Friday, July 14, 2006


Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Factoire de Magie. That's French for Magic Factory. I think. "Why so continental?" you might ask. Because, Bonnie the wifely elf is heading off to France with her sister Darryll. Or is it Daryll? Or Daryyll? I can never remember how to spell her name. No matter how you spell it, they are toddling off to gay Parie for a crazy week. And, you know how those French can be. Especially if you're French. They will have a great time eating Croque Monsier (which I think is French for "Dead Man") and drinking Champagne. I, on the other hand, will be here manning the fort. And, man it I will.
The weather here in Boston has been the pits this week. Thunder and lightning and torrential downpours. And then a piece of the roof of the Ted Williams Tunnel collapsed. A horrible thing. Gives new meaning to "they don't build 'em like they used to." The pols don't seem to understand that the stuff is supposed to last at least until you're out of office. Then it can fall apart. I think I'll take the bridge for a while. Except that it was built by the same company. Bummer.

And, now let's take a look at this week's Hotlist!

Crystal Card - A visual manifestation of a selected card that appears as a ghostly image on a semi-transparent card. This is a great adaptation/invention by Pieras Fitikides.
This effect is both eerie and mysterious as it happens right in front of the spectators. A card is selected from a standard deck of cards. The cards are all replaced within the card case. The Crystal Card is now displayed. It is suggested that the transparent material is of unknown origin and quite unique in that it will reveal a single thought.
Slowly the Crystal Card is passed over the closed card box and without any cover or action on your part, an image begins to form on the card. An image of the selected card! This image looks like it was written by a spectral hand, but is clearly visible.
This is a great effect, easy to perform, easy to reset and great for table hopping, close-up and carry-around, do-anywhere-anytime Magic.
Endorsed by none other than Thomas Baxter and the late Tommy Wonder.
You are supplied with the necessary special gimmicks and complete detailed instructions in the form of a 24 page booklet. 7 original effects included; all you need to add is a standard deck of cards.
This is a 'must have' for your magical arsenal. $49.00

Mini Super Sharpie - Predict a spectator’s freely thought of name, number, date, age, even the amount of change in their pocket! Best of all, you’ll do all this right under their noses, while they’re staring at you. Since the powerful secret is built right into the pen, there’s no fumbling. You start clean when you pull the pen out, and end clean when you put it away.
With the Mini Super Sharpie, you’ll always have the uncanny ability to make jaw-dropping predictions. All without having to carry a full sized pen. In fact, it’s so small, you’ll almost forget you have it with you! But as tiny as it is, it still packs the same punch as our full size Super Sharpie. Plus, since it works as a regular pen too, spectator’s can use it to sign cards - they’ll never discover it’s hidden secret.
Comes with Mini Super Sharpie, video CD and illustrated instructions. $49.95

Impossible Bill In Bottle - Seal the deal! Impossi-Bill! From Gerald Kirchner & Friend comes number three in the Impossible Trilogy.
A borrowed dollar is torn in half; one half-bill vanishes and re-appears inside a sealed champagne-style bottle!
Works equally well with cards, coins, messages and predictions!??
Amateurs will look like pros and pros will look awesome!
Impossible Bill in Bottle's efficient routines contain no wasted moves or awkward patter lines. It's a trick that looks and feels like real magic.
Reset is a breeze! The sealed bottle makes a great souvenir! Impossible Bill in Bottle by Gerald Kirchner And Friend boasts a sealed bottle with stunning visuals! The powerhouse routine takes your audience on an adventure of the impossible. $24.95

Welded - Brent Geris and Brian Hebert have created Welded, the latest entry in world of Torn & Restored Cards.
Four torn quarters of 4 Jacks are shown one at a time (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds). They are held at the fingertips and a flame from a lighter welds the edges together to restore one card with the 4 different pips!
Everything is examinable at the end!
Comes complete with 4 gimmick cards made by the U.S. Playing Card Company, clip and instruction sheet. $14.95

