Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. All I can say is, ”Yikes!” There is just one week to go before this year’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave. And, you’d think we would be running around like madmen, but such is not the case. Everything is completely under control, at least for the moment. The badges are done, the tickets are distributed, the registration envelopes are all stuffed and sealed; they are even alphabetized! The hotel is all set. The busses are all set. The talent is all set. The transportation is ready. The tech crew is assembled. We even have a few registrations available for you last-minute planners (hint, hint). Looks to me like the only thing left for me to do is sit back, put my feet on the desk and light up a big fat cigar. And, I would, except that I know, having done this 18 times before, that the next week is critical. Something will happen. Something new and interesting. Something designed to baffle even the most jaded of convention planners.
But, fear not. I am ready. So bring it

It’s now time to start looking past the Conclave. I have made myself a promise to finish the Book Book and get it to the printer. I know it has been delayed. And, it is my fault. I take all the blame. I have procrastinated, and I apologize. But, I promise that as soon as the Conclave is over I will get it done and printed.

On the home front, this has been an exciting week. Lucas, the singing son, has been accepted to the summer program at the Eastman School at Rochester University. He is walking on air, to say the least. Aron, the college-boy son, is coming home next week to join us at the Conclave. He missed it last year and was very bummed. So, this year he’s coming home and we plan to put him to work. He doesn’t know that part yet, but life is just full of surprises, isn’t it?

Time now to look at this week’s excitement.

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

Magic Wand Factory: A fabulous new kidshow routine, just imported from Europe.
Ask the kids if they have any idea how magic wands are made? And so it begins
Explain that a very special machine is used and that you just bought one. Of course, you didn't have time to read the instructions, so if the kids agree you would like to try the machine out right here and now.
Set the machine up on the table (when doing so you allow the kids to look inside and thru the machine, it seems completely empty). On top of the machine is a crank.
The machine comes with a square wooden rod. Of course everybody knows that wands are round, so you put the square rod in the machine, turn the crank on top twice and out comes a round wand.
But wait, aren't wands supposed to be black in the center? Read the instructions, place the round wood into the machine and, using a funnel pour black paint into the machine. Turn the crank twice and out comes a solid black wand.
Hold on, the ends of the wand should be white. Put the black wand in the machine and pour some white paint in. Turn the crank twice and out comes an all-white wooden wand. By now the kids are screaming their heads off! Every wand you make is wrong!
Again, you read the instructions. Oops. You had to put both paints in at the same time. Your mistake. In goes the white wand and both paints are added at the same time. Give the machine a little shake just to be sure.
Reading on in the instructions it says: Do not shake at this point. Darn. Turn the crank twice and out comes a black wand covered in white dots. More screaming from the peanut gallery.
Quickly the dotted wand goes in the machine, shake it the other way, turn the crank twice and out comes a black wand with white stripes.
This wand goes back into the machine, which is spun around, the crank is turned twice and now you have a white wand with black ends! The poor kids will be laughing themselves silly.
Not one to easily up, you place this wand back into the machine and ask all the kids for help. They all think of a real magic wand.
Turn the crank twice and finally a black wand with white ends comes out of the machine.
The machine can be shown completely empty again.
You receive the special machine, all the wands, the "paint cans", a funnel and detailed instructions. Very easy to perform!
Huge entertainment value!
Wands are approx. 13.5" long, 1" diameter
The "factory" measures: 17 3/4" x 10x 4.5"
$239.00 (60.1428)

Signature Switch-Board: Dave Powell’s Signature Switch-Board is an Add a Number that's like no other and more deceptive than any ever. It can switch anything written on a piece of paper to another message or text.??
Three spectators each write down a 4 or 5 digit number and a fourth spectator adds them up. This sum matches a prediction provided in a sealed envelope before the trick began.
The clipboard looks and handles just like a regular clipboard, even in the hands of the spectators. But, the board actually separates into two halves, and the paper is drawn into the inside via the ball chain. The board is made of black laminated Formica and is only an eighth of an inch thick. It can be taken apart and reset in less than a minute without any tools thanks to our unique interlocking dovetail system. It remains in a locked position when in the spectator’s hands. There's no chance of it changing the numbers prematurely. This clipboard has to be seen to be appreciated.?
Produced in an extremely limited edition. So don't hesitate! Once they're gone, they are gone!! Order yours today!! $175.00 (40.562)

