Friday, February 24, 2006

Off To The Big Apple

Greetings from all of us here are Hank Lee's Magic Factory. What a beautiful week this has been. The weather has been absolutely delightful, more like spring than winter. Even as I write this, Bonnie and I are on the way to New York City. The Big Apple. I have some business to take care of, and I know she has some shopping to take care of. If all goes the way I hope, by this time next week, I will have some pretty, pretty, pretty exciting news to tell you. So, stay tuned and please don’t change that dial!

Last week's winner in the Conclave giveaway was Matt Morell. I have not yet sent him an email, kind of hoping he reads it here and gets all excited! Matt, call us on Monday for all the details.

Now, let's take a look at the ever-exciting Hotlist!

Shufton Floating Match - Matchbox Style - Be prepared to stun!
Display a box of matches and completely remove the drawer. Invite a spectator to remove two matchsticks from the drawer and hand one to you. Explain that wooden matches hold a "charge" similar to electricity. By simply rubbing the match on your sleeve, you explain that the match is now magically charged and will resist the other matches.
Hold the match high above the other matches in the matchbox and release your hold on the match, with only one finger touching it. It remains suspended! Just like in the photo!
Explain that, "it seems the match may be attached to my finger - until I pull my finger away!" Remove your finger and the match remains suspended, floating high above the matchbox! By waving another match under, behind, over and all around the floating match, you show that there can be no possible means of support!
Pluck the match out of the air and pass it through the area in which it floated, demonstrating again that there can be no possible support. Once again cause the match to float!
If desired, matchbox and matches can be handed out for examination!
Completely self-contained, can be done anywhere, anytime. Very easy to do! The best, most compelling, highest floating, simplest close up floating match effect on the market today! No hookups! Always ready!
Each one is meticulously hand made with close attention to every detail. Each one is inspected and tested to make sure it is perfect! These are sturdy, and with proper care, will last indefinitely.
This is not the cheaper match on a playing card effect. There are no suspicious moves, no bending of cards or other out of place manipulations. Shufton’s Ultimate Floating Match, matchbook style, has been described as the Cadillac of close up levitation effects. His new matchbox style must be the Rolls Royce! Most importantly, this will stun your audience!
"After 20 years I am thrilled to see such wonderful advances with my little floating match concept. Great job Steve!" - Ben Harris. $34.95

Illustrated History Of Magic - Milbourne & Maurine Christopher - Set off on a magical history tour with Milbourne Christopher's classic book. Follow the fascinating stories of the world's greatest conjurers, from sorcerer-priests in ancient Egypt, The Great Herrmann, Harry Kellar, Chung Ling Soo, Houdini, to modern miracle workers like David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, and David Blaine. Filled with fantastic illustrations—poster art, photographs, illusion diagrams—this book is a feast for anyone interested in the conjuring arts.
With a foreword by David Copperfield, updated for 2006 by Maurine Christopher. $24.95

Dove Frame - What a fabulous routine this is! The perfect addition to any dove act!
Show a picture of two white doves sitting on a tree, framed in a nice wooden frame. The picture frame is only 1/2 inch thick!
Suddenly two doves appear, flying right out of the picture. The drawing of the birds has changed into real birds!
Of course, the picture is now just the tree with no birds in it. A fantastic way to produce two doves!
After the doves have appeared, the frame and picture can be clearly shown on both back and front.
Note: Supply your own doves. $90.00

Cigarette Through Quarter DVD - The Cigarette Through Quarter is a modern classic of magic, only made possible by one of the most ingenious gimmicked coins ever invented. With the help of this miracle of modern machining, a solid object can be pushed straight through the middle of a borrowed coin—one of the most magical and memorable feats that a magician can perform. On this DVD, you’ll see six modern masters each perform their own version of this impossible feat.
You’ll first see David Roth’s classic approach followed by J.J. Sanvert’s utilization of the routine to demonstrate why smoking is bad for you. You’ll also learn Derek Dingle’s complete routine, which includes a cigarette production, some magically appearing matches and a pseudo-explanation that will leave spectators even more puzzled. The set is rounded out by Garrett Thomas’s space-age version using a laser and a pen, Dan Fleshman’s family-friendly take with a crayon, and finally, Michael Ammar’s neo-classic routine using a pencil. Additionally, Ammar also teaches his Flip Switch move, hailed as the best and most invisible way to switch the gimmicked coin in and out of play.
DAVID ROTH - Cigarette Through Quarter
J. J. SANVERT - Cigarette Through Coin
DEREK DINGLE - Cigarette Through Quarter
GARRETT THOMAS - Pen Through Quarter (Laser)
DAN FLESHMAN - Crayon Through Quarter
MICHAEL AMMAR - Pencil Through Quarter

