Friday, September 02, 2005

September Already?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. This has been the week that was. First, and foremost, we send our thoughts and prayers to all of our friends in the Gulf Coast region. We have been riveted to the TV; we have been reading about the situation in the newspaper. We cannot even begin to imagine how awful it must be to be living it. We can only hope that, with help from all who can offer it, life will return to some level of normalcy soon.

On the home front, I have been personally suffering with a toothache that is finally over, almost. Last Friday I broke one of those old amalgam filling that was put in about 40 years ago. Sadly, I was not in the Crest Group, so have a nice collection of fillings, many of which are nearing the end of their lifespan. In the middle of dinner, the filling broke, taking a nice chunk of tooth with it and exposing the nerve tissue. Pain much? You bet. I was away for the weekend, so could not see the dentist. But, I was there on Tuesday. They decided that the tooth must go and an implant will replace it. So, they gave me a nice bottle of pills to kill the pain and I was off to the oral surgeon on Wednesday. Had the tooth pulled and got some more pain pills. Now, I am feeling no pain. But, I am living in this little world where everything is good and everyone is happy, even me. Maybe I should get a big bottle of pills!

I'm happy to say that the news is not all bad. The good news is that this week, Jay Sankey has rolled out the Authorized Sankey Dealer program. We are very pleased to be one of Jay's authorized dealers. You will find one brand new Sankey DVD in the Hotlist this week, and also find several of Jay's best individual tricks, which all now come with an instructional DVD to make the learning easy as pie. Keep your eye out for more of Jay's best in the weeks to come!

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Anytime Anywhere DVD - Jay Sankey - For years, magicians and mentalists have been asking Jay about his unreleased impromptu work. Now on this very special DVD, Jay shares a mind-blowing collection of 34 routines, the vast majority of which have never before appeared in print, on video or DVD.
34 astounding magic and mentalist effects with borrowed keys, coins, business cards, paper money, wooden matches, finger rings, playing cards, elastic bands, pens, cigarette packs, books, newspapers, paper matches, napkins and more!
Jay also shares the real work on such essential topics as the power of impromptu performances, combining magic and mentalism, magic with a borrowed deck, scripting, the importance of simplicity, and handling props within the impromptu setting.
Never again say, "Sorry, I didn't bring anything with me!"
Here are just a few of the 34 incredible effects...
Green Thumb: Jay's all-time favorite torn and restored signed card handling!
The Wager: Killer mentalism with borrowed coins!
Hypothesis Production: An ultra-casual three coin production that leaves the audience speechless!
Solitary Confinement: Two spectators link thoughts and actions under impossible conditions!
Slow Motion Coins #2: The much streamlined handling of Jay's acclaimed coins across effect.
Soft Spot: A key melts on and off a borrowed key ring!
Inside Out: Jay finally tips the "real work" on this close-up classic including the never-before-revealed 2-phase handling!

Seed Money: A pair of coins change, not once, but twice!
Sight Unseen: You'll perform this lethal demonstration of "behind your back" paranormal ability everywhere!
Apparition: The card the spectator has in mind literally appears in your empty hands! Guaranteed gasps!
The Perfect Switch: The ultimate coin switch for when the crowd is burning your hands!
Pawnbroker: A wildly magical transposition routine with just a coin and a ring!
Somebody Else's Money: The new king of commercial card effects! $30.00

Mercuring - Jay Sankey’s new Mercuring is just plain wild! A finger ring first penetrates your finger, then the spectator's!
The penetration looks crazy and the re-set is automatic! Whether you work the street or the tables, this one is for you! Introduce a finger ring. Claiming it's made from "stabilized mercury," you hand out the ring for examination. A moment later, you flick the ring, spinning it into the air and then impossibly catching it on the very tip of your finger!
Slowly slip the ring onto your third finer. The spectators are asked to watch very closely. Without a single suspicious move, the mysterious ring is seen to melt right through the base of your third finger and onto the base of your pinky! Again the ring can be examined.
Finally, slip the ring onto a spectator’s finger! For maximum security, the spectator tightly holds the tip of her finger. Yet, a second later you pull the ring right through her finger!
Each Mercuring is hand-machined and polished for a lifetime of professional use. The beautiful ring can be examined before and after the impossible penetration. The package contains the ingenious special equipment, fully illustrated instructions and an amazing instructional DVD featuring both the classic handlings plus grand new handlings and bonus material! $20.00

