Friday, August 18, 2006

Elves In Charge

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Another fabulous week here in New England. Just the way we like it. Great weather and a ton of orders. Is there anything better in life? Yes, is the answer. Better is to take a few days and get away from the daily grind. Away from the phone and the computer and the fax machine. Away from it all. And, that is what I am doing starting right now. I am off to the wilds of Martha's Vineyard for a week of R&R. Truth be known, we have a phone, a computer and a fax machine on MV, but I try to not look at any of them. Unless they ring, ding or make some other attention-getting noise. But, it's all good. I get to spend the week in my pajamas, which is not all so different than my regular week.
While I'm away, the elves are in charge. And, I know they will do a great job. Give them a call. They love to talk magic. Especially when I'm away. Oh, and make sure you place a lot of orders. It's important to keep the elves busy and out of trouble.

And, now let's take a look at this week's Hotlist! While there are not a ton of new items this week, the quality of the new magic is exceptional!

Porper Dice Stacking Kit: This unique dice cup set is designed from space-age materials and offers one of the finest cups ever made for stacking dice. In addition, the mechanical dice and coin loaders are like nothing ever seen before.
Joe Porper’s goal was to create a dice cup that was indestructible and one that would handle easily, stack easily and look like something a pro would use.
First the cup. It is thin walled and flexes so you can hold the loaders inside with a squeeze. In fact, that’s how your release the 20 coin stack.
Being thin-walled makes it far easier to do the “decapitation” stack (where you pick off one die at a time from a stack).
The “Dice Loader” was inspired by a holder Pete Biro obtained over 20 years ago, designed by the late Peter Kane. It was a totally different type of holder. This holder drops dice “one-at-a-time” and is the perfect starter for a dice stacking routine. It can also be used as a dice penetration through the cup, much like the Charlie Miller cups and balls move.
The Coin Dropper is a completely new and original creation from the mind of Joe Porper that silently and mechanically drops a load of twenty quarters.
A beautiful set. Exactly what you would expect from Joe Porper.

Luis Otero's Enlightened Card Magic DVD: Luis Otero is one of Latin America's leading professional magicians. He is in constant demand for his shows at theaters, private parties and corporate events. He has many television appearances to his credit in addition to performing and lecturing worldwide. He began his career as a very successful restaurant magician in Venezuela where he also founded the Sociedad Venezolana de Ilusionismo and the Escuela Cartomágica de Caracas.
On this DVD he performs and teaches the outstanding and well-thought-out card routines that he performs for lay people and magicians. This is a repertoire of advanced card magic that is beautifully routined and presented.
Routines performed and explained:
Otero Opener: A visual routine where a card is inserted face up into the deck so half of it sticks out. While in full view the card instantly turns face down and just as visually changes into the face up selection.
Transposition By Estimation: A selected card is lost in the deck and a favorite card is placed under a spectator's hand. A number is named as you cut a packet containing that many cards. The card at the named number is shown to be the favorite card while the actual selection is found under the spectator's hand.
Card To Bill Change: A selected card visually changes into paper money and is later found in your pocket.
Cartogami: A signed bill is folded and placed inside a card box while a signed selection is lost in the deck. You make three attempts to find the card. On the third attempt you fold the signed bill using "Cartogami" as it visually changes into the signed selection. The signed bill is then found back in the card box.
Super Jazz Aces: An Ace Assembly based on the Peter Kane classic where the aces vanish one at a time from between indifferent cards and appear in a leader packet.
Rapidigitation: A card is looked at in the deck. The deck is spread on the table and in an instant you reach inside and pluck the selection.
Record Aces: A masterful routine where the four Aces are lost and shuffled into the deck as you immediately cut to them in record time.
Vanishing Collectors: The four Aces are placed on the table as three cards are selected and lost in the deck. The four Aces then vanish one at a time while face-up on top of the deck. When the deck is spread the four aces are seen face-up with the selections sandwiched between them.
Customized Coincidence: This is a showpiece that Luis uses to close his shows and frequently get standing ovations. The multiphase routine begins with the spectator shuffling the deck face-up and face-down and continues with many coincidences where selected cards match their mates under impossible conditions. The deck is then used for a card control sequence where the cards obey your command as they are found in any face-up and face-down sequence you or the spectators request. As an amazing finale the face-up and face-down cards are now shown to be in identical order. $34.95

Miracle Top Hat & Color Changing Gloves: From The World’s top costume changing act, David & Dania comes the Miracle Top Hat & Color Changing Gloves!
If you are familiar with David and Dania, you know the quality of their performances. Well, their products are just as good!
Imagine being able to do not two but three colorful gloves change in lightning speed! This effect is right out of David and Dania’s award winning show! Perfect for any stage performer! Colorful! Unique! Flashy!
Show your gloved hands while your assistant holds up the top hat. Insert your gloved hands into the hat. In a second, you remove your hand and the gloves have changed color! Do it again and again! A total of three changes!
This is a very high quality custom-built prop. The top hat measures 9.75-inches tall by 9-inches wide and comes professionally packaged in custom boxes. $295.00

Numerologie: The latest mental effect from the creative mind of Charles Gauci.
Hand two spectators a Numerological numbered chart and a numbered scratch card. Ask each person to “mentally” select a number from the Numerological chart and then to scratch that same number on the corresponding scratch card.
Upon doing so, the name of a city is revealed. Keep in mind, neither the audience nor you are aware of the number they choose or the city that was revealed when the spectator scratched the ticket!
The spectators mentally concentrate on their individual city, and you immediately reveal the city that both were thinking of!
There is no force of the numbers. They only think of the city’s name. No pumping. No questions are asked. Perform immediately after reading the instructions. Can be repeated each time with a different outcome. Terrific for close-up or stage. Wonderful impromptu effect. Each packet contains 48 scratch cards. Refills available. $45.00

Trapped: Rodger Lovins’ Trapped is truly terrific!
Have a card selected and signed. Place the signed card into the center of the deck. Pick up two blank-faced playing cards with a different back color from that of the deck. Place one blank on top and the other on the bottom of the deck.
Give the deck a quick jerk, allowing all of the cards to jump out from between the two blanks and into your other hand. When the spectator looks through the deck he cannot find his signed selection! It has become Trapped between the two blank cards!
Give the spectator his signed card as a souvenir.
Comes complete with special gimmick and detailed instructions explaining how to perform this excellent magical effect! $15.00

And that's this week's cool hot stuff! For me, my bags are packed and I am ready to go. I am already starting to wind down. Even thought I will be away for a few days, please come by the web site at or drop into the shop at 112 South Street in Boston. The elves love the company as much as I do!
Hank Lee