Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Near Year!

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. I hope your holidays were just terrific. I hope you got everything on your list. Of course, if you didn't, we're just a click away and will be more than happy to take your orders and help complete your list!

I know we have thanked you all for being such loyal and wonderful customers. Truth is, I just can’t thank you enough. So, as the old year ends and the new one begins, I want to take this one last opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your business during this past year. Hopefully your patronage will continue into 2006. We look forward to it.

Now, let's take a look at the very last Hotlist for 2005!

Rainbow Coins - No longer is beautiful coin magic reserved for the expert coin magician thanks to Alex Lourido’s revolutionary Rainbow Coins! This ingenious, high quality utility prop will have you performing expert-level illusions that once required years of study and practice.
Immediately, out-of-the-box, you will be able to amaze everyone with this versatile and easy-to-use device. Imagine showing your hands completely empty and then instantly producing a coin , followed by performing an array of incredible vanishes, changes, and transpositions!
To top it off, you end your display of artistic skill by instantly changing the borrowed coin into six identical coins, beautifully displayed at your fingertips. You do all this without any difficult loads, steals or sleeving techniques, because everything you need is contained in one simple-to-use device!
You can show your hands empty before, during and after your performance. Yet you are able to instantly snatch a fan of six coins from thin air!
The power of this gaff lies in its unique ability to simplify the process inherently associated with difficult coin manipulation, thus providing the performer the ability to focus more on his creativity and performance, and less on the sleight-of-hand itself.
Unlike many devices used in magic, Rainbow Coins will grow with your skill level. The more you use this high quality gaff, the more incredible your coin magic will become! Though incredible tricks can easily be achieved with this gaff, it is with practice that entire routines can be built. Rainbow Coins was designed for both the beginner and the professional magician.
Comes with instructional DVD and the very special Rainbow Coin gimmick. $39.95

Secret Art of Coin Manipulations (With Jumbo Coins) - Eric Evans - From the people who brought you the highly acclaimed and ground breaking book The Secret Art of Magic comes The Secret Art of Coin Manipulation DVD.
Eric Evans' stage manipulation has been compared to Fred Kaps, Cardini and T. Nelson Downs. Here he uses his real world stand-up routine to teach some of his most startling and entertaining effects and sleights.
Refined for over a decade in the fires of the street and conventional venues, and featuring priceless audience interaction, it is a fast paced flurry of a single coin that appears, disappears, transposes, penetrates, and transforms into a jumbo coin, that then multiplies to a seemingly endless number of jumbo coins with the all ultimately vanishing. (Specially manufactured Jumbo Manipulation Coins included.)
Designed for the ultimate usefulness as a learning tool, this DVD features indexes of over 30 sleights and moves explained with exacting detail by Eric, as well as the ability to quickly and easily navigate through effects and sleights without using the menus. $45.00

Robert Houdin DVD - A Magician's Life - He was a clockmaker, a creator of automata, the conjuror who founded the famous Soirees Fantastiques in Paris - the magic show that revolutionized magic! This unique artist also displayed his talents abroad and made groundbreaking scientific discoveries in optics and electricity! The documentary allows us to see his most celebrated stage illusions and inventions in 19th century setting.
The French conjuror Pierre Switon plays the part of Robert-Houdin for the screen.
The true story of a magician, a tale of mystery and science.
Special Features:
- 1 Hour of Exclusive Footage and Featurettes
- Behind-the-scenes secrets of the film.
- A visit to a unique and historic Robert-Houdin exhibit in 1998 in Blois.
- The Mystery of the Drawing automaton.
- "La Joueuse de Tympanon", 18th century android automaton restored by Robert-Houdin.
- A Visit to Blois, on the trail of Robert-Houdin - hosted by Pierre Switon.
- A clockmaker unveils the secrets of Robert-Houdin's Singing Lesson and its Mystery Clock.
- Robert-Houdin slideshow.
- Animated interactive menus. $35.00

