Friday, October 12, 2007

Read A Book - It's Good For You!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Well, let’s see. How about those Red Sox? They made it through the ALDS and this week are in the ALCS against a very good Cleveland Indians team. Should make for some very exciting baseball. I’m a little bit sorry that the Yankees didn’t make it into the championship series, because the truth is, there is nothing more exciting than a Red Sox-Yankees series.

Lucas the Singing Son and I spent the weekend in New York City. We took the train down and back. It was really fun. Lucas is looking at schools for next year, and Sunday we toured the Manhattan School of Music. Both of us were very impressed, with both the facility and the staff. Plus, it is in a really lovely area, reminiscent of Boston’s Back Bay. I think if he gets his way, that’s where he will be studying next year.

On the magic front, we received a full set of samples for the new Tenyo line for 2008. We will review them, and get them up on the web site in the next few days. We have already played with the Balloon Illusion, which is a spikes through balloon effect like none you have ever seen. Have patience for the next few days and you will be able to read all about the entire line.

And now to this week’s excitements!

FALL READING SALE: Fall is the best time for reading. Cool temperatures. No bugs to swat. Kids in school. Besides, outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's just too dark to read. I think Mark Twain wrote that. But, I typed it.
Starting right now and ending on Thursday, the 18th of October at midnight, you can save 25% on every single book that we carry, except those published by Mike Caveney's Magic Words. All you need to do is enter the special code SAVEONBOOKS in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the 25%. If you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, just mention the special code, SAVEONBOOKS, and we will deduct the 25%. You can also place your order by FAX at 781 395 2034 or by email at No matter how you place your order, just mention the special code and save 25% on all the books!

But wait, there’s more. Can it be true? Until Monday, October 15th, at midnight, we are also having a PRICE MATCH SPECTACULAR! Here’s how it works. Check out the Hotlist, check out our Online Catalog, check out our book catalog and our video catalog. So much stuff. Make a Wishlist, or if you haven’t registered for the online catalog (why not?) make a list the old fashioned way, with paper and pencil. Now, check around. Find the lowest price on the items you want (even if they are sale prices from legitimate dealers) and we will match them! All you need to do is include a note in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at telling us where you saw a lower price. We will credit you back for the difference immediately! You can’t get a better deal than that, nowehere, nohow! But, act quickly, the clock is ticking and this event ends Monday at midnight.

Holy HoHoKus, we are running two excitements at the same time! What’s come over me?

No matter, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

The Five Points In Magic – Juan Tamariz: Long out of print and widely sought after, The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind. He shows in detail how each of these five possessions:
The Eyes
The Voice
The Hands
The Feet
The Body
can be marshaled to create entertaining and seemingly impossible happenings.
Juan Tamariz teaches magicians that it is not the hands alone that deceive, but also the feet, the body, the eyes and the voice. It is only through a full understanding of all five of these tools of nature and communication that the conjurer can spin a complete web of illusion that traps and then transports his audiences into the astonishing realm he has prepared for them.
These five tools are essential and invaluable to the stage conjurer and the close-up magician alike, and they are clearly analyzed and taught by Tamariz from his vantage point of years of successful professional performance in both venues. Tamariz enhances the clarity of his ideas and explanations with solid examples drawn from his own repertoire. As the reader learns seminal principles, he also learns these professional effects and techniques:
* The Appearing Card on Handkerchief
* Crossing the Gaze
* Double Crossing the Gaze
* The Ribbon Spread Force
* Al's Topper (a book test)
* Protean Poker
* Upper Cut (a Tamarizian study of Larry Jennings's 'Coin Cut')
There is no other book that so quickly, efficiently and entertainingly puts into the reader's hands the tools required to raise his performances to a level of true professionalism and draw his audiences into the world of magic.
The text and design of this new edition have been revised to provide added clarity for readers of this valuable modern classic of magic.
94 pages in deluxe hardcover. $35.00 (BK01546)

Happy Santa Blendo: David Ginn’s Happy Santa Blendo is a great new addition to your Christmas shows!
You show with three 12-inch silks. One red. One Green. One White.
In a wink, they blend into a 36-inch full color Santa Claus.
David has produced the most beautiful Santa Claus silk ever in the magic market! Use it in Blendo fashion, or with children change the silks to the Santa using a change bag. Either way, you have a winner for Christmas! $35.00 (60.1479)

Aztek: An impromptu trick and one of the most unusual principles to come out for a long time!
Aztek is a great concept. It's a gimmick that will make any borrowed bill levitate on your palm or on the back of your hand, under impromptu conditions.
This new device uses:
* No threads
* No magnets
* No wires!
You can make bills of any denomination float in midair!
With this method you do not need to attach anything anywhere around you. The bill is floating above your hand while everything is in full view. You can freely move or walk while the bill is levitating!
The DVD shows you how to build your own gimmick within minutes. It will teach you how to perform the effect and how you can get the most out of this fantastic principle! $19.95 (10.1417)