Card & dice Deceptions DVD Vol. 1 - Aldo Colombini - Playing cards and dice are two of the most recognized items that can be used in magic. Everyone knows the properties of both dice and cards as they are universally used in all types games. On this DVD Aldo Colombini has collected some of the best routines that logically combine both regular cards and regular dice to form entertaining magic. Additionally the routines selected are exceptionally easy to learn and most of them will fool you.
Routines performed and explained:
Half A Die Away (Gary Ouellet): A spectator selects a card and rolls a die. The card matches the value of the die with the exception of a half -- until a half dollar appears under the selection.
Before You Die (Peter Duffie) : Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. Using a random roll of a die cards are dealt into two piles equaling the totals of the numbers. The top cards of the packets are the selections.
A Dicey Killer (Aldo Colombini): Three dice are rolled. You cut that exact amount from the deck and the card you cut to, is the one that was previously selected.
Die Hard (Aldo Colombini): Two cards are placed as predictions. Two dice are rolled and that amount of cards is dealt into a packet. The two cards arrived at match the predictions.
Dice Deal (John Rule): Two dice are rolled and that number of cards is dealt to the table. The cards are dealt into four piles and the face cards of the piles are shown to be the four aces.
It's A Draw (Richard Vollmer): Two dice are rolled and the total is used to deal a packet of cards. A second packet is also dealt and both packets are divided into four piles. The top card of each pile is an ace.
Blind Dice Prediction (Shigeo Futagawa): A prediction card is placed on the table. A spectator stacks three dice. The hidden numbers on the dice are used to deal a packet of cards. The card dealt to matches the prediction.
Never Say Die (Aldo Colombini): An Ace, two and three of hearts are placed on the table with dice of corresponding numbers on top of them. When the dice are moved around the cards change and lead to two different kicker endings including a Royal Flush.
Doubtful Dice (Aldo Colombini): A prediction is displayed as three dice are rolled. Cards are dealt in accordance with the dice arriving at several coincidences and a single card that does not match the prediction. A second card is found but it too is wrong. When the prediction is torn in half the two halves actually show the two selected cards.
Divided Trio (Aldo Colombini): Three dice are arranged in any order by the spectator and cards are dealt in three packets to match, when amazingly the top four cards are shown to be aces and all the rest of the cards are flush cards.
Two/Color Dice (Aldo Colombini): A prediction is made and two dice are rolled. The total of the dice is used to find a card. A second prediction is made and another card is found. The procedure is repeated two more times for a total of four predictions and four random cards. Amazingly the selections match the predictions.
Follow The Dice (Richard Vollmer): The A-2-3-4-5 of Spades are placed on the table beside five dice whose numerical value match the cards. The dice are switched around but the cards follow the dice's order.
Four Certain (Max Maven): The deck is divided into two packets and two dice are rolled. The numbers on the dice are used to arrive at two cards that match in value. A second roll of the dice is used to find two more cards and they turn out to be the mates of the first two. Two more rolls of the dice are used to loose the two new cards face up in the deck. When the deck is spread the two face-up cards find the original two cards.

Card & Dice Deceptions DVD Vol. 2 - Aldo Colombini - More with playing cards and dice. On this DVD Aldo Colombini has collected some of the best routines that logically combine both regular cards and regular dice to form entertaining magic. Additionally the routines selected are exceptionally easy to learn and most of them will fool you.
Routines performed and explained:
The Dark Side (Aldo Colombini): Six cards are placed on the table in a row. A random roll of a die selects one of the cards. The selected card matches your prediction.
Dickie Dai Die 2 (Paul Gordon): Two selected cards are lost in the deck and six cards are dealt on the table. A die is rolled to select one of the six cards. The freely arrived at card is used to find the first selection as the second selection is found by an elimination process.
Die Spell (Aldo Colombini): Four cards are displayed and one is selected using a roll of a die. Upon turning over the cards it is seen that the selection had been previously predicted.
The Odds Against (Karl Fulves): Two packets of cards are placed on the table and two dice are used to determine how many cards are moved in the packets and which pairs of cards are placed aside. As a finale all five pairs of cards have found their mates.
Die-Ceptive, Do-Plicity (Stewart James): A prediction envelope is placed in full view while four dice are rolled. The total of all the dice are used to deal two packets of cards. The top two cards of the packets give a value while the top card of the deck signifies a suit. The arrived at card is found missing from the deck and in the prediction envelope.
Coincidice (Doug Conn): Three spectators roll dice to select different cards. When the cards are revealed they turn out to have the same value as the dice they rolled.
Cards & Dice (Bill Miesel): The Ace through four are placed on the table with a die on top of each with the corresponding number showing. The Dice are mixed but when the cards are turned over they are shown to have followed the order of the dice.
Royal Dice (Aldo Colombini): A card is lost in the deck while a spectator rolls four dice. The numbers of the dice are used to find the selection and the four Aces.
Die-Cast (Aldo Colombini): A spectator rolls a pair of dice and hides one of them. He uses the hidden die to look at a card in the deck. The deck is cut and using the total of the tabled dice the selected card is found.
Six Dice Mystery (Peter Duffie): Two of six dice are selected while you make a prediction. The remaining dice are used to generate a number that is used to count down a packet of cards. The two numbers on the selected dice are now used to find a card that matches your prediction.
Dating Game (Stewart James): Three cards are placed on the table and a die is rolled to find three random cards. The three random cards match the predictions. As a kicker ending the three cards also give the spectator's birth date.
Prediction (Richard Vollmer): A prediction is placed on the table and two dice are rolled. The total of the two dice is used to find a card that matches the prediction in value and color.
Split Second (Stewart James): A set of half-cards is shown. Spectators roll three dice and remember the cards at that number in the packet. When the spectators remove the cards they picked they are both halves of the same card.

And that's the hot stuff for this week. A goodly amount of goodies, considering most of the world is on vacation this week. If you happen to be on vacation in the Boston area, please make sure and stop by to visit us at 112 South Street in downtown Boston. Otherwise, you know you are always welcome online at Stop by. We love the company.
Hank Lee