Friday, September 15, 2006

Watch For That EXTRA

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. What a week!
First off, the new EXTRA arrived from the printer in the biggest truck I have ever seen. The warehouse is filled with cartons upon cartons of EXTRAs just waiting to wing their way to you, our band of loyal customers. The addressing process has begun, and the EXTRAs will be delivered to the post office sometime early next week. You will get yours just a short time after that. If you are not already on our snail mail list, drop me an email and I will be more than happy to add you to the list.
I have begun work in earnest on the 2007 Cape Cod Magic Conclave. The dates are April 20th to the 22nd, 2007. I am in contact with some really great talent, and it is already looking like next year's Conclave could be the best ever. It's never too early to register. Just go and click on the Conclave Button.
I should mention that some great books have just come back in print. Complete Works of Derek Dingle, Expert Coin Magic, Mysteries Of My Life and Secrets of Brother John Hamman. Well worth checking these out!
On the home front, Lucas auditioned this week for a part in Evita. Honestly, I have never seen him put so much work and energy into anything. He really wants to be in the show. We all have our fingers crossed for him. I will let you know the result next week.
All of which brings us up to this week's excitement.
FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED: For the next 7 days, until Thursday the 21st of September at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the third page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference. Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders for the next 7 days! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

Hot Ball - A must for any mentalist or bizarrist. Shades of Alexander!
Introduce a little experiment in mind control or mild hypnosis. Demonstrate the power of suggestion by placing a 3" solid brass ball on a spectator's palm. "At present, the ball feels warm to the touch, does it not?" The spectator agrees. The ball is now placed on the palm of a second spectator, but just before doing so, you tell the spectator that the ball will feel cold, as if he is holding something chilled. The ball is placed on his hand and he confirms that it indeed is cold.
Now the ball is taken to a third spectator. This time, you explain that the spectator will feel the ball getting warm, then warmer, and finally so hot he will be unable to hold it. It will become as hot as the proverbial hot potato!
The ball rests comfortably in the spectator's hand when suddenly he begins to stir. Then he tosses the ball from hand to hand. The ball is indeed getting hot, or so he thinks. So hot he is unable to hold it. He must get rid of it or he will be burned!
This is a terrific mind-bending effect, long unavailable.
Uses simple chemicals found in most hardware stores. We supply the special brass ball, nickel plated to a mirror-like finish. Sold to adults only. No stand is included but you do receive the beautifully crafted ball and complete instructions Manufactured by Viking Magic, so you know the quality is excellent. $150.00

Ring Case - You are going to absolutely love Joker Magic's Ring Case. The effects made possible with this ingenious prop will fool even the most discerning audience. And, the prop itself, which looks like a normal Bicycle card case, yet is in fact a mechanical wonder, will totally please you.
Here are a couple of possible effects:
Place a borrowed ring on top of a an empty card case and then close the case. Cover the ring with a card, flick it with your finger and the ring magically penetrates the case. Remove the ring from inside the case.
Or this. An imaginary toss of a borrowed ring into the card case which has previously been shown empty. After the toss, the ring can be heard to rattle inside the case, and even appears from within the case when it is opened!
The trick can just as easily be performed with a marked coin!
Each Ring Case is hand made, including a specially prepared card case (without the deck of cards), a single card, and a ring in case you don't want to borrow one from the audience. $45.00

Tom Mullica DVD - Greater Magic Video Series - "My goal as an entertainer is to be remembered... personally, not magically! When they love you... you can get away with anything!"
When is the last time you had a good laugh? Been too long? Well, this DVD will quench your desire to chuckle for a long time.
Welcome to the madcap adventures of Tom Mullica, who reigned as magic's comedy king. For years Tom held court nightly at his Tom Foolery bar in Atlanta, treating spectators to his gum chewing, cigarette swallowing chicanery.
He's recreated the act here, complete with off-the-wall witticisms, death-defying acts with matches and aerodynamic magic.
It's Tom's style that captured the grand prize at the 1984 Desert Magic Seminar's close-up contest. And it's certainly that same style that's won him a following nationwide.
Spend 90 minutes with one of magic's leading entertainers. You will learn:
* 4 Cards
* Torn & Restored Card
* Cigarettes and Napkins
* Gozinta Boxes & Gum
* Bill Tear
* Egg Bag
* Card in Mouth
* A.E.R.O.B.I.C. (explanation only)
* $29.95

Little Emperor & The Cricket - A charming piece of magical theatre from Germany's Borodin.
The story begins with a young emperor being given a gift by one of his subjects. A magical gift.
The gift is a hand-carved ivory box containing a cricket. A very special cricket. A cricket that can talk!
Show the ivory container to be absolutely empty. Yet, from within the box, the voice of the cricket is heard!
The story which accompanies the beautiful props is wonderful. Thanks to the very special gimmick, the working is effortless, allowing you to put all of your effort into presentation. When the cricket speaks, it is loud enough to be heard in even a large venue.
Originally created by Borodin and used by him for many years, this classic tale can now be yours.
Hand-made in very limited numbers. When our current suply is gone, there will be no more. $249.95

