Friday, July 20, 2007

Painting, Painting, Carpeting

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. To tell you the truth, I am just plain pooped. After cleaning out the space where the new showroom will be located, we had to prepare the ceiling and walls for painting. Normally not that big a deal, but our building is almost a hundred years old, and nothing is exactly square or smooth. So, there was a lot of patching and spackling before we could paint. Not to mention a lot of up the ladder and down the ladder. Since the building has 15-foot ceilings, up and down the ladder is a long trip! But, it’s all painted now and looks really nice. Very salon-like. The new carpet goes in early next week, then the showcases and shelves and voila, a brand new showroom.
When we decided to close the Boston store and move the showroom to our building in Medford, I must admit that I was a little ambivalent. The retail store and the mail order operation had been separate for twenty plus years. The thought of setting up a showroom in Medford didn’t make me jump for joy. But, now that I have seen what it is going to look like, I am very pleased, indeed. Very comfy. Really a nice place to come and check out some magic. The idea is definitely growing on me! For those of you who get this Newsletter in html, you can see a picture of our Medford building to your left!
Anyway, every day brings us closer to the end of the month and the closing of the Boston store. So, if you have always wanted to visit us in Boston, now is the time. After August 1st, you will still be able to visit, but we will be in Medford. Which, by the way is just 15 minutes North of Boston.

Now, let’s take a peek at this week’s excitement.

BUY MORE GET MORE: Starting right now and running through Thursday, July 26th at midnight, we are having another Buy More Get More event. And, here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a coupon which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
• Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 10% of the merchandise total. (Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
• Order between $100.00 and $200.00: Coupon is for 15% of the merchandise total.
• Order between 200.00 and $300.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total.
• Order over $300.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.

When you place your order online at, please put the secret phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. If you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a coupon for every order you place during the event. Just don’t lose the coupons, please. Unlike other sales events where certain items are not included, the Buy More Get More event includes every item we carry! This is your chance to, really save for the future.
And now, this week’s Hotlist!

Skywalker: Obtain the ability to do what others have only dreamed of…
Of all the wonders in magic, nothing holds more impact and true astonishment than the ability to fly. It is for this reason the levitation is often considered the world’s greatest illusion.
Introducing The Ultimate Self-Levitation!
Never before has it been possible to perform such a pure flight under such practical conditions. This system encompasses a flight without sacrificing height, angles or visual appeal. Original in mechanics, technique, and style, this innovative system is unlike any other.
This is a levitation you will perform – and perform often. Skywalker is a true, real world system, enabling the performer to levitate under conditions and environments that exist when performing for audiences in the real world. Created for the working pro, whose performing environments are the most unyielding. This levitation can be performed virtually anywhere. Enjoy the ability to perform in the same real world attire you normally wear day-in and day-out. Perform without any hesitations, without any apprehensions, without any suspicion. Skywalker is extremely straightforward and direct from start to finish, before and after the illusion. This system provides instant flight that is immediately repeatable with instant reset. For the true performer, this has everything necessary for executing the purest illusion. If you are serious about performing for real people, Skywalker is the complete system for levitating in the real world. Up to 400 lb. weight limit.
$19.95 (60.1456)

Pure Filth: The very latest from David Regal, and this one is Pure Filth!
Two couples trade partners, then magically reassemble, with no moves.
This is repeated, and the magic happens visibly.
As a climax, the couples "get together" in an unexpected and startling manner.
The routine can be performed in a manner suitable for any audience...or as Pure Filth. $19.95 (30.1248)