Smokey Magic: One of the hit items at this year’s Blackpool Convention!
Using Trevor’s Duffy’s Smokey Magic, you can produce smoke from your hands, from a deck of card, from a coin, even from a spectator’s coat sleeve. Anytime you want a puff of smoke, you can have it!
Easily hidden, 100% reliable.
Due to the nature of this item, we cannot sell it to anyone under 18!
$100.00 (60.1427)

Amazing Materializing Signature: The spectator selects a card, let’s the Jack of Hearts.
Ask the volunteer to sign the card. Next, place the card between the volunteer’s hands or even in his own pocket!
Now, the real magic begins!
Show a second, different, card and place it on a table, far away from the signed card.
We all know that magicians can make objects travel or switch places. But no one has ever seen anything like this!
Ask the volunteer to look at his card. The signature is gone!
The spectator walks over and turns the other card face up. Believe it or not, his signature is now on the face of the other card!
Yes, it’s the same signature, the very same. Impossible but true, the volunteer’s signature has mysteriously traveled from the selected card to another.
No assistant needed. No carbons or other “copying devices.”
Only one signature is used.
Easy to learn and perform.
The spectators really sign the card.
Comes complete with everything you need. $23.00 (30.1232)

Cups & Balls DVD – Bob White: There are countless wonderful routines with cups and balls. Max Malini, Al Baker, Sam Horowitz, Charlie Miller, Paul Rosini, Dai Vernon and many other capable performers featured the trick in their close-up performances.
It is a close-up trick! And, it can be performed with paper cups completely surrounded by spectators or with sterling silver cups in a more formal setting.
The difference between a good performer and an expert performer is the manner in which the expert handles the props, makes fake transfers of the balls and deceptively executes the final large loads.
This DVD will help you learn how to correctly perform these critical techniques. It also includes a complete routine that can be done with any cups. Or, portions may be incorporated into your present routine. If you are a beginner, this DVD will be invaluable.
Performances and Detailed Explanations Of:
• The “Practical Routine”
• Bob White on Vernon’s Ball Vanish
• Three Opening Sequences
• The Inertia Tip-Off Move
• Galloping Post Sequences
• Sequences with Charlie Miller’s Move?…and much more
Additional Feature:?Dai Vernon’s Single Cup and Ball Routine?from his 1968 Lecture. ?Performed and Explained by Bob White $49.95 (DVD00684)

Covert Magic DVD – Iain Moran: On DVD for the very first time, acclaimed UK magician Iain Moran unleashes the very best material from his professional repertoire on this exclusive DVD. Moran has won the Order Of Magi’s ‘Close-Up Magician Of The Year’ award twice, and he is one of the only non-Italians ever to be given a close up magic award at Club Magico Italiano.
Watch with mouth agape as a selected card eerily moves on it's own accord from a spread deck! Marvel at the unbelievably visual 'Snap, Crackle & Pop!’ Shake your head in disbelief at Iain's multi phase '3 Fly' routine - 'Coin-Ageddon!'
• Snap, Crackle & Pop
• The Covert Card
• Birds Of A Triumph
• Kick To The Head
• Altered Aces
• Triumphant
• Selection Erection
• Card Highway
• Sandwich
• Coin-Ageddon
BONUS: Free gimmicked cards included with each DVD.
$35.00 (DVD00685)

The Session DVD 2007: On the 20th of January, 2007, Close up Magicians from around the world came together for a gathering like no other. "The Session"
On this DVD you will find some of the best routines from some of the finest magicians who attended this outstanding convention!
The contributors on this great DVD perform and explain some of their pet routines, sleights and moves as well as sharing their thoughts on magic!
Contributors include:
Allan Ackermann
Jon Armstrong
Jamie Badman
James Brown
Luke Dancy
Mike Davis
Andi Gladwin
Wayne Houchin
Rob James
Oli Mealing
Robert Moreland
Tyler Wilson
It's time to take your front row seat at the convention and learn from some of the leading close up magician from around the world. $50.00 (DVD00686)

