Monday, May 14, 2007

South Of The Border

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. This week I am writing to you from the Sunny South, and I don’t mean South Boston. Aron, the College Son, and I are in the midst of what can only be called an Excellent Adventure. Thursday morning, bright and early, I flew to Gainesville, Florida. Aron met me at the airport, we headed for his apartment where I gave him a hand finishing packing his stuff up for the summer. Then, we hit road and headed North. First stop will be the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Then Friday on to Baltimore and home sometime late Saturday. I have taken enough “medication” to make the trip a breeze, at least I hope. I will report more next week. I might even include some Adventure Photos if I can figure out how to add them to the email.

As you might imagine, no matter what excitement I announce for the upcoming week, it will pale by comparison to my Excellent Adventure. However, I hope it will please you nonetheless.

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Pabular – The Magazine of Close-Up Volume One: We have been sitting on a pile of these books for several years. Martin Breese asked us not to sell them because there was an ongoing dispute over who owned the copyright to the publication. Out of respect to Martin, we kept them in storage and have not sold a one. But, to be honest, I am tired of keeping them in storage. Being a person of my word, we will not sell a single one. Instead, we will give them away! That’s right. We’re giving away our entire stock of Pabular books. With any order of $150.00 or more (not including this book), just add a copy of the hardbound Pabular to your shopping cart, enter the key word PABULAR in the Discount Coupon Box, and we will send you the book free of charge. Simple as that.
The first of a series of high-quality clothbound books reproducing every hard-to-find issue of the magazine acclaimed as one of the richest sources of subtle, inventive close-up magic. Pabular Book One presents Volumes One and Two, the first 24 issues. Over 300 pages of brilliant modern tricks with cards, coins, ropes, cups and balls and much more. Close-up magic by people like Jack Avis, Ross Bertram, Tommy Wonder, Alex Elmsley, Andrew Galloway, Fred Kaps, Walt Lees, Trevor Lewis, Eric Mason, Ed Marlo, John Ramsay, Bob Read, Fred Robinson, Roy Walton and over 50 more! Baffling mental effects from David Berglas, Stanton Carlisle, Tony Corinda, Basil Horowitz, Barrie Richardson, Doc Shiels and others. Plus opinions and reviews by editor Fred Robinson and the feature column, The Page Boy Speaks by Patrick Page. 300 pages. Hardbound. Regular price: $49.95 (BK01209)

Protean Pack – Gary Plants: We are really pleased to be offering this fine item from Gary Plants. Three cards are selected by three spectators -- the King of Hearts, the Jack of Spades and the Ace of Hearts. When the King of Hearts is placed on the bottom of the deck, the entire deck is now seen to consist of nothing but King of Hearts. Then, the Jack of Spades is placed on the bottom of the deck and the entire deck consists of nothing but Jack of Spades. This is repeated once more with the Ace of Hearts. At the end, all of the cards are once again seen to be ordinary. $30.00 (30.1236)

“…Mr. Gary Plants has looked into the repertoire of Robert-Houdin, unearthed a beautiful effect, and had the necessary items made to allow those that are so inclined to perform an effect from the elegant 19th century genius. The trick is the Protean Pack of Cards, and the effect is that the deck transforms itself to consist solely of one of three selected cards when that card is placed on the bottom of the deck. This is done for each of the three selections. Having witnessed Mr. Plants’ performance of this effect a number of times I can state that the effect is striking and grows ever more bewildering with each successive change…” – Ricky Smith, MUM Magazine

Ko Chang Paddle: Display a beautiful teak wood paddle with three small holes and show it on both sides.
Pass your hand over the paddle and the holes
magically enlarge. On both sides!
Pass your hand over the paddle once again, and
the holes change to an even bigger size.
Finally the paddle is given out for minute inspection.
Only one paddle is used in this effect.
Collector's quality, each Ko Chang Paddle is individually numbered.
$90.00 (10.1384)