Cerebro 3: In 2004 Mentalism+ pioneered one of the first genuinely new principles in mentalism in the form of the original Cerebro, a landmark utility device that sent shockwaves through the world of magic.
In 2007, they've done it again.
They went back to the drawing board and have reinvented Cerebro. Over three years and two generations of technology later, Cerebro is back with a bang: better, stealthier, more accessible and more versatile than ever before. Cerebro 3 is the ultimate expression of applied thinking and cutting edge technology.
This is the last word in covert voice cueing systems.
Cerebro 3 is the world's first bone conduction thumbtip, and can be used for both spectator and performer cueing.
Cerebro 3 takes advantage of miniaturization and amplification breakthroughs and the result is something that hitherto was deemed impossible, a wireless thumbtip that can transmit voice cues through touch to yourself or a spectator. The applications are as fiendish as they are versatile.
One of the holy grails of mentalism is a clean and stoogeless 'spectator-as-mindreader' effect. Cerebro made this a reality and now Cerebro 3 makes the method virtually self-working and invisible.
Cerebro 3 also has the additional feature of allowing the performer to receive radio cues from a hidden assistant without having to resort to earpieces or visual cues. The cues can be transmitted even with the ears totally blocked!
For the bizarrists, Cerebro 3 can also be used to make solid objects and surfaces emit sound. Empty boxes, teapots, glasses or tables can be made to resonate with sound and can immediately be handed out for examination and will be found to be totally clean!
Cerebro 3 comes with everything you need to get started including Cerebro 3 thumbtip, digital sound recorder, batteries and full CD-ROM instructions and Cerebronics effects booklet that includes PK Sounds, Thought Flash and James Cheung's definitive and utterly impossible looking version of Add-a-number, until now only available to those who purchased the original Cerebro. Cerebro 3 also includes an exclusive new routine from James Cheung and Kenton Knepper. $1200.00 (40.579)

Duck Puppet: One of our most popular items, available again! These Duck Puppets look more like real ducks than real ducks do. The puppets are extremely lifelike and made of a high quality material, white with leather beaks. The heads are attached to a wooden stick so you have complete control of their motion. A perfect addition to any livestock routine! And priced much too low at $12.00 (50.309)

Hyper-Bent-Elation – Daryl: Two Jokers are placed face to face, where they are cut, folded and "twisted through the fourth dimension." Upon completion, you end up with two strangely created Hypercards - one with backs on both sides and the other with two Jokers! These very special cards may be given away as souvenirs!
Easy to do and everything can be examined!
Comes complete with 24 specially printed cards, photo-illustrated instruction sheet and DVD with additional ideas and suggestions.
$29.95 (30.1247)

Basics of Sleeving DVD Set – Rocco: Learn the techniques that win awards! This 2 hour series is the most comprehensive program on the topic of Sleeving. Best of all, it is taught by the master that elevated Sleeving to an artform. Every aspect is covered, from clothing requirements to detailed instruction on the Sleeving of basic shapes. With extreme close-ups and slow motion, Rocco leads you through simple routines and drills to help you perfect your technique. Volume 1 ends with a Section on “Sleeving Hybrid Shapes,” which advances the student to the intermediate level. In Volume 2, the student moves to the advanced level via a thorough study of Rocco’s F.I.S.M. Award winning act. By using the clear jacket designed by Hal Meyers, the student experiences the planning and logistics of how the props flow through the act, from stealing to loading, revealing, reloading and discarding. This program is a must for anyone that wants to understand Sleeving, or simply desires to
expand his or her magic library. $49.95

Rainbow Ropes – The Remix: Daryl’s unique and humorous handling for a beautiful effect. Three different colored pieces of rope are shown and openly tied together. Amazingly, the knots melt away, transforming the pieces into one long three-colored Rainbow Rope! You finish clean and everything can be thoroughly examined!
Comes complete with an expertly manufactured set of ropes (longer, thicker and better quality than any others on the market), detailed written instructions and a performance/explanation DVD featuring numerous effect and handling variations.
Also included on the DVD is Daryl’s personal favorite routine where the ropes are counted one at a time and then tied together with two very special knots. The magician blows on the first knot, but it is the second that drops off the rope! The magician then blows on the rope where the second knot used to be and the first drops off! It’s an amazing (and hilarious) thing to see!
$19.95 (60.1454)

Paper Clip: A new, devastating paperclip bending routine that is sure to warp your mind. It is one of the most visual metal bending routine on the planet!
Read this twice. It is like no other metal bending routine you have seen.
Take a borrowed paperclip from a spectator and ask them to bend it into an 'S' shape. They do so and hand it back to you. You then take the paperclip and immediately start bending it with just the power of your mind. It twists and turns right in front of the spectators’ eyes. They can see the bend visually form. Finally it snaps, falling into the spectators’ hands. It is immediately examinable and you are clean.
The effect is totally impromptu once you have the gimmick on you. Any paperclip, any time, any place, completely angle proof and totally examinable before and after. And there's no switching or sleights!
Sounds to good to be true? Good!
Comes complete with gimmick and instruction booklet. $25.00 (10.1399)

