Friday, October 06, 2006

Columbus Day, What Will You Discover?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory, home of the Incredible Shrinking Man. First of all, I want to let you know how touched I am by the number of emails I have received in the past week since mentioning that I have been diagnosed with Diabetes 2. Great tips and ideas. It makes me feel like this really is one big family, and it is a nice feeling indeed. I have been sticking to the program like glue and this week lost another five pounds. That's 15 pounds in two weeks. Almost ready to move down one size in the "I have clothes in every size" closet. Very exciting.
I want to make a quick mention of the Conclave, because we have booked two of the winning acts from this year's FISM, Pilou (the Grand Prix Winner) and Arthur Trace (Third Place in Stage). It's all starting to come together for next year. If you have never been to a Conclave (silly you), I will give you a link so that you can look at some photos from last year's Conclave. (
Once you check these out, you just might want to register for next year, which you can do by clicking on the Conclave Button at

As I am sure you know, this Monday is Columbus Day. Columbus came to America in three Spanish ships, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The ships barely made it to the New World, so in honor of his amazing voyage, we are doing something very special this week.

FREE SHIPPING (Get it? He came in ships so we are having Free Shipping.): For the next 7 days, until Thursday the 12th of October at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the third page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference. Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders for the next 7 days! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

Two Little Mistakes: This charming effect from Steve Shufton lends itself to strong comedy and even stronger magic. Not your typical “sucker” effect.
A spectator selects a card and goes to whatever extent necessary to hide its identity from you, the all-knowing magician! With empty hands, two blank cards are shown front and back. The spectator becomes stunned to discover a miniature card has magically appeared between them the two blanks! But, it’s the wrong card!
The two (and only two) blank cards are shown again front and back, when suddenly another miniature card appears between! But, it's the wrong card again!
After the two blank cards are shown front and back again, one of them changes into her selection!
Absolutely magical. No palming. No sleights. No pocket work. Do it totally surrounded! Inspired by Grand Master Magician Ian Adair, and with his permission and endorsement, we have created this close-up miracle! It can now be carried in your pocket and performed under any conditions! This effect has been assembled with meticulous care and attention to every detail. It comes complete with everything you need, including a storage wallet, ready to carry in your pocket. Works with any deck!
Stunning magic! Completely self-contained. Ultra-fast reset. Perfect for walk-around events. $15.00

Sprung - Devin Knight & John Moyer - Just when you thought every possible penetration effect had been invented comes this new novel idea.
Explain that when you were a kid, you couldn't afford to buy magic props, so you did magic with your toys.
Bring out a regular Slinky toy and show it to be the toy we all grew up with. The Slinky is stretched out and the ends given to two people to hold. Stand in front of the Slinky and grab it. Suddenly you pull the stretched out Slinky right thru your body.
That's right! The rope thru body effect done with a Slinky! However, no funny looping or ties. Just the stretched out Slinky that you pull thru your body. Spectators never let go of the ends yet somehow you walk thru it.
Here are the important facts.
• Doesn't have to be an opener. Pick it up and do anytime in your show.
• No jacket needed. Wear anything you want. Even do it outdoors with no shirt.
• Self-contained. No extra parts. Nothing hidden on your body.
• No setup. Just pick it up and go.
• No extra gimmicks. All you need is the Special slinky we supply.
• Looks totally impossible when done correctly.
Comes with special Slinky and detailed photographic directions that show you every move and the complete handling. $30.00

Mentalism Teach-In DVD: The fourteenth volume in the Greater Magic Video Teach-In Series. A completely different form of magical entertainment that for many years was shunned by magicians. Today, mentalism is a part of every magicians’ act and proves to be just as popular as a complete magic act.
Showcased on this Teach-In are:
• T.A. Waters
• Larry Becker
• Finn Jon
• Aldo Colombini
• Joe Stevens.
T.A. Waters honed his magic skills by working with Robert Nelson Enterprises back in those early days and studied the art of mentalism. Larry Becker has a creative mind that keeps up with our ever-changing world with topical mental mousetraps. Not enough can be said about this modern day Mentalist. Finn Jon has always been one of the top magical creators in our art and here he has turned his talents into “mind boggling” mental effects. You will be fooled! Aldo Colombini: a master of magical and mental effects. This talent can do anything and everything well. Get ready to use what he performs and teaches you in your own act. Joe Stevens: during 50 years in magic and its allied arts Joe has learned some of the “Golden Oldies” and presents some of the most fantastic “antiques” of the mentalism world for all to enjoy. You will learn many effects on this Teach-In and all are original. $30.00

Floating Ring Miracle: Mike Smith, in conjunction with JB Magic, have created the final word in floating rings.
For over 12 years, through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most astonishing pieces of magic ever.
A borrowed finger ring is placed onto your little finger. It animates, suspends and floats under impossible circumstances. Finally the ring actually floats back onto your outstretched little finger, where it began.
You will both see and learn from Mike every little detail of his incredible routine on this step-by-step instructional DVD.
Also includes a bonus effect that is beyond belief, Mikes Floating and Rising Card. Any signed card floats out of the deck and up into your fingertips.__
Comes complete with instructional DVD and a specially constructed Sorcery Magic Thread Boss. Start clean. End clean. Perform anytime in your act! Perfect for strolling magic!
DVD includes:
Introduction, Performance, The reel, Set up, Explanation 1, Explanation 2, Plus the Rising and Floating Card.
One of the Best Kept Secrets in all of Magic. $99.50