Converter: From the same folks who brought you The Perfect Egg, Hexagonal Ellis Ring and Disc Escape comes their latest, Converter.
A visual transformation of an indifferent playing card into a spectator's selection!
A spectator selects a card and returns it to the deck. Then, another card is selected from the deck. When the second card is inserted into the side of the deck, it comes out from the other side, converted to the first selected card.
Comes complete with instructions, gimmick, and access to performance and explanation videos! $24.95 (30.1237)

No Camera Tricks DVD Set – Richard Osterlind: What magic and mentalism on television should look like!
This incredible Three DVD set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title of the set implies, there are absolutely no camera tricks, stooges or pre-show work! What's more, this broadcast-quality material can also be used on stage and for close-up performances.
These are secrets of the highest quality with everything from the latest innovative ideas from the fertile mind of Richard Osterlind to some of the most cherished hidden mysteries from other masters. Not only will you receive a wealth of astonishing and usable material, but it is presented in one of the most entertaining formats ever attempted in the magic instructional DVD genre. This is Richard Osterlind at his highest performing level!
Within these shows you will find no camera tricks, no strategic editing, no stooges and no pre-show work. In addition, all of the material was performed live without any retakes. This is truly magic on TV - not TV magic!
Additionally, you will see the commercial "bumpers" that feature Richard performing live in a restaurant and other public places-real-time performing under real-world conditions! See why Richard always shines in the numerous other "bonuses" contained on each disc! $99.95 (DVD00701)

Radio Magic – The Interviews Season One: Own a piece of magic history!
In July 2005, Jay Fortune and radio presenter Layman Steve hit the airwaves live from London with Radio Magic; a lively hour-long radio show dedicated to magic and magicians. Within weeks Radio Magic became the world’s number one radio show in this specialist area, with more and more listeners tuning in every week.
Radio Magic: The Interviews Season One is a hard-backed collection of the transcripts of interviews broadcast from July to December 2005. With a foreword by John Lenahan, this book of expert comment and advice is a gold-mine for the magician looking to improve their craft and offers a worldview of magic in the early 21st century.
Radio Magic: The Interviews Season One features hypnotist Matthew Stirling, sleight-of-hand expert Simon Lovell, world-famous magician Paul Daniels, dealer and creator Mark Leveridge, mentalist Luke Jermay, illusionist Russ Stevens, TV producer, creator and consultant Anthony Owen, manipulation expert Duncan Trillo, TV producer Andy Batten-Foster, and master magicians Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride. With a bonus chapter offering a new philosophy on magic by Walter Llewellyn McKone D.O. and a response by Eugene Burger, this book of expert comment will certainly set you thinking.
A huge amount of magic is covered in these pages from hypnotism and NLP, sleight-of-hand, magic book publishing, history of magic, starting your own magic business, mentalism, mind-reading, stage illusion, breaking into television with your magic, manipulation, famous magicians, creativity, bizarre magic, close-up, scripting, theory and philosophy.
As John Lenahan says in his foreword to this book; "If you can’t get inspiration from these guys then you should go back to stamp collecting as a hobby."
Pages 100 - Hard Bound, with a Glossy laminated dust-jacket. $50.00 (BK01521)