X3 Book Test: David Hoy, a wonderful performer, believed that the best effects could be achieved by the most simple and direct methods. In fact, many of today's top mentalists have been greatly influenced by Hoy's bold approach to the art; his contributions are legendary.
By way of homage to the late David Hoy enter X3. Similar to two of his time-honored creations, X3's genius lays in its simplicity. It is so simple that you'll have a blast coming up with wonderful ways to use it in your act; it is that powerful.
Picture this: Three books (Volumes I, II, and II) written by Sir Charles Eliot about Hinduism and Buddhism—certainly a topic no mentalist or magician would have difficulty building up into a wonderful effect—are sitting on a table.
Two people are asked to participate. The first is asked to choose one of the books and hold on to it; they are welcome to look through it if they like. A second spectator is asked to choose from the remaining books and to randomly open up to any page in the book she likes. Once she is there, she announces the page number and you instruct the first person to begin reading the text of their book found on the page chosen and announced just moments ago by the second person.
After a suitable build up, you correctly reveal the contents of the selected page. And, you are 100% correct, every time!
X3 takes Hoy's ideas to the next level!
No stooges. You don't have to announce the page number. There are no forces of anything. You don't have to memorize any words, anagrams, or codes. It really is a very easy to perform even if you have no experience. $79.95 (40.578)

Therma-Lot: Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The Thermos Bottle is one of the most universally recognized items in the world. What could be more innocent? All the more deceptive when you turn a Thermos Bottle into a Lota Bowl!
Bring out a Thermos-style container, open it and empty the contents into a glass. Screw the lid back onto the Thermos and continue with the show. Later on, perhaps feeling a bit peaked and in need of a drink, open the Thermos, say the magic words, “Moa Watah,” and again empty the contents into a glass! This can be repeated with substantial pours up to five times.
Dimensions Approximately 8.5" x 2.5" (21cm x 6cm) $30.00 (60.1455)

The Royal Touch – Cellini: One of magic's most sought after books. Cellini is a true legend in the performance of magic. This 188 page hardbound book covers the work of this famous magician. His tips on Street Performing are priceless and the effects are the epitome of "pure magic."
Contents include: Where to Work the Streets, Street Performer's Workshop and Tools (including the famous Cellini Topit), How to Actually Perform on the Street, Law of the Street, Bibliography of Card Books, a collection of great black & white photos and the effects and routines.
Just read this list of effects:
Vanishing Silk, Birth of a Rose, Thumb Tip Tips, Thumb Tip Drop Steal, Sugar Bag, Vanishing Cigarette, Wand of Merlin Flip Stick Routine, The Wand Spin, Infinity Cups (Water appearance in bowls), Bill in Lemon, Bill to Wallet, Cups & Balls Routine One, Cups & Balls Routine Two, Paper Bag Routine, Here's Mickey (mouse production), Fire Eating, An Escape Act, Vanishing Glass, Grapefruit Production, Cellini Sponge Ball Routine, Indestructible Handkerchief, Cigarette Routine, T-Bar Glass Vanish, Three Ring Switch, Lord of the Rings Linking Ring Routine, Six Ring Routine, Cut & Restored Rope, Card Manipulations, Jumbo Coin & Handkerchief Routine, Color Changing Coin, Copper Silver Routine, Coin Juggling, Cascade of Coins from Cards, Coins in Glass, Billiard Ball Work, and The Miser's Dream. $84.95 (BK01535)

Session – The Magic Of Joel Givens – Joshua Jay: This book is geared toward magicians and details the magic of an incredible talent: Joel Givens,
In this book, Joshua did something very different. For nearly five hundred years, magic has been conveyed “recipe style” in books. Tricks are a list of materials and steps to follow. But can a magic book tell a story?
Session does just that. For those who have always wanted to curl up with a magic book and just read, Session will be a welcome addition.
Each trick is set within a scene—protagonists, antagonists, hecklers, and a cute waitress—it’s all here, and it’s all explained. $40.00 (BK01536)