Magus Capsule - The timeless impact of the cups and balls – anytime, anywhere!
With vanishes, appearances, multiplications and a jumbo load finale, there's no doubt that cups and balls is an absolute classic of magic. But why do so few magicians actually perform the effect for real people? The answer is simple: three large cups are heavy and awkward, too much table space is required for a performance and there are just too many items to carry!
That's why the Magus Capsule is a walk-around magician's dream! Small enough for a jacket pocket, large enough to pack a lethal punch, the capsule features a revolutionary new design with "built-in misdirection" while adding a quiet touch of class to any performance.
On the very special Magus Capsule instructional DVD, Jay Sankey teaches powerful sleights and techniques including:
Retention Vanish
False Transfer
Pop-Up Move
Spider Vanish
Knock-Out and HPC Techniques
Jay also performs and explains some of his favorite Magus Capsule routines including:
Shaken, Not Stirred
Nesting Instinct
Three Balls Across
Time Capsule
Wild Fire
The DVD also includes 3 new Sankey close-up effects:
Drawing A Blank - A signed "vampire card" steals the body of a signed selection!
Relocation - A borrowed, marked coin travels from the spectator's right hand to the spectator's left hand!
Impossibler - An astounding, triple-climax, two-deck routine!
Comes complete with the full-length DVD, a spun aluminum, satin finish capsule with built-in "chop cup" feature, and four hand-crocheted balls! $45.00

Encased: David Forrest's Encased is an extremely clean, 'signed card to card case' that is so easy it's almost self working!
Effect: A spectator selects a card and signs it across the face before it is shuffled back into the pack. The magician asks for three attempts to find the card. On the first attempt, he fails. On the second attempt he fails again. The third and final time, he fails yet again, but all is not lost. With a snap of his fingers, he changes the three failed attempts into the mates of the chosen card. As if that wasn't enough the signed selection is discovered between two Jokers, inside the card case which as been in full view throughout!
* Gimmicks Included
* No Palming
* Completely Free Selection
*Card Case Is In Full View Throughout
* Three Separate Handlings Are Included

Remote Control Card Fountain: Hey Presto’s Remote Control Card Fountain is a beautifully crafted piece of magical apparatus.
A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. Throw the cards into a hat or box and, on your command, the cards fly into the air. Reach out and grab one card which turns out to be the spectator’s signed card!
This effect can also be performed in conjunction with a Card Sword. Possibilities are endless.
* Microprocessor Controlled
* Shoots a full deck of cards in the air up to 6ft high
* Remote Control Range up to 60ft
* Uses 2 x 9v Batteries
* Hard Plastic Casing
* Warranty 12 Months
* Uses Poker size Bicycle cards
* Created and Manufactured in Australia using the best quality workmanship and parts on the market today.
This item can only be sold at retail, and may not be included in any sales event. $499.95

Joseph Atmore Is Dunninger DVD - Live From Las Vegas. Now you can watch the Dunninger Show recreation as it was performed in front of a live audience at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Experience what a 1944 radio studio audience would have experienced. Watch three very special guest celebrities participate in some amazing telepathy experiments.Also included is a 20 minute conversation between Joe Atmore and NBC's The Mentalist Gerry McCambridge, winner of the prestigious Psychic Entertainers' Association Dunninger Award! $20.00

In A Flash: Jay Sankey has done it again. In A Flash is a totally amazing effect with a totally unexpected climax!
A card is selected, signed and cut into the pack.
Borrow a quarter, wrap it in a piece of tissue paper, place it on the deck and touch it with a lit match.
The paper ignites in a dramatic flash and the borrowed quarter visibly burns straight down into the pack! When the smoke clears, the quarter is found resting at the bottom of the freshly burned hole, which runs through the top half of the deck.
When the spectator lifts away the destroyed upper half and turns over the card directly beneath the quarter, it's his signed card!
The deck may be closely examined. This reputation-making routine is virtually self-working and resets in seconds. Comes complete with illustrated instructions and a very special deck of Bicycle playing cards plus an instructional DVD featuring added information and new bonus handlings! (Flashpaper not included.) $25.00

