Friday, August 04, 2006


Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Good news. Bonnie is back from France, apparently no worse for the wear. Despite her most valiant efforts, she was not swept off her feet by some handsome French sailor. At least that’s what she says. She did bring back some French soap that smells like flowers. I know there’s a joke there, but I will let it slide.
In other good news, it is much hotter elsewhere than it is here. Which is not to say it’s cool here. Just that it’s hotter elsewhere. That’s one contest I don’t mind losing.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Art Of Sleight Of Hand – Jay Sankey - Learn the real secrets to becoming a master sleight-of-hand magician!
In the spring of 2005, Jay hosted a very special live show featuring 9 outstanding sleight-of-hand magicians. Taped at Toronto’s George Ignatieff Theatre by a professional 4-camera crew in front of a sold-out crowd, the DVD documents memorable performances by Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders, Mike Skutt, Jason Maloney, David Peck, Wij, Allan Nackan, Colin Bartlett and Ray Chance.
Watching true pros do what they do best in front of a thrilled audience is an education in itself, but the “real gold” of this DVD is found in the dozens of intimate interview segments.
Take your own sleight-of-hand to the next level as each seasoned performer generously shares their invaluable thoughts on:
The Keys to Outstanding Sleight-of-Hand
Their Favorite Sleights
Philosophies on Practicing
The Importance of Timing
Advice to Beginners
What they Love About Performing Magic
And so much more!
And as a very special extra added bonus, Jay has agreed to include his classic “Locomotion” card effect and his killer “Private Property” mentalist effect complete with full instructions plus the specially printed Bicycle card gimmicks. $25.00

WOW - Brand new from Masuda. You will say "Wow" when you see this one! We got in the first sample, and everyone fell in love with the effect. We had a big discussion as to who would take the sample home. I won. Anyway, here's what happens:
A spectator freely selects a card, signs his name on the face and returns it to the deck.
An indifferent card is slid into a paper-thin clear plastic sleeve just large enough to hold the card.
While the sleeve is held between thumb and forefinger, and with no hand movement of any kind, the indifferent card slowly and visibly morphs into the signed selected card!
The spectator can remove his card. There is nothing else in the sleeve! It looks like real magic! $55.00

Slasher - Imagine weaving a tale of close-up horror and suspense, as well as getting to spoof Hollywood horror movies at the same time.
Four photos of cheerleaders are shown, along with twelve blank cards. The four cheerleaders are placed on the table in a row and each picture is covered with three blank cards.
The performer, playing the part of the horror movie "Slasher," attempts to "kill" one of the cheerleaders, but the cheerleader is found to have left the pile, escaping the "slasher's" evil and gory plan; she's found to have joined another cheerleader in another pile. This continues, with the poor "slasher" failing miserably at his goal.
Finally, the "slasher" viciously and violently attacks the last pile of cards; turning that pile over, all four cheerleaders are found horribly disfigured and dismembered, in a comical way of course. The performer explains that he really isn't a "maniac slasher," and no matter what the spectators saw, it was "only a movie." The dismembered cheerleaders are shown to be completely intact, restored to their normal state of anatomical correctness.
Easy to reset, and at the end the ladies can be easily magically restored to their former "beauty."
The instructions are very thorough including complete script and story-line ideas, plus the set of the cards.
Also included are refresher notes on the simple sleight that is required. Something commercial, comical, topical, and maybe just a tiny bit disturbing! $24.95

Lit Bulbs From Mouth - Shades of Mr. Electric! Display several lit bulbs (LEDs) on a display stand. Remove them, one by one, and they magically light in your hand.
Drop all the bulbs into a tea cup, along with a piece of flexible wire.
Apparently swallow the bulbs and the wire, and show the cup empty.
Finally, pull the length of wire from your mouth, with the lit bulbs threaded on it. A sure fire applause getter! Just ask Marvyn & Carol. $75.00

Skullkracker DVD – Bob Sheets - Most skulls get cracked getting whacked from the outside with immense force. Skullkracker is so visually stunning that it causes the spectator's brain to explode, thus causing the skull to crack from the inside!
For decades Mike Koslowski's “One Hundred Dollar Bill Switch” was the standard way magicians changed a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill. Those days are gone forever. No more thumbtips!
Skullkracker is so revolutionary it will cause a paradigm shift in the way magicians view “the bill switch.” Bob Sheets has perfected Skullkracker through thousands of performances. He has eliminated all of the issues normally associated with money tricks. Skullkracker is totally visual. The bill changes visibly while the spectators are staring at it!
Learning Skullkracker is dead easy. In fact, there are three handlings, one for every skill level. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Bob will guide you through the learning process step by step with crystal clear instructions. As usual, the detail is staggering, but you'll learn much more than the method. Bob has included six different presentations for all types of situations. Bob has also included additional displays, and all of the hot tips that make Skullkracker not only practical but easy to do. In fact, Bob teaches a learning strategy that will get you up to speed as fast as possible. $24.95 (DVD00559)
* Skullkracker uses ordinary bills. No glue, cutting, or double-stick tape required_
* Uses bills that are totally and instantly examinable
* Does not use a thumbtip
* Can be done with all United States folding currency
* Can be done with EUROS and most foreign currency
* Can be done with different sized currency
* Can be done with different color currency
* Can be used to change a check into currency
* Can be used close-up, parlor or stage
The possibilities are endless!