Val Andrews Amazing Unfaked Book Test: This is an unbelievable book test. Imagine taking a modern book; perhaps a best seller right from the book store. The book is genuine and is completely unfaked in any way. You can even ask a member of the audience to bring along a copy of the Da Vinci Code or whatever you choose to use.
Have the book examined and ask a member of the audience to tell you how many pages there are in the book. They might say that there are 216 pages in the book. You then ask them to give you a number between 1 and 216. Whatever number is offered to you, tell the audience that the number will be used to select the page, the line on the page and the word on the actual line.
This is all you have to do and you will be able to tell them the line and the meaning of the line.
It is absolutely amazing.
Some simple memory work is required before you start the effect, but once you have it all in your mind you will be able to perform one of the most baffling magic tricks ever. And, you only need learn it once.
Val Andrews came up with a brilliant idea and put it into a simple booklet. The booklet has been edited and updated and no expense was spared to make it look absolutely stunning.
$36.00 (40.580)

Amazing Miracles Of Shigeo Takagi: This book contains a selection of Shigeo Takagi's finest routines. He is known as 'The Dai Vernon of Japan, ' and his superb material with cards, coins, silks, ropes, cups, and linking rings will thrill you. Detailed, comprehensive text with clear illustrations.
Foreword By Max Maven
Devilishly Direct - Takagi's approach to the Marlo/D'Amico Devilish Miracle.
Takagi's Coins Across - Very different from most coins across.
Wild Time - Takagi's version of the Peter Kane/Frank Garcia Wild Card routine.
The Wild Blanks - Five cards are shown to be blank on both sides and are placed on the table in a row. You add your signature to one of the cards and magically transfer it to the other four cards
The Solid Cup - Takagi's one cup and ball routine.
Trans-Purse-Sition - A small leather purse is opened and four coins are spilled from it - three half dollars and a Chinese coin. The Chinese coin is replaced inside the purse, which is then snapped shut. The three half dollars are held in the hand. Instantly the half dollars change into the Chinese coin. When the purse is opened, the half dollars are inside.
Trans-Purse-Tation - Another routine using Takagi's Purse Steal.
The Ghostly Silk - Two ungimmicked silks magically pass through each other.
Who Cuts First? - Takagi's solution to The Spectator Cuts To The Aces.
ScissoRope - A prelude to a Cut and Restored rope routine.
The Leaping Silk - Another penetration with a silk and a rope.
Total Triumph - Includes Takagi's handling of Larry Jenning's Convincing Control.
Rising Triumph - Similar to Total Triumph but with a Rising Card ending.
Color-Shift Triumph - A color-changing deck routine combined with Triumph.
The Oriental Coins - This routine has no American counterpart. Two small bowls and four coins are displayed. The coins vanish and appear between the bowls one at a time.
The Double Thought - A prediction effect that includes Takagi's deceptive handling of the Double Lift.
Convergence - Using only four cards and four coins; the coins gather under one card.
Rope, Knots, and A Wand - A rope is tied around a wand repeatedly, yet still penetrates at the end.
Double Cut and Restored Rope - A very good handling of the classic effect.
Monte With Four - A Monte routine with four cards.
Do As I Do Rope Routine - An excellent rope routine.
Chinese Rubber Band Mystery - A different handling for the classic Broken and Restored Rubber band.
A Beautiful Thumb Tie - Everything you need to know about thumb ties.
Owan To Tama (Japanese Cups And Balls) - Very different from any American routine.
New Era Linking Rings – A very well thought-out routine. $45.00 (BK01534)

And that’s this week’s goodies. And remember if you Buy More, you will Get More! While I would like nothing more than to hang around and chat, we’ve got a ton of inventory to move from Boston to Medford, so I really need to get on it!
I know I have mentioned this before, but it is important enough to mention again. We are producing a really nice version of the weekly Email Newsletter in html format. If you are still getting it in the Text Only format, just drop me an email and I will set you up for html. It is really worth changing over, trust me on this!
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