Gary The Goofy Ghost: Another Halloween winner from Mike Bent. Truth is, you can use this one all year 'round!
Gary the Goofy Ghost lives in a rickety old Haunted House illustrated on a beautiful, full color 18" silk.
Hand the silk to a helper and ask if they can find Gary. They examine the silk, but find nothing.
Explain that Gary lives inside the house and point to one of the windows. "That’s Gary’s room. Let's see if he’s in." Reach into the window and pull out a small white silk with a goofy, grinning ghost face.
Poke Gary into your fist and he vanishes. "He flew back to the house, which room do you think he's hiding in?"
They point to one of the 13 (!) doors or windows, You reach in, and there's Gary!
Let's put him in the dungeon and see if he can escape. Poke Gary into the dungeon door and he vanishes right into the cloth. Ask the helper to pick a window, you reach in but wait, no Ghost!
Try another window. He's not there either! Where could Gary be? Reach inside the helper’s sleeve and discover that Gary has been hiding there all along. Finally, Gary vanishes one more time, but can't be found anywhere, until the audience finds him hanging on your (or your helper's) back!
Comes complete with that "special something" to make Gary vanish and appear, the 18" full color Haunted House silk, and 2 Gary the Goofy Ghost silks (really cute!). You also get Mike Bent's full routine complete with a gaggle of ghoulishly goofy gags.$45.00

Vanishing Pack Of Cards - Magnetic: A full deck of Bicycle Cards. One second it's there, the next second it's gone! Their chins will drop and their eyes will pop!
Place a deck of Bicycle cards and a plastic case on the table. Take a card out of the deck and show it to the audience, asking them to remember it (10 of diamonds).
Return the card to the deck and put the entire deck into the plastic case.
A magic snap and you throw the case into the air. The deck of cards vanishes from the case, leaving only the 10 of diamonds!
They can see the entire inside of the case. They can see the front and the back and the top and the bottom. The deck is absolutely nowhere to be found!
The Vanishing Pack of Cards is easy as pie to perform. No sleights. No false moves. Do it anytime; anywhere. Do it in short sleeves. The precision props do all the work. I think this one is great. It has my personal guarantee. You will love it! $35.00

Snowstorm: A great new effect from Jay Sankey. A totally visual card trick which just blows them away!
Make a quick sketch of a 'snowflake globe' across the face of a signed card.
Give the card a brisk shake and the snowflakes come to life, scattering across the face of the globe!
Give the card one final shake and the snowflakes visibly arrange themselves into the number and suit of a previously selected card!
This is what magic is supposed to be! The signed card can be handed out for examination. Easy to learn. Resets in seconds. A reputation maker! Comes complete with specially printed cards and detailed instructions plus an instructional DVD featuring added information and new bonus handlings! $15.00

Joshua Jay Close-Up Up Close DVD Set: Joshua Jay has been busy.
He has performed or lectured in over thirty countries and on national television. He wrote two best-selling books on magic and has been the monthly trick editor for MAGIC magazine for over three years.
He has won numerous national and international magic awards, including the Las Vegas World Seminar. He has completed two sold-out runs of his one-man show, At Home On Stage.
And, as of this moment, he’s tipping it all.
Volume 1: Joshua tips the work on his twelve-minute act, including his Ambitious Card and borrowed ring routines. He's performed this award-winning act all over the world, and now you'll have a peek at the thinking behind it.
Volume 2: The material on this volume ranges from close-up to stand-up, from easy to difficult, and from cards to coins to ropes to tape measures to bills. But from start to finish, it's all audience-tested and approved magic.
Volume 3: Explores Joshua's favorite genre: formal card magic. It's Joshua Jay, a deck of cards, and an astounded audience. The range of effects is equaled only by the range of methods. Joshua uses a clever blend of subtlety, sleight-of-hand, and gaffs for maximum impact. $99.95