Blister Book - Jack Kent Tillar: Once or twice every century, a new principle is discovered in our mystery field. In 1972, Jack Kent Tillar's Blister Effect was first published in Tarbell Volume 7. Harry Lorayne wrote, "As far as I know, this principle is new to magic." The effect is that a performer mysteriously makes a blister appear on the tip of his or her finger. Since its publication, this unique effect has become well-known and used by most mentalists and magicians.
However, most people don't know that Jack Kent Tillar, an Academy Award-winning composer and highly respected mentalist, had an extensive amount of work published in Magick, Genii, Invocation, and other notable publications. He has influenced many of the top professionals in mentalism today.
Now, thirty-five years later, this book celebrates all the individual ingenuity that performers have brought to this classic. Included in this volume is Jack Kent Tillar's original unpublished routine for the Blister Effect. It also contains over fifty cherished routines, ideas, wisdom, and secret devices for stage, close-up, and even radio, many of them guarded secrets, from some of today's biggest mentalism talents.
Contributors include:
Michael Weber, Banachek, Paul Harris, Marc Salem, Richard Osterlind, Barrie Richardson, Alain Nu, Penn & Teller, Richard Busch, Ted Karmilovich, Mark Edward, Larry Becker, Gerard Senehi, Ray Grismer, Newell Unfried, E. Raymond Carlyle, Joseph White, Tony Andruzzi, Richard Mark, Jheff, Loren Tindall, Robin Dewitt, Gerald Blount, Leo Behnke, Burton Sperber, Joe Zabel, Pasqual Perino, Odes Odhner, James Gallivan, Leo Kostka, Michael Selwyn, Alberto, Peter Marucci, Robert Fenton and Bill Herz.
172 pages. $50.00 (BK01544)

Acting Naturally DVD: (The Tibetan Wishing Box And Other Mysteries) - Allen Zingg - The third volume in the Acting Naturally Trilogy, this DVD covers all of the details, nuances and psychology that makes Allen Zingg's Tibetan Wishing Box a performance classic. Also covered are techniques for ball and card magic such as gravity, doing less, and other natural and easy actions by which to accomplish your magic. Create amazing magic with minimal effort!
Contents include:
* The Tibetan Wishing Box
* The Egyptian Ball Mystery I
* The Egyptian Ball Mystery II
* Superstition
* Premonition Too
* The Natural Top Change
* Double and Deal
* A Center Steal Variation
And more
$35.00 (DVD00775)

Trio - Jack Kent Tillar: Three complete acts for the solo mentalist:
The Naked Mentalist: A complete 30 minute "No Prop" mental using no gimmicks! This remarkable act consists of seven powerful impromptu effects which play big and build to an exceptional finale. Each routine is strong enough to stand alone, so mix or match, use one of more, add your pet effects, but usee this great material!
The Intimate Mentalist:
* No Nail-writers!
* No Center Tears!
* No Copies
* No Switches!
Six classics of mentalism make up this beautiful act, in the style of the great Dr. Stanley Jaks. Each effect has been carefully restructured with fresh twists and turns. These are subtle new methods and settings. This is a no cards and no pre-show act you carry in your pocket.
The Fund Raising Mentalist:
* No Confederates!
* No Carbons!
* No Palmed or Pocketed Slips!
This is the easiest and possibly the best version ever released of the famous Thought Reading part of Dunninger's act. It is trouble-free and highly polished after years of performances at charity and church affairs.
Also included! The real secrets of the lucrative after-show readings and sales.
104 pages. Softbound. $60.00 (BK01545)

Between The Lines: Michael Murray’s Between The Lines is a revolutionary new mentalism routine. It has long been said that the strongest effects happen in the hands of the spectator. But, what if the effect could take place in the spectators mind?
Between the Lines combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines available to date!
Imagine handing a spectator a torn page from a random book. Ask them to imagine a fictitious scene in their mind, building it up piece by piece. The spectator is then instructed to read the page, which has been in their possession throughout. Imagine their reaction as they realize that the printed page accurately describes the scene they had created in their mind moments earlier.
Best of all there are several extra subtleties hidden with in the text! Could this be genuine mind reading; could this be psychometry? To find out you will have to read Between the Lines.
Comes complete with everything you need to perform this amazing mentalism effect including an 18 page photo-illustrated instruction booklet. $29.95 (40.594)

Barcode Revelation: A card is selected and returned to the deck. The cards are shuffled and the magician, very confidently attempts to find the chosen card! After a few failed attempts, he asks the spectator the name of their card. "The Queen of Hearts," the spectator declares. "Really," the magician responds, "that’s strange because that is exactly how much I paid for this deck!" The spectator looks confused, and the performer picks up the card case and instructs them to look at the barcode. It reads, "I KNOW YOU CHOSE THE QUEEN OF HEARTS!"
Comes complete with instruction sheet, and two specially printed, official US Playing Card Company Bicycle tuck cases (one red and one blue). $9.95 (30.1270)

Dr. Leon Decks: A brand new, totally different looking deck.
Manufactured to the exacting specifications of both Hiro Sakai and the US Playing Card Company.
There is a special mark that secretly makes this a one-way deck (i.e. you can tell one a card is oriented differently from the other cards). Also includes a double-faced card and a double-backed card.
Available in Black and Yellow. $6.00 (30.1269)

Manipulation Jumbo CD Set: Live Magic is proud to present the Manipulation Jumbo CD Set! Every Manipulation Jumbo CD is custom made to look exactly the same as a real Jumbo CD. The special material makes them very easy to manipulate, as the CDs are much lighter and thinner than a normal Cs. Manipulation Jumbo CD is a modern looking and perfect element for any stage magic performance; it will bring your performance to an extraordinary climax!
* Each Jumbo CD set contains 6 real-looking Jumbo CDs
* Ideal for the Jumbo CD routine as taught on "Laser Anywhere Volume 1 by Adrian Man"
* Perfect climax for any CD act
* Thickness of the Manipulator Jumbo CD: .75mm
* Diameter of the Manipulation Jumbo CD: 20cm (8")
$29.95 (60.1478)

And that’s everything new for this week! And, you can get all of the new books as well as the old books, in fact all of the books, at a terrific 25% discount. Plus, we’ll match the lowest price you can find on anything else! What a week!
As always, I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we’re happy when you’re here!
Hank Lee