Hijacked - Steve Morrison - The latest from Sankey Magic! Featuring an incredible collection of five outstanding effects including:
Think Of A Jack
The fronts and backs of four Jacks are slowly shown to the audience and given to a spectator to hold. The spectator is asked to "think of any Jack." A moment later, the magician removes the named Jack from his pocket! Then the four cards held by the spectator are revealed to be the FOUR ACES! No sleight-of-hand. The extremely devious gimmicks do all the work for you! (And yes, the spectator can name ANY Jack!)
Lethal Poker
A pack of cards is spread face down and a spectator asked to touch any four cards. Impossibly, the four cards turn out to be the four Jacks! Commenting that, "four Jacks is a great poker hand, but they could still be beat by four Queens and even four Kings," the magician changes the four cards into an even stronger poker hand, THE FOUR ACES!
The four Jacks are introduced and the magician says they are "marked." The magician draws attention to the fact that there is a different letter written on the back of each of the Jacks including a 'C,' an 'A,' an 'S', and an 'E.' The four cards are laid face down on the table in a row so they spell the word 'CASE.' The magician then rearranges the cards so they spell 'ACES' and then turns over the four cards to reveal that all four Jacks have impossibly changed into THE FOUR ACES! (And again, the backs and fronts of all the cards are completely shown!)
Rainbow Jacks
A three climax mindblower! First, four cards are chosen at random from a red pack and the four cards turn out to be the four Jacks! Second, the backs of the Jacks are mysteriously changed into FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS! And third, the Jacks are changed into the Aces! Supremely magical.
4 X Impossible
The four Jacks change places with four Aces HELD IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS!
Comes complete with specially printed Bicycle playing card gimmicks and instructional DVD!
All five incredible routines are performed and taught by Jay Sankey! $20.00

Rara Avis (Jack Avis) - Anthony Brahams - Sixty years of magic from the private notebooks of Jack Avis!
After Jack's death in 2004, 28 notebooks were discovered among his vast collection of manuscripts, books and other publications that contained his collected thoughts over the past half century. Some original, some of his own handlings of effects of his friends, some sleights, some tips and ideas but all bearing the stamp that earned him a world reputation for simple, baffling, natural magic. This new, important volume contains much of Jack's original thinking and ideas as well as rare photographs and notes from throughout his sixty years in magic. If you are a serious card person, close-up worker, historian or a magic enthusiast you will want to own this valuable record of the work of a man who devoted every moment of his spare time to the pursuit of magic at its highest level and is honored wherever a deck of cards is shuffled.
220 pages. Hardbound. $51.00

Wand To Snake: Holy Moses! Turn your wand into a three foot snake! Then, see how fast Pharaoh let’s you leave Egypt!
Start by holding your 12” wand in the normal waving position. In a wink, it changes into the giant spring snake! It will make them jump, to say the least.
Professional quality prop; cloth covered snake; fast, silent operation. $29.95

Darwin's Ungimmicked Coin Bucket DVD- Gary Darwin - Don’t miss your chance to get this terrific DVD! Darwin's Coin Bucket routine is amazing to see and exciting to perform! Don't hesitate! Get your copy today and instantly improve your act with an easy to do, great magic trick!
• Easy to do
• No difficult moves
• Darwin explains each move in complete detail. $19.95

Jump! John Kennedy's Jump!, is one amazing piece of magic!
A pen rests inside a drinking glass. The magician concentrates, stares at the glass, and something strange happens.The pen jumps straight out of the glass!
You have to see it to believe it! It's so unexpected, your audience is sure to jump too!
And, they will have absolutely no clue to the mystery because there is nothing to find. Nothing at all!
In fact, the objects are completely ordinary. Any pen and any glass will work.
Jump! is a brand new device that...well...makes things jump! You can make a pen, pencil, spoon, straw, whatever, jump straight out of a cup or glass. You can even make popcorn pop right out of its bowl!
Best of all, Jump! is a hands-free device that is under your complete control. In other words, you can place a glass down on any table, stand back, concentrate and cause a pen or spoon to jump straight out of the glass and land on the table. And, everything can be examined immediately! You don't need to move your hands or any part of your body to make it jump.
So, how does it work? Well..... Jump! is a state-of-the-art electromechanical device that operates with a standard nine volt battery. One battery is good for about 1000 jumps! All you have to do is place Jump! in one of your pockets and you're ready to go!
No one can solve the mystery because the device stays in your pocket all the time!
However, you don't have to keep it in your pocket. If you prefer, you can hide Jump! just about anywhere in the room and it will still work!
Jump! comes with everything you need including the 9 volt battery and detailed instructions. You will love it! $198.00

And, that's the great new stuff for this week. Just waiting for you in the Hotlist. I would really love to hang around, but I've got to get on the treadmill and shed those pounds!

I hope, really I do, that you will find some time to spend with us online at or in person at our most magical retail store at 112 South Street in Boston. Either way, we love the company.
Hank Lee