involves a ton of audience participation.
You fill up the stage without an expensive illusion.
The routine plays just as well for 30 people as it does for 3000.
The effect is funny and strong mentalism.
The use of Frisbees gives the routine unique appeal.
The routine includes a full professional script for you to follow.
The routine is full of comedy to put the audience at ease.
And that’s just the beginning of the knowledge that is shared in this routine. The big secret is how Nathan uses Mental Frisbee to set up other classics of mentalism. He includes the exact routine he follows up with including great ideas from David Hoy, Ron Wilson, and David Ben.
Mental Frisbee is the culmination of several techniques and principles combed from the minds of some of the fields top mentalists. There are some bonus ideas from Michael Weber that will add a lot to your performance.
Mental Frisbee is simple to understand and there are no “moves” or sleight of hand. The method is based on clever principles combined with being way ahead of the audience. This is not a routine based on suggestion or NLP. This is a strong routine that will always work and always conclude succesfully with a strong punch.
You will receive the complete Mental Frisbee manuscript detailing the very clever secret to the effect, the detailed handling, presentation and framing of the effect, plus additional thoughts and ideas that can be added to the routine. Within this manuscript is also the complete script which is packed with all the comedy lines and audience management. You will also get Nathan’s follow up routine that he performs after Mental Frisbee with ideas from David Hoy, David Ben, and Ron Wilson. This manuscript is signed and numbered; a certificate giving you full performance rights and TV rights; and the five special soft frisbees. These Frisbees are made from special material that enables them to fold up and fit in your pocket. Each frisbee comes with it’s own very small nylon pouch. $174.95 (40.600)

Final Fusion: "This is one of my all-time favorite routines to finish almost any series of card effects! - Jay Sankey
After "warming-up" a selected card and the card case (with the wave of a lighter or a quick rub on the performer's sleeves) the card and the case are brought together for just a moment and, inexplicably, the card visibly fuses onto the case! Everybody freaks out and immediately wants to examine the case - and they can!
This killer close-up "closer" is an inspired combination of very cool gimmicks and extremely practical sleight-of-hand. Final Fusion is the kind of stunning magic effect you will always carry with you!
Comes with two specially designed, custom printed, official Bicycle brand card cases and an exciting instructional DVD featuring a killer collection of handlings including 'The Drop Fuse,' 'Wraparound Fuse,' 'Bare Back Fuse,' 'Displaced Face,' 'Twice Burnt,' 'Close Encounter,' and the totally awe-inspiring 'Flash Fuse.'
Jay even teaches you the real work behind several of his favorite card forces!
And as a bonus, the DVD also features the 'Defused!' handling, a the mind-warping follow-up effect Jay performs in his stand-up shows!
A truly insane way to end any card routine!
$30.00 (30.1277)

Roth’s Rosin: David Roth’s Rosin is simply the best product for working with coins.
As an aid in palming, Roth’s Rosin gives the edge of your coins the best surface to make palming a breeze.
If you work with coins, you must have this item. $21.50 (70.953)

Hemispheres: Magic Of The Mind DVD – Jay Sankey:
Featuring over three hours of outstanding "magic of the mind," this is an ingenious collection of 20 startling psychic effects, many of which Jay is sharing for the very first time. This exciting DVD includes "experiments and demonstrations" with business cards, coins, watches, playing cards, fortune cookies, photographs, magazines, notepads, paper money, tarot cards, Play-Doh and even a doll's eye!
And thanks to Jay's philosophy of "mind over muscle," the majority of these truly startling routines require very little sleight of hand! Instead, the emphasis is on full presentations and nurturing a real connection with your audience. Jay even includes an enormous amount of scripting right out of his own professional repertoire!
Jay also discusses the importance of making your mentalism as visual as possible, deflecting focus away from yourself, the relationship between simplicity and flexibility, the power of the implicit, and the performance of what Jay calls "meaningful mentalism."
Jay even shares "The Punch Principle" and "The Billet Delivery System" two exciting new techniques he's been keeping to himself for years!
And as a very special added bonus Jay has included a professionally printed, full-color photograph for his incredible Photo Finish routine!
Twenty incredible routines, just for you! $40.00 (DVD00792)