Impromptu II DVD - Greater Magic Video Series - The first volume was met with accolades, so we’re bringing you 11 more effects never before released on video. Ideal for any skill level. See these gifted magicians: Mike Weber doing the Changing Time, Larry Becker performing the Mind Probe, Mike Ammar showing Matches, Roger Klause doing Ring In Mouth, Daryl performing Coin Thru Glass, John Carney showing Coin From Bill, Karrell Fox doing Flying Cards, Shimada performing The Ring, Eugene Burger showing Flying Money, Jay Marshall doing Torn & Restored Card, Johnny Paul performing Mind Reading & Stealing A Watch. This is another item from the Greater Magic Video Library series of DVD releases. $29.95

Animated Shoelaces - Amaze your spectators by tying your shoelaces without even touching them!
The laces tie themselves!
And, you can perform this in shorts!
Easy to do! Resets in a flash.
Comes complete with detailed instructions and supplies to get you started creating this outstanding illusion!

East Coast Super Session Book One - Featuring a unique group of reclusive guests, the East Coast Super Session Closeup Convention is one of the finest ever assembled. Which gave them a real advantage when publishing the official convention notebook, boasting super-cool super sessions and killer close-up magic!
Flip through the pages and that's about all it takes before you perform the effects. Wet your tongue with tasty treats abundant in audience reaction and fool the pants off magicians!
Shrink and Drink by Joel Givens is a special effect, TV meets real life! The spectator's card visibly shrinks twice! Ending up nearly microscopic. Stick it down a straw into a glass bottle, shake it up, and the tiny card grows into the original size!
Plus twelve more effects performed live in Hickory, North Carolina by an all-star cast:
• The Dousing Card by Don England
• Two Step, Two Step by Kostya Kimlat
• Predecktion by Steve Beam?
• Touché is What You Say by Lee Asher
• Subwich by Rich Aviles
• Invisible Sandwich by Rich Aviles
• Logical Probability Sandwich by Scott Robinson
• Zoso Change by Doc Docherty
• Shrink and Drink by Joel Givens
• Da Vinci Coin by Scott Robinson
• Over the Hills and Far Away by Scott Robinson
• Bic a Chink Transpo by Robert Moreland
• Scamming the Silverware by Jason Mauney
Compiled and written by Doc Docherty, Lee Asher, Steve Beam, Kostya Kimlat, Jason Mauney, Steve Beam, and Rich Aviles. $24.95

Dancing Cane - Aluminum - Walk on stage holding a beautiful high-gloss gentleman's walking cane. Tap the cane on the floor to prove it is solid.
Then, with a wave of your hand, the cane comes to life and magically starts to dance and fly. The cane appears to have a life of its own.
This is one of the finest Dancing Canes made today.
* One Piece Aluminum Construction (For long lasting durability and perfect balance)
* New Thread System Always Ready to Go! (No more fumbling for the thread)
* Perfectly Balanced Cane
* A Perfect Weight at 5.9 Ounces (Allowing the routine to be performed in a much more magical manner)
* Easy to Repair (The head of the cane has been machined to be removed to aid in repair of the string)
* Powder Coated For Long Lasting Beauty

Dream Gimmick - Jeb Sherrill, who gave us the Zombie Re-Animated DVD Set, has now created the Dream Gimmick, a revolutionary new Zombie gimmick.
Literally the result of a strange dream, the Dream Gimmick takes your Zombie ball where no Zombie ball has ever gone before. “Like a true floating ball,” the sphere flies four or five inches above the foulard, back down and then out to the side. It jumps beneath the cloth and rushes about like a wild spirit (without visible movement of the hands), rolling forward, back and in circles under the foulard.
The ball slides up over your shoulder, down to your elbow and over to the cloth (again, all with little or no movement of the hands).
In addition to the many moves it accomplishes that no normal gimmick could, the Dream Gimmick overcomes the problem many Zombie handlers have with sore fingers and the difficulties many have controlling a “coil” style gimmick. Jeb’s gimmick floats any size ball with ease by employing a “grip” style handle, allowing an incredible amount of control and versatility. Each gimmick is hand-made by Jeb himself and comes with a professionally made instructional DVD that not only covers basic handling, but goes beyond into difficult moves intended for the serious manipulator.
Float your Zombie like a dream! $49.95

Crazy Crate-O-Mystery - Mac King is releasing whole bunch of great magic. He has taken some of the classics of magic and given them the Mac King Makeover. Check out his Crazy Crate-O-Mystery.
Make your friend's arm disappear. Make a monkey appear. Multiply your money. Render your friend powerless to break a cookie. Read minds. Includes an "authentic" mind-reading monkey. A complete show in a create!
Contains everything to perform 10 colossal tricks. It also comes with a Bonus Trick Tracking Card with a Bonus Vault-O-Magic password to learn even more magic.
But wait, there's more! You also receive a Bonus DVD that shows Mac performing the trick and revealing the secret, as well as another Bonus Trick and other fun stuff $14.95

And that's a week's worth of great new magic! Some very cool new stuff, fer sure. I hope you will find time to spend with us, either online at or in person at our all-magic store at 112 South Street in downtown Boston. Either way, we love your company.
Hank Lee