Impressionable Mind Board - For decades mentalists have been seeking the perfect "impression" device to secretly obtain information such as drawings, words, etc. Clever magical inventors have come up with all manner of gizmos and clipboards to achieve this "Holy Grail" of Mentalism. Up until recently, however, the goals of real time, on stage, without assistance, and in low lighting conditions have never been realized or available for purchase.
Now, from the creative mind of James Biss comes a new approach to the most pure form of clairvoyance - design duplication! This is a brand new, real time, impression device (not a "clipboard") and it comes complete with a ten minute design duplication routine that's both entertaining and mind boggling! It uses a magnetophoretic display panel technology with a few nice subtleties to make it a terrific edition to your arsenal of mind reading magic. There are no real lighting constraints, and there are no magnetic clean-up issues as with other approaches on the market. You can clearly see what they've drawn or written, even in the kind of limited lighting that most working performers have to deal with. You can easily reset the board right on stage!
The props are innocent looking and the actual "board" itself is essentially "invisible" throughout the multi-phase routine, lost among the standard 8 1/2" x 11" card stock used in the routine.
The Impressionable Mind Board comes complete with 11 pages of very detailed instructions and script ideas, consistent with the standard established by other works of James Biss. These directions will allow you to perform a complete ten minute three phase routine.
There's never been a remote viewing routine like this!
Leave your clipboards and folders at home. Start making your best impression at your next show with this breakthrough routine.
Board Dimensions: Approximately 12" x 9 1/2" (30cm x 24cm)

Derek Dingle's Deceptions & Delights DVD Set - This two-volume set of DVDs represents many of Derek Dingle's best and favorite routines. "Dingle's Deceptions" features the routines he first released and used to create his worldwide reputation. "Dingle's Delights" features the routines he regularly used to earn a living as a successful close-up magician.
The bonus features on the DVDs are exceptional. You get to see Derek perform a live corporate close-up show as well as work behind a tradeshow booth where he integrates salesmanship with the magic. Also included are pdf's of Derek's first three sets of lecture notes: "Derek Dingle's Lecture Notes," "Additional Deceptions" and "More Additional Deceptions." You will also get a pdf with instructions to his marketed routines: "Rainbow Deck," "Sympathetic Cards" and "Super Card Rise."
Encoded for worldwide viewing. Includes close to three-hours of video footage and more than 50-pages of written instructions of one low price. $64.95
Note: DVDs also available individually.

Out To Dinner - Doc Eason - Doc Eason's Out to Dinner clip. This elegant accessory allows you to perform effects based on the Out to Lunch principle while maintaining your image as a class performer. Just follow the simple directions, and soon you too will be wowing them with style.
Out to Dinner is a specially designed clip for your business cards that is functional as well as fashionable. It is an elegant accessory that makes the Out to Lunch principle work like a charm.
Along with his custom made Out to Dinner clip, Doc Eason is releasing one of his favorite routines, and several other cutting edge ideas for its use.
Clip Length: Approximately 2" (7cm) $15.00

Sid Lorraine’s Scrapbook - Sid Lorraine made his reputation as a writer and performer with a keen eye for the commercial. Sid’s material, honed over a lifetime of performing, could be counted on show after show, year after year, to entertain his audiences. That’s what magic is all about.
This book is a compilation of five of Lorraine’s most popular works: Patter, More Patter, A Magician in the House, Twenty Two Terrific Tricks and Gags, Routines and Patter.
Yes, you’ll learn tricks from Sid Lorraine’s Scrapbook. Mechanics are described in detail, teaching dozens of card tricks and close-up tricks. Stage tricks and effects of nearly every genre (including a complete Troublewit routine!) are included, as well. Sid was a master of the magical mélange, mixing together paper tears and appearing canes, spirit slates and spelling tricks to amuse, amaze, and entertain.
Now Sid’s collected wisdom is available in book form. A well produced, 168-page spiral wire-bound publication, chock full of patter, tricks, gags, insight, opinion and above all, entertaining material for the magician. Highly recommended. $24.95