Lucky Shot: Three spectators each choose a card. By means of telepathy you try to discern which cards were chosen. Ask each participant to raise their hand as they hear the name of their card.
You name three cards. But, no hands go up. Oops!
No, problem. Point to an envelope on the table, which, you explain contains the three chosen cards. You remove a Jumbo Card from the envelope and show its face. All 52 cards are printed on the Jumbo Card, and you point out their cards. The spectators are less than impressed. But, you continue.
Clearly you have failed to name the three chosen cards, so you tear up the Jumbo Card, then take a toy gun and shoot the card three times. Yikes!
When you open the card, it has been magically restored. And, where the three selected cards were on the face of the card are now three bullet holes right through the card! Good shootin’, pardner!
Contains enough material for 25 performances. Great for close-up or stage. Supply your own toy gun (or you can make a pretend gun with your fingers). Great magic. $25.00 (30.1275)

Five Times Five Japan – Richard Kaufman: Richard Kaufman has always been astounded by the close-up magic from other countries. He brings some of that sense, and some of those wonderful routines here. In this book, Richard has chosen a country whose magic is widely appreciated around the world: Japan.
The material in this book reflects Japan's sense of "preciousness" about close-up magic, and the desire to build effects and routines around short and unusual plots. Richard has tried to balance this with some Western-style card and coin routines, at whose construction the Japanese excel.
There is to all of them, however, a unique flavor that makes each seem fresh and different from our perspective.
Contents include:
* Four by Four
* Four From Nowhere
* Propelled Chinese/Silver
* Fabric Through Pasteboard
* The Knotted Letter
* Ambitious Clip
* New Era Moving Pips
* Match Transposition
* BoxBack
* Pieces of the Future
* Stanley Collins Meets Corinda
* The Mystery of Width
* Cocktail Bill Penetration
* Illusion Box
* Appearing Deck
* The Card Machine
* The Joker Takes a Ride
* Soft Spots
* Lie Detector
* My Little Kaps
* It Doesn't Fit!
* The Perfect Assistant
* The Flowing Pips
$45.00 (BK00831)

Appearing Candy Stick: Another great item for your holiday shows, the Appearing Candy Stick!
Walk on stage carrying a small gift bag. Tell a story of how the North Pole elves have a large appetite for peppermint candy sticks.
So Santa makes each elf a special candy stick.
Reach into the small gift bag and produce an 8 foot long candy stick! It looks so cool! $30.00 (60.1490)

Liquid Miracle: An amazing new prop with a world of possibilities!
* Show a cup filled with a colored liquid. At your command, the cup begins to slowly empty itself until it is almost completely empty!
* Pour liquid inside a cone of paper. Tip the cone, and the liquid has been transformed into confetti!
* Show a cup filled with a colored liquid. Then, have a puppet or vent figure drink from the cup with a straw!
Comes complete with cup, detailed instructions, and everything else needed to perform these magic miracles!
Cup Height Approximately 10" (20.5 cm) $55.00 (60.1489)

Four-Midable Cards: Four spectators each choose a card. By means of telepathy you try to discern which cards were chosen. Ask each participant to raise their hand as they hear the name of their card.
You name four cards. But, no hands go up. Oops!
No, problem. Point to an envelope on the table, which, you explain contains the four chosen cards. You remove a Jumbo Card from the envelope and show its face. All 52 cards are printed on the Jumbo Card, and you point out their cards. The spectators are less than impressed. But, you continue.
Clearly you have failed to name the four chosen cards, so you tear up the Jumbo Card!
When you put the pieces together, the card has been magically restored. When you show the face of the card, the 52-on-1 Card has been transformed into one card with only four poker-size cards for its face. The four selected cards!
Contains enough material for 25 performances. Great for close-up or stage. Great magic. $25.00 (30.1276)

New Magic of Japan – Phil Goldstein & Richard Kaufman -
After many years, and by popular demand, a new printing of this fine book is now available. The book contains the fabulous and unique close-up magic for which Japanese magicians are known around the world.
Contents include:
* Preface - Hiroyuki Sakai
* Foreword - Phil Goldstein
* Introduction - Richard Kaufman
* Card Ping Chien
* Miser's Miracle Again
* Metamorph-rose
* Card Quake
* Glass Load
* Climax Flower Chains
* Double Shock
* Cell Division
* Cane From Fireball
* Coin Fugue
* Counterfeit
* Joint Account
* The Three-Sixty Fan
* Dice Assembly
* Chronometer Card
* Triple Production Box
* Triangle Circle Square
* Quadruplicate Spellbound
* Crafty Wand Vanish
* Burnt Out
* Linking Cardboard
* Dedicated to Mr. Astaire
* Non-Prediction
* Spoony Ring
* Smoke Rings
$45.00 (BK01548)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. A Lucky 13 great new items. I don’t know how you can pick between them, I know I couldn’t. So, I guess you’ll just have to get them all. The elves are all screaming with delight in the background. Silly elves.
Any-hoo, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and I hope that during this busiest of seasons you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at our busier than busy showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.
Hank Lee