Linking Rings DVD - In this volume, you’ll discover the Linking Rings, one of magic’s most enduring classics. For centuries, magicians have charmed, baffled and amused their audiences with the mysterious linking and unlinking of solid metal rings and on this DVD, you’ll see some of the most magical routines ever created for this ancient trick from six modern masters, each with their own take on the Rings.
Watch and learn Jeff McBride’s amazing 6-ring stage routine, Aldo Colombini’s charming interlude with three rings and a length of rope, Dan Harlan’s comedic approach complete with audience participation, a classicist interpretation from Al Schneider, and Dan Fleshman’s routine with small rings, perfect for close-up work. Finally, you’ll see Dai Vernon’s classic 6-ring routine, the Symphony of the Rings, performed and taught by the Professor himself, arguably the greatest Linking Ring routine ever created.
JEFF MCBRIDE- 6 Ring Commando Routine
ALDO COLOMBINI - 3 Ring Routine
DAN HARLAN - 8 Ring Ringmaster Routine
AL SCHNEIDER - 5 Ring Routine
DAN FLESHMAN - Close-Up Linking Rings
DAI VERNON - Symphony of the Rings

Sleight Of Hand & A Twist Of Fate - Joshua Jay - A collection of sleight of hand and mentalism effects straight from Joshua Jay's repertoire. Great care has been taken to present the Effect, Setup, and Performance for each piece. Clear and detailed notes accompanied by sharp photos make for easy to follow instruction.
Table of Contents:
. Remote Control
. Discreet Displacement
. Inflated Transposition
. Shrunken Revelation
. Heightened Senses
. Overlap Twisting
. Jumbo Overlap Homing Card
. Three-coin Vanish
. Trumped Triumph

Overlap - Following the success of Joshua Jay's Magic Atlas, Josh returns with an amazing series of effects utilizing his Overlap Gimmick. You'll learn contemporary and visually striking renditions of:
. The Homing Card
. Assemblies & Reverse Assemblies
. Twisting Routines
. Open Travelers
. Collectors
. The Tunnel Effect
. & more (approximately 20 effects included).
Best of all, most of these effects are within the reach of the average performer, and most end clean! Overlap is an exciting kit including the 144 page booklet (with 180 clear photographs), a performance paced DVD (so you can see the effects in action), seven Bicycle Poker-size gimmicks, and four Jumbo cards. Everything you need to perform these wonders! $35.00

Instant Popsicle - Bring out a popsicle box. Open it and tip it over. All that drops out is a popsicle stick! Someone must have eaten the ice cream!
Time for magic to the rescue! Pour a little colored liquid into the box. Then, insert the popsicle stick into the box. Turn the box over and out comes a complete popsicle!
If you wish you can replace the popsicle in the box, pull out the stick, and pour out the liquid once again.
The apparatus supplied makes the trick almost automatic in working. In addition to the items supplied, you will require a tiny glass with some colored liquid to match the color of the popsicle supplied. You can use Coke or Pepsi for the chocolate popsicle, raspberry for the raspberry, and orange for the orange one.
An offbeat item for kid show performers. Complete with the special Foo Can principle plastic popsicle, stick, attractive colored box, and instructions. $4.95

Professional Rope Routines DVD - Rope magic has always been a favorite of performers and audiences alike mostly due to the ordinary items employed. Everyone is familiar with rope and when it does unexpected and impossible things, a truly magical effect is created. On this DVD, you’ll see six of the world’s most entertaining magicians perform and teach their favorite rope routines.
You’ll see the hilarious routine that made Michael Finney one of the busiest comedy magicians in the world and Dan Harlan’s miracle rope routine that you can do any time you have a length of rope and a pair of scissors. Aldo Colombini will have you laughing so hard you might just miss how magical —and commercial—his routine is. There’s Jeff Sheridan’s routine also, tempered by decades of performing on the streets of the world’s greatest cities, that features sequences where the scissors become as much a part of the magic as the rope. Ted Lesley’s very funny routine combines elements of many different rope magic classics, including the Professor’s Nightmare. Finally, Flip’s routine is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before as a solid loop of rope—an impossible object in itself—is taken from a length of rope, linked onto it and finally integrated fully back into the rope from which it came.
MICHAEL FINNEY -Lady Rope Routine
DAN HARLAN - Cut and Restored Rope
JEFF SHERIDAN - Swan Lake Rope
TED LESLEY - Comedy Rope Trick
FLIP - O-pener

And that's all the great new stuff for this week. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. All equally wonderful!

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our downtown Boston store at 112 South Street or online at Either way, your company is always welcome!
Hank Lee