Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday The 19th With Hank Lee

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. As you read this, I am packing my bag and heading south to drop Aron, the eldest son, off at college. You've heard it a thousand times before. I cannot believe how fast time flies. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flys like a banana. A lot of you remember when Aron was just a baby. You have been privy to his life until now. If you want to send him an email with some sage advice as he heads off to college, and I don’t mean advice on how to buy beer without an ID, you can send it to I am sure he would love to hear from you!

And, now to the reason we all came here, this week's Hotlist at!

Pen Thru Arm - At this year’s SAM Convention, Jesse Feinberg was showing his latest creation, Pen Thru Arm. Folks were lining up to buy it, but Jesse had only the prototype, and none to sell. Bummer. The good news is that Jesse has made up a ton and now you can buy one, or two.
The effect is shocking to say the least. Show an absolutely innocent-looking Bic pen. You can even hand it out for examination.
Take hold of the pen and jam it right into your outstretched arm. It looks so real, the feint of heart will be passing out, or at least feeling a little woozy. Wiggle the pen around, just in case someone has not perceived the full effect.
Now, yank the pen out of your arm. No damage at all to your arm, or the pen. You can once again hand the pen out and they will find nothing. They can also examine your arm, as there’s nothing to find there either.
The b is really a precision piece of work. While the pen looks innocent and ordinary, it does all the work for you!
If you like a little geek magic, you are going to love Pen Thru Arm! $29.95

Ultimate Himber Ring - The Linking Finger Ring effect has become a classic effect presented by world-class professionals all over the world. For anyone looking for the very finest, most deceptive, elegant and natural looking Linking Ring, you cannot find a better version than the design created by Max Krause.
This Himber Linking Finger Ring is hand crafted from 14K solid gold!
The unique chain-link design hides the gimmick perfectly and cannot be seen even when you know. Our jeweler spent almost 9 months on this project, making mold after mold until he got it perfect. What we have to offer is by far the most elegant, undetectable, beautifully crafted 14K solid gold Himber Ring available to the Magic fraternity.
The gaff opens to accommodate any size ring and can be linked to many other unusual things such as a microphone cord, lapel, chair rung, etc. But remember, the classic effect as presented by the Pendragons and others is still the best and the Ultimate Himber Ring-MK/CW will never let you down.
Even if you never perform the Himber routine, you will wear this beautiful ring with pride as elegant jewelry. This is a modern gentleman's ring. Nothing outdated or suspicious, but a ring that looks like something you would really wear. $495.00

Sterling Ring Flight - One of the strongest effects in magic! David Copperfield even did this one on his first network special! Borrow a finger ring from a spectator. Instantly vanish the ring. Immediately, you bring out your key-case and there among the keys, is the borrowed ring!!
Sterling's Ring Flight includes the finest power reel you can own! Precision built, each reel is structurally modified for use in magic. And, it will lock in three different positions!
Neatly attached to the inside of a snap-type keycase, complete with keys, Sterling's Ring Flight is entirely self-contained and self-working. It's extremely easy to perform, even if you are just beginning in magic! And, the effect is a KILLER!! Comes complete with comprehensive instructions and routines. $70.00

Electronic Flowering Plant - A great new effect from magical genius Derek Rutt!
Display a beautiful pot of feather flowers. Take off every one of the nine flowers and put them into a silk Devil’s Napkin. Of course, all of the flowers vanish!
Now, the plant has only the green leaves on it. So you take a fan and wave it over the plant. Very gradually, little colored buds begin to appear. They grow larger and larger and larger, until there are nine beautiful flowers on the plant again once again. It looks totally magical!
And, all of this happens automatically, while you are standing nowhere near the plant!
The Electronic Flowering Plant comes with everything: The plant; The devil's hanky; Two boxes of flowers; The fan; and it all comes in a lined special carrying box made from hard wood.
The plant and pot stand 22 inches tall and the flower bunch is 16 to 18 inches in diameter.
This is a very well made prop, the mechanics are smooth and easy to work and it is battery operated. This is not a remote controlled item, but works on a specially designed timer motor. $495.00

Beyond The Doors DVD - Malko - The first DVD to reveal the secret techniques of real escapes. Malko opens the doors of his own world associating two disciplines which are usually separated: lock picking and escapology.
His incredible performance shows you, for the first time, an escape without any faked equipment. Here, there is no curtain. The chains, the padlocks and the handcuffs which put him in fetters use no gimmick. But that does not mean they will keep him prisoner! Following the performance, you will be taught a plain and concise course covering, step-by-step, the lock picking techniques. Whether you are a magician or an apprentice lock picker, opening a lock will be child's play for you! Includes 2 lock-picking tools $65.95

A Day With Finn Jon DVD - A session with a master innovator in the field of magic. A great DVD to have on its own or as a sequel to the first DVD "The Incomparable Finn Jon."
This DVD will take you through some wonderful variations of his themes, working with bubbles, balls, cards, and money. All of these effects are extremely visual and fairly simple to master. Also featured is an in depth interview that will show you the antics and insights of this brilliant man. Contents include: Vanishing & Reappearing Cigar; Vanishing Snowballs; New Version of Paper to Money; Original Version of Brainwave and Oil and Water; New Force Techniques and more. $34.95

Real Danger - Aldo Colombini’s Real Danger will convince your audience that you have the power!
Bring out four colored paper bags. Each bag is folded at the top, concealing the contents.
Three spectators each select a bag and they smash them flat by slamming their bag between their hands. The bags are empty.
You take the last bag, reach inside it and remove a real bottle of beer (or other glass bottled product) with the top broken off and the edges jagged!!
Comes with all necessary components. Any bags, and any bottle can be used. $17.50

Colossal Cards - Whether you are a magician or just hosting a party, Colossal Cards are a super-sized conversation piece. This unique deck also makes a memorable gift for playing card fans. Each deck contains 54 huge cards. Cards are 8" x 12." $35.00

And that this week's fine collection of new magic! Guaranteed to please! Take some time and check it out.

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Hank Lee