David Stone DVD Volume 2 – The Real Secrets of Magic: The first volume was an incredible best seller. One the best videos of 2006! Now, get ready for Volume Two!
Table-hopping or restaurant magic have nothing to do with the kind of close-up magic you might perform for your friends: The professional magician has to entertain people who are not expecting him. He has to use simple and commercial tricks in difficult conditions: Lack of lighting, lack of space, lots of noise.
Besides tricks, David Stone, FISM Award winner 2006, gives you lots of tips for starting your career as a professional magician.
Produced and directed by Jean-Luc Bertrand, this DVD offers a new way of learning magic. He found a funny mix between non stop entertaining while teaching magic.
Tricks with: cards, coins, ropes, bottles, glasses, banknotes, napkins, cigarettes, roses, improvised magic and sponge balls.
- Capture and entertain the audience
- Easy to do commercial magic
- Operate in tough conditions
- Tips and advice to start
$34.95 (DVD00687)
Coming very soon. Pre-order now and don’t pay a penny for shipping!

Bar Bottle Juggling DVD – Volume One of A Four Volume Set: Your specialty cocktails will come to life with these classic bartending techniques combined with low risk, high impact flair moves that professional bartenders use everyday. Shake, stir and muddle cocktails with pours and cuts that will make you look like a pro. Make more regulars that stay longer with great cocktails and easy to learn flair moves.
Special Features:
• Hilarious Bloopers and out Takes
• Beer Bottle Flair
$34.95 (DVD00688)

Big Bucks: Danny Archer’s Big Bucks give a whole new meaning to the term, “big money!”
Show four of the biggest Ten Dollar bills you’ve ever seen. Each bill is 7” wide by 16” long.
Visibly, the four tens change into four gigantic One Hundred Dollar bills!
The bills are shown freely and cleanly on both sides.
Big enough to be seen in the largest venue! The bills are printed in four colors on glossy heavy stock, so they will last forever.
Great for stage, platform, even close-up! Resets in a blink. Easy to do and really packs a wallop! The bills are printed in 4 colors and look fantastic!
$34.95 (60.1430)

Wonderful Surprises: The Life of Marco The Magi - Researched and written over many years by Avrom Karl Surath, an original member of Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company, this book carries you through Marco the Magi’s childhood and youth in Cuba up to the present time as producer and director of Beverly’s famed magic troupe. The author’s research brought him in contact with members of the Cuban diaspora who were Marco’s friends and members of his theatre company when they were all beginning their lives in Cuba. The author was present when they rediscovered him in America fifty years later.The book recounts the revolution and the agony of Marco's forced exile. It covers his seven years of doctoral studies and friendship with Abraham Maslow at Brandeis University. It gives new perspectives on his founding of the Le Grand David stage magic ensemble. It shows how the genial magician has incorporated Maslow’s principles in the colorful and often surprising life of
the magic company over its thirty-year-plus
The book includes forewords by John Fisher, Dr. Ricardo Morant (Fierman Professor of Psychology, emeritus at Brandeis), and Luis Puello, a former student in Santa Clara, Cuba. Chapters contain interviews with Cesareo about how he conceived and directed the shows. It also includes interviews with Le Grand David about his role in the productions.
220 pages of text with 20 pages of color photographs interspersed throughout. $37.50 (BK01519)

And that’s all the great new stuff for this week. I wish I could tell you about the new items just waiting in the wings to be released, but they are just too secret to tell about yet!

I want to personally thank you all for reading this letter every week, for being interested in what goes on in my life and the lives of my family. It’s a nice feeling knowing that we have so many friends out there. As always, I hope you will find some time to spend with us either online at or in person at magic central, 112 South Street in Boston. Either way we do love your company.
Hank Lee