Carneycopia: Back in print after many years!
Beautifully written by Stephen Minch, this book has been acclaimed by critics as one of the best books of the decade. Within these pages are taught the prized secrets of one of today's finest and most creative magical entertainers, John Carney. Here is the close-up magic of which he is proudest; magic that has won its creator the acclaim of his peers and the public alike. Each routine, trick and sleight is taught in painstaking detail. Here, waiting to amaze your audiences, is a compendium of close-up magic, formulated on the classic values of entertainment and baffling mystery. Within the 296 packed pages of Carneycopia are offered 43 items - 29 tricks, sleights and routines with cards, including two complete acts, and 14 exceptional effects with coins, bills, glasses, matches, bottles, pens and sponge balls. 296 pages, 272 pen and ink illustrations by Kelly Lyles. $39.95

Ear Plugs - Jay Sankey: The amazing sponge routine that makes sense! Have you ever pulled out a couple of sponge balls from your pocket and had a spectator ask,'Hey, what are those things?' Well, those days are over! In fact, not only do Ear Plugs make 'more sense' than traditional sponge balls, they are also easier to handle, more visual and a lot funnier! And given the wealth of material on this 60-minute tape, this may well be one of the most comprehensive videos on sponge magic ever produced!
Learn How To Perform:
Retention Vanish; Upsidedown Retention Vanish; False Transfer; False Take; Acquitment; Nothing Transfer; Pop-Up Move; Double Steal; Backdoor Steal; Banana Split; Roll Around Split; Ten Count; Hard of Hearing Opener; Jumbo Load Techniques
And, you'll also learn four full routines:
The Shotgun Production Sequence; Likes Attract; Four on the Floor; The Pick Pocket
Ear Plugs comes with wild instructional DVD, four small earplugs and a JUMBO earplug. Jay has even included 5 brand new effects as an added bonus! $35.00

Ultimate Impromptu Magic Dvd Set: Dan Harlan's Ultimate Impromptu features classics of impromptu magic, contemporary miracles, and innovative new routines. Discover disarmingly innocent magic. No special props, no odd looking devices! This is as close to real magic as you'll probably ever get. This extensive collection of impromptu magic is the premiere source for incredible effects. You can do anywhere, anytime. The magic featured in this series has been carefully selected for optimum performability and effectiveness. This is impromptu magic that really works.
Dan Harlan, one of the leading teachers in magic, guides you through innovative routines with elegant methods featuring sound psychological techniques. You'll discover an amazing array of miracles with common objects behaving in uncommonly mysterious ways. Harlan personally shows you how to prepare, practice, and perform every nuance of these delightful effects. You'll learn how to use impromptu magic to enhance any moment, giving you a reputation as a "real magician." $99.95

Paper Clipped - Jay Sankey: The ultimate effect with a signed card!
Remove a paper-clipped and folded card from your pocket and place it in full view of the audience. A card is then freely selected, signed and returned to the deck. Yet, when you unclip the folded card and slowly unfolds it, it is found to be the signed card! This is a truly mind-blowing impossibility.
The History. In 1990, Jay published a trick entitled '#*@!' in his book, 100% Sankey. Since then, the routine has gained an ever growing popularity and a worldwide reputation, especially among "real workers." This is the one trick of Jay's that almost every magician uses.
What you get. For the very first time, Jay's astonishing Card in Paperclip is fully explained, along with his other killer effects, Bank Night, Mental Photography, Card in Egg, and Torn and Restored Business Card routines. It's all there: presentational suggestions, psychological fine points and the all-important 'touches' only gained from years of performing. This unique DVD also includes Jay's tips on using the switch with bills, matchbooks, nail writers, cocktail napkins and much more! $29.95

Cereal Killer - Nick Lakin: Everyone that sees Nick Lakin’s Cereal Killer performed, wants one. It's a simple, funny, and compact professional routine. A fantastic opener for any stand-up show.
Explain that you have three predictions inside an envelope. When asked for an animal, a letter, and a grocery product, the three predictions are revealed to be hilarious gag predictions until the last one, a UPC bar code, is turned over to reveal the correct product named!
Guaranteed laughs to start off the show with a killer magic ending. You receive everything you need to do the routine. This effect fools many magicians because of its simplicity. No forcing or secret writing of any kind is used - just a good solid routine along with a special envelope makes for a killer effect. $35.00

And, that's all the great new stuff for this week. And, there's plenty of it! Not to mention our fabulous Labor Day Weekend 25% Off Sale! What a combo!

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our wonderous retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at our wonderous web site at Either way, we do love the company!
Hank Lee