Zoo Magic – Robert Neale - Bob Neale has been playing with wired pearls and the result is this 26 page book with more than 3 dozen photos teaching how to form the pearls into giraffes, camels, bunnies, fish, robots and more. Additional ideas by Larry White. A fresh alternative for those ready to move beyond balloon animals. $14.95

Rubber Band Magic DVD Set – Greg Moreland - Whether you just want to learn a few impressive tricks, or you're an impassioned student who wants to excel in rubber band magic, this two DVD set will show you the way!
You will learn a myriad of effects from easy to challenging - 22 truly remarkable magical miracles that use nothing more than ordinary rubber bands!
An acclaimed teacher of both beginning and advanced magic, Greg Moreland has a personable approach to guiding you through the techniques of performing winning magic. He puts it well within your grasp to become a rubber band master!
Audience-tested, eye-popping magic
Concise, easy to follow instructions
Live Performances
Essential performance tips
Useful tips on practice and mastery
2 bonus card tricks. $37.50

Creative Coin Magic DVD – 2004 Lecture – Dr. Michael Rubinstein - Dr. Michael Rubinstein's 2004 live lecture features some excellent original coin magic and techniques. The DVD begins with a full show followed by the explanations. Routines include: Stand Up C/S Routine, Triple Play, Stand Up Coins Through The Table, Retro Fly, Silver Lint 4, and Merlini Purse Routine. Also includes an explanation for his Matting techniques.

Trilogy Streamline - 3 Times The Effect. 100 Times The Impact
Name a random card. Spectator one picks a random number.
You name a second random card and a second spectator picks a different number. Finally, you name a number and spectator three names any card he likes. Get this, you always choose first! We bet you can see where this is going and are already thinking how the...!
You open the card case and remove the deck. Freely show that all 52 cards have different numbers on them. You remove the card spectator number 3 named and place it face up on their hand.
Now, turn the deck over and remove the cards bearing the numbers spectators one and two named. When you flip over the first two you have an exact match of card and numbers!
The third card is still face up, Remember, spectator three had a free choice of any card. It couldn't possibly be, could it? The spectator turns it over - it's the exact number you named! All three spectators are left holding the exact card/number match that they picked!
An absolutely incredible 3 way prediction.
Easy to do and quick to reset.
Small enough for close-up & big enough to play on stage.
Brian Caswell's original Trilogy was one of the best selling effects of 2005. Now Trilogy Streamline is set to do the same in 2006!
Trilogy Streamline has all the impact of the original but get this; the deck is in full view from the very beginning!
Comes complete with 8 page instructions (including method & presentation by Richard Bellars) and special deck of cards required. $35.00

Octopus Deck - Begin by fanning the deck for two spectators and ask each of them to think of any card. After two questions you instantly name the two freely thought of cards!
Wrapping rubber bands around the deck, you toss it to an audience member across the room and ask them to peek at any card. The deck is then passed to another person to do the same. Without any questions you name their selected cards!
Finally you ask two people to join you on stage. Removing the rubber bands from the deck, you hand half the deck to each spectator and ask them to place the cards inside their pocket. The two spectators reach inside their pockets and remove any card and place it in another pocket, without looking at it. You write something on a piece of paper and hand it to an audience member. Both of the unknown cards are removed and named out loud for the first time.
Your prediction is an exact match!
Octopus Deck Details
* Can be freely shuffled by a spectator between each phase.
* No miscalling of the selected cards.
* The cards they see are the cards you name.
* Can be performed close-up and surrounded.
* Resets instantly for walk-around performances.
* A complete mind reading act in 3 phases.
* Can play to the largest audience, involving as many as 6 spectators in a single performance.
* Surefire and reliable so you get the right cards every time.
Package Includes
* 2 Handmade Decks In Red Backed Bicycle Cards
* Rubber Bands
* Metal Card Guard to protect your Octopus Deck.
* A 17 page illustrated instructional booklet with detailed script, routines and ideas along with the complete history of the Octopus Deck researched & developed over the past 7 years.
* Bob Farmer's "Fishing For Octopus" pumping system
* Paolo Cavalli's "Radarama" script & pumping system
Production is limited to 500 decks numbered and signed by Bill Abbott! $100.00

DoDeckaDeal - A fantastic coincidence effect using a pack of cards As seen on the best-selling DVD "Educating Archer."
An experiment is conducted to find the relationship between chance and choice.
A deck of cards is fairly shown. After briefly shuffling the deck, half is given to a spectator, who again shuffles them and then begins to deal them into a small pile. The spectator is instructed to stop dealing by chance whenever she likes. The magician shuffles his half and allows the spectator to make a free choice from the face up cards. This chosen card is placed face up onto the spectator's pile.
The same procedure is repeated twice more for the sake of scientific consistency. When the piles are examined it is found that the card stopped at by chance in every case is the exact mate of the card selected by choice!
Can be repeated for the same audience!
Easy to do! Extremely quick reset!
DoDeckaDeal is supplied with full written instructions and special Bicycle deck of cards. $24.00

And that’s the hottest stuff in magic this week. Even though it is hotter elsewhere, you will not find the magic hotter anywhere else. Does that make sense?
I hope you will find some time to spend with us online at, or in our fabulous retail store in downtown Boston at 112 South Street. We love to see you, no matter how you visit. But, you already knew that!
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