Stone Purse - It's a purse right out of the Flintstones. It's Nathan Kranzo's Stone Purse. You've never see anything like it!
Remove a coin from a little leather coin purse. Set the purse on the table. In a wink, the coin vanishes and re-appears inside the coin purse. Vanish the coin again. Again, it re-appears inside the purse, but the purse has suddenly changed into an absolutely solid stone purse. It looks wild!
How about this, the Stone Purse in reverse! Show a solid stone purse and explain it is from pre-historic times. Open the stone purse and remove four ancient-looking coins. One at a time, change each coin into a real Half Dollar. To top it off, you change the stone purse into a modern leather purse!
The more you play with this very cool prop, the more routines you will come up with. Comes with the very special Stone Purse, a regular leather purse and Nathan's full instructions and routine. $24.95

Drink Up! Place a silk on your empty outstretched palm. At your command, the ghost-like form of a glass slowly rises from beneath the silk! This visible ‘elevator’ appearance is otherworldly - like a Hollywood special effect.
Suddenly whisk the silk away to reveal - a drink! You can hand the drink to a spectator to drink - it‘s real! The production looks so good; words don't do it justice. Check out the online movie - you'll be blown away!
Drink Up! is a startling new method for making a drink appear. There are no body loads, and it works with any glass of liquid. It completely revolutionizes the drink production because it’s practical, workable and simple to learn. The bottom line is, you'll be producing drinks and making friends everywhere. Bottoms up!
Drink Up! comes with a self-contained silk that does almost all the work for you. It fits in your front pocket like an ordinary hanky, and is ready to go at any time.
Drink Up includes the custom-made gimmick, the specially designed silk and professionally produced video CD. $70.00

Coins DVD - Michael Lair - 36 minutes of visual, standup routines using big and small coins. Enjoy these 16 original, exciting magic routines using coins.
Contents include:
* Invisiblair - The ultimate, invisible coin gimmick is explained in its entirety!
* Pocket Drop - An excellent way to vanish a 3-inch coin!
* Fire It Up - Strike a lighter and a 3-inch coin appears. Beautiful!
* Invisisplit - A 3-inch coin visually splits into two! You won't believe it!
* Side Pocket - An incredible impromptu vanish of a coin.
* Rich Smoke - A half dollar vanishes, reappearing in a cigar tube!
* Stuckup - This gimmick will cost you pennies, but will fool them bad!
* Cross Sleeve - Dynamite, invisible sleeving method!
* Invisihop - Use Invisiblair to make a coin jump from hand to hand!
* Confetti Packets - Produce brilliant bursts of silver confetti anytime in your act!
* 1:4 - A 3-inch coin melts into four half dollars!
* Silver Rewind - Full instructions on making reusable 30-foot silver streamers!
* Side Switch - Using Side Pocket, switch any item for another!
* Pez-Azz! - A half dollar reappears from inside a PEZ container!
* First Appearances - Simple production of a coin using a wand!
* Cross Switch - Use Cross Sleeve to switch any two objects! $29.95

Classic Chop Cup Teach In DVD - Volume 13 of the Greater Magic Video Library “Teach-In” Series. Most magicians in the world own a Chop Cup, but only a few have truly mastered the effect.
This DVD features:
• Larry Jennings
• Don Alan
• Martin Lewis
• Brad Burt
Four performers reveal their “secret” routines & explain them in detail!
Larry Jennings performs and teaches his legendary routine that Ken Brooke called, “the greatest Chop Cup routine he ever saw” ...and used it himself!
Don Alan, whose routine is probably the most renowned of all, performs his “signature effect.”
Martin Lewis - you will love his original, cleverly entertaining performance! Quick, effective, high energy and entertaining! And if you want to make your own Chop Cup, Martin will teach you how to make the one he uses, out of a “Green Giant” can of peas!
Brad Burt - Brad’s passion for the “art of magic” makes him an excellent teacher and you will see his patience in teaching some of the sleights, moves, misdirection and techniques used in a good Chop Cup routine. These four professional artists gladly teach their private routines for all to learn and use. $30.00

And, that's it for this week. Great stuff. A really super way to end the year!

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either live and in person at our fabulous shop at 112 South Street in downtown Boston or online at our fabulous web site at Either way, we love the company.
Hank Lee