Secrets Of Stand Up Magic DVD Set: Secrets of Stand-Up Magic DVD Set - In the vast literature of magic, a surprisingly small portion of it deals specifically with stand-up magic; that is, magic that is performed on a stage or platform and suitable for entertaining and engaging audiences large and small. Thus, finding quality material has always been a challenge for performers who endeavor to present magic in front of a group of spectators. For the first time, the very best stand-up effects, performed and explained by artists who have fine-tuned these pieces to reputation-makers, have been collected in one place. You will find an amazing assortment of performance-ready masterpieces here just waiting to be the centerpiece of your own show. These performers are among the best of the best and on this unprecedented collection, they're providing you with their signature routines.
Volume 1:
Bank Night - Richard Osterlind
Koran Medallion - Johnny Thompson
Standing Ovation Invisible Deck - Bill Malone
A Day At The Circus - Harry Allen
Bill in Potato - Paul Potassy
Burnt Banknote Routine - Terry Seabrooke
Gypsy Rope Mystery Escape - Falkenstein and Willard
Linking Silks - Petrick and Mia
Volume 2:
Professor's Nightmare - Michael Finney
Champagne Production - Flip
110 lb Card Trick - Michael Ammar
A Visit From Rocco - Michael Close
Sucker Egg & Hanky - Steve Dacri
Vernon's Linking Rings - Steve Draun
Coke Bottle Vanish / Glass of Water Production / Water in the News - Fielding West
The Four and a Half of Diamonds - Eddie Tullock
Volume 3:
Ring, Watch & Wallet - Tommy Wonder
Two Fisted Book Test - Karrell Fox
Mene-Tekel Book Test - Karrell Fox
Add A Number - Banachek
Hold It, Buster - Dan Harlan
Silk Through Silk Effect - Jeff Sheridan
Six Card Repeat - Ted Lesley
Golf Balls - Al Schneider
Linking Finger Rings - J. J. Sanvert
All three DVDs for $59.95 (DVD00702A)
Note: DVDs are available separately

Fandango Part One – David Forrest: Close up magic for the real world.
Part one in a series of releases containing all new material designed to provide real world close up magicians with fresh, practical material.
Six brand new, never before published effects from the mind of Dave Forrest. The material has been carefully selected to be both entertaining and practical. This is not a 'read it once' release. It is filled with effects that you will actually use in the real world for real people.
Missing the Aces - An attempt to cut directly to a selected card goes awry but the error is quickly forgotten when all four Aces suddenly appear and the selection is found reversed in the deck!
Card Sharp - An impossible revelation of a signed, folded card. Prepare yourself for a 'why didn’t I think of that' moment.
Seal the Deal - How to cheat at cards. First remove an Ace from the deck ahead of time and sleeve it, but don't forget to GENUINELY re-seal the entire deck in its cellophane.
Brunch at Tiffanies - A borrowed ring sealed in the card case transposes with a borrowed coin. Then, it happens again!
Monterrey Jacks - The Jacks trap two selections, one in the deck, the other in the spectator's hands. This trick is so easy and effective it should be illegal!
Royale with Threes - An impossible sandwich effect with an eye popping 'four of a kind production' kicker.
Pages 32 - Saddle Stitched $20.00 (BK01522)

Cyber Space Mental Control Watch: We have persuaded Karl Bravosky to make up just a few more of these fine watches. So, act now or you may be shuout forever! Three of the best known “mental watches,” together in one beautiful timepiece. This precision watch contains three different action systems, so many different presentations and routines are possible! You can wear this as your everyday watch. It is a Swiss-made movement in a beautiful Japanese case.
• A spectator mentally selects a time, but never writes anything down or says a word. Place your watch on the table, and without touching it, the hands start running like crazy and stop at the mentally selected time. You can also do this routine with the watch on your wrist.
• Without the spectator saying a word, suddenly the watch starts running like crazy and stops at the mentally selected time, even while you are blindfolded! There is no force of any kind.
• With the watch on a spectator's wrist, you cause it to run like crazy and stop at the mentally selected time.
• Comes with full instructions for five complete routines with eight variations!
• Remember, the spectator never mentions the mentally selected time. It is kept secret in their mind! And, you never have to touch the watch to perform the effect!
• One year full guarantee.
• Only 24 of these have been made, and when they are gone, there will be no more.
• Not a prediction watch. A watch that demonstrates your power of telekineses!

“The watch is beautiful. What's funny is the fact that when the hands are moving it looks like what only mentalists see when they are using watches like Perfect Time and other watches of that ilk. Your watch can actually stop on a time only thought of by a spectator and flat on the table without touching it, ‘You have truly created the ultimate watch miracle.’ And you can quote me on that.” - Larry Becker. $385.00 (40.547)

And that’s all the cool new stuff for this week. As for me, I can hear Aron beeping the horn and that means I gotta’ go. I hope you will find some time to spend with us at And, I’ll see you next week!
Hank Lee